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Malawi Peacock Hap Community Tank
Been out of the Cichlid game for many years. Had the opportunity to snag this 125G tank cheap and put it in the wall. DIY background created with Styrofoam and Drylok. Planning on just male Peacocks and Haps as I get my breeder and fry tanks setup. I realize the rocks are probably more in-line with Lake Tanganyika, which was originally going to do a Front tank. After much research, the 125G is only 60in so not really big enough for those monsters.
Malawi Aulonocara and Haplochromis


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Great looking tank setup! Thanks for sharing. Would love to hear more details on the filtration set up.

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Storage room view behind the show tank. Overflow to sump, dual pump return to each side. Separate stand for quarantine/fry tanks. Will be adding two 40g breeders, 20 long and water storage for future ATO down below.

I went for value on hardware, as this tank isn't going to have plants, etc.

Show Tank:

Wifi Programable Lights:

Return Pumps:

Separate Pump for quick in sump water changes:

Lifter pump for priming:

Fail safes:
All returns have siphon break holes
In-case siphon is broke on overflow: : CoralVue FW110 Float Switch High Amperage : Aquarium Water Pumps : Pet Supplies
Also plumbed sump to drain plumbing in-case.....

Return Pipes for top water flow:

Filter Media Cups to replace the need for filter socks:

Breeder/Fry tanks:
Highly recommend this air pump as it is extremely quiet and adjustable: