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  1. General Aquaria Discussion
    Chalinochromis popelini. Photo by Dr. David Midgley (CC BY-SA 2.5) . Found along the rocky shores of southern Lake Tanganyika, Chalinochromis popelini shares some of the traits common to Julidochromis. C. popelini are usually alone or in pairs, feeding on small invertebrates living in the...
  2. General Aquaria Discussion
    Chalinochromis sp. "Ndobhoi". Photo by Ad Konings Chalinochromis sp. "Ndobhoi" is a yet to be defined species from Lake Tanganyika. Originally collected close to Karilani Island in the eastern part of Lake Tanganyika, C. sp. "Ndobhoi" shares many of the same characteristics as Julidochromis...
  3. Lake Tanganyika Species
    Chalinochromis cyanophleps at Namansi. Photo from publication. After being misidentified as Chalinochromis sp. 'bifrenatus', then given the provisional name of Chalinochromis sp. 'patricki', Chalinochromis cyanophleps has officially been given a proper description. This rock dwelling cichlid...
1-3 of 3 Results