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  1. General Aquaria Discussion
    Celebrating their 65th annual convention, the Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies (FOTAS) will be hosted by the Houston Aquarium Society and the Houston Cichlid Club. FOTAS is a collection of aquatic organizations based throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Annual conventions rotate among the member...
  2. General Aquaria Discussion
    The FOTAS 2015 annual convention is being hosted by the Texas Cichlid Association. The Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies is holding their annual convention this weekend, September 25-27. FOTAS is an organization made up of aquarium clubs in Texas and surrounding states. Every year, one of...
  3. General Aquaria Discussion
    The Annual Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies (FOTAS) 2014 convention is only 2 weeks away. This year's host organization, the Hill Country Cichlid Club, will be holding the FOTAS 2014 convention in Schertz, TX (just north of San Antonio). The three day event will feature a fish show...
1-3 of 3 Results