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  1. South American Cichlids
    I’ve literally never posted on a forum in my life, but I’m beyond confused and need some input badly. So, I’m coming to the experts lol. I’ve had a 125g for the last few years. Other than a 10g before that, this is the only tank I’ve ever owned. About a year ago, I added a 6” Gold Severum (like...
  2. South American Cichlids
    So my eb acara and blue acara spawned and I've got about 40 fry swimming around. Any clue what these little guys are going to end up looking like? I assume probably like a regular blue acara
  3. Illness, Health & Nutrition
    My electric blue acara, killua, is incredibly ill, hes been acting weird for about 2 months. He's built weird compared to other acaras and hes more pale. Recently he took a turn for the worse so I put him in a 10gal to monitor him, his eyes are cloudy, red gills, EXTREMELY pale, wont eat, and...
  4. South American Cichlids
    Hello everyone. I have bounced over here to get some recommendations for the 50 gallon I was recently gifted. Plans are this weekend to get the old thing cleaned really good and begin cycling the next week. So here we go. My wife wants Angelfish and I want an Electric Blue Acara. So how many...
  5. South American Cichlids
    Hi there, My name is Colby and I'm new to this forum. I have 4 Electric Blue acara and I was curious as to what their sexes may be. Any help in figuring this out would be especially appreciated. Thanks! (Excuse the dirty glass :P)
  6. South American Cichlids
    Hello, My Acara's have spawned and I have a bunch of fry swimming around with their parents. I chose to keep the fish with their parents and let nature take its course. The parents are doing a great job protecting their babies. I put a divider in the tank because we have snails and 1 other...
1-6 of 6 Results