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Retailer Reviews
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RetailersMail-Order FishUSTX Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish
Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish
Address: 5121 Crestway Dr., Suite 300
City, State: San Antonio, TX
ZIP: 78239
Phone: (210)599-9444
Web site: Click here
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crazycolt42 has used this retailer 1 time. November 23, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"First time buying online and couldn't be happier!"
Wow, I was VERY impressed with Dave's Rare fish. I ordered 12 demasoni 1+ F1's, 6 rusties, and 8 electric yellows. All the fish arrived alive and well. They are very well colored for their age. I can tell the rusties are a good strain as one of them is already sporting a nice purple hue. He even gave me a bonus Demasoni and Rusty. He did an excellent job of grouping as well. He included some demasoni that were a little bigger and one gorgeous male. he did the same with the other two species. I didn't receive just all same looking same size fish, but paid that way. Thanks so much! My family loves the fish! He was also very helpful and reassuring regarding my purchase and concerns regarding buying so many at once for a new tank. I will buy fish from him in the future and likely will not even consider anywhere else. Thanks again!
fishferfun has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 5, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Simply the best"
Having dealt with dozens of suppliers over the years; Dave is hands down the most helpful and honest of the group.
chaseyourself60 has used this retailer 10 or more times. November 4, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"A excellent source for quality fish"
I got back into keeping African Cichlids after a long absence from the hobby(kids, college for kids, etc.). I found out about Dave's through a club I joined--East Coast Cichlids. I have obtained fish from Dave a few times and been very impressed and happy with the quality of the fish I've received and his expert handling of the process, from my ordering through their arrival. I don't hesitate to refer fellow hobbyists to Dave and know I will order from him in the future.
eelsnot has used this retailer 3-10 times. November 2, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Dave is one of the top African cichlid vendors in the US!"
Dave's fish are top notch. He always maintains an extensive stock list. Fish are well packed and Dave accurately communicates shipping details. I will not hesitate to purchase fish from Dave in the future.
verbal has used this retailer 3-10 times. November 1, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"great cichlid seller"
Dave's is always my first stop when looking to buy cichlids. I have always been happy with the quality and health of his fish.
m1ke715m has used this retailer 10 or more times. November 1, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"great place to buy"
i buy from dave often. he'll talk on the phone with you for a long period of time answering any questions you may have. good quality fish. love that guy. his beard.. not so much
OMY_7 has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 1, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Some of the best fishes "
Dave's fishes are some of the best fishes around you really get what you paid for awesome fishes and awesome prices I will be ordering from him a lot more real soon
Dispatch273 has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 1, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Great guy with even better fish!"
Dave always has the best selection of fish available and is super helpful. He always takes his time to answer any questions I have. I have never been disappointed with the quality of his fish and wouldn't hesitate to buy fish from him again!
gregga has used this retailer 3-10 times. November 1, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent fish, even better person!!!!"
I've bought malawi and tang from Dave 4-5 times. He has rare & common species, fish are always in top-notch shape and well packed. He is always patient and willing to talk fish...Just a good guy to deal with.
malawifry has used this retailer 1 time. November 1, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"My #1 Fish Retailer"
I was told by a friend of mine in NJ that Dave is his favorite person to buy fish from. I ordered a FULL box of fish. Beautiful Mbuna. Healthy Mbuna. A 125 gallon now filled with Mbuna. 32 fish in all. Dave had the fish shipped right to my door and it was worth it. I ordered 6 Cynotilapia sp. ''Lion'' Lion's Cove. 8 Metriaclima sp. ''Hajomaylandi Pombo'' Pombo Rocks. 6 Pseudotropheus sp. ''Williamsi North'' Makonde. 6 Tropheops sp. ''Elongatus Boadzulu'' Kanchedza Island and 6 Labeotropheus fuelleborni ''Marmalade Cat''.
I just received Dave's email about the most recent arrivals and now I need another tank. Thank you very much Dave.
THunter has used this retailer 1 time. October 24, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"I mustve been the exception"
I chose Daves to stock my newly cycled 75 gallon after reading the numerous good reviews and seeing the variety of fish he keeps in stock. I placed an order for 6 white tail acei, 7 yellow labs & 7 elongatus mpangas. The fish arrived when promised via fedex. Fish showed up in 3 bags by group. One Mpanga was DOA, & another mpanga & acei died within 24 hours. The fish arrived in the middle of a 105+ heat wave here in Cali with no cold pack, no sedatives to ease stress/aggression & the water in the bags was full of fish waste. I informed Dave what had happened & he credited the 3 fish. The rest of the fish were highly stressed with beat up fins/bodys/eyes. When asked if the fish were drugged and fasted before shipping I received no reply except that "in transit fish are more aggressive". The yellow labs I received are rather poor quality. A mix between Lion's Cove II and Kakusa. The mpangas are of very good quality. However the white tail acei were very poor. 6 days after arrival I noticed the beginning of ich starting on a few acei. I quickly treated for ich and was successful with the treatment losing no fish. When the fish arrived I noticed a few of the yellow labs and acei had sunken bellies, I then had to treat for internal parasites with prazipro. That treatment was successful & most of the sunken bellies have cleared. I really want to like daves, and will use him again in the future hoping he excels, but I was NOT impressed with how
Austinite has used this retailer 1 time. October 3, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Will definately buy from Dave's again"
I ordered start up stocking for my 110 gallon from Dave's, and it was such a smooth process. Fish arrived alive & well & on time as promised. Dave was prompt and efficient. Highly recommend.
coyoteravenous has used this retailer 1 time. August 9, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"I found the needle in the haystack"
New to the hobby and starting my second tank with Cichlids, Daves was a treasured find. Informative, professional, quick delivery and fantastic post order service!
jphanton00 has used this retailer 1 time. June 29, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Pleasure To Do Business With"
I was in need of a singular female Rusty and Dave was the only one I could find to have one in stock. He was prompt in responding to my e-mails and accommodating when I asked him to hold her for a day or two. The prices are comparable and his speed for shipping her to me was better than any other online fish purchase I've made. There was absolutely no waiting. Not only did the female arrive in great condition, but she's one of the friendliest fish I have. And the others have been in my aquarium for months. Will definitely do business with again.
Trichopteran7 has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 29, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"There's a reason Dave gets great reviews"
Dave has a premium selection and is a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend using him if he has the fish you are looking for. You won't be disappointed.
Update: Having used 7 retailers now, I can't stress enough how nice Dave is. Some of the twerps out there selling fish have zero understanding of how to interact with other human beings. Dave's a good dude and stands behind his fish.
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