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General Information

Tank had been flourishing well then I had house/ tank sitter so don’t know if it began with too much food? Then light filtration had significantly less plants as they had to be removed as algae( clingy peel like algae) after rinsing kept reforming… light system too bright without plants to filter? Algae imbedded in rocks/ boiling them now complete tank clean in process/ small rocks washed / boiled and dryer in oven but larger rocks still have algae in cracks
3 years
Color and pattern
Slimy bright green on glass/ rocks/ surfaces/large granite type also with algae
Unknown ( 2 frogs/ plecko/ fish have shiny blue on top body red on lower half and 5 goldfish type with a black spot on mid body and on fin( my sons aquarium but he was sent to northern ont to work so have been watching and caring for tank for 9 months)
90 gallon