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  1. Lake Malawi Species
    I have a Lake Malawi all Male tank with 3.5 - 5 inch fish already in it. 9 fish already in 55g tank. I recently bought 3 new guys (haps) that are 2.5 - 3 inch fish. Am i safe to go ahead and put them in after 4 weeks in the quarantine tank or should I wait till they are bigger? One of the...
  2. Lake Malawi Species
    Hey Folks , Need Some very straightforward advice - Bcoz i read a lot , i mean really lot - now i cant digest it all . I need stocking advice for Lake Malawi Cichlids. I have readied 110G Tank Loaded with Caribseas eco complete african cichlid sand , Lots of Seyru rocks for lots of Hidings...
  3. Lake Tanganyika Species
    I had about 8 Tropheus red moliro cichlids. I bought my friends colony of 31 already breeding. He had over 100 babies from this colony. I got them for about 6 months and nothing. Did the 8 I had mess up the pairing the other 31 already had. No fry at all, no females holding no nothing. From 2-3...
  4. Lake Malawi Species
    So my female Mbuna (I believe is a mixed species) will have been holding now for 5 weeks. A few days ago I noticed one fry had escaped and is free swimming in the 15gal tank I had moved her to 2 weeks ago. It doesn't have an egg sac left on it, so I'm assuming the remaining fry are at the same...
  5. Aquarium Setup
    This is the first time I'm being very conscious about my fish keeping hobby and I really want my fishes to be healthy and happy . Recently i bought mbunas peacocks and some haps for my tank , tank size is 5*2*2 . All of them were exhibiting great colours in aquarium shop but in my tank they look...
  6. Lake Malawi Species
    What is the best temperature to breed African cichlids? I have heard anywhere from 78 degrees to 82 degrees. I have breed them in the past (20 years ago) and can't remember what I had the tank set at to promote breeding. Any suggestions would help me out. Thanks!
  7. General African Cichlid Discussion
    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on Cichlid-Forum, although I’ve greatly benefited from this community for many years. I’d really appreciate some tank stocking advice. I’m setting up a new (to me) 120g aquarium (48” x 24” x 24”), and I’d love to setup a frontosa species tank with...
  8. Unidentified Cichlids
    Got this from a batch of assorted peacocks. Seems to have developed a bit of red coloration as it's grown over the last three months or so, but I've no idea what fish this might be. Thanks everyone :)
  9. DIY Projects & Ideas
    My african cichlid tank is a 90G which has dimensions of 5 feet × 1.5 feet × 1.5 feet Stocking up my New Haps and Peacocks Tank For filtration, there is a canister filter and an internal power filter. As a short term (and budget) fix for the hood, I bought a PVC flat sheet on which I mount a...
  10. Lake Malawi Species
    Hey guys I have a 40-gallon tank It is wide and about 3 feet long 1.5 wide with 1.5 feet of height. The species I am hoping to keep are about 8 Yellow labs with 9 or 8 aulonocara (Fort Maguire, Ob, Flavescent, Baenshi not sure which species I will get but these are the only ones available near...
  11. Lake Tanganyika Species
    I recently set up my own Tanganyikan cichlid tank, and it's now running with the standard lights that came with the aquarium. I was wondering what the best lights and colour spectrum is for these type of cichlids. Has anyone got any recommendations?
  12. Unidentified Cichlids
    Hi guys, Just need some Help ID on these 2 white cichlids in the video, I thought these were albino sunshine peacocks but these dont have red eyes, So I am guessing these are dragonblood? Added images and video below Video Regards,
  13. Illness, Health & Nutrition
    Hey guys this is my first post and I really need some help. My boy Vision, a member of my 125g African cichlid tank, has this redness around his pectoral fins and I'm not sure if I should be worried about it or not. Video below I feel like it's important to note that I recently noticed him...
  14. Lake Malawi Species
    Need help determining if this livingstonii cichlid is male or female. Thanks.
  15. Lake Tanganyika Species
    Pundamilia nyererei. Photo by Robert De Leon An extensive study of five different cichlids has led to a better understanding of the mechanism of evolution in vertebrates. The cichlid genome sequencing was done on several popular species in the hobby. They include Pundamilia nyererei...
  16. The C.A.R.E.S. Preservation Program
    Xystichromis sp. "Kyoga flameback" by Dave Hansen Predicting which way plants or animals will evolve as their environment changes is very difficult. However, a Eawag study of African lake cichlids has shown that certain internal and external factors can lead to high rates of specialization and...
1-16 of 16 Results