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  1. Illness, Health & Nutrition
    10" Burundi with white spot on side of head. I've had this fish since it was 2'. It is in a lightly populated 125g with regular water changes and 7 turns/hr.
  2. Illness, Health & Nutrition
    Hello, I have convict cichlids I've had them for about two months from a friend. I haven't introduced any new fish to the tank. One of my fish has little white flecks on him, and his tail but doesn't appear to be ich (although I could be wrong). He also only hangs out at the surface. I've kept...
  3. Lake Malawi Species
    Hey there! So I'm new here and to a Cichlid setup, was going to setup a Saltwater aquarium and decided to back out and revert to freshwater (so I have Aragonite substrate with dry rock in the tank). I have a few questions as I'm trying to plan out the best possible setup before executing! :)...
  4. General African Cichlid Discussion
    Can anyone help me out and tell me why my cichlid has been doing this the last few days? Has me concerned thank you
  5. Illness, Health & Nutrition
    Hi! New member here. One of my convicts has been very inactive and constantly in his hiding hole. Unusual for him. Today I noticed him on his side and moved him to a small “hospital tank” - his right fin looks red and swollen. He swims to eat and to get away from me and the other fish, but it...
  6. Want to Buy Uaru Fernandezyepezi

    Classifieds Trading Post
    Since I've been highly successful at breeding Uaru, I thought I'd try my hand at Panda Uaru. Anybody got some for sale that won't break my bank? I'm in South Jersey and willing to drive a little. Photo for reference
    $75 USD
  7. South American Cichlids
    Hello there, new to the forums and new to severum ownership. Acquired this guy from a buddy who had to break a tank down. Mostly curious if anyone could tell male or female I have been reading online that males have more “worming” in the face than females and about the fins and personally...
  8. Classifieds Trading Post
    I have 10-15 demasoni and about 5 peacock cichlids that I'm looking to sell. They're all juveniles and roughly between 1-3" (see pictures). Prices are negotiable, and would prefer pick-up (but willing to ship for an additional price). Contact if interested - thanks!
    $1 USD
  9. Central American Cichlids
    Hi there! First post here so I apologize if this is the wrong section. I have a 75 gallon with a male angel and a male convict, along with 10 danios as dithers, a blue phantom pleco and Spotted Raphael Catfish. The angel and convict were bred by me and grew up together as fry (an experiment to...
  10. Unidentified Cichlids
    i jus got this tank setup so it’s murky. i’ve gone back and forth a million times on what i think this cichlid is. ideas? cant get a good photo it’s FAST and has the slightest bit of orange on the end of its fins. it’s about 6 inches and grew faster than any cichlid i’ve ever had. it’s pretty...
  11. General African Cichlid Discussion
    Hello I just got a 40 (36in x 18in) breeder and I really want to get into the cichlid hobby. Now I've seen a lot about kribensis cichlids and so I was thinking of adding a couple in the 40 gal. What other stocking options would go well with a kribensis? I would love to add 1 jewel cichlid and...
  12. South American Cichlids
    Hi I adopted this beauty and would like to know it’s sex pls? Someone also mentioned it’s stunted 😞 is this true? Thank you so much!
  13. Central American Cichlids
    If y'all were to be gifted a new 150g tank what would you do this time around? Big single show piece (Dovii)? Mated Pair, aggressive or larger cichlids(Jaguar, Mota, Midas, Red Devil, Grammode)? Community of large/medium sized cichlids(Vieja, Texas, Jack Demspey, Nicaraguan)? Community of small...
  14. Unidentified Cichlids
    Hi guys, Just need some Help ID on these 2 white cichlids in the video, I thought these were albino sunshine peacocks but these dont have red eyes, So I am guessing these are dragonblood? Added images and video below Video Regards,
  15. Classifieds Trading Post
    If you see this ad up it's still available. This is a CASH ONLY SALE, NO TRADES, and all lowballers will be ignored. (Extremely Rare and Impossible Find) They are bred and imported from Germany and come from my personal collection. These are so rare and hard to find that there's only one...
  16. Aquarium Setup
    Hello so i recently got a 4 feet tank its 1 foot wide and 18 inches tall i would like some ideas what fish i can put in the tank im thinking of a pair of tapajos eartheaters the guy at the shop told me they would be fine if they eventually reach maximum size i will upgrade but for now they are...
  17. Lake Malawi Species
    Hello, long time lurker. Have had my new 55g up and running for a month now, fully cycled. Ammo: 0 Nitrire : 0 Nitrate : 0.5 Gh: 180 Kh 160 Ph 7.7 Temp 79-82' Stock: 6 maylandia greshakei 4f 2m 3 labidochromis caeruleus 1m 2f 3 albino zebras still small juvies 1m:? 1 elongstus chewere i think...
  18. Lake Malawi Species
    Hello, everyone! In one week I will be getting a new tank that's 65 gallons. Dimensions are 51"×15,5"×H19". I really want to stock it with mbunas. I have one blue melanochromis johanni, he's been with me for almost 2 years and I want him to be in this tank. I've heard that you should stock with...
  19. General African Cichlid Discussion
    Just in the process of getting a new LED lamp for my 70 litre tank. This is usually a hospital tank, but has been happily inhabited by a 4.5 year old Kribensis female. She just likes having her own space. In the meantime, I’ve been using this battery-operated LED light on top of her tank to...
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    South American Cichlids
1-20 of 28 Results