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Retailer Reviews
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RetailersMail-Order FishUSNY Atlantis Tropical Fish Hatchery
Atlantis Tropical Fish Hatchery
City, State: Gardiner, NY
ZIP: 12525
Phone: (845) 255-5871
Web site: Click here
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CrabbyMatty has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 8, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Deja Vu All Over Again"
Review updated 12/8/2009.

Well I made my second trip, a 3-hour drive one way to see Peter and the fish. I knew what I was heading up there for. I had chatted with Peter several times in advance of the drive, so I knew I'd be picking up some great fish. I never mind paying shipping for online fish. I feel it's one of those things one must do to obtain quality and selection. Atlantis is driving distance and to be able to hand pick my beauties is a real treat. Driving home with a box full of fish that you picked out makes you forget about the 350 mile roundtrip.

Of course I will return again. He already knows a couple more varieties that I have my sights set on. When they show up on his list I will be making the drive again.

Thanks again to Peter and John for making my last visit another memorable one.
jucaben has used this retailer 1 time. June 23, 2009
Overall Rating: 
Just made my first trip to Atlantis on June 20th. I had been hoping to make a trip to Atlantis for awhile, so when my wife said she was taking me there for Fathers Day I was pretty excited. When I got there the five words that best describe Atlantis are, WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. This place is just amazing. Everywhere you look you see some amazing fish. The QUALITY and SELECTION of fish is just unbelievable. I would like to give a BIG Thank You to Jenn for all her help and patience (we were there for 2 hours) with my indecision on what fish to get. If you live close enough to make the trip I would definitely recommend it.
Elwoodscichlids has used this retailer 1 time. June 5, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience with Atlantis"
Just wanted to drop a note to let you all know that I had a very good/great experience with John & Peter at Atlantis. Looking for some Calvus & Compressicepts earlier this year. Had about 7 guys in with me on this relatively large & sometimes confusing order. Before the order was placed, several changes had to be made as me & my friends were constantly wanting to change their order. We all finally made up our minds as to what we all wanted & John was VERY accomodating throughout this process & when the fish arrived, they were packaged neatly and all organized with separate bags for each customer. Everybody got exactly what they ordered & all were quite pleased with their fish. My Calvus & Comps are doing "swimingly" well. Great guys at Atlantis. Thanks John!
wsa88 has used this retailer 3-10 times. May 21, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Once again I'm very pleased!!"
Could not be more happy. Went up there and once again I was mind blown. Awesome fish awesome selection. Worth every minute of the three hour drive there. My lampricthys are eating like champs.
Wolfwolf has used this retailer 1 time. April 30, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Very Good Experience"
I just bought 10 premium acei and they look great. Overnight shipped with no problem. Peter was helpful and answered my questions. Wish they were closer to me the shipping was expensive but the fish were way better than my LFS had. I will use them again when my wife lets me get another tank.
kuabzoo has used this retailer 1 time. April 8, 2009
Overall Rating: 
I just receive my fish today from Atlantis and I was AMAZE. The fishes were very active and healthy. As soon as I put them in the tank, they were already searching for food. Also, the staff were very helpful when I called them and they were very friendly to talk to. I'm looking forward to ordering some more fishes from them. =D
RedHaze has used this retailer 1 time. March 29, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Would order from again, no hesitation"
I contacted Atlantis to oreder a group of Maingano, and they were very friendly and accommodating when setting a ship/delivery date. Fish all arrived alive and very healthy. The next time I place an order I will definitely check to see if they have what I want in stock before all others. What a great place to order fish.
Lioncov has used this retailer 1 time. March 1, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent Experience"
I went to Atlantis for the first time yesterday with a group (ECC). I was very impressed with the facility and the quality of the fish avaliable. The crew at Atlantis is very friendly and knowledgable. I definately would like to go back again.
gmoses has used this retailer 1 time. March 1, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"A wonderful way to spend the day..."
I was able to go for my first visit to Atlantis with a large group yesterday and i was like a fish lover in a fish store... oh i mean a kid in the candy store... Some really beautiful fish and great selection... The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Picked bunch of wc africans at a great price. Definitely look forward to getting more tanks so i can shop there again.
allaboutafricancichlids has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 28, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent quality and Professional Staff = worthwhile Trip"
Had the pleasure to visit the store and see all the varieties of fish. The Staff was helpful and very knowledgable.
Heyguy74 has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 28, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Wow whaht a great place"
I was able to get Atlantis this afternoon. Boy, was I in heaven. Fish tanks all over the place. A lot of nice species. Some of the breeding stock are huge. It was clean and a very professional setup. I would recommend anybody who is even a half hearted fish keeper to check this place out. I have also had fish shipped from here before. All came in healthy and still look great.
EastCoastCichlids has used this retailer 1 time. February 28, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"The Absolute Best Selection...and Quality, Too!"
Thanks to Peter and Jenn for taking the group at EastCoastCichlids in for a Saturday!!! The selection and quality of stock were phenomenal, and the care taken by owner and staff were second to none.
Jenn is the absolute best at sexing species and helping out with selection, and Jon and Peter waited on all of us and made us feel right at home!
aquatics101 has used this retailer 3-10 times. February 27, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"An Excellent Fish Buying Experience"
I have purchased many,many fish from Atlantis and can only say that each and every purchase has been superb! Quality,selection,extremely affordable prices and excellent customer service is why I am a repeat customer.
emtbmike has used this retailer 10 or more times. February 15, 2009
Overall Rating: 
Atlantis has top quality fish at excellent prices. They have a great selection of african cichlids.They are a importer of wild caught african cichlids from lake Malawi and Tanganyika. I have bought many fish from Atlantis. I have never had a problem with the fish I purchased from them. If I don't feel like taking the drive. They offer shipping at a great price. The fish are professionally bagged and packaged. I have never had a fish dead on arrival from Atlantis. There staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They will take there time to help you in any way they can. I highly recommend buying your fish from Atlantis.
jackster has used this retailer 1 time. May 10, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Money Refunded"
After receiving a partial refund for the misidentified emaciated fish I received from Atlantis, I noticed the fish were starting to die one by one. After some close inspection, I discovered that they have some type of fin/flesh eating bacteria or parasite. I have never seen anything that attacked fish so badly in over 18 years of keeping fish. Basically this whole transaction was a joke from the horrible quality and condition of the fish to the ridiculous way the fish were packed. My first experience with Atlantis will certainly be my last!

UPDATE: I have been 100% refunded for the fish, however, this does not excuse the fact that these fish were sold to me in the first place. This whole situation could have been easily avoided by Atlantis just letting me know that the fish were in such poor condition. I can't say I really have much appreciation for the refund since now I have to deal with the aftermath.
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