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Retailer Reviews
7721 reviews on 2185 retailers!

RetailersMail-Order FishUSUT Live Fish Direct
Live Fish Direct
Address: 12270 S. 700 E.
City, State: Draper, UT
ZIP: 84020
Phone: (801) 572-2009
Web site: Click here
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eagl97 has used this retailer 3-10 times. March 26, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Male or is It"
I like ordering from them but one of the male Haps I ordered is now holding. If you are offering the choice of sex you should be 100% certain you are sending the correct one. Now I'm going to have to pull my tank apart to catch a unwanted female. They have agreed to fix the mistake but it's still a pain.
Carmesi has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 3, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Mixed, but taken care of eventually."
I made an order the beggining of Feb, got the order cleared up today march 31st. The fish seem in great shape and well taken care of, however there were fish missing and it took about a month for Josh to get back to me about how to clear it up. they did give me credit and resloved the issue, just took a long time. The fish are great, but expensive. overall I am right in the middle on this one. Unless you are buying something very specific and an adult the prices arent really worth it. Other online retailers sell a about the same size fish for half the price (they just cant garauntee the Sex), but neither can Live-Fish even when they say they can. Moral of story with them : go big to be sure, it sucks paying 25+ dollars for a male and ending up with a female. UPDATE 3/31/10: i used my credit to buy 2 Aulon. Maylandi (sulfur heads) that were advertised as 5" show fish for $50 a piece. These fish were barely 3" juviniles!!! I took a picture and sent it back to them on a measuring tape and asked if i could send these back and get a refund. I have never heard back and am extremely upset. I got the exact same size fish from another retailer for $9.00 advertized as 3". I dont know whats going on with these guys. UPDATE 6/3 Josh contacted me 2 months later and gave me another credit. This time the fish came as advertized and look amazing. If this had been my 1st order I would have given a perfect score. Glad he fixed things.
cater20155 has used this retailer 1 time. March 3, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Good quality on fish, fish prices, and shipping costs."
I was attracted to Live Fish Direct by the $35 dollar shipping costs for next day FedEx delivery. Once I got on their website, I found that they have a large selection of fish. I found a few harder to find fish in my were in stock placed an order. My order was processed and was ready to be shipped the next day. While my order was being packed to be shipped out, they found that one of the fish I had ordered was out of stock. I received a phone call to discuss how they could remedy the problem. They were willing to give me credit on my next order or substitute another fish into my order. I chose to substitute another fish and they found a nice male Leth. Red Cap to send me. My order arrived the next day with all of my fish alive, I placed the order on a Wed. and it arrived on a Fri. All of the fish were alive and looked in good condition upon arrival. I ordered a 4 inche male Prot. Spilonotus "Ovatus" that can in at about 5.5 inches and is turning out to be a real beauty. All the fish are heathy and the largest fish are beginning to show color after being in the tank for 2 weeks. Overall I am impressed with the quality of service and fish. I would and have recommended to others to use this site.
cjacob316 has used this retailer 1 time. February 4, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"great service, will use again"
this was my first time ordering online, and i was very happy with these guys.

6 Lamprologus multifasciatus
1 male Sulfur head peacock
1 male red shoulder peacock
1 male Copadichromis Trewavasae Mloto Likoma

the multies are all doing great, and two of the females have spawned, very quality looking fish

the sulfur head died after 13 days from bloat, but they honered their 14 day guarantee

the red shoulder was perfect from day one

the Copadichromis Trewavasae Mloto Likoma had bloat but is cured now and doing fine

i attribute bloat to the shipping process, which is common. the fish appear to be of good quality so far, they are still young though. I plan to update once they are older and are fully colored. the shipping costs are great and a huge plus. some friends have told they they have received bonus fish in orders

i plan to use these guys in the future
GaFishMan1181 has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 2, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Good choice for stocking a tank if your on a budget."
I have bought from this company several times. They are a great choice if you want to stock your tank with some very nice fish for a fair price and cheap shipping. I have only bought mbuna from them. All look very nice. If you dont care about getting wild caught or F1 fish then this is a good choice. Also shipping is very very cheap and they offer discounts if you buy enough fish. I have asked for male fish before and they sent me females. That is about the only complaint i have with them.
Cheffish has used this retailer 2-3 times. January 23, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great Connection! Gorgeous Fish"
These guys are pros and have excellent fish. I ordered several fish and have been extremely pleased with them. Professional service and excellent packaging & delivery.
Troutbum83422 has used this retailer 1 time. January 22, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"First Time Purchaser - Great!"
Ordered my batch of fish for the first time via internet. Arrived in good condition and in the middle of a snowstorm exactly when promised. Fish seem happy and full of potential. Web site and staff seem super helpful in decision making for order. Will recommed to anyone interested in some great fish without the hassle. Right to your door and into your tank. Thanks!
Born Again Tropheus has used this retailer 3-10 times. December 29, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"You can't beat the shipping!!"
These guys have a very good Tanganyika selection. I got my Tropheus Maswa here. They are great to work with and the website is very easy to navigate through. Did I mention the shipping, only 34 bucks!! Check out the website! Great video and lots of photos!
carolinaboy has used this retailer 1 time. December 22, 2009
Overall Rating: 
This was my first online order and this guys are ok. I got one DOA and they toke care of it. I will do business with these guys more. Josh and his crew are A+. My fish arrived in good shape. I will give these guys my business again and is did.
justinf67 has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 7, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Some good, some bad"
I have ordered twice. Both times I am left with some good, some bad. First order, my half my dems had bad barring, and my white top hara were mis represented. But, mbamba that I ordered were great. Second time, I ordered 3 different kinds. I love the snow whites and am happy with my chewere. Msobo, I got adults and they are UGLY. The color is MUCH different than my other msobo. Not happy at all. So, I like this company overall. The shipping was great. Quality of fish can be seriously lacking.
cichlify has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 4, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Good online shopping!"
I've placed two orders with LFD over the past several months. I recieved all my fish alive and well! My only complaint would be their communication. I know theres a several hour time difference but it took over a day to get into touch with somebody from there! All in all its a good place and I will use again when I need a few more fish!
cichlidhopper has used this retailer 1 time. December 3, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Very good quality and service"
They miss shipped one of 5 fish. They had no problem making it right. I came out on top on the deal. Got the price of the fish back+ patrtial shipping. I got to keep the wrong fish they shipped. More than fair. I would do business again.
steellugged has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 5, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Healthiest Stock on the Market"
Josh and his staff have found the perfect location for breeding and selling cichlids (check out their web site to learn about their unique operation). At first I didn't think the organization's well-fed water made a difference -- chalked it up to nothing but marketing -- but I have seriously never seen a better selection of healthy fish stock. In addition, these folks are pasionate about what they do. Sans the small saltwater selection and minor assortment of florescent-colored faux sandcastle decorations, LFD's new retail location is a no-frills paradise for African cichlid enthusiasts; assuming you're lucky enough to live along the Wasatch Front. I do have one small complaint with LFD's staff -- they seemed to be pretty laid back with their return policy until I actually had something to exchange (well within the parameters of their policy). I understand where they are coming from but, IMO, they really ought to communicate their policies better; otherwise, they may end up forever offending some thinner skinned customers. LFD guys, you're a little strange but your product is first rate.
Icey101 has used this retailer 1 time. October 5, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"First online fish order, very happy with purchase"
This was my first online fish order. There website and ordering was very user friendly. I ordered 30 fish, and they all arrived with out any DOA. Several extra fish were included (7 total) All the fish looked to be healthy except several of the (12)Demasoni had nipped fins and such. All the fish were double bagged, except the demasoni. Their bag also leaked a bit soaking the paper in the bottom of the box, but no visible wetness on the box itself.
The fish have been thriving, and does not appear to be any deaths since introducing them into my tank (its hard to count 40+ fish at once).

I would without a doubt order from them again, and do plan to do so soon.
tularecichlid has used this retailer 1 time. September 30, 2009
Overall Rating: 
This was my first online fish order and I was not supper impressed. All the fish I ordered I got and were how they were discribed. Out of the five fish I ordered only one was not up to par. The only let down was my peacock, he has a tail fin eaten down pretty small and came with ick. All the other fish that came were greatso all in all a good place to order.
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