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  1. Trading Post
    Hi Everyone, I have two beautiful Flowerhorn's in my tanks. I am moving soon and I want to find a home with someone who will really take care of them. I've had them since they were juveniles and would still keep them if it wasn't for my wife. I could always take them to a fish a store but I...
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  2. Unidentified Cichlids
    Dear Team, Kindly help me to identify the flowerhorn. He is currently 2inch in size. Thanks in advance.
  3. South American Cichlids
    so i picked up a juvenile flowerhorn online and of course i knew the risks of getting a female but this guy looks super colorful and is maybe only 2.5 inches long. Might be too early to tell but "he" fights his own reflection a lot and shows lots of aggression in the tank alone by himself. any...
1-4 of 4 Results