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  1. South American Cichlids
    It’s only happening on one side. Wasn’t like this a couple of days ago. I have spiderwood that he likes to zoom into. Does it look like an injury or fungal?
  2. South American Cichlids
    Hello everyone. I have bounced over here to get some recommendations for the 50 gallon I was recently gifted. Plans are this weekend to get the old thing cleaned really good and begin cycling the next week. So here we go. My wife wants Angelfish and I want an Electric Blue Acara. So how many...
  3. Central American Cichlids
    Hi there! First post here so I apologize if this is the wrong section. I have a 75 gallon with a male angel and a male convict, along with 10 danios as dithers, a blue phantom pleco and Spotted Raphael Catfish. The angel and convict were bred by me and grew up together as fry (an experiment to...
  4. General Aquaria Discussion
    Pterophyllum leopoldi. Photo by Hodowlaniec . (CC BY-SA 3.0) One of the three recognized angelfish species, Pterophyllum leopoldi is also the smallest. Reaching no more than a couple inches in length, P. leopoldi can also be the most aggressive of the relatively docile genus. The species can...
1-4 of 4 Results