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RetailersMail-Order FishUSKY Bluegrass Aquatics
Bluegrass Aquatics
City, State: Louisville, KY
ZIP: 40299
Web site: Click here
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rfitz276 has used this retailer 1 time. May 4, 2018
Overall Rating: 
"Customer service is foreign to them"
Bought 5 cichlids from Bluegrass, along with 9 from petsmart. A year and a half later, 2 of the bluegrass fish have died, one had to be rehomed, one is a GIRL (I ordered all males), and one is barely 4" - lagging far behind the PetSmart cichlids, which isn't exactly a model pet store.

But here is where the issue came up. I contacted David Estes, who runs it all, recently about the female cichlid. He asked me for pictures, which I provided. It's been 13 days since I sent them, and he never did respond, nor to my other 4 emails asking if he got the pictures. The one email he did send was unprofessional, ending in "sent from my iPhone".

After this happened I went and looked into other reviews for this clown, and this is NOT an uncommon thing for him to do. AVOID.
hmwoehl has used this retailer 1 time. March 18, 2016
Overall Rating: 
"Staff are avoiding me."
I had a great online experience... Maybe that's because I didn't talk to any of the staff. The fish are moderately priced. I spent $200 on my first cichlid order. I paid an extra $25 per species to get a four fish colony (1 male, 3 female). While the item was being shipped I had a question and was responded to within 20 minutes... So I know they have received my emails. When I opened my box, all the fish species are grouped together. The only dead fish I received was an error on their part. They shipped me pseudotropheus saulosi 2 males and 2 females... Which is not what i ordered... So naturally, one of the males was murdered in the tiny bag with the other male and two females inside. When I opened the bag the poor things had to swim among a decomposing fish. I emailed them and got no response for about an hour. They closed in a little over an hour so I decided to call. I think the owner answered. I explained my situation, was not apologized to or told of what would happen next. His response for not responding was " I haven't gotten back to the computer yet" and his response for the dead fish was something like, "Yeah usually when that happens we will send another fish to the person, it's no problem". So with that he awkwardly hangs on the phone saying "OKAY...?" So I immediately got the vibe like I was wasting his time so I got off the phone thinking he would respond immediately to my email. NO. It's been almost 24 hrs.
cpc93 has used this retailer 1 time. February 5, 2016
Overall Rating: 
"These people are scammers - Do not listen to the good reviews"
My girlfriend and I ordered 3 fish from this site after reading good reviews on this site.

Two of the three fish came DOA, with the third appearing like it wouldn't last another hour. The condition of the fish was blamed on Fedex and I believed them. When contacting them, the person seemed polite and courteous. However, it didn't take long before we started receiving excuses as to why replacements weren't being shipped and eventually he just stopped answering or returning any calls. The weather and recent snowstorm were blamed consistently, with them saying the mail service was backed up for over a week. The mail isn't delayed and since placing this order I've received numerous packages from every conceivable shipping company possible.

They shipped the fish in the worst quality packaging I have ever seen. The bags were partially leaking, the fish were not double bagged and no oxygen was used. The only insulation was packing peanuts. I can no longer trust a single word out of the representatives mouths, and I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody unless you are looking for a horribly frustrating, drawn out experience with the end result in you losing your money. I wouldn't be surprised if many of these reviews are fake, and if you browse past the first few good ones you will inevitably find a bunch of people writing about how they were scammed by this company.
If the fish are replaced I will edit my review.
neverfadeaway86 has used this retailer 1 time. January 7, 2016
Overall Rating: 
"Great Service "
I ordered from Bluegrass and am very pleased, my shipment arrived promptly and each fish was individually bagged and the fish I asked to have sexed for male and female were labeled. All fish came and look healthy and are actively swimming around my tank. I would defiantly order again
velenc has used this retailer 1 time. September 25, 2015
Overall Rating: 
"1st Time Orderer"
I ordered 11 fish, and all are doing well. I had to put 2 in my baby tank given the size of the fish. The Rusties were supposed to be 1.25-2.25 but actually are an inch. Not sure how Bluegrass was able to sex them. 10 of 11 fish that I received were either at the minimum size or less. Bluegrass should really say either 1.25 or 2.25 but not in between. Cost vs. value is disappointing. I recommend speaking to them on the phone vs. processing on-line.
22peacock has used this retailer 1 time. September 10, 2015
Overall Rating: 
"Blue Regal Male Peacock"
My first order with Bluegrass Aquatics, a male Blue Regal peacock. The fish arrived safely to Central Oklahoma and was colorfully healthy. I was impressed with the dark wild coloring, a very good specimen indeed :)I am a satisfied customer and would order from Bluegrass Aquatics again. I expected a small size, because they advertised it beforehand. My female is just the right size as this male Blue Regal, can't wait for the fry already :)
Migidy_Mike has used this retailer 1 time. July 25, 2015
Overall Rating: 
"Got what I asked for"
Everything was fine, I ordered 3-4 days in advance of the date I wanted delivery, the fish have been in my quarantine tank of a few days and eating fine. I would use again but I wish they had larger fish, not sure how realistic my wish is. If they can get larger fish, I'll order, don't like small size fish, but again, the service and fish are good.
Migidy_Mike has used this retailer 1 time. July 25, 2015
Overall Rating: 
"Got what I asked for"
Everything was fine, I ordered 3-4 days in advance of the date I wanted delivery, the fish have been in my quarantine tank of a few days and eating fine. I would use again but I wish they had larger fish, not sure how realistic my wish is. If they can get larger fish, I'll order, don't like small size fish, but again, the service and fish are good.
jeffrey14 has used this retailer 1 time. April 19, 2015
Overall Rating: 
"My First Order Was My Last Order"
First of all, I ordered one male and six female German Red Peacocks and they put all seven fish together in one bag! I wanted to keep the male in a separate tank...The fish were small and several refused to eat anything. Within two weeks, five of the seven were dead. I have no idea if the male was one of only two survivors. Sincerely, Jeffrey Dodea
theboz has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 9, 2015
Overall Rating: 
"Likely my last order"
Just received my second order from Bluegrass. One DOA which would not have been too bad but since there was another fish bagged with it I have to worry about his future. The water was so nasty that the fish must have been dead for some time (overnight shipping?). All fish were quite small. Paid extra for males but just don't know how anyone could sex such small fish - some as small as 1".
cat2102 has used this retailer 1 time. January 1, 2015
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience"
This was my first experience with mail order fish. I ordered 12 fronts, 3 albino BN plecos and a syn. mult. catfish. All stock arrived alive, altho I did experience 1 lost front 3 hrs after delivery (seemed to be the smallest of the lot). Out of 12 of that species and 16 fish, overall, I figure that was pretty good odds. Plus, I ordered way more fish than I really needed in order to take advantage of the free shipping at $250. All in all, very good experience, retailer, and fish stock. I'm looking forward to growing them all out over the next several years.
Gary-in-FL has used this retailer 1 time. November 29, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"In-person visit to Florida location"
I recently completed a fishless cycle on my 90 gallon tank and discovered that the Florida breeder/location of Bluegrass Aquatics was about 20 minutes from my house. I called owner David Estes while my tank was cycling and asked if I could visit the Florida location (in Riverview, FL- near Tampa) to pick up my fish. I was expecting to place my order online and just pick them up at the door to save on shipping.

David told me I could come in and pick out the species/sizes I wanted. While I'm not new to the hobby, this is my first cichlid tank, and David was extremely helpful.

What impressed me the most was that each tank was running with it's own sponge filter- so no shared water to spread diseases from a large, multi-tank filtration system.

Tanks were all clean and I honestly didn't see a single sick- looking fish in the place.

He also gave me a sample of the custom food they've developed and are feeding the fish http://bluegrassaquatics.com/red-zebra-stampede-10-6-oz.html

I haven't used the product long enough to give a rating of it- but I can tell you the fish all love it- even my Bettas.

So after visiting this cichlid breeder/seller in person, I won't go anywhere else. I'm very happy with the health and color of my fish and again- didn't see any sickly looking tanks or fish in the place!

grownwrong has used this retailer 1 time. August 20, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"Very Happy Customer!!!"
I just received my first ever online order of fish and it was a complete success!

I placed the order Sunday afternoon and chose a delivery date of today (Wed) and had zero problems. All 7 White Labs and 4 Syno Petricolas arrived lively and beautifully! Great specimens from what I can tell!

I found slightly better prices from other dealers, but 400+ reviews speak for themselves! I would gladly pay the few extra quarters for great looking and healthy fish delivered so quickly! Thanks Bluegrass!!!
grownwrong has used this retailer 1 time. August 20, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"Very Happy Customer!!!"
I just received my first ever online order of fish and it was a complete success!

I placed the order Sunday afternoon and chose a delivery date of today (Wed) and had zero problems. All 7 White Labs and 4 Syno Petricolas arrived lively and beautifully! Great specimens from what I can tell!

I found slightly better prices from other dealers, but 400+ reviews speak for themselves! I would gladly pay the few extra quarters for great looking and healthy fish delivered so quickly! Thanks Bluegrass!!!
reepicheep has used this retailer 3-10 times. August 1, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"Will never buy from again"
overpriced tiny fish of mediocre quality
CandyDukos has used this retailer 1 time. May 15, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"Very Positive Experience."
It is impossible to find the selection of fish in my area that Bluegrass Aquatics has. If your nervous about trying them, don't be. They we're very helpful in answering my questions and everything arrived in great shape. My only regret is not trying
them sooner.
Purplefin has used this retailer 1 time. May 14, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"My first order"
Every Thing Went smooth very nice I think why buy anywhere else. thanks
Fishmang has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 9, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"It was all good!"
Received my second order from Bluegass Aquatics this morn. Last month it was T moorii, today it was feathefins. Couldn't be more satisifed with my new heathy fish. Great experience!
razorray has used this retailer 3-10 times. May 6, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"best fish Company around "
razorray wrote:
Hello my name is Ray .I have to say I have had a amazing experience with blugrassaquatics buying fish from them , talking to them they have sent me really nice fish healthy ones . I will say this much I used to deal with a other Fish farm before and I spent thousands of dollars on fish and I lost them all this last winter and then I was treated wrongly bye this other Co .and I found this Co and I have to say they have given me great fish .And I've already spent over 1,000 on fish but not at first I started my order around 300 dollars and all my fish came alive .I was really happy to get them im filling a 130 gl fish tank its a working progress but everything is going great .AND MAKE IT NOTED IF YOU EVER GET FISH THAT DIE ON THE WAY WITCH HAPPENS WITH ANY CO .REMBER YOUR GETTING THE BEST FISH U CAN GET BUT YOUR GETTING IT DELIVERD .IT HAPPENS EVEN IF YOU JUST WALKED INTO A FISH STORE AND BROUGHT THEM HOME THEY STILL CAN DIE .FOR A LOT OF reasons .STRESS ,new fish syndrome .Ether way THIS CO WILL SEND YOU A NOTHER ONE WITHOUT A ?THERE right on top of things . I WOULD RECMEND ANYONE I KNOW AND I HAVE TO BUY FROM THIS COMPANY :D :thumb: :fish: :dancing: THANKS AGAIN BLUEGRASS
danolivegarden has used this retailer 3-10 times. April 26, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"There is nothing wrong with these guys."
A friend of mine told me that Bluegrass Aquatics was getting some bad reviews recently. I have bought from them several times in the three years with very few problems. Most recently I bought a wonderful L025 Pleco that arrived well packaged and healthy. Upon reading some of the recent bad reviews, I can tell you to look between the lines and you'll realize these reviews are fabricated.
First off, this sudden string of bad reviews started at the same time Bluegrass Aquatics started offering fish on Aquabid again. Everyone over there know that Bluegrass hurt some of those guys business and they did their best to get Bluegrass thrown out. You can not read the recent reviews and tell me that all the sudden, Bluegrass Aquatics is knowingly shipping dead fish, wrong sexed fish, not giving people credit, hybrids, and sick fish. One guy even said the fish we're infested with flukes. In all the years I ran a pet store I never saw flukes in a tank of fish. LOL
I will say their cichlids are not always the biggest but I have always got what I ordered. I've never had a leaking bag from them but I have had it happen from other suppliers so I know it can happen. My fish have always came in healthy from them and no one is going to beat their selection.
You keep doing what your doing Bluegrass Aquatics! Those of us that buy from you know your doing it right and a few disgruntled aquabid suppliers are not going change that.
Art D has used this retailer 1 time. May 2, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"Do not buy from"
Latest info. Pet Pal refunded $44.50.
Does not bag separately but jams all the same species in one bag. Sent me 3 bags one of which had 3 dead fish in it. The water was full of parts of the dead fish and smelled like a sewer. Would not adjust the charge on pay pal but is trying to fix it with a coupon for $30 on my next order which will be never. This person shipped dead fish to begin with. You can tell by their bodies and eyes.
AulonoHaprican has used this retailer 1 time. April 16, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"Buyer BEWARE!"
1st, I should of gone with my gut! I purchased $300.00 of stock from these people & they stated the fish they had could be sexed. Mind you the fish I was buying were anywhere from 1 3/4"-2/1/4" I was Nervous about that, but thats not the real problem. The fact I payed for juvenile fish is on me for not paying attention to their measurements instead of just reading small, Med, or Large. (which I did) Thats on me! But the fact is they sent me fish with Flukes....yeah Flukes! My entire tank is now infected with a parasite purchased from Bluegrass Aquatics!!!! The fact that they are very expensive for some juvenile fish well thats your choice, but don't pay good money for infected STOCK! UNBELIEVABLE! Received one Strawberry Peacock & its like Nemo, with a special pectoral fin. 5 of the fish I purchased from them have now died. Stay with your current supplier like I should have. Cant believe these guys are allowed to be sponsors on this great site. Never, Ever will I do business with these guys. The funny thing is, while making my purchase these guys were just as pleasant as can be, I called to let them know I had one DOA, & instantly the guy I spoke to had a defensive tone. I wasn't upset with having just one DOA, it happens. Just thought his demeanor was hilarious...Never again! Not sure what has happened with this company, but its obvious that they don't care about their customers any more!
swimmingwiththefish has used this retailer 1 time. May 27, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"Will never order from Bluegrass again!"
I will never buy from them again. Ordered 3 haps & 1 peacock. 1) Surprised when I opened box to find all fish shipped in one bag. This impeded my ability to id fish. 1 fish arrived with 1/2 eaten tail fin and pectoral fins were nubs. They sent the wrong fish (a Victorian). 2 are either hybrids or female (I paid extra for male) 1 died shortly after acclimation.
I immediately sent emails with photo to document condition of fish. Followed up with phone calls to owner. Not once did he apologize for condition of fish. Not once did he respond to any of the 9 emails I sent. He was defensive and told me that fin damage was cause by FedEx tossing box around during shipping. What a lame excuse! He callously told me that fins would grow back as if it's ok to receive damage fish. Was finally given credit for 2 fish. However, I don't plan to even use my credit because I don't trust they will send quality fish.
edit: when reading retailer reviews, take a look at the member's profile. did they join one day, post a review and never come back? or have they posted threads in the past. makes you wonder if they are real members or just retailers pretending to be real so that they can write positive reviews.
stayfrosty has used this retailer 1 time. March 6, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"Terrible "
I spent 250$ on my order. I even paid the 10$+ extra per fish to ensure a male. 4 of the fish came in at barely and inch. How the #%$& do you sex a 1 inch fish?? I called and the guy told me I just have to trust him hes been doing it for 15yrs blahblahblah. I received a male lethrinops that died that same night because he got beat up in the bag. Yeah they cram 5 fish in a bag do they not know fish will fight even in a bag or are they having a bag shortage? I paid 80$ for 4 fry and 24$ for a dead fish. I also emailed them and they told me the fish were sexed as male. The other bags had male written on them in red pen but the bag with the fry had nothing written on them proof they were too small to sex. This place is deceiving and will ship fish that are in poor condition with nipped fins and half the tail missing and wounds to his side. I really hope the rest of the fish survive.The shipping was fast but quality was bad. All of the fish have fin damage not one came nice. Terrible terrible terrible I knew I should have stuck with LFD
DRA43 has used this retailer 1 time. March 5, 2014
Overall Rating: 
The bang leaking completely soaked poorly seald bag i Order 4 ALBINO RUBY GREEN MEDIUM FEMALES 2 MEDIUM MALES THEY SEAD 1 3" 5 2"FISH I paid FOR ALL FISH 3" THE FISH WERE SICK WHEN ARRIVED HAVE 4 DEAD 2 LIVE FISH I PAID $17.99 FOR 4 $26.99 FOR 2 I PAID $153.30
johnb50 has used this retailer 1 time. February 26, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"No Problems"
They were easy to deal with, friendly and helpful. My order was delayed a couple of days due to the "polar vortex" (formally known as cold weather) so they threw in a couple extra fish for the inconvenience. I received my fish in great condition, professionally packaged and very healthy. I couldn't be happier. All 12 frontosas were comfortably swimming around in their new tank within the hour. Thanks Eddie and David
tropfishhome has used this retailer 10 or more times. January 29, 2014
Overall Rating: 
"You guys are amazing!!!!"
I am a fish nut, there I said it.
Over the years the internet has opened my fish keeping world up to allow me to buy fish I never dreamed of finding any other place. I've bought from many different internet suppliers but I come back to Bluegrass Aquatics the most. They have a huge selection, their easy to deal with, and they are very good at what they do.
I had a shipment of Africans arrive this morning. It was only seven or eight degrees outside. The fish we're toasty warm inside a nice Styrofoam box with two heat packs that we're plenty warm to the touch. An hour after I released them in my tank they we're eating!
This is the only company I deal with that I would have trusted to ship me in such cold weather. This was my second order so far this year and I will probably order 4-5 more times during the year. I hope you guys are around for many years to come!
jdthomas2789 has used this retailer 1 time. January 24, 2014
Overall Rating: 
The bags were leaking, 3 dead fish out of 9 and 3 more died in less than 48 hours. They did give a credit but ignored my email after that. Quality of fish was bad. I could have gotten better at petsmart. The fish were packaged very bad. Just plain unsatisfied. So I ended up spending over 150.00 for 4 fish. and to use the credit I would have to pay another 60.00 for shipping. I would say just don't order from them.
Lonnie.Spears has used this retailer 1 time. December 8, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Will order agian but have one complaint."
I ordered fish for three different tank setups I have been working on. I bought 6 each of 4 different tropheus varieties. They we're well packaged and they threw in a couple of extra fish for free. I also ordered several varieties of Mbuna for a smaller tank I was setting up. Some of the species we're bundled together in the same bag, but the bag was marked with what the fish we're and we're easy to tell apart. I bought 35 of Bluegrass's Mixed Peacocks for a 180 that I'm setting up. They sent 40 fish total split up between three bags. One bag had two dead fish in it and another died overnight. The one real complaint I have is they did not mark what species we're in the mix. I e-mailed them regarding this and they did not know what was put in the mix either. I was told they pick out at least ten varieties for their mixes and they pick out what ever is nicest in the building that day.
When I opened the box I saw no heat pack. Turns out it's glued to the inside of the sytrofoam lid.
holiday1177 has used this retailer 1 time. November 29, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Very positive"
I was very apprehensive about ordering fish online but after a couple of weeks of checking out the local pet and aquarium stores and researching online including the available forums many of which mentioned bluegrassaquatics I decided to take the plunge. Received the Prestige Cichlid package on time as promised with clear instructions. Looks to be a wonderful selection. Am very please with all of the fish. The only area that could use improvement in my opinion is that although I called I never spoke with a real person. This left me feeling like I was really stepping out on a limb with regards to some of the questions I had related to male/female ratios etc. Never-the-less, I took the plunge but speaking to someone in person would have made this an A+ expirience for me. Kim
mileycichlid has used this retailer 1 time. November 27, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"GREAT first time experience!!"
Recently got my first online fish order from Bluegrass Aquatics and was very pleased with the experience.. Admittedly I was apprehensive since I am used to picking out my own fish but due the amazing selection of cichlids and plecos on this site’ I decided to try.. I talked with Eddie (owner I think) on the selection and sizes. He was very informative and help with selections and expectations as well as acclimation procedures.. I later talked with David at the Shipping Department over a change in the requested ship date and my concern on the cold weather. David is an very experienced and willing to spent time in coordinating the shipment for success. The shipment arrived early in the morning with all the fish alive and well. I am anxious to see these guys grow out since these are species I would have never found in my local fish stores. I will never settle for what is available locally again when it is so easy to order from Bluegrass Aquatics.. Now I find out that I get a 10% discount by being a member of cichlid forum I will be ordering again soon!!
ITALIAN926 has used this retailer 1 time. November 22, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Not accetable in any way whatsoever"
Positives, the website, and communication.
Negatives: Upon arrival, the box was completely soaked. At this point I should have videod the rest of experience. I open the box and I almost all Demasoni look dead. They are suffocating because theres not much water left in their bag. This place actually ties knots in their bags, I was stunned. After a while, most of the Demasoni came back from near death, because they shipped without heatpacks when the destination was in the 30's. Water was freezing ! and the low temps probably saved the suffocating Dems. Overall 3 fish DOA, and one Acei came with a deformed mouth, and another Acei was sent as a white tail instead of yellow. When I emailed about this ridiculous shipment, they were very defensive and gave me the history of their company and how everyone else doesnt have problems. I dont think this experience could have been any worse. They gladly give store credit for lost fish, but Id be a complete imbecile to order from here again.
JohnnyJohanni1 has used this retailer 1 time. October 12, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Dream come true!!!"
First time ordering fish online and well worth it. I informed Mr. Estes about my concerns with my current stock and also emphasized how important a large male O.Z.Rock was for my stocking. He was able to put me at ease as well as assure me of what would be available.

I informed him that I would not be able to place an order until after midnight on Wed (technically Thurs morning) He was able to work with me and assured me delivery by friday to avoid weekend delivery fees. I also specifically requested "the largest, most handsome Lithobates availabe". This is exactly what I recieved and they even labeled the bag with my exact quote! lol. All-in-all, in this day and age, one could not be more pleased with the promptness of service, dedication, knowledge, and superior product provided by Bluegrass.

All fish arrived healthy, beautifully colored, and exactly (to within 5 minutes) of when he said they would be at my frontdoor.

Instead of sending an email, I called him directly today and informed him how pleased I am with his product and that it was recieved exactly as advertised.

Thank you Mr. Estes for being a man of honesty and integrity. You will definately recieve more of my money in the future lol.
Also thank you for restoring my faith in the "idea" of GREAT customer service.
Also thank you to this forum, for if it wasn't for the reviews I read here, I may have chosen differently.

My 125 gallon hap/peacock tank is now offically a d
perro217 has used this retailer 1 time. July 22, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Mr. David Estes goes out of his way to please customers"
It is my 1st time ordering on-line fish. I was concerned and Mr. Estes took time to explain what I had to do and my fish made it just when he said they would. I was so surprised because I am wasn't ordering a very large quantity and thought they would just send me average looking fish. My cichlids are beautiful and all arrived well. In my tank and have already claimed their spots. I would recommend you take a look at Bluegrass Aquatics before doing business with anyone else online.
I know I'll be back they have fish local stores don't ever carry.
retusaf has used this retailer 2-3 times. July 17, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"An Overall Satisfying Experience"
Placed my order last week for 34 of the Peacock Assortment to be delivered this week. All fish arrived 21 hours after they were sent out, all alive plus two extras.

Three things to remember when you order from Bluegrass, the more you order the cheaper the fish. Free ship with orders over $250 and use promo code CF10% for a 10% discount on your order for forum users.

Fish for my lot were advertised as 1.25" to 2.25", fish received were as small as .75" to as large as 2.5", more tended to be on the smallish size. A few of the the fish appeared to be a bit fin nipped but overall the rest are in great shape.

Another small drawback was I have no idea what species I received although I was told by David (ship manager) that they did send 11 different species. But I guess that's what assortment means. The fish I received also appear to be a good mix that I would normally not find in my local fish store. Preliminary quick check of the fish looks to be a 50/50 split of male/female, although it is tough to sex fish this young.

Will definitely buy from Bluegrass again. A great bang for the buck.
jstinson05 has used this retailer 1 time. July 17, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"I couldn't be happier with my expirience."
This was my first time ordering aquarium fish online and I was extremely nervous about the whole transaction. Bluegrass Aquatics was awesome. It was cheaper to buy my large, over$250, order through them than through my local fish store. They had the exact fish I was looking for to complete my upgraded Lake Tanganyikag aquarium. The fish all arrived healthy and are all doing great in their new home. Bluegrass Aquatics will definitely being receiving more orders from me and I would recommend them to everyone.
retusaf has used this retailer 2-3 times. July 16, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"An Overall Satisfying Experience"
Placed my order last week for 34 of the Peacock Assortment to be delivered this week. All fish arrived 21 hours after they were sent out, all alive plus two extras.

Three things to remember when you order from Bluegrass, the more you order the cheaper the fish. Free ship with orders over $250 and use promo code CF10% for a 10% discount on your order for forum users.

Fish for my lot were advertised as 1.25" to 2.25", fish received were as small as .75" to as large as 2.5", more tended to be on the smallish size. A few of the the fish appeared to be a bit fin nipped but overall the rest are in great shape.

Another small drawback was I have no idea what species I received although I was told by David (ship manager) that they did send 11 different species. But I guess that's what assortment means. The fish I received also appear to be a good mix that I would normally not find in my local fish store. Preliminary quick check of the fish looks to be a 50/50 split of male/female, although it is tough to sex fish this young.

Will definitely buy from Bluegrass again. A great bang for the buck.
deputyhill has used this retailer 1 time. June 14, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Thanking Mr. eddie"
I just want to thank Mr. Eddie for all his help. I purchase 24 cichlids from Blue Aquatics, and all are doing well. Mr. Eddie was able tell me everything I needed to know about the cichlids I purchase. I will buy from Bluegrass Aquatics again.
Trichopteran7 has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 10, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"True Professional"
I had zero problems here, so my review may not reflect much about what might happen if things go wrong. I ordered several Tanganyikan Cichlids (Very delicate fish) and all arrived alive and healthy. I've used aquabid (4 sellers) and a few other people. Bluegrass shipped me the healthiest looking fish I've ever seen inside of a box. Packaging is more important than any other aspect when dealing with Mail Order fish and Bluegrass has their stuff down. Super professional. No dead fish either, which apparently, is hard to do for a LOT OF PEOPLE who sell fish. So if you want fish to arrive healthy and happy, order here. All the fish I ordered from here were eating within minutes of being put in a quarantine tank. That's remarkable.
Taratron has used this retailer 1 time. May 24, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Never doing business again!"
I ordered 6 Julie dickfeldi blue, sent Eddie my Paypal info, money, and address, with the instructions to call me if anything went amiss. I used my Fedex account and paid for overnight shipping. The box should have arrived by 10am...10 am came and went.

I had to get to work, so I figured the local Fedex, that was holding the box for me, would call when it arrived. Noon came and went. I started getting worried as temps were climbing. I finally got a chance to the computer, tracked the package and found it had been delivered...and was 5 miles away from where I had addressed the box.

I skipped lunch, zoomed over to that store, and got my box; when I confronted Eddie about it, he offered no apologizes and instead snippily told me that the box had been delivered and was signed for, so why was I angry at him? He then went into some long email about how he has 40 employees working under him now and one of them made a mistake.

At no time did he admit a fault or offer an apology. The store the fish were sent to closes a good 4 hours before any other Fedex, and had I had to stay late at work, the fish would have cooked.

I will never do business with this company again. I get better customer service at freaking Petco!
KingPiccolo SB has used this retailer 1 time. March 29, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Unpleasant Transaction"
So i just made a big order from bluegrass aquatics and i must say it was not an enjoyable transaction. First of all it was a huge order, it was almost 300$. It consisted of almost 30 fish.

So the package came on time which was good, and all the fish were alive upon arrival. But it was only a little over half the fish i ordered. They are set to be refunded and i believe they will be. But they didn't even tell me that some of the fish were not going to be shipped, i had to call them and ask. Had i known they weren't all coming i would have waited on the order until they were back in stock.

Then i ordered two Ctenochromis horei and was charged for two but i only received one of them. And i ordered one Nimbochromis Polystigma and they gave me two, so that was also a mistake on there part. Lastly i ordered an Altolamprologus Compressiceps that was supposed to be 2 inches, but instead he was far smaller and was only half that. Because of this he was too small to go into the tank he was planned to go in, so i had to put him in the tank with some of my other fry.
kandiblades666 has used this retailer 1 time. March 22, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"I recommend Bluegrass Aquatics 100%"
I recently ordered some absolutely gorgeous Long Finned Blue Rams and Electric Blue Rams from Bluegrass Aquatics, and I must admit I was a bit worried since this was my first time ordering fish online and having them shipped overnight to me. My order was processed very quickly,and the fish came exactly when they were supposed to.
Upon opening my little box of goodies, I discovered they were warm and packaged just like when I used to work in an aquatics store, and would get the fish in from our distributors.
I will most def be ordering more fish from BGA, it just makes more sense to me since A: the prices are waaaay lower than any fish stores here in Chicagoland
B: the fish are way less stressed because their not being dumped in a store tank and chased around with a net for days before coming home to me.

If you're on the fence, I totally recommend ordering from BGA- you will be happy that you did :)
Wetking has used this retailer 1 time. March 14, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Great company to deal with."
This was my first time buying from Bluegrass Aquatics, but certainly not my last. I have dealt with many mail order fish companies over the years, some with great results, others with not so good results. Here is my experience with Bluegrass Aquatics.
If your interested in cichlids, particularly African cichlids. then this is the company for you. In addition, they offer a wide range of catfish, tetras, swordtails and others odd and ends. Ordering from their website was straight forward, and they offer you the opportunity to pick your delivery day as you check out. The only shipping option I saw offered is Fed Ex overnight. I got my fish shipped for free, but I think you have to buy over $250.00 worth of fish to get that. Otherwise, it's $39.95 shipping.
I received my Tracking number from Fed Ex on Tuesday and my fish arrived at 9:10AM on Wednesday. I was a little worried because it was colder outside that I thought it was going to be, so I was glad to see Fed Ex deliver early. The box was as professionally packed as I've ever seen. Nice Styrofoam box with double bagged fish inside. They had used two heat packs inside the box and the fish we're nice and warm. I released the fish, left for awhile, and by the time I came home that afternoon everyone was happy and ready to eat. I never heard from anyone at Bluegrass Aquatics the whole time but I got everything I ordered and they did a amazing job with the handling. I will try them again the next time I start a
ZJGardner has used this retailer 1 time. March 23, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Good Quality, Good Price!"
This was my first time ordering from Bluegrass aquatics. I had read good reviews so I thought I would give it a try. I ordered 6 Jalo Reefs, 7 Yellow Labs, 2 Synondontis Multipunctatus, and 3 Bristlenose plecos. All fish arrived alive and healthy. The quality was great. I was short one yellow lab and received all males of the Jalo reefs, which was disappointing at first. However, I was then told they would replace the missing fish and ship extra females free of charge. I followed up with the deal and actually bought a few more fish to ship with them. The quality of stock is great! I have had a hard time finding quality Yellow Labs, but these are incredible. No vertical bars, a deep rich yellow with beautiful black markings. This is my first experience with Jalo reefs, but the dominate male has already colored up great!

The customer service was great, the quality of fish was great. I would recommend Bluegrass to anyone else looking to get quality African Cichlids!
fisheadsoup has used this retailer 1 time. February 28, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"First Timer"
Never ordered fish on line choose Bluegrass Aquatics for its large selection.Very happy with my order fish arrived in good condition. Had one issue talk to Eddie he went out of his to make sure I was taken care of very happy with there customer service I give them five out of five stars. I highly recommend them.
JohnnyVeeAtl has used this retailer 1 time. February 23, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"maybe not so bland fish"
This was my first order and I bought a 10 hap/peacock assortment. They have no colors all brown, black and grey. I was told to expect a 50/50 male to female mix but this is disappointing. There are only 2 that have a touch of color on them. I sent Eddie an email 3 days ago and he called me from the Orlando Fish Convention. As a beginner he educated me that my fish will need more time to color and he was surprised I had 2 with color. Furthermore, he did say that if there was not an improvement to call him, He give me his cell phone number. Will buy from Bluegrass again. I forgot to mention that they all arrived healthy, excellent packaging and are thriving.
OrlandoWildcat has used this retailer 3-10 times. February 22, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Amazing in person and online!"
I have purchased for Bluegrass Aquatics when I was located in Louisville Kentucky. After moving away I decided to try the online site with much hesitation of ordering online. I was spoiled by being able to purchase from Bluegrass Aquatics directly at Eddies place, but decided to take the chance after finding no decent options locally. The fish where the quality I had come to expected, packed and delivered by FedEx without any issue accept one fish that was a bit shaken by the trip but recovered nicely. I got some tropheus, featherfins, julies and a couple of plecos for my first Tanganyika cichlid tank. I always enjoyed the Malawi but am very excited about this new group in my 75 gallon tank. I would not hesitate in ordering online from Bluegrass Aquatics and hope to put a nother order in as soon as I get a another tank.
letsgoflyers6387 has used this retailer 1 time. February 15, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Dead and Diseased Fish"
This was my first time ordering fish online and it was not a positive experience. I will be trying a different supplier for the next one. I'll summarize my comments here:

I ordered 8 Acei and 8 Electric Yellows. To start out with they must have not had enough Acei in stock because I was issued a credit for 3 and they only shipped 5. Mind you I was not notified that this was the case - it was done automatically. OK, not the worst thing in the world, but...

The balance of the fish arrived and two Yellow Labs and one Acei were DOA. All of the Labs were in one bag the Acei in another. They apparently can't count either because they shipped 10 Yellow Labs instead of 8. Nice bonus, but several had severely nipped fins. Really no better looking than what you would find at PetsMart.

One of the Yellow Tai Acei had what I think was Popeye (bulging eye and white fungus on it). This fish should not have been shipped to me. It has been two weeks and it did heal, however.

On the bright side, they issued a credit refund without problem for the fish that came dead. Unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied enough with the quality of the fish to order from Bluegrass Aquatics again.
rjgab88 has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 14, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"i will be odering again"
i am very pleased me and a couple friend just ordered fish they all came healthy in good shape and alive and were delivered to us when we told they would be i give these guys a two thumbs up
cherrie has used this retailer 1 time. February 5, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Love Love your service."
I have never wrote a comment but I have never had such a positive experience with purchasing fish on line.So here it is, I was so impressed with your shipping box!! the last place I ordered in AZ.. sent my order in a used box barly ably to tell they were fish in it and the package was really beatup, so were the fish,Bluegrass answered the phone and helped me save the poor fish. The Bluegrass fish were all warm and happy from there long trip from Fl. to Az. all are doing great. You guys are the best and so helpful. Thankyou Be Blessed
shawnm has used this retailer 1 time. February 2, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Will definately purchase from them again."
First time buying fish online and it was a great experience. They have the biggest variety of in stock cichlids I was able to find online. They were double bagged and well packaged. I ordered 17 fish an had a couple DOA and 1 that did not look great,that did die overnight. They have no control over how they are manhandled during shipment as I watched the delivery guy jump out of his truck and run up the stairs with my order. When contacted Bluegrass they promptly issued credit for all the dead.What more could you ask for.He then told me about joining this forum for good info on fish and also to get a 10% discount on future orders.I see some negative comments, but being in business myself I have learned no matter how hard you try you can't please everyone. So give them a try I think you will be HAPPY I AM. Have some great looking fish in my tank.
Thank You Bluegrass Aquatics
littlejohnjkn has used this retailer 1 time. January 29, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Great place to order fish!"
This was my first time ordering fish through the mail. The fish arrived in great condition and packed well with a heat pack for warmth. The fish look very heathy and they offer free shipping over $250 and a discount for being a CF member (CF10%). I will be using them again if I need any more fish.
jcrash has used this retailer 1 time. January 25, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience!"
This was my first order from Bluegrass Aquatics. They were very helpful when I called with a few questions and the fish arrived alive and in great condition. Thank you!
Dcouch967 has used this retailer 1 time. January 23, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"My experience with Bluegrass Aquatics"
I have purchased fish from several aquabid auctions in the past with mixed results. This was my first time dealing with Bluegrass Aquatics and I was a little hesitant after reading the reviews here. The selection of Auloncara’s they had though convinced me to give them a call.
I left a message that I had a shipping question and was called back by David, who is the shipping manager. After asking a few shipping and fish questions, I felt comfortable placing my order.
My order was placed on a Tuesday and I received it on a Friday morning. It seemed well packed to me, it was inside a nice Styrofoam box and it had a heat pack glued to the inside of the lid. All of the bags we’re double bagged and even though there was a small amount of water in the bottom of the box, none of the bags seemed to be leaking. I released my fish and within an hour, everyone seemed to be normal except for a Lupingu Afra. He was acting normal by the following morning though.
I had ordered several varieties of fish in quantities of one to four fish. I did have a bag that had four fish of one variety each in it. The bags did have a label with the fish names though so I was able to figure out that I had everything that I had ordered. I had ordered all regular fish and some of them we’re bigger than others. I guess that is to be expected with fish though.
It has now been over ten days and no problems with my fish. I will definitely use them again.
Alaskangirl has used this retailer 1 time. January 19, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"A Wonderful Buying Experience!"
I just received my delivery from Bluegrass Aquatics, and WOW.....they arrived strong and healthy and beautiful. Shipping from Florida to Alaska is a very long trip for those fish, but they acted like they had just been taken from their aquarium and put in the bags. The shipping manager hand-picked every baby for me, called to ask some questions and got a feel for exactly what i wanted and then sent me the most beautiful babies. I had looked for veil-tail Oscars for a long time and they were the only ones that had them, but then to get ones that are one of a kind, it was truly wonderful. They are truly friendly there and it was just an awesome experience. The way that those babies were shipped made sure they were comfortable and safe, which meant alot to me.
I truly will not EVER deal with another company again. If Bluegrass doesn't have what i want, then i will wait until they do
Thank you Bluegrass for the way you treated me and the fish that you sent me, you guys are awesome!
rodriguez_4 has used this retailer 1 time. January 6, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Maybe I had a bad experience!"
I purchased 11 fish about a month ago. Two were DOA and two looked like they were not going to make it through the night and the packing job was the worst I seen. When the box arrived it was leaking water from it. The two DOA's were credited back to me the same day but I don't think I will order from here again. So far I have lost 6 of the 11 that I ordered including the DOA's. My tank was cycle and all parameters were close to perfect for the species that I ordered. In my personal opinion I will never order from here agian even with the credit. 6 Jan update... Just lost another fish and another is on the way out.
soulsurf72 has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 30, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Great place!!!"
I made an order of fish awhile back and unfortunately due to delivery error a couple fish had died(**2 fish out of 11 isnt bad**)....but all good(as well as it can be in that situation)and the next time I ordered fish a couple months later to finish my tank....Eddie and David both were very kind and held great integrity in backing up their promise and replaced the credit those fish were worth!! HUGE PROPS! They also went as far as to pick a male of one species of fish that I requested!Above and beyond....THANK YOU!I have talked w/ Eddie via email since and have told him of a desire to start a second tank in order to split all my fish and start a Moori only tank(AND breed Moori's) and all other fish in a seperate tank!He was actually excited att this idea and wanted me to contact him when I was ready to do so.....he had some good ideas for me in doing so!!! Now thats customer loyalty and service I love......cant ask for anything more!!
leere1 has used this retailer 1 time. December 8, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Flawless purchase"
Yesterday, I received my first order from Bluegrass Aquatics. Everything went flawlessly. I easily located the fish that I wanted online, a conversation with Eddie convinced me that the company was responsible, ordering was very easy, notification of the order being placed was immediate, FedEx sent shipping info so tracking the package was easy, and the fish arrived as promised. The packing was professional and very well insulated. Unfortunately, one was DOA, but Eddie issued a credit immediately. I will definitely order from this fine company again!
freshwaterlife33 has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 3, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Very Efficient!"
This is the second time I purchased fish from Bluegrass Aquatics and as was the first time the fish are beautiful. I used a credit this time for some DOA's on the first order which I blame FedEx for. I called and talked to David the shipping manager and he reassured me that these thinks sometimes happen and the owner Eddie would give me a credit and if I would call him when I order again He would do something extra. Eddie gave a $25 credit on about $19 worth of fish and David put in a couple of extras so I didn't mind paying for shipping. I also got some fish that wasn't in stock when I ordered the first time that I really wanted. Not saying I am happy about the regrettable death loss, but it worked out good for everyone but the two fish. LOL Great customer service! Thanks David and Eddie!
ehstenor23 has used this retailer 1 time. November 30, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Incredible Service from Bluegrass Aquatics!"
Just received my order from Bluegrass Aquatics. All the fish where alive and in excellent condition. They where professionally packed in double bags and a heat pack. Each bag had a printed label with the names of the fish, which really helps when you are new to many of these species. I was very impressed with the ease of use on the site, the quality of the fish and the vast number of species to select from. I would definitely buy again and have already recommended this site to friends.
Kevinthecichlidlover has used this retailer 1 time. November 21, 2012
Overall Rating: 
I bought some discus from these guys as well as some other cichlids. I very shortly later had 2 discus and a cherry zebra die. I right away called them and told them my loss and they said they would give me a refund. I had to call back a second timeuy was out of country and emailed a few times with no responsea and i called a third time and the shipping manager was so crazy disrespectful i couldnt believe it. He told me i am scamming the business and trying to get more money than i paid and i am 57 years old! he was very rude and unprofessional he argued with me for a good 6 or 7 minutes and i have yet to get my refund or any replacement fish. The amount to be refunded was I was disappointed and i will never order again!!! i would not ever! advise others to order from here ever! he hung up on me and livefish direct.com always send live fish no DOA's, i give it up to livefishdirect and will always order from them
miamicarco has used this retailer 1 time. November 16, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish, Great Customer Service!"
Placed my 1st online fish order through Bluegrass. The order was for 21 fish and they were AMAZING to deal with. As can happen on a live shipping, a few fish were DOA and Bluegrass went OVER AND BEYOND to make me the order right. SO happy I found this online seller, very trustworthy! AMAZING Customer service! Thank You Guys
artharms has used this retailer 1 time. October 24, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Great customer service"
I recently purchased some Malawi hap/peacock and prestige assortments as well as some Tanganyika cichlids. I ordered (6-cyp. kapemba)but unfortunately, 5 arrived DOA. Once BA was notified, they called immediately and made the satisfactory restitution. I reordered these fish along with another species and they arrived healthy. I'll definitely order from BGA in the future.
Jeffish has used this retailer 3-10 times. October 13, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Glad these guys are here"
I see some pretty ridiculous complaints on here so I wanted to make sure people hear the truth about this retailer. I could not be happier with the fish or service I receive. Until I found them I was stuck with about 4 or 5 types of cichlids I could buy and now I have access to pretty much everything I want. If you take the time to learn about what you are buying and actually listen to what they say this place is the last place you need to go to get fish.
thomasj1990 has used this retailer 1 time. September 23, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"overrated "
I purchase about 2 hundred dollars of fish and they all arrived dead, except for one ob peacock that I did not order. They came smelling and poorly bagged.I ordered ob ahlis and ended up with an ob peacock. They shipped out a second order and continued to give me the ob peacocks. They all arrived alive this time but they also substituted my maleri island cichlids for a cheaper peacock. All in all, ill never by from the agai.
peterock44 has used this retailer 1 time. September 18, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"very pleased"
i bought a nice lil group of mbuna and am quite happy with my purchase. the fish came out of the bags lively and colorful. once the lights get turned on im sure they will look amazing in my tank. based on this experience i would be more than happy to do business with them again and will recommend them to any of my friends looking for quality fish. thanks
crash2673 has used this retailer 1 time. February 11, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"bought 2 red texas "
Well changed my comment.recieved what i thought was 2 red texas, gave them the bennifit of the doubt.when i recieved the fish they Where to small to tell.now at 4 inches its obviouse that niether one is a red texas. And that niether one have texas cichlid in them. So it is what it is.they got me.hope your proud.
Mickey% has used this retailer 1 time. June 26, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"WOW!!! Where have you been! lol"
Maybe I should say where have I been. What a discovery!!After years of settling for what Pet Store offered and one bad experience from another online retailer I discover Bluegrass Aquatics. The website is awesome, the selection is the best anywhere and the free shipping for $250 orders makes it a bargain to boot. I ordered tropheus, calvus, and some shellies for one tank and a assorted package of Malawi's for a new tank set up. I was impressed with Eddie and the Shipping Manager David who called with substitution opportunity for a poor selection on my part. Others would have just shipped and been done with but they went the extra mile. They are a great find to bad it took me so long to find!! Oh and the cichlid forum discount is sweet as well. I will be back as soon as I get another tank.
BeccaLovesCichlids has used this retailer 3-10 times. June 21, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Becca also loves Bluegrass Aquatics!"
I have ordered from this company 3 times, 2 cichlid orders & 1 molly order. ALL fish have been healthy & just as expected. I live locally & pick up at the FL facility. I deal with Dave and he's wonderful. Very friendly, knowledgeable, & always willing to answer any questions. I refuse to buy from anyone else. Purchasing some peacocks soon & very excited! Thanks Bluegrass for being an awesome local company with great customer service & great fish!
slkundrat has used this retailer 1 time. June 14, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Never Again"
Bought 6 African and 6 Central American Cihlids.
3 arrived dead.
2 died within hour.
2 more soon to go.
Sent email and have yet to receive response back
Fish were poorly sealed for delivery.
ShadowStryder has used this retailer 1 time. May 24, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Bluegrass Moliro Order"
Ordered 10 Tropheus Moliro (Firecrackers) that were shipped/arrived on the 1st of May. Package was shipped via FedEx. Packing was not what I would have liked to have seen, not double bagged and the one bag was deflated. Not a good practice (In my opinion) if shipping through FedEx overnight (Express Air). As for as the quality of fish that will be determined at a later date. So far all are doing well health wise.

Update: Fish are doing well.
Mbuna55 has used this retailer 1 time. May 15, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Prompt, professional, and helpful"
I recommend Bluegrass Aquatics based on my experience ordering 15 fish from the "Prestige Assortment" a month ago. Not a quantity you need often, but I had to restock after a heater malfunction catastrophe (a very different review of that heater, for sure). This quantity optimized the total cost per fish (just below $10 each), given the volume and shipping discount tiers and my capacity requirements. Be sure to align those carefully when you order—it could be cheaper to order an extra fish or two to hit the next discount level. Otherwise, shipping costs would seem to make small quantities quite expensive.

I called the vendor to ask a few questions about the purchase, which were addressed professionally, knowledgeably, and courteously. The employee said it would be no problem not to include yellow labs (the only breed that survived my heater incident). By my count, the vendor shipped 17 fish. One was dying on arrival and never made it to my tank, and another one was an unwanted yellow lab, but I've otherwise received 16 fish of different breeds that remain healthy in a biologically mature tank.

The fish shipped the day after I ordered, and arrived the next day. Bluegrass is unsurprisingly based in Kentucky, but my fish shipped from Tampa. I’ve no quarrel with that, but wasn’t aware of the difference in fish origin. I didn’t think to ask, but a species list would have been nice, although I otherwise wouldn’t expect one when ordering an assortment
renewurmind7 has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 13, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Great Quality"
Purchased a little over $300 dollars of Mbuna cichlids and I was very impressed. I don't want to get overly exited until I see them grow a bit in order to better determine the species to ensure I got what I asked for. But in regards to the quality and the colors that I am begining to see I am very pleased. I also just recently submitted another order, so I clearly I do trust bluegrassaquatics. I highly recommend them and I will continue to provide input as the fish grow. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. I wasn't a huge fan of ordering fish on line but I took the risk and so far its been worth it.
zie2695 has used this retailer 1 time. April 5, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"so far so good no bloat : )"
i just got my 5 Tropheus moorii Lufubu (Purple Rainbow) and 5 Tropheus moorii "Moliro Firecracker Red". so far they look great and no signs of bloat. will give a more detailed review in a couple of days to give the fish some time to adjust.

update: fish are all excellent. it is now April 5th and all the fish are still great and did not develop bloat, i would recommend this retailer to my friends and will use again in the future.
lilscoots has used this retailer 1 time. March 29, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Healthy Looking Fish and Prompt Delivery"
I Ordered Some Malawi Haps and Peacocks a few days ago and got the fish this morning. All of them look really good (30 fish all juveniles). They all looked in very good shape, plenty of air in the bags. Overall just a great experience...even came a day early than expected which made it a little hectic this morning as we also ordered some fish from somewhere else...(not remotely the same experience).
Thanks Bluegrass Aquatics I will definitely order again.
tropheus ryan has used this retailer 1 time. March 27, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"very pleased"
I ordered 4 more tropheus moorii(lufubu)3 rubber plecos and a royal pleco for my 125 gallon tank everything from ordering to getting them by mail went smooth i just orderd some more fish from them.I wouldent shop anywhere else online for tropical fish
FX has used this retailer 1 time. March 9, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"First Time With Internet Fish"
ust received my order from Blue Grass today! All fish arrived happy and healthy. (6)Rusties, (6) Saulosi, (3)Cobue Afra, and (3)Johanni Maingano..I did oreder (2) Petricola that never arrived with the shipment..sent an email and most likely will either be reimburse or forward the (2) Syno. Would definitely reccomend and would order from again.
dovetail has used this retailer 1 time. February 1, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"First time order"
Ordered 6 cherry red zebras and got 7. How cool is that. Also ordered 4 Syno Flavitaeniatus. All fish arrived alive and kicking. Packaging was well done. Only one problem. One of the bags was leaking, but me being here for delievery saved maybe a problem. May I suggest double bagging and something stronger than rubber bands. All in all I'm a happy camper.
rich_t has used this retailer 1 time. December 8, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Positive experience with this Vendor."
This was my 1st ever online fish order.

I looked at several online vendors while planning my purchase to stock my new 120G tank. I found that Bluegrass had a good selection at what I considered to be a reasonable price.

I initially ordered a total of 30 fish. I ultimately received 27.

There was a slight delay in shipping due to a computer glitch on their end, but they called me promptly to inform me of the delay. They were also unable to ship one fish (a bristle nose pleco) due to out of stock, which they also called promptly about and asked if I had a different choice. Since I had no other choice at the time, I won't be charged for that fish.

The fish arrived today in pretty good shape. There were a couple of fish that were pretty distressed, but they recovered within a couple of hours after adding them to my tank. They did short me on two Synodontis petricola (I ordered 3 and only got 1). Aftr calling about this shortage, I was told they will issue a credit above the cost of those fish to help offset shipping on any future orders I make.

All of the fish are now swimming actively and seem to be fine.

I have no immediate plans to order more fish, but I won't hesitate to order from Bluegrass again in the future.
somEDude has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 19, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Won't order again"
Updated review. multiple DOA fish and fish that got sick later. He did replace sick fish with really nice looking species 35 tomato that cost more then the bloated anchor islands that doesn't look like most pics I've seen on the web. However DOA could be avoided by not putting multiple fish in deflated bags. Also find out months later when fish get color that I did not get what I ordered. Ordered lethrinops and turned out to be what appears to be a fryeri hybrid. Also stuartgranti maleri island purity is looking really questionable. Taiwan reef female has deformed mouth almost on the side of the head. Neolamp Nigriventris look good and the petricola or possibly lucipinnis are are alive and well also size descriptions not accurate. first batch of peacocks got eaten by something which was my screw up so I ordered more with replacements for doa and the new ones with same size descriptions probably could have eaten the first
Keeter59 has used this retailer 1 time. November 23, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Apparently fish were sick when they arrived"
I have two 75 gallon tanks. I ordered 30 Mbuna Prestige Package & 30 Hap/Peacock Package (All 2 - 2.5" size). They sent approx. 70 fish. 3 were DOA which is expected I guess. However, even with tank set up properly and water levels & chemicals all within normal range, I have had 40 fish of the 70 to die on me. They apparently came with Malawi Bloat. I have had cichlids before and actually have a 36 gallon tank in my sons room that continues to do well with African Cichlids bought from other places. I am not sure if this is typical of this vendor but after talking with them, they are, at least up to now unwilling to either reimburse me or send me replacement fish. Bluegrass Aquatics tell me that their fish are healthy. I tend to disagree.
xjhavens has used this retailer 1 time. October 23, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"fast delivery, and healthy fish"
I recently placed my firts time order for fish online. And was very pleased with bluegrass. In fact ill be ordering 9 or 10 more cichlids from them today.
gverde has used this retailer 1 time. July 25, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent Quality & Service"
I sent an order for about 8-10 fish from Bluegrass. Order arrived with fish in good health. This was a little over a year ago. A couple of the males are looking show quality and are full of color. Excellent stock and great helpful service from Eddie on the phone.
Irish Johnny has used this retailer 1 time. June 10, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Great looking fish."
I just ordered 20 mainganos, and 8 yellow labs a few days ago. I'm new to fish keeping, but the fish that arrived the day after I ordered them, looked excellent. On the website, it tells you that the fish will be 1 to 2 inches, but the Mainganos were over that! Truly gorgeous looking. I talked to Ed over the phone before I ordered on the site, and he was very friendly, and answered my questions.
Also, the yellow labs are the size that they are supposed to be, but they are pretty colorful already. I will definitely order from Bluegrass again, for when I finish stocking my tank.
Robthechef has used this retailer 3-10 times. May 4, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Only Guy I deal with"
I have ordered from many places, but Eddie is the way to go. I do pick my fish up local from him, but they are shipped from Florida. The Quality of fish has always been top notch. Eddie would never sell a fish he wouldn't want for himself, very friendly and great to do business with. I recommend him to anyone.
reyray has used this retailer 3-10 times. May 2, 2011
Overall Rating: 
I have done a several of orders with bluegrass Aquatics dating back to when their name was Bluegrass Cichlids. I have always been impressed with their quality and professional packing. Recently I purchase a variety of Tanganyika cichlids and a Malawi prestige package. They have the most selection of African cichlids anywhere on the web. They all came in great with only one doa in in the prestige package. I had ordered 25 fish in the prestige assortment and revived 29 fish so after the doa I was 4 fish ahead. The Tanganyikans are beautiful and adapted to the new tank and began eating immediately. There was also a extra synodontis catfish and two julies. I can wait to see how they grow out! Eddie has always been very generous with his time on the phone and the people at the Florida facility are generous with their count on the fish. I look forward to future orders and Highly recommend Bluegrass Aquatics. I have done business with a couple of other online retailers but Bluegrass is no doubt the leader in the online retail business when it comes to cichlids!!!
Bully has used this retailer 1 time. May 14, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Not what I expected with all the great reviews"
OK. first time ordering from an online source. After reading all the raiving reviews about this seller I went ahead and ordered. I ordered a "package" of 25. I specifically asked for a list of what I was getting and nothing. I've emailed since receiving my fish and not even the courtesy of a return email. About 5 of the fish were in very bad physical shape. I lost 3 so far and have at least 2 more that are barely hanging on. I'm still not sure on what I recieved. They were not double bagged but they did arrive alive.

Update.... 20 out of 25 of the fry didnt make it. Looking sick, lethargic and losing about 1 a day sometimes more. Never again will I order from this place.
Beyrak has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 14, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Expect DOA's in dirty water"
I have ordered fish from Bluegrass twice. The first order I lost half my several hundred dollar order to disease originating from Bluegrass. I was offered a very small credit that did not come close to my losses.

Packing for shipping is sloppy, with them sending up to 20 Mbuna in one bag. Water arrives filthy, fish are not double bagged, nor do they use oxygen. Prices are nice, but expect DOA's.

There is no excuse for not double bagging, using oxygen or putting large amounts of Mbuna cichlids in one bag.
dww-law has used this retailer 1 time. March 28, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Very nice Moba's"
I ordered 10 WC Moba Frontosa's from Eddie. We talked on the phone and I explained I wanted 7 females and the rest males. I also told him to hand select the Moba's based on coloring rather than size. He did just that. He picked 10 great looking Moba's. They are fairly small for WC but have deep blue coloring and no mooning. This is what I asked for and this is what I got. He also had them flown Air Cargo rather than fedex due to the expense of the fish. Great transaction overall. I recommend him highly.
mrjason530 has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 16, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"great experience"
easy to navigate website, great selection and super fast shipping. all around great experience!
smithrx2 has used this retailer 1 time. February 5, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Wonderful experience!!!"
I recently purchased a group of Pseudotropheus socolofi, Labidochromis caeruleus (Nkhata Bay), clown loaches, and a synodontis from Bluegrass Aquatics. The process was very easy and their communication with me was top notch. The fish arrived when expected and their colors look great. They have been in my tanks for >48 hours now and have adjusted well without any fish losses.

This has been a great buying experience and I will certainly use Bluegrass again in the future!
drowen02 has used this retailer 1 time. January 30, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Great Place to Buy"
I just bought 12 Mpimbwe C. Gibberosa, 6 Black Calvus, 6 Comp Red Fin, 2 BN Plecos, and 1 Syn Petricola from Eddie at Bluegrass. I must that these are the best fish I have ever purchased. At 1.25 inches the Mpimbwe are already showing great blue coloring already. The fish arrived in such good shape that I was able to hand feed them the next day. I will definitely buy from Eddie at Bluegrass Aquatics in the future.
joshmill has used this retailer 1 time. January 29, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Great Experience"
Being new to the hobby I was a little reluctant to order online. After speaking with Eddy about everything needed to set up my tank, I was ready to order. I received the prestigue package of 30 fish and everyone is healthy and thriving. I continue to receive support from these guys and they are the best. It really comes through when someone loves what they do! Thanks Eddy and Dave!
BJFishMan has used this retailer 1 time. January 27, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Winter orders? Not a problem!"
I'm comfortable ordering stock online, and have from a couple of CF site sponsors without drama... although I've been reluctant about placing a cold-weather order. But I needed to replenish my Dem stock before the growing battles diminished their number further.

Adding to the anxiety... I found a great price on 25 Dems at BGA, a vendor I'd NEVER ordered from before. After reading all the reviews, I placed the order and kept my fingers crossed.

After a call to coordinate shipping day, I was slightly relieved by excellent customer service. But when shipping day approached, a cold front moved through... forecast high for arrival day? In the 20s. Yikes!

Topping it off, weather caused FedEx delays pushing my 10:30am arrival back to 5pm. SWEATING NOW!

When my order arrived, I had a few Dems not looking good. (David @ BGA talked me off the cliff!)

A week... ZERO casualties! Even with the extreme temps and delayed FedEx all turned out okay.

This was my first order from Blue Grass Aquatics and first winter order..... their fish look great by comparison! I'd say the color is better, they're a bit thicker, much larger than the competition's "medium", and they've certainly proven to be stronger and healthier than what I've experienced in the past... and I've been pleased with my former supplier(s).

I'd recommend BGA highly! Great stock, great service, and great communication all along the way.
scottdeasy has used this retailer 1 time. January 26, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent Choice"
Yesterday, I received my first of what will probably be many orders from Bluegrass Aquatics. I ordered over 50 fish, mostly tropheus, a delicate species for transport, and we had nearly a 99 percent live arrival rate (only one little guy couldn't take the journey). Eddie was good enough, however, to supply us with a few extras in our shipment which was greatly appreciated.
After 24 hours of acclimation, all of our fish are healthy, active and beautiful. Eddie called prior to advise on shipping and to confirm our order. Since he didn't have the quantity on one of my selections, he offered a choice of others to take the place that were of greater value. I could not have asked for more in service or quality.
Great prices, personal service, selection, and excellent shipping coupons combined with truly beautiful stock ensure that I will most definitely be returning to Bluegrass Aquatics.
Uncle_Fishy's has used this retailer 3-10 times. January 22, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"The best online retailer!"
I've always been happy with my past orders from Eddie at Bluegrass Aquatics. This time I ordered fish for my sister's son and his new tank he received for Christmas. After talking with Eddie he suggested the Prestige mix in order to get the maximum varieties of fish for my nephew's enjoyment. I knew they would be good as I've always gotten good fish from Bluegrass. What I wasn't prepared for was the sheer variety I got in the Prestige mix. I order a 30 pack(recieved 34)and after the fish settled in my nephew and I counted no less than 11 varieties in the mix in every color one could want.All of the fish we're between two and three inches. I've kept Africans for a lot of years but I'm not sure I've ever had a tank that is going to be as nice as my nephew's will be. I may have to order a Prestige mix for myself on my next order. LOL
On this same order I got some Demasoni and Yellow Labs for myself. The Demasoni we're exceptional, every one of them we're over two inches and fat and healthy. Yellow labs we're a little smaller at a inch and half but they we're great in color and quality.
The only negative I can say about Bluegrass Aquatics is he carries so many african varieties it can be tough to decide what I actually want. Eddie did tell that he had moved most of the business to Florida to gain access to the many small Boutique fish farms down there. What ever he's doing, it works.
teccboxx has used this retailer 1 time. January 20, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Never Again"
With all the great reviews I wanted Bluegrass Aquatics to work out as I have been looking for a good online retailer. Boy talk about poor service and bad descriptions. I placed a order for about 14 cichlids. Of the ones recieved they were all under 1-1/2" my blue dempseys were only about 3/4" in length so much for there discriptions.

The Big thing though is they never shipped 2 flowerhorns. At first all they wanted was give me a $16 credit, but I have to pay another $60 to have them shipped. This was there error, not Fed-Ex's not mine but thiers. All I wanted was them to send the pair I payed for, but nope they wouldn't and said they would credit the $16 to my credit card. What else can I do. But I guess they don't want my services in the future. I will never buy from Bluegrass again.
Cichlids6877 has used this retailer 10 or more times. December 21, 2010
Overall Rating: 
I have been buying wild fish for breeding for some time now and only buy from Eddie at Bluegrass. Great fish,great servise,great price. I never buy from anywhere else
Just got wild Kapili and Chaitika frontosa and i couldnt be happier.

Genesis aquatics
Cichlids6877 has used this retailer 10 or more times. December 21, 2010
Overall Rating: 
I have been buying wild fish for breeding for some time now and only buy from Eddie at Bluegrass. Great fish,great servise,great price. I never buy from anywhere else
Just got wild Kapili and Chaitika frontosa and i couldnt be happier.

Genesis aquatics
jallen42 has used this retailer 1 time. October 27, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Mixed Feelings"
I recently purchased six fish from Bluegrass aquatics. I was looking for fish that I could not find in my local stores. I read all the reviews here and decided that I would try BG, I live only 30 mins from BG so I chose local pick up. The fish arrived and I arranged a time to meet Eddie.

When I arrived, I called Eddie and met him in his garage. He had the fish ready in a bag for me. I wanted to ask him some questions and perhaps see his other fish that he had on site. I was handed the fish and as I looked at them through the bag Eddie shut his Garage door. I left.

As I drove home I noticed that the fish looked completely stressed, lean, and otherwise ill. I did not have a quarantine tank for them so after acclamation I netted them and added them to my tank.

One died and the rest of the tank was infected with Ich. I have since treated and they are recovering.

The fish are now doing very well and seem to be very colorful and healthy.

I sent Eddie an email via his website with no response.

As you can see I have some mixed feelings about the place.

I received a good price, quality fish after treatment. Good customer service prior to purchase, but not during or after. The selection is great but I'm not sure if I would try it again.
Catra has used this retailer 2-3 times. September 24, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great communication, fast shipping, great quality!!!"
Ordered three all male cichlids. Unfortunately I received two male lwanda's and a lithobate, no taiwan reef on Tuesday. Talked to Eddy, got it all squared away and had a Taiwan Reef male on my porch by Friday. Excellent communication, fast shipping. All four fish are of great quality and coloration.
clauson has used this retailer 1 time. August 27, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish and service"
Order was shipped promptly. However, the first shipment had several dead fish. We followed instruction (took photos of dead fish within 2 hours of delivery) and the order was promptly replaced. Eddie worked hard to make us happy and has a very strong work ethic. We will be back for more! Thanks again!
girk has used this retailer 1 time. July 22, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish at a great price with great service!"
Eddie was very helpful in making my choice in Tropheus, knew what he was talking about and had great stock and almost any kind of cichlid you could imagine. I cannot say enough about Bluegrass Aquatics and their product and service. Eddie is the MAN!!!!! Will go back for sure!!!
lunchingfriar has used this retailer 1 time. June 15, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great place to buy fish!"
I recently decided to convert a 55 gallon tank to African cichlids. Based on the reviews here, I emailed Eddie for advice. He replied within a couple of hours, and the next morning I placed an order for 15 of the prestige assortment mbunas and 2 synodontis catfish. All the fish are doing great. There was one DOA, but Eddie said he threw in a couple of extra fish just in case, so it's all good. I'm happy with the fish, the service, and the pricing, so I would easily recommend this site to anyone.
Wesley Blanchard has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 11, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great Experience with a few problems!"
I purchased alot of fish from Eddie and there were a few problems that I e-mailed Eddie with and with in 30 minutes he called me on the phone to take care of them. The problems were fixed very quickly. The fish are of excellant quality and a fair price, especially with the $39.99 flat rate. I finally have the show tank that I dreamed of. I have recommended Bluegrass to my friends and will use them again. If there is a problem and you talk to Eddie I know he will take care of it.
dougrhon has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 25, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Terrific to do business with"
I started my first cichlid tank and decided to use mbuna. I chose Bluegrass both because they offered to prepare a high quality mix for me and because of their high reputation on the internet. I spoke to Eddie a number of times both before I was ready to place my order and then when I did. As it turns out the night I wanted to order, the website was down. I sent an e-mail because I had scheduled to take Friday off of work and really needed to get the order placed. Eddie e-miled back within minutes and gave me his cell phone number and told me we could do it the next morning over the phone and he would have it here by Friday at 10:30. He also suggested I add some extra fish to bring my order to $250 to get free delivery. Besides what I ordered he threw in two extra Mbuna and a fancy Pleco. The fish arrived t 9:30 Friday morning with only a single fatality. I would definitely do business with Bluegrass again.

****Update*** Feb. 25, 2011

I just stocked my new 75 gallon with fish I ordered from Bluegrass. I ordered 5 Severum, 5 Blue Acara, 12 Buenos Aires Tetras and 10 Corys. Not only did I speak to Eddie on the phone in advance to place the order but the weekend before it was to be delivered I got a call from David who told me the cichlids he had gotten for me looked sickly and if I gave him one extra day he would get me a fresh batch. True to his word all arrived alive and well and 48 hours later are looking good. This is a wonderful place to do business with.
Joyce Patrick has used this retailer 1 time. June 9, 2010
Overall Rating: 
wildmanalso has used this retailer 1 time. June 2, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Quality Fish, Prompt"
I chose this supplier based on reviews on this site. Ordered 6 Yellow Labs and 12 Demasoni's all juveniles and all with great color. I wanted then shipped on Thursday to arrive Friday. Eddie makes the transaction very smooth & effortless. The shipping is easy to use as is his website. He is very responive to any questions/emails. Most importantly the quality of fish is top-notch PLUS he added a 7th Lab.
The fish are doing great and seem to love their piles of rocks and the food I also ordered!(Ultra-Color & Red Zebra Hippocamus Green).
Definitely will us Bluegrass Aquatics again! He definitely runs a quality business.
chefrific has used this retailer 1 time. May 25, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Best fish in my tank!"
I placed my order online, only to find that one of the fish I ordered was actually out of stock. Eddie called me up and asked if I would like to substitute, and I said "I trust your judgement" and to my suprise I recieved a box of beautiful fish. The best in my tank! I will definitely continute business. Great service/shipping. Very good communication with seller! Look no further! Buy! You will NOT be disappointed!
Not_Again! has used this retailer 1 time. April 30, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"The Fish I Bought Are Great!!!!"
I Was A Little Worried About Buying Fish On Line. I Ordered A Pair On Sunday. Got Them on Tuesday. They Looked A Little Tired From The Journey. But,Overall Healthy. They Adapted Quickly And Are Doing Great In My 60 Gallon. I Can't Wait For Them To Grow. I Would Use Bluegrass Again. THANKS EDDIE!!!
fishycwb has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 13, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"I would avoid"
Initially I thought this was a pretty good place, prices didn't look too bad for the assorted mixes, and I just wanted some fish for the waiting room tank. I had a lot of fish up and die. I still wasn't all that concerned, figured it was my fault, ordered some more, but this time I also ordered some individual fish for more of a showcase tank. Well, I have been doing some research and posting pictures and my fears are being realized....I did not get the fish I wanted. I wanted to believe this was a great place to order from, but if you don't get what you order, why bother?
dshaffer has used this retailer 1 time. March 17, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"B.A. has my vote!!"
I just ordered 27 fish from Bluegrass Aquatics. I'm happy as #%$&. They're all thriving in their new homes. The peacocks are of a quality that I haven't seen in some time. This guy is gonna make me buy new tanks. I found stuff that I've only read about online. Great communication and everything else. Try Bluegrass Aquatics
greggb has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 19, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish and service!"
I ordered a fairly hard to find cichlid species from Bluegrass Aquatics. The fish went out the next business day and arrived a day later in perfect condition. Eddie added an extra fish at no cost. I was very pleased with the fish and service and based on my experience would recommend Bluegrass Aquatics to anyone.

Update: used a second time and was also very pleased with the fish I got and the service.
Harkinstein has used this retailer 1 time. February 20, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great customer service!"
The main reason I ordered from this site was the selection. I was able to get many fish that are not locally available. The site was having technical difficulties when I wanted to order, so I called Eddie and he allowed me to order by email and pay by phone. I ordered right in the middle of the nationwide blizzard, so he had to wait a while to ship me my order, but emailed me periodic updates. When I received my order there were extra fish included and the fish are all doing wonderful!
cichlidman1979 has used this retailer 10 or more times. February 20, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Once Again Great"
I went back to Eddie for about the 30th time.Got 30 mixed peacocks & haps two week ago.All still doing great collerd up good. I've got some friends that get fish from him to.They are all happy to.I've been to other fish stores in my area.Ther higher and ther slection sucks.I just started my tank over .And got rid of all my big fish im very pleased with the fish i got this time.So for all yea fish #%$& that keep leaven bad reviews on my hommies site need to get a clue.Yea may get fish that don,t look like the ones on the sight give them time they will.And for the fish that die I've bought 40$ fish and they die.So its not always the seller fault.Fish are going to die ther hundreds of resones they die.
Indy Cichlid has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 26, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Very happy with variety of cichlids"
I live 100 miles from Eddie and decided to make the trip and see what he had first hand.I must say he is very friendly helpful and patient with all the ?'s me and my wife had.We purchased over $400 in fish and have so many new breeds we have never seen available locally.We are a new customer and will continue to buy here.
Kcirred has used this retailer 1 time. January 29, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"great fish "
great fish....he sent extras all doing well would order from him again
southms has used this retailer 1 time. January 7, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"100% satisfied"
I orederd a pair of blue dolphin from Bluegrass,and and they were excellent. The sales and services were great. Mr. Eddie took great care of me,and I definately will be doing business with him again. So, to all out there you give him a chance and you will be satisfied!!!
babyboo05 has used this retailer 10 or more times. December 25, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"best selection around"
i have been to many places around louisville and surrounding places to find a good price and a good selection to buy my cichlids. and i found that place in bluegrass equatics. eddie is a really good guy who knows what he is doing and will tell you straight. i have bought from him around 10 times, told people to go to his shop to check out his selection, they have and they loved it. I will continue to buy from him. there are many places closer to my house but i have no regret driving 20 miles to his shop. i look forward to buying from him in the future. thanks Robert
warfish has used this retailer 3-10 times. December 20, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Best place for fish"
I am amazed at the lengths people go to to try and get free stuff. I have ordered from Eddie around 8 times now and not once have I had a bad experience. There was one shipment where I got some fish subbed but they were worth more than I paid. There have been overcounts on each order. I lost two fish out of 8 orders and still came out about 6 fish ahead of what I paid for thanks to Eddie's over count. I have never encountered someone easier to deal with.
lacaquatics has used this retailer 1 time. December 16, 2009
Overall Rating: 
i will all ways order fish from eddie this guy knows his fish also i love his fish quality is verry nice one of the best fish i have seen in a long time his shipping is great i ordered two days and my fish came in fine if i ever have a question about fish i will call him he has never told me rong yet so over all bluegrass aquatics is number 1 in my book.
justinf67 has used this retailer 1 time. December 7, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Don't order!"
I ordered from eddie knowing that I could get fish cheaper elsewhere, but the reviews were great. He took 2 weeks to send me an order and flatout lied over the phone. I ordered 3 different fish and he only sent out one kind. I ordered fish that were supposed to be 2-3 inches and he sent me 10 that were barely 1''. It cost me a hundred bucks with 2 day shipping for 10 1 inch fish. The quality of them isnt good either. I'd say 8 out of the 10 has some black pigments in different areas. I would avoid if possible. I wont use him again
rootglco has used this retailer 1 time. December 4, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Friendly, knowlegable, prompt /reasonable/shpg. "
I've only dealt w/ Eddie once but I will deal with him again at every opportunity, my fish went out same day as ordered & arrived at my doorstep alive & well next morning. Reasonable shipping very friendly, works for me! Thanks Bill Root
parrthed has used this retailer 10 or more times. November 22, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Absolutely The Best...No Question"
Every time I order from Eddie I am taken away by the quality of the livestock. He takes his time in choosing fish that only meet his strict criteria. Im glad he just doesnt send me a bunch of sick fish to fill an order. Bluegrass Aquatics really makes my hobby enjoyable. Knowing that with my busy schedule I can order fish from Bluegrass and get everything I could ask for and more. I strongly urge anyone to use Blugrass Aquatics as their cichlid resource. I want to say thanks again for the awesome fish ands I will be placing many more orders with Bluegrass Aquatics in the future.
kevin3020 has used this retailer 1 time. November 23, 2009
Overall Rating: 
terrible experience all fish diedm no refund.
steellugged has used this retailer 1 time. November 4, 2009
Overall Rating: 
I really don't understand all the positive reviews for this seller since my experience was the polar opposite! I ordered from Bluegrass because they claimed to offer cichlids that nobody else had. Wrong! They sent me garbage fish that I could have purchased anywhere; nothing that I actually ordered was sent and many of the sub fish arrived DOA. I called and this guy Ed (I think it is a one-man operation and the guy claimed to be a former priest, I find this hard to believe since he is so dishonest)and he claimed he ran out of the fish I ordered so he substituted. K, thanks for telling me upfront; I would have requested a refund. He tried to tell me how great the fish were that he graciously sub-ed for me. Ed told me he'd give me a credit since he sent me about $10 worth of fish for an order of more than $200. He told me to wait until the weather got better; then he'd make me whole. I was disappointed but thought this small retailer deserved another chance. Well, the next time I called -- about a month later -- Ed claimed to have no idea what I was talking about; isn't voluntary amnesia great! I signed up with Cichlid Forum just so I could tell my story and save other cichlid lovers from this scammer. I think he has changed his business name which should tell you something. Also, all of the garbage fish Bluegrass sent me have died -- they weren't just the wrong fish, they were unhealthy too (good thing my other fish weren't infected).
sakie has used this retailer 1 time. October 22, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Pretty Cichlids for good price"
Eddie is very friendly. He show me his collection and gives me advices on what fish best fit for my current Cichlid tank. I might visit him again if I do decide to setup another Cichlid tank.
Dahly has used this retailer 1 time. October 4, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Could not have better!"
Eddie went out of his way to accomodate my order. Friendly and very willing to work "outside the box." I'll order again and again and again....
mike dunagan has used this retailer 1 time. July 26, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Great Friendly service"
I just bought 21 fish from Eddie. I went in to visit his setup. Which was done really nice. Clean and clear water, and most of all healthy stock! He let us right in to check it all out. I ended up seeing a group of fish I had to have. I will use Eddie again.
crp has used this retailer 2-3 times. July 8, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent Experience!!!"
Received my fish today, alive & healthy...they were also larger than I expected. I will definitely buy from Eddie again!
peathenster has used this retailer 1 time. July 3, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Stunning fish; Except packing; Reasonable price"
Just ordered and received a wild pair of adult Herichthys pearsei. Fish arrived in prime condition and they are GORGEOUS!! No fin or skin damage whatsoever, and started eating like pigs the minute I put them in the tank.

Posted some pictures here http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=253805

Can't be happier with the experience. Will definitely repeat!

PS. Was hoping to get a pair of Vieja argentea that Eddie had, but acted too late....
yokozuna20 has used this retailer 1 time. July 2, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience & quality of fish"
Thanks Eddie! Yellow Dovii & Beani were exactly as described. Shipment was prompt and arrived safely. Will definitley do business again...
preacherboy has used this retailer 3-10 times. June 8, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Pleasure doing business with again!"
I have been doing busines with Eddie for the past 2 years and I have always enjoyed my buying experience. He has a lot of rare fish and his selection is unbeatable. He takes time to answer any questions you may have and only sells you what you need; not pushy! I highly recommend Eddie!
gseith has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 19, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish, packaging, and promptness!!!!!"
Eddie was very quick to take my order and get it shipped out. He was very easy to make arrangements with, and was willing to give a quantity discount. The quality of the fish was great, and the size of the fish was what I expected and larger(and there was an extra). Packaging of the fish was also of good quality. Overall, I recommend him to any body, and will be ordering from him again.

Edit: Had some slight problems and Eddie was very quick to resolve the problem.He is also very easy to contact and will keep in touch until the problem is resolved. Still highly recommend.
Carmesi has used this retailer 3-10 times. March 13, 2010
Overall Rating: 
I calld eddie and he was very accomidating. He gave me all the info I asked for, was quick to take my order and even upgraded my shipping at no charge. I got my fish overnight. 31 fish, and not one DOA. He did throw in a few extra which was nice but missed 4 fish that I had ordered. I called on the problem and he was very accomidating. I ordered more fish, and he discounted them all, threw in the four he missed the last time and gave a discount on shipping.
Eddie even made sure that there was at least one male (as far as he could tell) and one female in each species batch I ordered.
Overall great expirience and this guy will not let you down.
laeb1223 has used this retailer 1 time. March 27, 2009
Overall Rating: 
Newcomer to the hobby. Decided to order 36 cichlids from Bluegrass. Eddie was very helpful and responsive.
The fish arrived in great condition yesterday. The price/value and quality relationship was very good compared to the local pet store. If you're skeptical about mail order fish, contact Eddie, he'll make it easy for you. I would certainly buy from him again. The reviews speak for themselves.
Quasispill has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 14, 2009
Overall Rating: 
Have ordered twice from Eddie. The fish are great and all doing well. SHipped right away. Great quality and healthy. The service is exceptional and very personable. I called him once to check up on an order I just made and he knew exactly what I ordered off the top of his head. Will buy fish from Eddie again in the future.
has used this retailer 1 time. March 7, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Great place to shop for fish"
Eddie was a pleasure to deal with. He had every fish I wanted in stock. They arrived all alive (with a few extras) and on the exact day I wanted early. Will definitely shop Bluegrass again
chucke has used this retailer 1 time. March 6, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Great to do business with."
Drove over to see Eddie this afternoon from Lex. Great selection of fish and all of his tanks were healthy. He's a friendly guy with great customer service and knowledge to help you when you need guidance or help on picking your fish. Ill continue to use him in the future for fish. Thanks again Eddie
tankhead has used this retailer 1 time. March 4, 2009
Overall Rating: 
I picked up >20 fish from Eddie. His stock is very good, clean and thorough. He was also flexible in obtaining what he didn't have immediately in stock. Juvenile purchases are growing out well.
jwal has used this retailer 1 time. February 25, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Pleased overall"
Eddie was very friendly and a pleasure to order from. The fish are still healthy after several days of being in my tank.
shotwellbrian has used this retailer 1 time. February 10, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"My first time mail order. I was very pleased."
wjohnson has used this retailer 2-3 times. January 20, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie knows his cichlids!"
I had the privelege of seeing his stock first-hand and buying from him directly. He obviously has tremendous experience and carries a huge stock of beautiful fish. I will certainly buy from him whenever in need of cichlids again.
thor meeki has used this retailer 1 time. January 8, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"OK @ best"
gelo has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 28, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Truly "A Better Way to Buy Fish"!!!"
Just made my second trip out to Eddie's to purchase a few Fronts and I'm satisfied just as much as I was on my first trip. The quality of his fish are top notch and much higher than in any LFS I've ever been to. His knowledge and advice has helped me a lot. I WILL be making more visits and purchases....thanks Eddie!!!!
The_Piranhaman has used this retailer 1 time. December 12, 2008
Overall Rating: 
I just received my order of fish (actually some large Boulengerochromis Microlepis) via FEDEX from BlueGrassAquatics and everything went absolutely perfectly.

I'm talking great fish at a great price with great packaging. I highly recommended ordering from here if you are looking for fish to buy online. I've done a lot of online ordering for tropical fish and I can honestly say that you will not find a better place to buy fish than at BluegrassAquatics.

Thanks again Eddie!
wheatbackdigger has used this retailer 1 time. December 17, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Bluegrass will make it right"
Had some shipping issues and fish arrived later in the afternoon. Had some issues with the fish, but Eddie took the time out and called me to make things right. Don't hesitate to work with these guys, they are there to satisfy their customers
CStucker has used this retailer 1 time. December 4, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"I Love My Fish!"
I am very pleased with the whole purchase of my new african cichlids. Eddie was very helpful, friendly, and patient while I tried to decide what to buy from his large selection. He had sooo many great fish it was hard to choose. I would highly recommend anyone to Bluegrass Aquatics and plan to return myself for future purchases. He was a great guy and knows his fish!!!
david/sublime cichlids has used this retailer 1 time. December 1, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"GREAT,guy to deal with.beautiful fish"
Bought a beautfil pair of South American, Amphilophus festae.eddie was more than helpful.I am getting my next order together now for him.Bluegrass Aquatics has very nice South American cichlids
jay68442 has used this retailer 1 time. November 22, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience, I will be back."
First time ordering fish online so I was a little hesitant. I spoke to Eddie twice and both times he was friendly and knowledgeable. I ordered 14 juvenile peacocks and had the package overnighted. When the package arrived I noticed right away that one fish didn’t look so good but the rest looked great. Before adding them to my tank I counted them and it seems Eddie throw in 2 extra. Not long after adding them, the one that didn’t look so good died and one more followed but all of the others are doing well. It’s only been 2 days since I added these new fish to my tank so I don’t want to jump the gun here but the fish are doing great. They are active and were eating as soon as I added them. All in all it has been a good experience.
nickinsmokerise has used this retailer 1 time. November 15, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"prompt, reasonablly-priced deliver of high-quality fish"
I had been reading reviews and reviewing stock available to complete my 110g malawi tank and decided on Bluegrass. I am skeptical about ordering without seeing fish first, but there were so many good things being said, I decided to try them. I ordered 14 juvies. They range in size from sub-adult (2-3") all the way down to what I consider fry. This could have gone badly if I had not had a fry tank set up already for some peacock fry I have. I am very pleased with the quality of fish - they are gorgeous! Very healthy. Prime specimens. I asked for as males and he tried his best to accomodate that request. Be sure to ask for larger specimens if you cant safely introduce very young ones just in case. : D Will use again!!
gtphale has used this retailer 1 time. November 18, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Unbelievably fast "
Ordered 15 fish from Eddie,his shipment was super fast. Package arrived safe and sound without a single death. I think a couple afra's got a little excited in the bags cause one had some tail fin damage. But I expected that being shipped in a bag. Three yellow labs are gorgeous, cant wait for the afra's and Rustie's to color up. I would highly recommend Bluegrass to anyone thinking of ordering fish on line. I know I'll never get fish from a lfs again.

Well been a week or so now and everyone is doing great. The Rusties are gorgeous, the afra cobue's are coloring up looks like I might of got a 2m and 5 female mix I'll have to watch. I have had one death of a yellow lab. They were absolutly stunning, it had some damage to its side so i'm sure it was aggression from someone in the tank.

When I upgrade to a bigger tank i'll be adding more fish from Bluegrass.

Thanks for the great deal.
christine77 has used this retailer 3-10 times. November 10, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"The Cichlid Guru"
Bluegrass Aquatics (owner Eddy), is amazing. His fish selection is amazing as well as his knowledge of all the cichids he stocks. I have not bought a single fish since I meet Eddy from any where else, the quality is just that good. he also carry's an amazing array of food for all cichids and it brings your fishes colors to a whole new level. Bone Rock is another comment, the bones he carries are the smoothest feeling bone rock I have ever encountered and its at a great price. I tried this new product for my tanks called Special Blend and it did wonders for my water clarity and cleanliness. You can trust Eddy with all of your cichlid needs, products, knowledge and a great guy to deal with.
ARboer02 has used this retailer 1 time. November 7, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Bluegrass Aquatics, Mr. Martin, Louisville"
No one knows fish like Eddie. But when it comes to cichlids, he pretty much wrote the book! His set-up reaches above and beyond anything I've ever encountered. Also, What amazed me the most, was not only his unlimited knowledge of cichlids, but the amount of respect he has for them. His selection is unsurpassable and puts pet shops to shame. The food he has, for the many cichlids you WILL purchase,-(because, you will not leave without one, trust me) has color, underwater development, and nutrients. What else to say, Eddie is a "real" human being who has a passion like none other and doesn't treat you like a "customer". I will only buy from him from now on. See you soon Eddie.

ARboer02 has used this retailer 1 time. November 7, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Bluegrass Aquatics, Mr. Martin, Louisville"
No one knows fish like Eddie. But when it comes to cichlids, he pretty much wrote the book! His set-up reaches above and beyond anything I've ever encountered. Also, What amazed me the most, was not only his unlimited knowledge of cichlids, but the amount of respect he has for them. His selection is unsurpassable and puts pet shops to shame. The food he has, for the many cichlids you WILL purchase,-(because, you will not leave without one, trust me) has color, underwater development, and nutrients. What else to say, Eddie is a "real" human being who has a passion like none other and doesn't treat you like a "customer". I will only buy from him from now on. See you soon Eddie.

Dino Isaac has used this retailer 1 time. October 28, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Happy fish! Happy customer!"
I recently ordered several types of peacocks from Eddie at Bluegrass Aquatics. It was my first time ordering fish online so I was very nervous. I stood at my door anxiously awaiting Fedex, when they came I noticed my order was in a very well packaged box and it was labeled Tropical Fish. When I opened the box I noticed several fish had died but then I also noticed that he sent me extra, so it all balanced out. I went with Fedex 2nd Day delivery so losing a few fish was expected. Each peacock was about 5 dollars each which I thought was cheap, so I ordered a lot in case some didn't make it. I got quite a few males and a few albino eureka reds which are very hard to find where I'm at. Thank you Eddie for being so helpful. I'll definitely be ordering from Bluegrass again.

Stitch81 has used this retailer 1 time. October 20, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent experience, will be back!"
This was our first time ordering with Bluegrass Cichlids. Due to recent hurricane events, our order was delayed (this was our choice as we wanted to wait for one of our fish to get ordered in). Mr. Martin kept in contact with us and let us know promptly when our complete order was ready to ship out. Despite some rough handling from the FEDEX guy (He threw the box on the dash despite the big lettering on the box saying "LIVE FISH"...) the fish arrived safe and sound and are very healthy, and BEAUTIFUL!!! They are enjoying their new home. We will definately be coming back to bluegrass cichlids for our next online order. It was a pleasure doing business with them and hassle free. Thanks again!!!
bigvisk has used this retailer 1 time. October 17, 2008
Overall Rating: 
my experience was excellent. mr. martin enjoyed handling matters over the phone, which was a little hard for me as im always at a computer so email is better, but he was very kind and helpful over the phone.

I order a lot of fish over 50, and had 3 doa's, but as he sent extras i still made out ahead. all the fish that made it are healthy and eating.

i will most certainly order from him for my next order as well.
chris777 has used this retailer 1 time. October 6, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Not going to order again"
I got my order in from them about 3 weeks ago. I got my order in when it was suppose to come in well when i got it in there was a DOA. Which i understand it happens. I took a picture of it before i opened the bag as maybe it was just in shock even though i was sure it was dead. Then after releasing them. I noticed that they sent me 2 of the same fish. Was missing one of the fish that was suppose to be in the order. Then noticed one looked like it hadn't ate in god knows how long. Over the 1-2 Weeks three of them died. 4 Counting the DOA. One being the one that hadn't looked like it had ate in quite some time. After the first one died i thought it could be my water. Checked it and it was prefect. They weren't showing any Signs of illness no aggression nothing just died... Anyways long story short. I tried contacting them within 30 minutes of me finding the DOA and didn't get contacted back. Tried 4-5 more times in the past 3 weeks and i STILL haven't been contacted back. I won't be ordering again.
LuckyDuck69 has used this retailer 2-3 times. October 6, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie Rocks"
What is there to say? Eddie rocks! Any time that I have called in need of something, he was quick to respond and fix me up. He's a good guy and his wife seems very nice. Nice home and a VERY nice fish room. Just watch the cat...hehehe. LOL. Thanks, Eddie!
teqvet has used this retailer 1 time. January 29, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"Horrible experience - make sure you see a pic of the fish being sent! Sold hybrids!"
I ordered 16 Msobo, 10 White tops, and 5 petricola from Ed. He had them off and running to me Monday and I got them Tuesday.

edited review:

I'm quite upset. After allowing the fish to grow out some more and realizing their colors and stripes were permanent I have come to find out what was sold to me as 'white tops' were actually hybrid afra most likely. A cobue was mixed in the order as well as a yellow lab.

I paid good money for a specific type of fish and I did not receive that fish. My emails have gone unanswered. I will never use them again. Ever.
JenTN has used this retailer 1 time. August 19, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Overall GREAT experience!"
I called and spoke with Eddie last week about ordering Mbuna. I had several stocking questions and he was very friendly and helpful. I ordered 5 "Hongi" and 4 "Msobo". I requested that they arrive Tuesday-Friday, because we are not home very much Sat-Mon. I used FedEx ground shipping because we are in the reccomended zip code for this option. I honestly expected to have maybe 1 fish or more DOA because of what I have read about ordering fish online.

They arrived this afternoon. I was given a link to track shipping so I knew they were arriving today. They all arrived alive, beautiful, and appear to be very healthy. I am a beginner, but the coloring seems to be excellent and they look just like the examples in the species profiles. The prices are EXTREMELY reasonable- with shipping I spent less than I would have going to a LFS and they are much better quality. I will definitely use this retailer when I need stock in the future!
Jonz'n has used this retailer 2-3 times. August 14, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Great Business, Great Fish"
Eddie has created a definite return-customer with me. Despite a small issue with an order, he bounced back and compensated for for the issue 200%. The fish are of great quality and the service is unbeatable. A true hobbyest turned businessman who cares about the quality and service of his business. Thanks Eddie!
AikidoGuy has used this retailer 3-10 times. August 13, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Thumbs Up to Bluegrass Aquatics!"
Bluegrass Aquatics is not only my ONLY source for food for my central american cichlids but is also one of my best sources for central american cichlids. Eddie is great to deal with, quick, polite and patient. Also knowing that he travels with good company makes me feel that much better when dealing with him. Great Job Eddie, keep it up. my lyonsi look great!
jermgsxr1000 has used this retailer 1 time. August 8, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"First time ordering fish!"
My 10 fish made it to Texas in less than 16 hours from time of pickup and all ten arrived alive and well. I chose the "Overnight" shipping option due to the heat in Texas right now. They updated me through each part of the process...Confirmed Order, Confirmed Shipment and sent all the information from FedEx.

Thanks to Bluegrass Cichlids for making my first choice a great choice. I will order fish from here again and would recommend anyone who is looking for that fish that your LFS just might not have or be able to get.
efors has used this retailer 1 time. July 26, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Cichlids from Bluegrass to Puerto Rico!!!"
I have been for many months checking possible online retailers to see if someone was able or willing to send fishes to a home in Puerto Rico; but the answer was always: NO.
Eddie Martin of Bluegrass Cichlids not only found an alternative for the delivery to PR, but also did a fantastic job being friendly, answering my messages with incredible promptness and more than anything, making such a masterpiece of shipment; that all the fishes arrived well next day, at home in this Caribbean island.
The cichlids juvies are very good looking and healthy fishes. I will not buy cichlids to anybody else, even in PR !!!
Thanks a lot Eddie Martin and Bluegrass Cichlids!
vintriaz has used this retailer 2-3 times. July 24, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"A Reliable Retailer."
I've done business with this site before & the fish have allways come as said. however if you live in the northern states or in a cooler region, i recomend that you make sure to tell Eddie to put in heat packs in the box otherwise you might lose some of your fish to hypothermia. I lost a couple on the first two orders but no problems on the third. but i made sure to leave a comment to put in heat packs instead of cooling packs as well. overall, This retailer is easy to work with, has healthy fish stock, Reasonable-to-give away prices, & has good communication to boot. so I've been quite satisfied with this store's service.
jjthomas has used this retailer 1 time. July 10, 2008
Overall Rating: 
Eddie is great! He was very helpful and he CARES!!! His fish are high quality. Packing was amazing. I live within the overnight (not guaranteed) ground shipping and I got them overnight and all fish were just find and very healthy. You will not be disappointed getting fish from Bluegrass Aquatics. I look forward to getting many more fish from Eddie. Keep up the great work Ed. He is an asset to the Cichlid community!
novacichlids has used this retailer 1 time. July 5, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Central American Cichlids"
I purchased 2 pairs from Blue Grass Cichlids and they arrived safely and promptly. Good packaging job! Will definitely use again as I continue to build my collection.
mcklnjr has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 30, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Decent Retailer"
I bought from bluegrass before and never received my order , it took two weeks to hear anything from them. I got a refund, and then attempted to order again. This time i actually received some mbuna cichlids that i ordered. But he gave me all males , as well as giving me two wrong fish . I won't buy from here again, buyer beware.
onebdsn8k has used this retailer 1 time. June 26, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"awesome seller!!!!!!!!!"
great seller!!!!!!!!!quality fish,found out about this site through cichlid forum and aqua bid.com.first time buying from this site and will definitely use again!!!smooth transaction and fast shipping,all fish but one arrived alive but eddie credited me for the one fish.thanks again eddie!!!
dtitzer has used this retailer 1 time. June 26, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"great selection of central american cichlids"
made a roadtrip to eddies shop and was overwhelmed by the quality and selection of central american and african cichlids . eddie is a great person to deal with looking forward to my next purchase thanks
BigFish68 has used this retailer 1 time. June 17, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome Fish, Very Helpfull And Knowledgable"
Visited Eddies website and got in contact with him via e-mail and telephone. He was a gentleman and knows Central American Cichlids. Sold me a beautiful pair of Umbees and Motoguense. Very helpful and took his time to help me with all my questions. Awesome stocklist of Central Americans. I can't wait to deal with him again. Thanks Eddie.
Bad-Daddio has used this retailer 1 time. June 13, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"i'm impressed!"
after talking back and forth through email and over the phone i was finally able to pry a prized breeding pair of F0 red tiger motas away from eddie. eddie's love of all things cichlid was evident throughout "negotiations". he definitely loves what he does. looking through his website, i saw a great selection of central american cichlids to go along with the africans for which he is known for, and it was tough not to order more. the fish i bought were fairly large size and i was a little concerned about them making it from louisville to seattle without a problem but they arrived packaged as well as i've ever seen. once i had them home and in their new tanks, i was impressed. they were in incredible shape. you never would have guessed that they had travelled cross-country that very day. thanks again for a great transaction eddie, i'm quite sure we'll do business again in the near future.

Tanganykian Guy has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 12, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Fantastic Service, Great Product!"
Just wanted to drop a note saying how great my experices with BGC's have been!

Eddie is fantastic, friendly and VERY prompt! It is obvious from talking with him that he deeply cares about the fish and how he ships them.

On my first shipment back in March, I ordered a couple varieties of cichlids, one of them being very delicate. They didnt make it all the way to MN in the winter unfortuantely, but Eddie was right there giving me credit for the loss and a coupon for me so I could re-order when it was a bit warmer. No hassles at all!

The next time (June) I had the same variety sent out along with some shell-dwellers and all 9 of the fish came beautifully, healthy and happy!

I love Bluegrass Cichlids! More and more cichlids are getting hard to find beyond your run-of-the-mill Malawi's when it comes to local stores (I've been to every non-chain pet store in the Twin Cities Metro area and selection is horrible!) and Eddie's mail-order service allows me to get hard-to-find fish that I enjoy keeping.

Thank you Bluegrass Cichlids - I strongly recommend their service to anyone that cares about keeping high-quality cichlids!
redrider93 has used this retailer 1 time. June 7, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Great prices and selection"
I live in the same city as BC and had never been there before. Eddie took the time to meet me on a saturday and help me pick out some nice fish. He knew what would mix well with my current fish, and his prices are unbeatable. He also gave me some tips to keep my fish happy / healthy. Thanks Eddie.
reeferman has used this retailer 1 time. May 28, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"great website"
eddie was great the order was great.packing was great fish where great,every thing was great! the fish food was great the fish loved it,they ate right away.i will buy from eddie again.great job eddie!steve
sheffield has used this retailer 10 or more times. November 8, 2008
Overall Rating: 
Beautiful fish, this is the real deal if your an african chichlid lover. Very friendly and easy to deal with. Lots of variety and beuatiful specimens. As well as the best food you can buy for your cichlids! I visited Eddy again Bluegrass Cichlids, got an amazing mix of cichlids, one beautiful Jalo that i love. Eddy is extremely helpful and informative about what he has and much more. Love the food for the fish he mixes up. also bought some beautiful blueberry fish form him, my tank is filling fast! Check him out!!!
dcullen2 has used this retailer 3-10 times. May 23, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Trust Experience"
with so many dealers to choose from today in our passion with cichlids,its not difficult to find what you want,but getting first class service from someone who has been there done that will allow you to have the best chance for a positive experience so that you too can enjoy what so many people are so passionate about.Eddie has the experience to share trust it and enjoy your cichlids.
MLBYELLS has used this retailer 1 time. May 22, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"give them a try!!"
After hearing all the talk I decided to try out Bluegrass Cichlids for myself. I am glad I did. The website is one of the best I have seen and the selection is amazing. I did the prestige assortment and a couple of the gold nugget plecos. I was amazed of the quality and the packing when the fish arrived. I did overnight and didn’t lose a single fish. They even add a couple of extras. The fish are beautiful and are enjoying the Grow baby Grow food . I would highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids and will purchase again. This has confirmed my confidence in purchasing online. If you are like me and was fearful to purchase fish over the internet “fear not” it is great!! Thank again Bluegrass Cichlids!!!
UVa has used this retailer 1 time. September 20, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"I won't order from Bluegrass again"
Reply was reasonably prompt. Called to substitute for fish I'd ordered but did not have in stock. While talking, Eddie suggested changing part of my order from four phenochilus to two because of their adult size. He suggested substitutions and I trusted him. The two fish he substituted are nototaenia which grow much larger than phenochilus! By the way, the phenochilus were shipped in a bag with five mbuna and looked all but dead when they arrived(upside down). One fish was DOA and all were suffering from parasite infestation. I think I'll be able to pull them through but I can tell you that the situation would likely have been disasterous for a less experienced person. Now all I have to do is find a home for the soon to be huge buccochromis Eddie must have had a surplus of. UPDATE: Out of 27 fish, 15 survived.
Rob Cozens has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 15, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Great guy, spectacular fish."
I don't usually write reviews on a one time basis, therefore I have waited to write this one. Living in Kentucky I'm fortunate that Eddie lives 20 miles from where I live. Wanting to restart an old hobby. Afte cycling my tank, my first contact was advice on starting a Malawi tank and was invited to visit Eddie's to view his fish (and pick his brain). On this visit I purchased a dozen Mbuna's, all of which were kept in a healthy, clean environment and well cared for. Eddie questioned me about my tank, cycling etc and what to be aware of after introducing the fish. Having lost not one fish, I called Eddie and asked about introducing more and went to view what was on offer, again I left with another dozen of handpicked fish. I find with Eddie no question is too trivial and he has a wealth of knowledge which he is willing to share. My first visit was 2 months ago and have not lost a single fish. The one thing that does surprise me however is the pricing, I have not seen one dealer that can offer the combination of pristine fish and having to answer the some of the most basic questions put forward with the willingness to offer more than requested. As time goes on, I for one can rest assured that whatever tank I want to start up Eddie will be my first port of call.
hillbillie has used this retailer 1 time. April 1, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Great Customer Service!"
Eddie was very helpful with all my questions about putting together the right mix for my aquarium. I was worried at first because I live in California but all the fish I ordered made it alive and all are healthy. His service is first class and his fish are a quality that you dont see often in fish stores. I am so glad I found his web site and would buy from again for sure.
gbleeker has used this retailer 1 time. March 19, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Would definitely purchase from them again!"
Eddie was very helpful. I choose 2 day shipping and both nights were lows in the 30's. All 16 of my fish made it with no problem, and they are only 1-1.5''
I woul without a doubt use BG cichlids again!
tdespain has used this retailer 3-10 times. January 19, 2009
Overall Rating: 
"thanx agin eddie"
found a real good red peacock that I've been looking 4 4 about a mounth
dantheocman has used this retailer 1 time. March 14, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Best Purchase I Ever Made"
Initially I had reservations about ordering fish online in general.

These were quickly dismissed when I spoke with owner & operator Eddie Martin.

The level of customer service, fish knowledge and professionalism was beyond my personal expectations.

Originally when the box came I saw the FedEx driver tossed it literally at my door step from the top of stairs to our doorstep through our peephole in the door.

The FedEx driver apologized when I caught him doing this when I answered the door.

I called up Eddie right away and told him of this, needless to say we both weren't very pleased with that FedEx driver's conduct.

Eddie told me to monitor the fish and contact him if there were any issues.

4 days had passed and only 10 of my fish remained.

Eddie shipped me new fish to replace the ones that died due to poor package handling from a unprofessional FedEx driver.

I ordered 3 peacock mixes and they are awesome!!

They are all happy and swimming along in my fish tank.

Thank You Eddie!!
joems has used this retailer 1 time. March 13, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Just ok for me"
I ordered thru this website due to the reviews I read. this review is thru my experience only (I believe). maybe most of these folks got really well. OK here's what happened and what I got. I ordered about 6 (mainly) Malawi Cichlid's and all of them arrive in good condition. Only one casualty a pleco maybe it moved too much and punctured the bag so it leaked, it went DOA. So I get a credit on my next order.

Here's the condition of the fish. I'd say about half of the fish aree in great if not, excellent condition (fins are great, the colors showing off after awhile when I put it inside the tank). About 3 fishes are really not that good condition, lets say fins are 70% good and the other one looks like have a fin rot so I have to isolate it. I'll give it another shot on the next order hopefully the quality of the fish would be as the same the ones you can see on the local store, hand picked and 100%. Oh the fish were packed well it's just that you can tell that something was leaking when the pleco's bag broke due to the wetness I felt on the bottom of the box. overall it was ok, hopefully the quality of the fish delivered would be excellent for the rest of you who orders next.
tnnsman7 has used this retailer 3-10 times. March 6, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"100% satisfied"
I've dealt with Eddie several times over the years. All has gone well each and every time.
bccromer has used this retailer 1 time. February 28, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Great first experience."
I placed an order with Eddie this past Sunday, and had my fish by Tuesday at noon. I ordered 12 small mbuna from him mainly based on comments on this site. I would have preferred to get some slightly larger, but decided to go with a company that was well liked and trusted. When I received my fish, one of the rusty cichlids was dead. However, when I counted Eddie had actually sent me 7 instead of 6 each as I had ordered. He even called to follow up the day I received my package to make sure everything was ok. I certainly will do business with Eddie again. Thanks for the great experience.
davegius has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 22, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Good selection, good prices."
Ordered from Eddie for a second time. The prices are good as usual. There were some small problems with the order, but Eddie corrected them very quickly. I recommend using him and will buy from him again.
Charrisse has used this retailer 1 time. March 6, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish! Fabulous guy!"
What a fantastic experience! Eddie was so helpful in helping me decide how to stock my tank and super friendly.
My fish arrived a little chilled (but it IS winter and 18 degrees out) but after a brief warming they were happy and healthy.
The prestige mix is beautiful and my peacock mix is sure to be stunning. The Cherry Red is especially beautiful! I can’t wait to watch them grow.
They are happily exploring their new home and haven’t stopped playing in the currents yet!
Eddie has even emailed to check up on us. I will definatly be back and will definatly suggest him to all my cichlid keeping friends.

Two weeks have passed, and I havent lost one single fish. They are all happy, healthy and showing great color for being so little still. I couldnt be more thrilled.
ThankS Eddie!
willrwilli has used this retailer 1 time. February 26, 2008
Overall Rating: 
I am new to this hobby, and wanted a few more fish to finish my tank. Eddie had a great selection, and was very easy to deal with. Compared to the prices I have paid for other fish I feel like I got a real steal on my fish. Even with the shipping the price was VERY FAIR. I live in Cleveland, and as you know it is Winter, and all of the fish were fine. He will be my first call when I do my next tank.
indymbuna has used this retailer 1 time. February 26, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Highly recommend!!!"
I just had a great experience with Bluegrass Cichlids. The fish were professionally packed and arrived alive and well. They have now been in the tank for 15 days and I just noticed one of the fish holding fry. I have had saltwater in the past and realize I was missing out by not trying these colorful freshwater mbuna. Eddie was very helpful with subjections to a new cichlid person and advised on shipping and receiving. He recommended food and salt in the aquarium. Nice to know I can use some of my left over saltwater salt for these guys. I would highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids to any new cichlid hobbyist. I’m sure that I will soon be setting up another tank. Eddie is right this more than a hobby it’s an addiction
INfish has used this retailer 10 or more times. February 26, 2008
Overall Rating: 
I am surprised to see people writing negative reviews of Eddie's fish. I have been buying fish from Eddie since prior to Bluegrass Cichlids existing. I buy all my food from him and almost every fish I own. I have NEVER once had a situation that Eddie failed to resolve in a fair manner. If you want friendly service and great quality then you have found your guy in Eddie Martin. Some day I want to go on one of the collecting trips he runs. I have wild caught fish he imported and fish from his farm and I love them all!!! 6 stars out of 5!
samwhatam1 has used this retailer 3-10 times. February 24, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Great website! Great fish! Great Food! ....Great Guy"
I have been buying fish from Eddie for several years. The quality and selection is amazing. The last purchase was best ever; all the fish are healthy and happy in there new home. I bought an assortment of Malawi fish using the recommendations from this site and Eddie’s advice. I am also very impressed with the food from Red Zebra Aquatics. The small fish love the “Grow Baby Grow” and it is the perfect size for them. I have been using the “Rainbow zebra” for some peacocks and haps I bought last year. Their color is unbelievable. I switch from NLS with no regrets or turning back. Eddie always has plenty of inventory, whether it is from his own farm or from another supplier, it is always first rate! Where else can you buy fish in quantity and quality from a source that is so close to the actual fish farm or breeders? Eddie actually collected much of the Central American breeding stock for his farm himself. I can’t wait to get another tank and try some of the CA fish he has collected! I know that Bluegrass Cichlids already has a lot of great reviews already but I felt that I had to let people know what a find this supplier really is. Do not hesitate is asking or contacting them for help or advice. Eddie is very busy but when can talk with you he will have ideas and inventory selections beyond even his comprehensive site. By the way I love the new logo!!
loose_change_1999 has used this retailer 1 time. February 21, 2008
Overall Rating: 
After reading all the positive reviews on here I decided to place a rather large order(60-70 fish). When the fish came in the water temperature was in the 60's. But everything was alive and in decent condition. I quarentined the fish in a 150 gal. tub. I was expecting to lose a few in the first week due to stress etc. After a week I lost about 7 fish so I called Eddie to see if he thought this was normal. He said losing 7 fish is not bad but thought that I should call Jehmco and talk to a guy there about medicating the fish. This was not helpful at all, since the fish were not showing any signs of illness they could not recommend treating them with anything. Over the next 6-8 weeks I continued to lose fish at a rate of 2-3 fish per week. I spent about $150 in medications over the 6-8 weeks. After talking to the owner of a local fish store, I found out that they had recieved fish from Eddie. They told me what they ussed to clear up their fish. So 3 months later, I spent a total of about $500 (including the cost of fish, shipping and medication) and ended up with about 25 fish. Some of the fish that made it do look nice but others are clearly not quality fish. During the whole ordeal of losing fish I tried to E-mail Eddie a couple of times and never got any response. For people interested in mail order fish I would recommend going elsewhere. For people that have bought fish from Eddie I recommend waiting a couple of months before posting a review.
littlegator has used this retailer 3-10 times. February 17, 2008
Overall Rating: 
We have a new 110gal tall tank, with 100lbs of Texas holey rock and wanted to do a really nice cichlid display tank. Our goal was to have our tank as nice as some of the display tanks weve seen in pet stores... Well with the stock weve purchased from Bluegrass Cichlids, we have overshot our goal, and we are currently putting together one of the nicest display tanks I've ever seen in our own home with Eddies abundant stock, and expert advice.

Eddie is in our town, and his customer service and knowledge of ciclids make it a pleasure to do business with.

Thanks again, we will repeat customers for a long time.
4thendirish has used this retailer 1 time. February 7, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Great Service, Great Fish, Will do business with again."
Thanks Eddie, I am very happy with my order. All communication was prompt. Mbuna fishes are doing great. The Grow Baby Grow food is well liked and seems to be adding size already. Thanks Again for your help. I highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids.
lowkey485 has used this retailer 1 time. January 29, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent transaction "
THis is an excellent dealer to work with. Purchase was shipped as immediately. I must say all of the little ones arrived alive and well. Definately will do buisness in the future.
CHK has used this retailer 1 time. January 11, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"A positive experience"
Ordered 5 Pseudothropheus "dolphin" and one yellow lab. Made it in good time and very good condition, though the water turned cold over winter shipping. Eddie was helpful and responsive. Quality of stock assesment will still depend on time though the dolphins look very promising. Will definitely purchase from Eddie again.
aperry has used this retailer 1 time. January 5, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Beautiful and Healthy Fish !!!"
I just got my Prestige Mix from Eddie and the fish look beautiful. There were 40 fish total and all the fish made the overnight trip just fine, and after an hour or so in their new home, they were all lively and checking out all the holes and caves in the holey rock.

Eddie was great on the phone and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids and Eddie to do business with. There are just too many great reviews about them to believe otherwise.
riverdog has used this retailer 1 time. December 18, 2007
Overall Rating: 
This is the best place to get good quality fish! Eddie is extreamly equiped with knowledge, beautiful fish, great variety and a very nice set up!! This is where i will get my beauties from here on out! You will be very satisfied with business here!! Thanks Eddie
horseman has used this retailer 1 time. December 16, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Service!!"
Eddie is a great guy with a great variety! He was very helpful and prompt in my purchase of wild caught Mpimbwe Frontosa. Will definately do buisness with him again!!
jdo123 has used this retailer 1 time. December 12, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"great fish perfect shipping will order again"
Bill B has used this retailer 1 time. December 11, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Very Good Expirience"
I just got a starter African mix from Eddie for my new 500 gal restaurant tank. Fish look great and Eddie was a huge help. I will buy from him again.
Trebor59 has used this retailer 1 time. December 10, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Good news in the bluegrass"
Great website, good service & fine selection of cichlids of all sizes ... Eddie recommended Tropheus "Black" (Pemba) mixing existing Tangs ... it worked ... prices are great also
whoyle8 has used this retailer 3-10 times. December 7, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"eddie is the best in the business"
eddie is the best in the business i have ordered from him four times everythin he has sold me was of top notch quality from peacocks to wc mpimbwe to his fish food line i would reccomend him for everything eddie is very helpful and if he does not have what you want he will try to locate it from you i have even been offered to go on a honduras collecting trip but could not go because of school eddie is a great guy and is truely the best in the business
Skylrk333 has used this retailer 1 time. December 1, 2007
Overall Rating: 
Being fairly new to cichlids, I asked Eddie for help and advice regarding my selections. I had done a lot of research but still wanted some input. He was incredibly helpful. I learned so much. His service was great. The fish are gorgeous!! Healthy and active. I was thrilled with my new hobby before - now I'm overjoyed! Eddie made the whole process of ordering online and shipping easy. I will be using him again (as will several of my friends - Albuquerque does not seem to have good LFS!)
2manycritters has used this retailer 1 time. December 1, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish, great service"
Ordered 45 cichlids from the prestige and standard mixes - Eddie put together a great mix, including quite a few I'd never find locally. Did airport to airport pickup and worked great! Had a couple that were DOA, but he had thrown in a few extra fish anyway so they made up for the ones that didn't make it. First time I've ever bought fish online, and with Bluegrass it a smooth, painless experience!
jimbo_fish has used this retailer 1 time. November 27, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent store! Excellent service!"
I called Eddie on a Monday to order 20 fish from the beginner's mix and some food. The fish arrived Tuesday at 10 am via FedEx as promised - all of them were very healthy. What a great variety of colors - red zebras, saulosi, rusty, acei, and even a few albino auratus! They still are very healthy one week later. Great quality fish for a great price. Thanks again, Eddie!
ahwku08 has used this retailer 1 time. November 27, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Glad I made the drive"
I drove from Bowling Green, Ky a few month's ago to Eddie's house to pick up a few fish from him. Overall I was extremely, satisfied and also impressed with his stock. He is extremely knowledgeable about South and Central American cichlids. All of my fish are doing great and haven't had any problem with them. I look forward to making yet another trip definitely after his next trip come May. He works out of his home, and was very nice and appreciative considering 2 college students invaded his basement later in the day. Thank you to him for the amazing service and everyone should definitely look into visiting him some time.

-Adam Heugel
boykin has used this retailer 1 time. November 26, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"very satisfied"
i was very satisfied with the selection. Eddie was very knowledgeable and he was able to get exactly what i wanted,although; i didn't know the exact scientific names. thanks and so far all fish are happy and health after the 5hr drive will def shop again prob wont drive though.... awesome strongly recommend
AfriCarman has used this retailer 1 time. November 26, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"It made me want another tank."
With the large selection he had in stock it made me want another 125 gallon tank. A freind and I drove 3 hours from Nashville, TN to check out the set up. It was well worth the drive, but next time I will probably get him to ship them due to gas.
goose8651 has used this retailer 1 time. December 12, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Go with Daves Rare Fish NOT BLUEGRASS!"
Update: I wrote this review a couple weeks ago regarding poor service with getting in contact with him. He was very offended that I posted this review, but it was the truth. he NEVER got in contact with me by phone and was hard by email.
I just bought some fish at Dave's Rare fish. By far the best person I have delt with. He answers his phone, answers his emails, and he tells you the truth. He also has hard to find fish at excellent prices.
I will always do business with Dave from now on, NEVER FROM BLUEGRASS. Save the time and purchase fish from someone who will treat you right.
bassman57 has used this retailer 1 time. November 20, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish"
I spoke to Eddie on the phone about ordering fish, and he allowed me to go to his fish farm in FL to pick up my fish instead of having them shipped. Very friendly and he really values the customer.

I ordered some Rusties and some yellow labs. They are stunning. I will definatley do business with him again if I need to.
coolkal has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 16, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Healthy, colorful fish and lots of variety"
Visited Eddie for the second time and got lots of new fish. He has many varieties of Cichlids and the prices are cheap considering the color and healthiness of the fish he has available. The fish I got the first time are thriving and have bred several times and the babies are doing fine too. Thats why I returned to Eddie to get some more fish.

He has several varieties of Frentosas as well. I would recommend Blue Grass Cichlids who want healthy fish for a very reasonable price and friendly service too.

Oh, you should try the fish food too. My fish go crazy when i feed Eddie's fish food and the colors have improved significantly too.

Try this store, you wont be disappointed!
cylindricsman has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 6, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Feeders Supply Dixie hwy louisville Ky"
I am amazed by how fast everything is coloring up i have had no loss of fish and has a good selection i will be back time and time again
smsaks2000 has used this retailer 2-3 times. October 30, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Just plain excellent!!!"
I called Eddie for some fish today and happened to catch him while he was at work. He drove home during his lunch so I could pick the fish I wanted. Awesome service. I have bought from Eddie before and have always gotten beautiful fish. I will buy from him again and have always recommended him to others looking for Africans.
ki6dy has used this retailer 1 time. October 27, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"100% Guarantee Honored"
I decided to try BlueGrass after getting frustrated with the price and availibilty of Frontosas locally. I ordered 7 Burundi from Eddie, scheduled for overnight Fedex delivery. I received my fish the next day at approximately 1:45 PM. Much to my dismay none of them survived, they where packaged in indvidual bags but it appears they died due to excessive heat from the heat pack. Called Eddie, told him what had happened. He said that he had debated using the heatpack and that was the most likely cause of death.

Here's the great part, no problem, another shipment was on the way.

Eddie suggested that for the next shipment I pick up at the local Fedex office as the trip on a unheated/non-air conditioned truck is often the worst part of the trip for the fish. I did this.

For this shipment the fish were a bit larger and all packaged in one bag without a heat pack. Floated them for about 25 minutes, put them in the tank, turned off the lights and went back to work.

Came home to find 8 fish (he gave me an extra one) in good shape.

Moral of the story; mistakes can happen, but if your willing to pay for overnight shipment, you receive, if needed, an assurance that you will get what you ordered alive. Eddie honors his word and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

Be smart and ship overnight.
dmun has used this retailer 1 time. October 26, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Please consider this alternative to stores"
Eddie you're the best! I write this as a Philadelphia African cichlid hobbyist who has always dealt with area stores for livestock and I can now confidently say that there is no comparison. Eddie at Bluegrass would be anyone's greatest advocate with regard to assistance, knowledge and product. My order included an assortment that I asked Eddie to assemble and he gave me a tankful of splendid peacocks, haps and catfish that no area store could match. I've had prior purchases in excess of $100 worth of fish from local stores that did not live through the night in my environmentally sound set ups. Eddie countered my suggestion of overnight delivery assuring me that 2 day would be fine (an effort to save me excessive cost). I received the package of 23 specimens (exceeding my original order) and as I write this, each and every beautiful creature peers over my shoulder in the tank behind me, as hardy as anyone could ever imagine. His expert packaging and care to the contents' well-being was obvious as I opened the package, admittedly scared to death. Finally, for a guy that receives endless emails and voicemail messages, his availability, interest and concern displayed during my phone conversations tells me that this is a guy that's all about his clientele. And I'm not a retailer or someone spending a grand on an order. One last note, Eddie; my wife is very impressed. And believe me, that's not easy to do.
GoofBoy has used this retailer 1 time. March 20, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Questionable option to the crappy stores in Phoenix"
I was pleased with the service and Eddie sending more fish than ordered, everything arrived in great condition, BUT - a big BUT - the yellow Labs he sent were (after a time) very much hybrids and the Afra Cobues were not all Cobues maybe it was a a male Jalo or such that was included and definitely looked and ended up very different and dominant.

The service was great - the quality of the fish - not so much.
bovsbaitboxes has used this retailer 1 time. October 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"thanks for the help"
helped me out alot met my friend that was on vacation and lost. good guy great fish thanks again for the help John
Paul_DLS has used this retailer 1 time. October 19, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Not Impressed"
Ordered 15 fish and had them shipped via Fed-Ex 2nd day. The 3 cats arrived fine, the 12 Mbuna (Rusty & Acei) were bagged together and arrived in very poor shape with 3 DoA and a lot of fin damage to many of the rest. Water temp on arrival was 70 and no heat packs were included. Email to Eddie has gone unanswered.
aquaduke has used this retailer 1 time. October 16, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great quality stock and best prices "
I was very impressed with the quality and size of the fish that I ordered. After doing considerable research, I also learned that they had the price prices and lowest shipping costs.
Bill Paul has used this retailer 1 time. October 14, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"I love my new tank!"
I live just across the bridge from Eddie in Indiana and was fortunate to be able to pick up my fish in person. He's got a first class operation going on, VERY impressive. This is my first Cichid tank and Eddie was extremely helpful.I told him what I wanted and let him do the picking and choosing (although I had my wife and daughter with me and they did have a few request) I ended up with a awesome mix of Mbuna's, two Gold nugget Plecos and a trio of Petricola cats. I also ended up with a beautiful tank. Incredible selection, great service and more knowledge than you would ever be able to squeeze out of the head of the kid at your local pet shop. When I look at the tank I'm almost hypnotized, Thanks Eddie!
benjfrontosa123 has used this retailer 2-3 times. October 13, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish, Low prices"
Eddie has great fish, and is a real friendly guy. He's right down the road from me, so I go a-lot. Also low prices
Cich of it all has used this retailer 1 time. October 5, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Don't bother going anywhere else!"
Eddie is one friendly dude that will spend lots of time with you on the phone if you need help or you want to ask about his fish (size, etc.) I recently bought some cherry red zebras, yellow labs, acei, and Ps. sp. blue dolphins. The zebras are BRIGHT red; the nicest I've ever seen. The Dolphins are absolutely stunning. The acei are as nice as can be. The yellow labs didn't look that great when I first got them though. They were barred and kind of pale. One month later and they are bright yellow, no bars and growing fast. They are as good looking as the best yellow labs I've seen.

Shipping was quick, and the packages was great.

I couldn't be happier with the experience. I have no reason to buy fish from anywhere else.
Thanks Eddie!
Jim z has used this retailer 1 time. September 28, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Will be my first contact next time I need fish!"
Eddie was helpful and prompt in taking and filling my order for fish. It was my first mail order for fish and all went very smooth. All the fish were double bagged and then inside a larger one inside a cooler type box with a 100% survival rate and all fish were as large or larger than I expected.
Kyle959 has used this retailer 1 time. September 28, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Crenicichla COBRA!!! A++++++SELLER!!!!!"
What can i say? One of the BEST sellers i have ever had the pleasure of doing business with! Thanks to him, i FINALLY have my favorite cichlid, Crenicichla sp. Cobra! The fish came in expertly packed and very healthy. Eating right out of the bag! When i asked for a couple, he even gave me the ones he was saving for himself!!! Sorry about that by the way :) All in all, Fast, friendly service, expert shipping/packing, and a pleasure to work with. Try Bluegrass out, you wont be disappointed. And again, Thanks for the pikes!
eraserhead has used this retailer 3-10 times. February 11, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Outstanding Vendor!"
I had an excellent experience with this place. Enormous stock of all kinds of cichlids, all in excellent health. Prices are more than fair, he even threw in an extra fish or two in order to give me better chances of getting males. I drove down from central Indiana, and it was WELL worth the drive. The facility itself was completely immaculate. Eddie was very friendly, took the time to talk to me and answer my questions. He had some rare finds in there as well! Will certainly buy from again. By far the best cichlid-shopping experience I have ever had. More than likely I will never visit a pet shop again to buy fish, but will instead visit Bluegrass Cichlids for all of my needs. Thanks!!

Have done business with Eddie two more times since my last review, and each time has been a great experience. He's also a lot of fun to talk to. We felt like we were there for 10 minutes when an hour had slipped by. The greatest!!
BigFish54 has used this retailer 2-3 times. August 27, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Once again Great Fiish, Great Service"
I have ordered my fish from Eddie again and he went out of his way to accomidate my needs, fish arrived today healthy and all i can sya is thanks eddie for the advice, and fish.
kippy7900 has used this retailer 1 time. September 2, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Thanks for the help!"
Eddie was very helpful in selecting fish for my new Cichlid tank. We picked out fish that are and will be very eye catching in my tank. He has tons of selection and the accessories to go with it. He is a nice man and took the time to explain and answer all my questions.
klclayton has used this retailer 1 time. August 30, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great transaction, great prices, great guy !!!"
Had the opportunity to stop by Eddie`s place & pick my fish up. He`s a very hospitable host. Got some awesome fish. I like the asfrasci best. And he even threw in some red tiger mota fry for free. What a guy. Thanks again. Keith
[cich] has used this retailer 1 time. August 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Best fish buying experience yet"
I recently visited Eddie for the first time and I wish I had known about him sooner!

The operation is immaculate. I've come to settle for dubious fish in all the Louisville area shops but I didn't see a single unhealthy fish in the whole place! His selection is great. His knowledge is encyclopedic but he's never condescending and his love of the fish is obvious. He even made a great aesthetic suggestion that really helped balance the colors in my tank. I bought some amazing F1 adult demasoni, an adult "Zebra Long Pelvic" and a gold nugget pleco.
VinnySem has used this retailer 1 time. August 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Iodotropheus sprengerae"
I won 9 juvies on Aquabid, all 9 arrived alive and healthy, great specimens. Eddie was prompt in correspondence, and the price was very reasonable. Would definiely do repeat business!
Sharkfood has used this retailer 1 time. August 16, 2007
Overall Rating: 
The Brichardis that I received last week are all doing great. I have them in a 10 gallon planted tank with layered rock work and they seem very happy. I will be setting up a 30 gallon tank soon just for brichardis and will be contacting you to purchase more fish.
brittany.cooper has used this retailer 1 time. August 8, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Experience"
Eddie has been great in responding to me. At times I feel like I may be bugging him, but he always responds! We went to him to purchase our fish and he was very knowledgeable and patient with us. He recommended beautiful colors for our tank. We lost one little guy this morning...but that is no one's fault...it happpens :( Anyway we are very pleased with Bluegrass Cichlids and will go back as needed and when we start our other tanks up.
ColemanFish has used this retailer 2-3 times. August 6, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Will only buy fish from BlueGrass Cichilds!"
Saw Eddie on a Saturday about miday with intent to restock my tank after a disaster a few months back. Eddie helped me pick out all the fish advising me as to which fish to put in the tank. I ended up buying 17 fish, alot of them you will never find in pet stores, and Eddie threw in some free food. I will always go back to him for any of my fish needs and think only highly of the quality of fish he has.
MadGreek has used this retailer 1 time. August 1, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Very Positive Experience"
Sent an inquiry email and was contacted back very quickly. Found a fish C. Afra Cobue, that I was having a hard time finding. Aked about fish not even listed on his site and ended up getting those. Called a couple times to work out final details and was promptly called back if he didn't pick up right away. In fact, he called back so fast I was still trying to leave a voice mail on his machine while he was ringing in to my cell phone. Fish arrived when promised, and I only lost 1 out of a 19 fish order. I would definately use this supplier again.
fred.UNLV has used this retailer 1 time. July 25, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great selection, prices, quality, AND service"
I could not have been happier with the quality of service and fish I received from Eddie.
I ordered 34 mbuna, received 31, 1 was DOA. Eddie was more than happy to credit me my loss and overall I was very pleased. Louisville to Las Vegas is a pretty long way for fish to travel and not to mention it was 101º with 51% humidity the day I received the fish. The fish were packaged and insulated extremely well, completely eliminating any worries I would have for future purchases. Bluegrass is awesome and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
eric_hemard has used this retailer 1 time. July 20, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Simply Outstanding!"
I called and spoke to Eddie about an order I was wanting to place. After a short conversation I knew he had earned my business. I put in an order (fairly good size to say) and I was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. I received my order with a few DOA's, lets face it, things happen. Shipping fish is a risk for both seller and buyer, the rest of the order was stressed but recovered rather quickly. I notified Eddie about the loss, he quickly credited me for the difference. Over all I am very pleased with the whole transaction and will definetly be doing with business with him again. Hats off to you Eddie!
alfurst has used this retailer 1 time. July 13, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Too bad there is not a higher rating than positive!"
Eddie is a credit to the industry. Besides the obvious - excellent stock, price, shipping, etc. he also has the ability to make you feel as if you are the only customer. He is willing to, and does, take the time to give his advice and great service.
pnchowdary has used this retailer 1 time. July 8, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Buying Experience"
Great selection of fish,prompt and excellent customer service.When my fish arrived by Fedex overnight,3 fish were dead,I called Eddie immediately and he said he would refund the price of the fish.He didn't even want the photos of the dead fish.He promptly refunded the amount next day.Would certainly do business with him again. Highly recommended store A++++++++++
SUNDANCE has used this retailer 1 time. July 4, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Buy with Confidence"
Eddie was great to work with and knows his stuff. Beginner or advanced he can help you out
danumber1stunnar has used this retailer 2-3 times. September 15, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"great seller great fish the best communication"
Great communication Eddie is very helpful and ansers all questions has a great selection of fish i will be buying from him again in the near future
w_havens has used this retailer 3-10 times. July 9, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish Great price"
Went to see Eddie on a recent Saturday afternoon and was truly impressed. He had a wonderful selection and loved the prices. I picked up some P. species (Blue Dolphin) and they are exceptional.Also picked up some Flamebacks and am waiting for them to get a little bigger and color up. Saw a lot more that I would love to have. A very positive experience for sure.
Made another trip to Eddie's and had another wonderful experience. Have been three times now and have always come away happy. Great job Eddie.

Thanks Eddie
manofthesea has used this retailer 1 time. June 18, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Bad Choice"
Choice of Bluegrass was due to his location to mine. I recieved my fish in Jan, but waited till now to write my review thinking the coloring/quality of the fish would improve and not to rush to a hasty decision. I recieved my order promptly with all fish alive, but in weak condition. I ordered 4 types (3)Syn Petricola, (4) Julie Marlieri, (4)Cyp Leptosoma and (4) Nep Leleupi. The cats no problems. The Leptosoma, Julies and Leleupi were another story. The Julies I questioned from the start being the right fish. He states I got Marlieri Kilase, big difference from what I was expecting. Instead of stripes and dots of cream and black these only have stripes with yellow. 2 of the Julies died with in the first week. The Leleupi coloring is dull, not the bright yellow you expect from these fish. One never recovered from shipping and died within 2 days. One Leptosoma never recovered from shipping and died with in 2 days. I will not try Bluegrass again.
Cobue has used this retailer 1 time. May 19, 2007
Overall Rating: 
Eddie has an exceptional amount of stock and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. This was my first visit and I will not buy from anyone else again! I am very pleased with my purchases, including quality of stock and price. I look forward to doing more business with Bluegrass Cichlids!!!
rodzila2 has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 28, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent Service"
This is the best source of cichlids I have found. Eddie is very helpful and his fish are of excellent quality. I have used him a few times and will definately use him again.
CICHLUDED has used this retailer 1 time. April 25, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!"
I had fish order sent fed-x 2nd day. I received my order right on schedule. Package was very well packed. Fish were all healthy, and looked great. Eddie was a big help over the phone, Great communication. Will definitely do business with him again…..
Thank you.
Krisha5 has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 16, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"very pleased"
I was very pleased with Eddie and Bluegrass Cichlids, very prompted on shipping, very good qualty fish. will be dealing more with him. he is the most wonderful retailer to work with i would recomend him to anyone who is looking for cichlids.
Tall Cool One has used this retailer 1 time. April 10, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Good experience"
This was my first internet fish buy. The service was prompt. I ordered 7 fish. They sent an extra Calvus because he was concerned with the durability of the fish during shipping. 7 of the 8 fish are thriving. I ordered a Red Regal and it had fin damage when it arrived and didn't last a day. The 7 remaining fish are healthy and thriving 1 week later.
lennykoelbel has used this retailer 1 time. April 6, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie and Bluegrass can't be beat!"
I gave Eddie at Bluegrass the task of filling my 300gal new tank and I am so glad I did. He selected a great mix of body shapes and colors that make my tank grab your attention. I recived the fish 14hrs after he packed it and have a few more than I paid for. They were all happy and healthy swimming all around the tank. Eddie also helped me over the phone set the tank up, Thanks just doesn't come close. I would recommend him to everyone and use him exclusively for future purchases! Thanks Eddie
fishkididda has used this retailer 1 time. April 4, 2007
Overall Rating: 
fishkididda has used this retailer 1 time. April 4, 2007
Overall Rating: 
bface1212 has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 31, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Best mail order Experience I've ever had"
Thank you so much Eddie,I love the Red Zebra food products!!!Great job packing and shiping live Cichlids.They were very healthy upon arrival.This is the best mail order experience I've ever had!!!
svenrhapsody has used this retailer 1 time. March 26, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Guy! Great Organizer! Great Trip!"
I recently returned from a 9 day collecting trip organized by Eddie. The trip was great and I can't recommend Eddie enough. I returned with some great fish and some even better memories.
pjp has used this retailer 1 time. March 22, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Business"
Fast service - received fish in good condition. Eddie called and checked up on them. Very good company to deal with.
sclick55 has used this retailer 1 time. March 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Outstanding Customer Service"
This was my first time using an online retailer and I was very hesitant to do so. However, Eddie at Bluegrass Cichlids went above and beyond my expectations for any retailer either local or online. He was friendly, helpful and prompt in his correspondance. I could not be happier. The fish arrived today and were well packed and in excellent health. Once again, I could not be happier with the service and livestock I received and I will not hesitate to use Bluegrass Cichlids for all my future livestock orders.
sdv1172 has used this retailer 1 time. March 19, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Very pleased"
I have had bad experiences buying fish online but Bluegrass Cichlids exceeded my expectations. I received beautiful, healthy stock that are thriving. Eddie gave me great communication via emails and even followed up a few days after arrival to make sure everything was going well and that I was happy with my purchase. I highly recommend this retailer.
frost1749 has used this retailer 1 time. March 19, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great to buy fish from"
After a couple of emails Eddie welcome me right into his home and I have seen his nop notch set up and stock. Great fish and I would buy from him again. Very helpful. I was at his house about 2 hours and never felt like I was being rushed out the door. Great guy, great fish!
marko63 has used this retailer 1 time. March 18, 2007
Overall Rating: 
If you are the type that reads these reveiws, you need to disregard any of the negative ones on eddie. he is so knowlegable in the hobby and he is willing to offer it without hesitation. his stock is A-1 and he is without a doubt the one i will do all of my buisness with. i just thank the lord that he is in driving range of me but i would not worry if i had to conduct buisness with him through shipping...thanks so much eddie, my aquiaum could win an award thanks to you!!
mark wright
esparkman has used this retailer 1 time. March 17, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Can anyone outdue Bluegrass Cichlids!"
All I can say is wow. Eddie welcomed me in his home and fishery after only a few brief emails and a few brief phone calls. This man knows his stuff. There wasn't a question or scenario he couldn't answer for me today. His stock is of top notch! I have seen his stock first hand. I give Bluegrass Cichlids an A++ across the boards. They will for sure being hearing and seeing alot of me now. Keep up the great service and quality stock Bluegrass Cichlids.
Lex-Cichlids has used this retailer 10 or more times. March 17, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Pleasant experiences with Bluegrass Cichlids "
I came across Bluegrass Cichlids on Ebay. Then I visited the Bluegrass Cichlid website and contacted Eddie. This was about three years ago when I was getting into the hobby. Eddie was extremely helpful with the tank setups, fish selections, maintenance. Over the years I have bought fish from Eddie on numerous occasions. I haven't had any of them die within the first month of purchase. The quality of the fish has being extremely good. The fish food he sells, is also of great quality. It brings out the colors of the fish. Over the years Eddie has being extremly friendly and accomodating to my hobby. Because of this pleasant experience, my collection includes 125G, 55G, 29G tanks with various different varities. Keep up the good work and look forward to doing business for years to come
Aquamojo has used this retailer 10 or more times. March 16, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"I wish there was a designation ABOVE "positive"."
I just had the pleasure of spending nine days with Eddie Martin during a fish collecting trip to Mexico. I have purchased fish from Eddie many times before, but it wasn't until I was able to spend some quality time with him that I fully appreciated his dedication to the hobby and the people who enjoy it. The guy is four stars solid gold. Any stock I have ever received has been top shelf and correctly identifed. What I appreciated most was his service after the fact...checking on the condition and health of the fish long after the sale. I would highly recommend anyone who is son inclined to utilize his services. You won't be disappointed.
Midas man has used this retailer 1 time. March 15, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"great lookin fish"
this was the first time I've ever bought fish online. i was very surprised with how great the fish looked after shipping. the fish were eating and looking good in about 3 hrs. Eddie was great to deal with, and those mpimbwes are beautiful. i would definitly recommend this company.
fishfarm has used this retailer 3-10 times. March 13, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Guy!"
I've know Eddie for a number of years, he has great customer service and good quailty stock, he's friendly and fair in all the dealings I have had with him. I'm very pleased with the way he conducts his buisness, good stock, fast shiping and a good guarantee. Can't beat that!
sniper 1 has used this retailer 10 or more times. March 12, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"great person to deal with"
just wanted to say thankyou for all the great help you have been. my 240 is incredible,all the fish are awesome! thanks for the wild caught nimpinways,the whole colony is healthy and happy!
Todd Elzy has used this retailer 10 or more times. March 11, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome selection,personal service,great prices"
Eddie, Just wanted to thank you for finding those fine F.Karilani they came in perfect and are coloring up a little more everyday,as well as those Eureka Reds, man the colors just knock everyones eyes out. I also really appreciate you getting those wild caught F.Nimpinways we didn't loose a single one of the 20 they are doing great. You are THE MAN!!!!
Felony has used this retailer 1 time. June 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Truely dissapointed"
Edit: So when i ordered my fish i was very excited to say the least, all of these great reviews. Whats the chance of being screwed, low. I ordered 8 of Rusties, Hongi, Afra, and a peacock. The rusties came in, they were fine no problem with them at all. The male hongi's i received 1 has proper barring, and both have different coloration. Possibly from two different groups a SRT and a regular hongi with a yellow cap. The one with the yellow cap has about 10 bars that are very visible, a very undesirable trait and should be a breeding cull. Then my afra's, was the main factor in buying from this store. Ended up with 5 left 4 males 1 female, nobodies fault unlucky. Two of the males also had extra barring and blending, again should have been culled. One afra is gorgeous, what i expected from this store. The peacock i love, great orange color not what i expected from the provided pictures but im happy with him. The kicker here is that somehow a perlmutt got added into the afra bag. No a clue how that ended up in my box o fish.

They were packed well, no DOA fish. I was treated with excellent customer service which begs the question, how did my order get #%$& up this bad. Quality control, i realize that the owner can't be there every day. But there should be trust worthy people to leave your business to when your unavailable. My final thought is ask the owner to personally handle your order to ensure its correct and quality fish.

slatestacker has used this retailer 1 time. March 10, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Nice guy. Great set up of tanks and variety."
Very nice man. Never met me and just let me come in and see his fish. Just to see all the fish he had was worth the trip. I'm going back in a few weeks to pick up a couple other fish. I would suggest you use Bluegrass Cichlids in the future especially if you live near Bluegrass.
allierw has used this retailer 1 time. March 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Had a bad experience..."
Initially I chose Bluegrass because of their geographical availability, promptness of email reply, and their stock. I placed my order and both my husband and I spoke with Eddie and his staff several times and were impressed with the friendliness and great customer service we received. My fish arrived promptly and all were doing well (only one DOA). I ordered Ps. Acei, Ruby Greens, and Ps. Demasoni. The Acei and RGs looked fine, however the Demasoni, honestly, looked like breeder culls. Strange elongated bodies, very imperfect barring (think: petstore kenyi), and overall, NOT what Demasoni should look like. Not one out of 20 looked like a well bred fish. After several emails, I received a prompt refund for the price of the Demasoni. I was glad I got the refund, but shocked at the poor quality of the Demasoni I received (surely after 10 years in the biz he would know better???). I won't be doing business with them again, sadly.
I wanted to add that it is now apparent that the both the acei and the ruby greens I ordered have ich and possibly other diseases. Two died.
fallscityfish has used this retailer 10 or more times. February 5, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Fantastic fish, fantastic food, great guy"
I have known Eddie for about 7 years and I am simply amazed at the continual quality of fish he has available, not to mention the awesome selection. I have seen fish at his house before I ever saw them in a book or magazine! I recently started feeding his foods (switched from New Life Spectrum) and I can really tell a difference in my fish. I have kept fish for over 20 years and you will not find a better guy to deal with!
RiverCityCichlids has used this retailer 10 or more times. February 3, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Cichlid source!"
I have been doing business with Eddie of Bluegrass Cichlids for over 10 years. He is one of the best in the business. You will be hard pressed to find someone who knows more about Africans. He has been keeping them ever since Pierre' Brichard introduced them to the USA in the early 70's. Eddie is professional and all class. He is an asset to this board and I highly encourage you to do business with him. I know I do almost every week.
tjeffers has used this retailer 3-10 times. February 3, 2007
Overall Rating: 
Rift485 has used this retailer 1 time. February 5, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"I must have bad luck with online retailers"
I ordered 4 bags of fish, 4 different species, 5 fish each for a total of 20. Of these 4 bags, two were the correct species, one was not, and one was a grab bag of hybrids and other emaciated fish. Honestly these random fish were emaciated, mis-shaped, bent spines, one was a copadichromis, and of all the fish 9 died within the first week. I assume the bags must have gotten mixed up, or were put together hastily.
Eddie was very friendly and the fish did arrive on time and all alive (albeit some not for long), and Eddie did offer to replace some of the fish multiple times. Unfortunately there were no other fish I wanted at this point. So all in all the experience itself was good except the fish quality and the care with which the correct bags were sent was subpar. Which is still very important to me considering I take very much care in insuring my tanks are filled with the best stock. Kind of funny how it's really only me that had this happen so it must be that my experience was just a freak thing, but I figured I'd share my experience anyway, even though it has been so long since my purchase.
bombero has used this retailer 1 time. February 1, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Very Nice Person To Deal With"
I ordered some more food from Eddie, I had a problem getting my order to work from the site, I contacted Eddie and he set me a new password, it still did not work so he let me place my order thru an email. I got it in a couple days and he had upgraded my order a bit for my troubles..a more than fair person to deal with, I will keep buying from him in the future.
cincycichlids4fun has used this retailer 1 time. January 29, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie Took Great Care of Me"
I like to buy my Cichlids from people that know what they are doing. Eddie is the man! He knows his stuff and is very patient and helpful. He took his time with me to learn about my tank set up and what I wanted to achieve with my Cichlid selection.

My main goal is to have a nice "show" tank with a wide variety of Mbuna's and Peacocks for color. Eddie suggested the Prestige Mix for the Mbuna's and helped me put together a colorful selection of Peacocks to go with them. Eddie was very careful to select fish that would get along together in the tank.

I love the look of my tank with the Prestige Mix and the Peacocks. I can't wait for the Peacocks to grow out a little and start showing some colors. All 30 + fish are doing great so far. I look forward to doing business with Eddie again in the near future.
mbidwell has used this retailer 2-3 times. January 28, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish, Great Service, Great Guy"
I recently bought my first selection of African Cichlid fish, but it was Eddie who helped me pick them out. Now I have a beautiful array of colors in my tank. Eddie also talked me through a couple of boneheaded mistakes. Furthermore his fish arrived in great condition.
Thanks Eddie!
cjeffers has used this retailer 1 time. January 26, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"great fish great service"
bought a breeding trio of ngara and a breeding trio of sunshine peacocks eddie knows his cichlids and how to please a coustomer.so i will use this site every time i buy quanitys of great cichlids.I also bought 14 differnt peacock babbies so they will be kings of my tank soon enough with the great food he gave me thanks and will se ya soon.
OPEN WATER PREDATOR has used this retailer 1 time. January 25, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Two thumbs up"
I just picked up some nice cichlids from Eddie. Old World or New, whatever you’re into, he’s got what you want. WARNING!! If you go pick up your fish in person, as opposed to having them delivered, plan on spending more than you originally intended. You’re bound to see something you just gotta have! :D
who has used this retailer 1 time. January 17, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Fastest Service Ever..."
I ordered at 5pm on tuesday, got my fish wednesday before 3pm. You cannot ask for anything better than that.

Packaging was also the nicest I have seen from any online fish store. I will be ordering again as soon as my fish settle in.

Also, I ordered 12 demasoni and he gave me 13. Great people to deal with...

Brodybaird has used this retailer 1 time. January 16, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Very well taken care of."
I've been looking for a long time of a great place to buy from. And I finally found it. Bluegrass Cichlids. Eddie has gone way out of his way to make me a very happy customer. That goes along way with me. He is so polite and easy to do business with, and very friendly. I will start doing business with these guys. Thanks
bibbs68 has used this retailer 1 time. January 14, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Super Assett to the Cichlid Community!"
Eddie was extremely helpful with my first cichlid purchase. He is very friendly and knowledgeable and had no problem answering all of my newbie questions (thanks for being patient with me Eddie).

Eddie suggested that I purchase his Prestige mix instead of the cookie-cutter list I had chosen. I'm glad he did! I ordered 30 cichlids from the Prestige mix and the colors are just spectacular! I am not yet familiar with all of the species but there are at least 8 or 9. He was also gracious enough to include extras due to possible deaths from shipping. All of the fish arrived alive and warm. They have settled in nicely and I look forward to future purchases from Bluegrass Cichlids. Super A+!

If you are looking to buy cichlids online, look no further. Bluegrass Cichlids is the place to go!

Thank you so much Eddie!
smick has used this retailer 1 time. January 8, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Very good selection of cichlids, Eddie was very friendly &informative"
Many africans, but I was most impressed with the selection of hard to find central american cichlids. Great fish & service, will go back for more!
obbluebarry has used this retailer 3-10 times. January 6, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"A great place to get Cichlids"
I have bought many fish from Eddie he is a great guy. He has a wide variety of Cichlids and sizes. You can also get a good quality food from him. Don't forget to get some grow baby grow food from him it is great for your fry. You will have wonderfull healthy colorfull fish with this food.
Edavis has used this retailer 3-10 times. January 6, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great guy!"
I is a pleasure buying from Eddie! He is very knowledgeable about cichlids and the hobby in general!
I recommend him.
brad2157 has used this retailer 1 time. January 6, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Wonderful to buy from !! Buy from Eddie."
I was ready to stock my newly setup tank with a variety of african cichlids, so I emailed Eddie at Bluegrass Cichlids. He promtly responded to my email overnight and had great recomendations for my 75g tank. Since I was only a few hours away, I decided I wanted to make a trip to Eddies and see the fish firsthand. I was totally amazed to see the selection of healthy african cichlids he had in stock. While I was there I also checked out Eddies three large personal tanks (including a nice 220g flush mounted in wall). I bought a total of 30 fish (26 african cichlids, 2 catfish, and 2 plecos). They all survived the trip home (2 1/2hrs) without any trouble as Eddie prepared the bags with bag buddies and medical grade oxygen before I left to made the journey back home. I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Eddie. I may not have saved a ton of money by the time I made the drive, but I feel great knowing Eddie is very down to earth, knowledgable and takes care of his customers. Eddie threw in a extra fish in my mix as well, free of charge. I highly recommend buying from Eddie, if you are worried about the fish not being healthy, etc.. then have no worries. I'll surely suggest Eddie for anyone looking to stock a tank of African Cichlids. Thanks again Eddie for all your help! -Brad Crabtree
spickryl has used this retailer 1 time. December 22, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish!!Great Person to deal with!!"
Eddie is a Great person to deal with.Really cares about his customers and the quality of fish.Called me before shipping just to confirm my order and shipping choices.Received great fish and prompt shipping.Thanks again Eddie...
jbscichlid has used this retailer 1 time. December 21, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish and Value"
I ordered 12 saulosi friday afternoon for 4.75 each. Eddie was nice enough to try to pick only females, although You can not tell for sure at this size but pick only the fish without male traits helps get the most females. He did pretty good although, one, I'm almost certain is a male. All the fish arived safe and via fedex Wednesday afternoon, he shipped monday. About half of the stock looked pretty much they where not going to make it; the water felt very cold to the touch. I put the bag in my tank and before to long most started looking much better, two of which where even fighting in the bag,LOL. All looked good but two. I put them all in a pre-cycled ten gallon just so they can get their health back up to 100% before going back in the main tank. The two that look bad looked much better this morning, and all them but one ate when I offered them food, I sure if the one eatss tonight it will be alright, plus he sent me an extra so if it dies I have lost nothing. I would order from Eddie again if I need to.
audi99a4 has used this retailer 1 time. January 2, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Ordered based on great ratings, results were some what dissappointing..."
This was my first time ordering fish online...and I did as much research as possible. And based on the many great reviews and conversations with Eddie, I went ahead with Bluegrass. I order a total of 15 Mbuna's. Eddie's service was great and delivery was prompt and as promised...with the exception of a missing heat pack, which I was dissappointed with, as I live in NJ, where the temps are pretty low. I had 2 dead on arrival, all had their fins in bad condition, not sure if it was from rot or nipping. On a positive note, he packed 1 or 2 extra. I put them in my tank and found that 3 were not doing so well and a day later 1 had died, 1 is still very weak and the other seems healthy. At this point I have about 12 fish...I don't think I'd go with this route in the future...again, great service but it's tough to spend $5/fish and $60 on delivery, only to get 12 fish. I just feel that over $11/fish (1-1.5" saulosi, hongi and acei) is too much. I guess I just had bad luck, but I'm sure the missing heat pack also had a part. I've been emailing back and forth with Eddie and haven't been offered anything in return...yet, it's been a week. I'll be sure to update if/when I hear back. **UPDATE: Eddie has offered a credit for the dead fish...not sure if I'll ever get to use it, but I guess that's the best he could do.
BigRed has used this retailer 10 or more times. May 16, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"top Notch Fish"
I have been lucky enough to have known Eddie for several years at this point. We set another tank up and eddie assisted us in picking out some great new fish. Also, Eddie has totaly changed my views on south amercan cic's. I once thought they were so boring and couldnt hold a candkle to africans. Then as I got to know Eddie better and a had a few oppurtunities to see some south americans he opened a whole new world to me, Africans have always been my favorites, but the S.americans are just as interesting and Eddie knows more about s.americans than most ppl in the states. Eddie is a professional and his buisness is about to realy boom. He's always had his loyal customers like myself, but i spoke with yesterday and he has plans that will alow him to have even more inventorty. His facility is top notch and most importantly to me he keeps that area super super clean. Just an Overall top notch guy and the best in the states that I have ever met pesonaly. In the next couple years Bluegrass cic's could has incredible potentianl, due to the fact that Eddie is making a an effort to make his cic buiusness the best and his number one. Before it was more of a secondary buiness for Ed, but now it's his baby and the guy is succesful in whatver he does. I strongly suggest Bluegrass, I have kept cics for over 20 years and Eddie is the best. This is also coming form a biology major if that makes a diffference, I could care less but my g-friend said it would be good to put
aaron112977 has used this retailer 1 time. December 7, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"best purchase i have made since my aquarium"
Eddie was very friendly and knowledgeable. His prices are very fair and his stock is the best in the area. If you live in the area and buy from any one else you are crazy
benn05 has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 6, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"A+ customer service, great experience."
A+ in terms of prompt response (less than a day for any of my questions.)

A+ in terms of order processing, quality of new arrivals and selection.

If you are looking to buy new fish online, this is the place.
yodahorn has used this retailer 3-10 times. November 3, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Standard Mix"
Eddie help me find fish that would work with my existing stock and added a nice variety of color to a tank that needed brighting up. As always, Eddie was pleasure to work with. Also, has a nice 125 set up for sell if your looking.
nyrockingchair has used this retailer 1 time. November 8, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Very pleased with quality fish"
Ordered on a Friday, fish shipped Monday night, arrived 10am on Tuesday, well packaged. 1 DOA but since there were a couple more than I paid for not a big deal.

All other fish are great-looking and settled in really well. Woke up Wednesday to find them all sleeping in their respective caves, some I had made, others they had moved stone to create.

Will definitely use Bluegrass over and over again.
sddc5 has used this retailer 1 time. October 31, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"first time online fish purchase...."
went very well and very quickly. good guy. fish sold as advertised. inexpensive, but quality cichlids. would definitely buy from again in the future!
zoyvig has used this retailer 1 time. October 28, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"A1 Service"
This was my first purchase from Eddie. I purchased a wild pair of large-lip A.Labiatus thru AquaBid. The fish arrived via FedX in excellent condition. Eddie wss truely a help thru this purchase. I will definitely buy from again. Try Bluegrass!! You will not be sorry!!!
stoney7713 has used this retailer 1 time. October 7, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Another satisfied customer!"
First time dealing with Bluegrass Cichlids, and it was an excellent experience! I'm lucky enough to live local and was able to pick up my fish and see his stock in person. I left with more fish then I went for, and very pleased. Even if I had to ship the fish it would have been a great deal. His prices are very reasonable for the quality of fish you get, top notch. There's no way I could of found what I got at a LFS for what I paid.

But, its not all about price, Eddie was very informative on everything. He helped with stocking ideas and was very friendly.

Can't wait to make another purchase!!

Michael_d22 has used this retailer 3-10 times. September 4, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"New Fish"
Thanks again Eddie. Eddie always has something new everytime I visit him. Not the same fish I see at all the pet stores. If you need something and cant find it I would give Bluegrass a try. I also buy my fish food from Bluegrass Cichlids and it seems to work really good.
seanblack has used this retailer 1 time. September 18, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent source"
I drove 6 hours round trip to purchase Cichilds from Eddie. It was well worth it. I am new to Cichlids and Eddie was very helpful in stocking my 135 tank. I purchased 54 fish and all are still alive. I will definitely be back. The selection was excellent and price was very fair. I could not be happier.
willyt has used this retailer 1 time. August 24, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"More appropriately, "Done Right Cichlids""
Eddy returned all e-mails and phone calls. I can't remember a smoother transaction, even with the anxiety of ordering fish over the internet and FedX delivery. I ordered the Prestige Mix and the Hap/ Peacock mix, 30 fish total. Next day at 1:13 Fedx rolled up and I was smiling in anticipation. No casualties. I wasn't planning on feeding them that day but they were so active and obviously looking for food, I gave in to their wigglin' glances thru the glass. None were hiding and mbuna's color was excellant. I would't hesitate to recommend to a friend. I recieved 30+ (paid for 30)healthy fish without casualties, enough said. Thanks, Eddie. It was a pleasure. God Blessed Blue Grass Cichlids.
maunger has used this retailer 1 time. August 2, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great Experience buying from bluegrass"
We are managing a 125 gal cichlid aquarium for our elementary school - we've had good luck buying from our local retailer but decided this summer we wanted to add a bunch of fish - i'd emailed Eddie a couple of times last year and went to his site the other day when we were thinking about what to do. We decided that even with the shipping costs, we could easily get 20-25 fish to add and still save money.

Eddie was extremely helpful both in email and on the phone! Our fish arrived quickly without a single loss. We were pleasantly surprised to find a few more in the box as well!

The children will be very excited to see all the new colors and types of fish running around the aquarium when they come back to school.

Would definately use bluegrasscichlids.com again!
lord_zodiac has used this retailer 2-3 times. July 19, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"stick with eddie !"
if you have concerns about buying online I don't blame you. but eddie made it a breeze.
I had other contacts that seemed too busy to wanna deal with a guy that only wanted to buy a few fish.
well.....i ended up buying 18, and my son will be buying from him and my friends will prob do so as well.
ATTN:you want great service
and a fair price on quality fish.
stick with bluegrass cichlids
stick with eddie.
Jhenyre has used this retailer 1 time. July 16, 2006
Overall Rating: 
I just ordered 10 small moba frontosa from him. Very helpful and prompt. Fast shipping and the fish look great. Will definately order from him again.
Nankumar Samaroo has used this retailer 1 time. July 15, 2006
Overall Rating: 
I am a biggner of the CICHLID HOBBY. I have pick out about 40 cichlids for my 90 gal tank. I have fax over my list to Eddie and he was kind enough to look over my list and picked ouy at 25 fishes that will be suitable for my tank.Eddie always answered or returned his phone calls whenever you called him for questions or inquires about his products. His prices is great and his service is excellent. I will always do my shopping from Eddie at Bluegrass Cichlid.Thank you for your service and friendliness.
eyeguy05 has used this retailer 1 time. July 13, 2006
Overall Rating: 
thanks so much great looking fish and awesome prices.look foward to doing business with again in the future...
gresham68 has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 29, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"great stock and customer service"
Eddie gives great advice and solid customer service. The fish were healthy for the most part and looked very good. The prices and the variety of inventory are hands-down the best around.
Awugod has used this retailer 1 time. June 25, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"One stop shop for cichlids - Great Service"
I recently ordered 20 mbuna from Eddie and due to the high cost of overnight delivery I opted for FedEx 2nd day. Eddie called to verify my order and talk a little about the shipping. I had put in the comments on my order that I would rather pick up the fish at my local FedEx rather than have them sit in a hot delivery truck all day until they got to me. Eddie said that this is actually the best way to do 2nd day delivery. I ordered the fish late Monday night, and actually thought it would be best to wait until the next Monday to ship, but Eddie said if he ships 2nd day it usually gets there by Thursday, Friday at the latest. I told him that I was really in no rush, and that if he could fit my order in to the rest that he had to ship that day, then that would be great, if not I was willing to wait until Monday.

Eddie shipped them that Tuesday night and I went to pick them up at 10:00 AM Thursday morning. When I got the home I anxiuosly unpacked them and began to float them in my tank to equalize temp. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the fish made it okay despite the almost 48 hours in transit. Eddie also added 4 or 5 extra to my order for free. Almost 4 days later and all fish are doing great and starting to show some good color after getting settled in. The next time I need to buy some more cichlids or anyone is looking to buy cichlids, I am going to Bluegrass Cichlids. This was the best online fish transaction I have ever experienced.
koilover has used this retailer 1 time. June 23, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Service Above and Beyond Despite FedEx FUBAR"
Eddie rocks! (FedEx...not so much)

I chose Bluegrass for my first purchase of mbunas based on the reviews from this forum, as well as his breadth of available species and excellent prices. Most importantly, however, I chose Bluegrass because of the pre-sales customer service I received from Eddie.

I talked to several online dealers, and received very acceptable service, but Eddie went far beyond them all with the extra time he spent on the phone.

I ordered overnight delivery, but FedEx had a plane break down. I don't blame FedEx for their breakdown ("stuff happens"), but their customer service was horrible. I don't expect them to reroute planes for my little shipment of fish, but I do expect them to at least be honest about the bad news, "The best we can do is get it to you in another day," instead of repeated overpromising and (literally) not deliverying on their promises.

Through it all, Eddie more than rose to the occassion with moral support, advice on extra care for the fish once they arrived, frequent calls to FedEx, and compensation for my losses and the shipping costs (he gave me a choice of reimbursement on this order or discounts on my next order, and I was so pleased by his support that I'll use the discount for my next order with him).

P.S. I finally got my fish two days later with only minimal losses (HATS OFF to Eddie's preparation and packing practices!).
ophelia has used this retailer 1 time. June 14, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Could not ask for more!"
I am new to the cichlid hobby. So, you can imagine how concerned I was with 'ordering' fish online! No need to worry when Eddie, at Bluegrass Cichlids, is watching out for you. Being the newbie I am, I must have called him a dozen times with a million questions. He not only answered all my questions, but very promptly returned EVERY PHONE CALL! That is unheard of these days. Have you tried to call your 'bank' lately? LOL Seriously, I got beautiful fish at an unbelievable price. And you can tell he takes his time with packing your little fishies. Mine were shipped FedEx ground and Eddie made sure that they were kept cool and had plenty of room to move around. They were, ALL 17, in excellent condition. Eddie also carries a wide selection of cichlids. There is no 'guessing' what you got? Great pricing, quality and availability; super friendly service and expert shipping...what else could you ask for? I will be doing all my shopping from Eddie, at Bluegrass Cichlids! Thanks so much!
crazyforfish has used this retailer 1 time. June 9, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Top Quality service from Bluegrass Cichlids!"
I have never bought fish online before and researched the different sites and found Bluegrass cichlids to have the most variety and best prices on the internet. I could buy cichlids cheaper from any pet store and that included the shipping! Eddie even threw in extra fish. I will definitely purchase again from Bluegrass cichlids! Very prompt and courteous service. All fish arrived safely with the exception of one. I would have liked to see them in sparate bags of maybe 2 or 3 fish per bag instead of all 15 in one big bag but overall it was a great experience. I only had one casualty out of 15!
mitch91175 has used this retailer 1 time. May 17, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Cannot go wrong using Bluegrass Cichlids!!!!"
This was my first time dealing with Bluegrass Cichlids, and let me tell you this will not be the last. Eddie was dead on with his referral to getting his standard and prestige packages of Cichlids. The color of the CIchlids is simply amazing. My girlfriend was trying to choose her favorite, but she changed her mind like 37 times (the number of fish I purchased). THe CIchlids arrived on time and 100% alive.

I would highly recommend if you are purchasing Cichlids to consider Blue Grass Cichlids. My LFS's stock did not even come close to the variety I got from Blue Grass Cichlids.

When first querying about what would be best for a beginner, Eddie was prompt in his responses both before and after the purchase. CUstomer service like this will always win, hands down.
AgentEagle has used this retailer 3-10 times. April 23, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"The Best Prices and Selection"
I live close to Eddie and get to pick up my fish and food. Eddie has the cleanest tanks and healthest fish I seen. He has the largest selection in North America. Why don't you buy fish at walmart? cheap price but not healthy fish. Just look at their tanks! Eddie have the cleanest tanks I seen. All his fish are healthy. If he doen't have a healthy fish it beomes a feeder for one of his super large fish. It's not shipped to you. He could charge alot more for his cichlids but the are great prices. Eddie even goes collecting and has several F1 cichlids. Try out his food as they bring out the colors well on all my malawi mbuna's. Just look at his selection and he even has ones not listed on the website so if your looking for somthing else ask him if he has it or can get it. I will not go anywhere else.
jwilliams76 has used this retailer 2-3 times. September 6, 2006
Overall Rating: 
Eddie, was very helpful with me. He explained exactly what I needed. Responded very promptly to messages. I got the fish the next morning. The prices are better than anywhere you would ever find. I WILL PURCHASE ALL OF MY AQUATIC NEEDS FROM BLUEGRASS CICHLIDS...
Strangetrout has used this retailer 1 time. May 14, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Very Pleased with Purchase!"
My fish arrived 2nd Day Fed Ex in fine shape. Eddie even threw in some extra fish, which was very cool. I also ordered some of the red zebra food. The fish love it! I am very pleased with the purchase. I did not know buying fish on-line could be so easy! I will definitely order from Bluegrass again in the future!

dreker6624 has used this retailer 3-10 times. April 26, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"great fish great prices"
service with a smile
ncmbm has used this retailer 1 time. April 21, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Why buy anywhere else"
I have purchased from others with disappointment. Eddie was great!!!! Sent me some beautiful mbuna. Price is right, service is terrific ( you deal with him ), knowledgeable, friendly and prompt. I will definitely use him again. Awesome Afra's.
cknights has used this retailer 1 time. April 12, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Couldn't be better"
The kids and dogs are gone, finally, so I can have fish again. It's great to find a knowledgeable dealer with great fish right away.
demonsoni has used this retailer 1 time. April 11, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Will shop with again"
I got 12 Pseudotropheus demasoni. Fast and good price. Cheaper than the lfs, and the farfs.
baovinh has used this retailer 1 time. April 2, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Fantastic Service , Knowledgeable Aquarist"
Bought two Tapajos Red Pikes. They were very vibrant, healthy specimens. Spent the time to work with me on shipping and payment. Very accessible for answering questions. Highly recommend to anyone looking for rare quality fish.
rin920 has used this retailer 2-3 times. July 1, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Beautiful fish at great prices"
Eddie was great to work with. I've purchased from him in the past and both times were excellent. I was in Louisville for a weekend, and he made time when it was convenient for me to pick up the fish.
asudevil has used this retailer 1 time. March 21, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"First Class Experience"
First time internet buyer for fish and my experience could not have been better. Every fish arrived alive and look to be in great condition.
CRAZY has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 20, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Outstanding Quality Fish and price"
Been there twice and both times Eddy was very friendly and proffesional. He seemed very intellegent about the cichlids. He has great suggestions on any subject that has to go with fish.
Aredubu has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 19, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Very Good"
I have received three orders from Bluegrass. I placed the first order while I was still a resident of Colorado. There was a problem with the shipper, as they could not find my address. It was the middle of winter and took them an extra day, in the middle of winter. One-half of my order had died. The remaining ones lived and were fine. The next two orders, I picked up, after I moved to Kentucky. Eddie was great and took the time to show me all of his specimens without rushing me. Definitely a positive experience and I will buy from him again.
James Baird has used this retailer 1 time. March 19, 2006
Overall Rating: 
Very frindly and helpful fast shipment added a couple of extra fish will use again
Obs has used this retailer 1 time. March 10, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"No Reason To Buy From Anyone Else"
Ed keeps it very simple. Great new website that makes it very easy to select the right fish for your set-up. I bought food and 40 fish. 15 in the Peacock mix and 25 in the prestige mix, had 5 DOA but Eddie added 2 extra so we lost 3 in the deal. I called Ed and he will make it up on my next food order. Ed gives you his phone number, answers all questions and has been a great help. You will not get this kind of treatment from your local fish store. Thanks Ed, if your ever in NY stop by and see your beautiful fish.
Obs has used this retailer 1 time. March 10, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"No Reason To Buy From Anyone Else"
Ed keeps it very simple. Great new website that makes it very easy to select the right fish for your set-up. I bought food and 40 fish. 15 in the Peacock mix and 25 in the prestige mix, had 5 DOA but Eddie added 2 extra so we lost 3 in the deal. I called Ed and he will make it up on my next food order. Ed gives you his phone number, answers all questions and has been a great help. You will not get this kind of treatment from your local fish store. Thanks Ed, if your ever in NY stop by and see your beautiful fish.
waterways has used this retailer 1 time. March 10, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish, Great Price, Great Guy"
This was my first time using Bluegrass Cichlids and boy did eddie leave a great impression! He more then bent over backwards for me to find the perfect fish for my large cichlid tank. On top of that he was always avaibile for any additional questions I had. Also the price was good and the shipping was flawless. I will definitly be calling Bluegrass Cichlids when I am putting together my next large cichlid tank. Thanks again eddie from a very satisfied customer!!!
apjohnson has used this retailer 1 time. March 8, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great Transaction"
As a first time customer of Bluegrass cichlids, I was impressed with Eddie's willingness to bend over backward to help the customer. He worked with me on extremely short notice to arrange a local delivery to a buddy of mine (who then brought them with him on the plane) to save me $$. The quality of the fish were really nice. A couple of them were a little on the small side, but then again, so are his prices. The fish were all in good health and I only lost 1 out of 30+. I didn't count close enough to see if there was any extras included with the order or not. His assorted fish selections are really nice and you can tell that Eddie pays attention to what you are looking for when putting together a nice selection for you. Out of all of the fish that I ordered (only part of them being from one of the assortments that he has avaailable), my daughter likes some of the ones that he selected the best. I would purchase from Eddie again without hesitation.
skyward has used this retailer 1 time. March 4, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Beautiful Cichlids"
I just realized that Eddie put in 4 extra fish with my order of 20, they move too fast to count, thanks Eddie -- two didn't make it, but you covered me! Folks, the fish Eddie sent with the prestige mix are absolutely fantastic, he wrote me that I would like that mix and he was right, I let him do his thing because Kentucky people usually know what they are doing and some of these fish I have never seen before anywhere in any pictures, and they LOVE their new home, the kids are helping with the water changes and already doing sketches for school. I just caught the FedEx guy as I was coming back from quick trip to hardware store on coldest day of Winter so far -- thank God! The groggy one snapped back the next morning Eddie.
TreyStJohn has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 28, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish"
Prestige mix arrived healthy and well balanced with species. Mix gets along real well, no major territory issues. Eddie is very help-ful and great to deal with. Prices are way better than local fish store. Highly recommended
jeffturner has used this retailer 1 time. February 22, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"good guy"
eddie was a very friendly,well-educated person that explained in extent.nice fish
Brendaspei has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 22, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Good to do business with!"
I have order now twice from Eddie, and both times I received all fish alive and well. I honestly can't say that about a couple of other retailers I have dealt with. Thanks again, Eddie.
SMNOLZ has used this retailer 1 time. February 15, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Some good, some not so good."
I ordered 40 fish (10 Fryeri, 6 Caeruleus, 6 Saulosi, 6 Red Fin Borleyi, 6 Yellow Fin Borleyi, 6 Baenschi Peacocks) on 1/4/06.

The fish were shipped on 1/5/06 and arrived at 10:00AM 1/6/06. Upon inspection and acclimation of the fish I discovered 2 things right away. #1. Eddie had generously placed 3 additional fish in the order. #2. All the Borleyi except one were in poor condition. The fins were frayed and tattered and all were breathing laboriously. Shipped/transported fish are often distressed, but that is an inadequate description of these fish.

By early evening all the other fish in the order seemed well acclimated to the new home and doing well….except the Borleyi. The next morning I started losing them. When Monday (1/9/06) rolled around I had already lost 6. At that point I sent Eddie an email informing him of what was going on.

I did not hear from him until Thursday (1/12/06), but he offered to replace the fish on a future order. I really did not need more fish, but felt I could order a few more if it would get me those replacements. Basically, I was willing to pay the extra $80 in shipping to have the replacements sent.

A couple of weeks later I tried to place my small order. The website was still problematic and did not allow me to complete the transaction. No problem, I will email him my order and have him send me a PayPal invoice like the last order. That was 1/31/06, and I have not heard from him.
Lat42Kahuna has used this retailer 10 or more times. February 1, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Wonderful Fish and Service!"
I ordered 40 fish and all but one made the trip to frigid Detroit. (Eddie threw in a couple extras to cover that). Awesome selection of fish. I ordered 20 Standard Mix and 20 of the Prestige Mix. I've even made an African cichlid convert of my salt water tank loving wife. I reccomend Bluegrass to anyone.
praymer has used this retailer 1 time. January 29, 2006
Overall Rating: 
We are new to African Cichlids after going over alot of the reviews found Bluegrass and order 40 fish from his special packages. The fish arrive overnight shipping and we only lost 1 fish in the trip from KY to CA they are just beautiful and doing just fine. He threw in a few extras to compensate for travel loss.
kivit has used this retailer 1 time. January 27, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"awesome fish!"
Ed is a good man to work with. Communicates well. I would buy from him again.
nomadofthehills has used this retailer 1 time. January 18, 2006
Overall Rating: 
This is the email I sent him after ordering 8 saulusi, 4 yellow labs, and 4 black acei.

"I recieved all of my fish today. The saulusi and yellow labs appear healthy, although they have a lot of fin nip damage. This is not a big problem. In fact, you sent me one extra lab and one extra saulusi. However, my 4 acei apear to have fin rot, one has a swollen eye, and is lethargic and not eating. Overall however, I am satisfied with your service, although your website has a lot of errors and broken links on mozilla firefox."

the very next day I received a reply, and he told me how to treat them, without pushes any of his products (like medicated food). I thought this was very responsible and he apears to be working on a new website, which is very nice.
adlenoir has used this retailer 1 time. December 24, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Product and Service!"
Eddie goes above and beyond. I am new to the hobby and had LOTS of questions. Eddie walked me through and helped me stock my 55g tanks. Fish are beautiful. Will definitely do business with again.
fish-on has used this retailer 1 time. December 24, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Look no further, Eddie will take care of all your needs!!"
After a few phone calls and emails I placed my first ever order for fish to be delivered via FedEx in the dead of the Wisconsin winter. Until the fish arrived, I still had my doubts if I had done the right thing.

Not to worry, the fish arrived 19 hours after the were sent and only 1 loss out of 45+ fish!!

Ordered Eddie's Prestige Mix and what a fantastic mix they are, a total of 16 species, still trying to figure who is what...thats just part of the fun!

Eddie answered all my questions and adjusted the order to meet my needs as to what I was looking for to stock my 150 gallon tank.

Bluegrass Cichlids will get my return business.

Merle Haggard has used this retailer 10 or more times. December 19, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"the only place to get cichlids"
once again great fish at a great price.i have gottten all of my fish from Eddie and always will.all 4 of my tanks are stocked with bluegrass cichlids from 1m/3f Sciaenochromis fryeri to 1m/1f FO White
Altolamprologus calvus and many more.
darthodo has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 16, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie Does Fish Well!"
I just received 2 orders of fish from Eddie at Bluegrasscichlids and I'm quite pleased. Fish look good and Eddie took a lot of his time talking to me about my orders. I won't hesitate to get fish from him again.
Exasperatus has used this retailer 1 time. November 27, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"No need to look elsewhere ..."
Eddie is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and his fish are healthy and beautiful.

After talking at length over the phone he helped me choose the perfect cichlids to complement my setup. The fish were packaged professionally, with heat packs and insulation.

For my next tank I'm definitely going with his assorted "specials" package deal.

If you're looking for hard to find fish and excellent service, Eddie is the man to go to.
adirondack has used this retailer 2-3 times. October 26, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Unbeatable prices"
Eddie has the lowest prices on the internet. I have ordered a couple times from him and the fish have always arrived alive. In fact the last group that I bought is not breeding like rabbits. They are all good, pure stock, no hybrids.
Otis has used this retailer 1 time. October 15, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great help, service was prompt"
We had to replace fish after hurricane left us without power. Eddie was very helpful over the phone. The fish arrived in great condition and are the best mix of fish we have had in years.
killerpony has used this retailer 1 time. September 29, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie Martin is a great person..."
I have never ordered fish online before, and I am also new to the cichlid hobby. Eddie was available whenever I had a question and answered me completely and honestly. I ordered 5 Cherry-red M. Estherae from him, and they arrived alive and on time. The color is unbelievable. I highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids!
TinaMarie34 has used this retailer 1 time. September 25, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Wonderful Selection of Healthy Beautiful Fish"
Eddie has a huge selection of great looking, healthy fish. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful when selecting a variety of cichlids that are compatible. Great customer service. Definitely will buy from him again!
RobinVA has used this retailer 1 time. September 24, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Smooth transaction"
Ordered 7 fish from Eddie, received 8, all alive and healthy on arrival. All survived after acclimation and placement into tank.

I'll be going back to Bluegrass every time I can't find a fish locally...excellent selection.
tgrogan has used this retailer 1 time. September 23, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Guy To Know"
This was my first experience purchasing fish online. I must say that I wouldn't do it any other way. Bluegrass Cichlids had the best prices and better quality fish than any of the LFSs in my area. Even with the added shipping cost, my per fish cost was well below the LFS. And the fish look great. Eddie had the exact fish I wanted I will definitely purchase through him again.
jdiff has used this retailer 1 time. September 14, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"The nicest guy with the best fish!"
This was my first time buying fish through the mail, and Eddie was a super nice guy and talked with me on the phone at length about selecting the species for my tank and all the ins and outs of shipping fish. When my order arrived, almost all the fish of one species were dead but all the rest (35+)were perfectly fine. I used 2nd day shipping to save money, knowing that there was no live delivery guarantee. When I told Eddie what happened, he offered to ship me replacements even though there was no guarantee. This kind of customer service is very rare in today's world. The replacements, shipped 2nd day, all arrived in perfect condition, so it seems that it was just a fluke the first time. Eddie is a class act all the way, and with his incredible selection and prices, you can't go wrong! I will definitely buy from him again the next time I need fish!
RCBinSWFL has used this retailer 2-3 times. September 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"This is a good deal for all..."
I'm writing a review for my second order from Bluegrass Cichlids. The best reference / referral I can give to any person or business is that I would use them again. The variety and coloration of my new Cichlids is awesome. In 2-3 months, I will be the envy of all my Cichlid friends. Eddie has excelled in providing a quality product, and is outstanding in his customer service skills. A phone call as well as email proves that the customer is not just a number, and Eddie willingly provides assistance in necessary information. Eddie..., I'll be back again.
rx7girl has used this retailer 1 time. September 12, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"What a great selection of fish!"
Eddie is awesome! His stock of fish is amazing if not impressive and he was very very helpful. Would defintally do business with again in the future if more fish were ever needed.
Fozzie4life has used this retailer 2-3 times. September 2, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"You Cant Go Wrong With Eddie!!"
Eddie is one of the best. His fish are excellent quality and i have not seen anyone that has matched his prices. He is very knowledgeable and will try his best to give you what you want. He has a very nice selection of fish. Even with all those positives, i think the best thing about getting fish from Eddie is his customer service. Everytime i have contacted him, he has either gotten to me right away or if he wasnt there, he would call me as soon as he could. I'm sure he is a busy man, but he always makes time for his customers. Dont hesitate buying from Eddie, you will be glad you did!!!
lewis83t has used this retailer 2-3 times. August 23, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Cant beat Eddie...."
Just returned to Bluegrass for the second time. Eddie is very knowledgable and you wont beat his prices, aslo you must try his foods cichlids just cant get enough.
jbennett has used this retailer 1 time. August 18, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Would Use Again Without Hesitation"
Although I'm not sure Eddie would ship to me again :) I'm sure he's convinced that gorillas work for FedX in my neck of the woods.
I ordered from Eddie's mixes. 15 from both the Prestige mix and Peacock.
When the fish arrived they were happy, healthy and hungry. Vivid colors on the prestige mix fish. Peacocks are still in their ugly duckling stage, but I have every expectation they will be just as colorful.
I would definitely use this business again.
If you're looking for a friendly knowledgeable business focused on customer satisfaction, this should be a business you give consideration to.
heavyspeed has used this retailer 2-3 times. August 12, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Clean and easy"
Eddie was kind and knoledgeable. He helped me pick out my the fish I wanted and got me exactly what I asked for. Eddie has made a friend and a customer for life. I ASKED EDDIE TO GET ME BIG FISH. Eddie got me some great size peacocks. And I am getting 10 more exlarge fish next month.

tranetech has used this retailer 10 or more times. January 24, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie is the best"
I'm fortunate enough to live near Eddie and his Bluegrass Cichlid business. He's never hesitated to allow me to come in his home and view the stock. His supply is great and his knowledge is extremely helpfull. I've got a 75 gallon show tank full of Africans all from Eddie. Great article on your last collecting trip!

I can't say enough about Eddie's fish food. If you want a growth rate and color that you wan't believe, then feed your Cichlids his Red Zebra-Stampede.
Great Lakes Tropical has used this retailer 10 or more times. March 30, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great customer service and a Great guy!"
Eddie provides great customer care at Bluegrasscichlids. He provides great quality fish. I am so glad to see people like Eddie in this hobby. Great job!!!!!!!

Eddie, I would like to thank You for the great time we had in Mexico. I really Have a new perspective on centrals and livebearers. If anyone gets a chance to go on one of these trips do it. You won't be disappoited.
dpaslean has used this retailer 1 time. August 2, 2005
Overall Rating: 
I ordered 5 Perlmutts, 6 Socolofi, 6 Acei, 5 Rusties, 5 A. baenschi and all fish are doing fine and I definately would order again!
ben_cichlid has used this retailer 1 time. July 29, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish, and good guy to deal with"
I bought some Albino Eureka red from Eddie at the ACA convention in Ft Worth, TX and the fish were great, females already spawning with my new males...
weeweesue has used this retailer 1 time. July 20, 2005
Overall Rating: 
This was my first time having fish shipped and I was a bit stressed! Eddie was VERY helpful in answering my questions about shipping and answered my e-mail almost immediately. I was very satisified with the quality of the fish I recieved. I even recieved an e-mail to check if they arrived ok!
chriloga has used this retailer 1 time. July 18, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Experience, Great Fish"
Purchased 6 Cobue's, 6 Acei's, and 8 yellow labs. All arrived vibrant and healthy. Been about a month and not one has shown any health issues. Would definately purchase from again.
NateDogg has used this retailer 1 time. July 18, 2005
Overall Rating: 
""wonderful experience""
i am new to keeping cichlids and i bought my first batch from a lfs and everything went wrong with them. I switched them out to get some haps/peacocks and am very satisfied with my fish. eddie helped me get very good selection for very cheap. i can hardly wait to do business again. thanks so much.
hooked8270 has used this retailer 1 time. July 15, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Service, good fish..."
Everything shipped as promissed and was in good health.
mycross3 has used this retailer 1 time. July 14, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great service !!!!"
I ordered some Moba's and Peacocks from Eddie great fish. Eddie was very helpful.
I would recommend him to others.
fw_fw has used this retailer 1 time. July 2, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish, price, and service!"
Bought some Demasoni from Eddie, fish arrived as scheduled and in good shape. Eddie was more than helpful in straightening out a billing error after the sale. He will definitely be at the top of my list the next time I mailorder some cichlids!
Cichlidvarietyiskey has used this retailer 1 time. July 1, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Incredible service for the novice keeper"
I can't say enough great things about eddie at bluegrass cichlids. He called me the same day I placed my order, helped me pick the best fish for my tank and all the fish showed alive, well and healthy. I ordered the "yellow fin", "blue dolphin", "red empress", "fontosa", "baenschi", and "electric blue" all are incredible and the service spectacular and prompt.
Stargazer has used this retailer 1 time. June 30, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Not totally pleased."
After reading all the positive reviews about Blugrass Cichlids, I decided to purchase a dozen Burundi Frontosa here. The eagerly awaited shipment arrived with one Front barely breathing and subsequently dieing shortly. Two more died in the next two days. I contacted Eddie and he agreed to reimburse the cost of the three, which he did, but one more has died since and another may not make it. The rest have all been healthy and eating well, however I doubt that I will purchase from this site again as a 33% loss is too much for me to accept.
pikecichlidman has used this retailer 1 time. June 22, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Superb experience!"
I just received a group of mbuna from Eddie. I ordered 12, he sent 14. There was only one DOA, even though I had them shipped via surface mail (I don't live far from Louisville) which took two days to arrive. They were very well packaged.
The mbuna were feeding and establishing territories within 30 min. of release into the tank.
Eddie's prices are great. The mbuna ended up averaging out to less than $7.00 per fish (shipping and box charge included) which I'm thrilled about considering that I can't find the species locally. Even if I could, they would probably be more expensive and nowhere near as healthy.
I'm planning to purchase some of Eddie's highly-regarded fish food shortly.
In closing, Bluegrass Cichlids is highly recommended to anyone looking for African lake cichlids or great food for them.
jason6591 has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 21, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Very good retailer and great fish"
I ordered 6 species from a long distance away. Every fish arrived alive with no damage. Eddy threw in 5 extra fish, man what a great guy. He even called to check in on my fish. I will only do business with BlueGrass Cichilds.
Tank Girl has used this retailer 1 time. June 8, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Very happy - will definitely buy again!"
I placed my order, then Eddie contacted me for with options for a specific shipping date so I could be available to receive them. The fish were at my door in under 12 hours, very well packed and happy as can be with no fin damage. They acclimated well and were eating later that night. He even threw in an extra N. pulcher, so I am very pleased. He had what I wanted, was very friendly during the transaction, the fish were shipped as promised and what I received are very nice specimens - much higher quality than what I have seen available locally. I will definitely purchase from Eddie again.
greenmonkey51 has used this retailer 1 time. June 8, 2005
Overall Rating: 
I ordered 5 adult peacocks and a Red Empress from eddie and everything was great. All the fish arrived healthy and kicking and after 2 hours in the tank they started eating. I got burned on the first online order I did but this one was great. I will definately order again.
Pilgrim has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 7, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Repeat Customer"
I'm here to tell ya...Eddie will do you right. This is my second purchase from him and both have been great. Quality fish, professionel packing and great customer service. Eddie answered all my questions and my shipments arrived in a timely manner, this last one in 15 hrs. You can't beat the prices...including shipping,probably less than what you would pay at your LFS. I highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids. All I can say is "WOW".
Thank you Eddie. I look forward to doing more bussiness with you in the future.
Addicted_2_Africans has used this retailer 1 time. June 3, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie is the man!"
First time bought fish online, and I am satisfied. Eddie personally called me about my order when he got back from Honduras. He's a great guy to do business with. The shipping added, still is a better deal than your LFS.
jalopeno has used this retailer 1 time. May 25, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"as easy as sunday morning"
this was my first time selecting and purchasing fish online and it was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.

OK, purchasing fish online? This was my virgin deal. So browsing around at all the different suppliers, my main questions were, "does this vendor really have all these fish in stock...are they gonna be miniscule...am i gonna get inferior quality since i can't be there to pick 'em out?"

Then you look at all the reviews on here. "Hmmm...This guy has great reviews, but not the fish I'm looking for". Or "That guys seems just OK but has everything I want, well, at least according to their website." Or "This supplier looks great but wants to put a lien on your home in order to buy a tadpole."

Ok, maybe that's a little overboard. But at some point I found Bluegrass Cichlids and they had a load of fish species at reasonable prices and got them to my door safely.

To show that I am being totally honest here, I did have one DOA - out of 30+ fish! That went 1000+ miles overnight. The remainder of the fish were absolutely incredible. no small fries. Most, if not all, at least two inches long. And while all were in spectacular health, the venustus i received were so striking, it was as if my aquarium became a 'box-o-Malawi' right in my own living room.

Want a place that's responsive from start to finish, has great quality and variety of fish, and at good prices? That's Blu
mtfish has used this retailer 1 time. May 19, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Would buy Again and Again"
Being my first online fish buying experience I looked into lots of place. Bluegrass Cichlids (BC)was the only store that had all the fish I wanted and even answered some questions about species while I was shopping.
After I placed my order at about 3:30pm I went home from work and there was a message from Eddie about a fish I ordered, He didn't have the number in stock that I wanted so he suggested two other species or a refund on the fish he didn't have. I let him sub the fish and was very pleased with his suggestion!
The price was actually cheaper (with shipping included) than if I would have bought the fish locally.
The fish arrived and all were alive, but I lost two shortly after adding them to the tank. All the fish were very active right away, and looked healty. Eddie included some extra fish incase of any fish loss so even with the deaths I still got the amount of fish I paid for.

All the fish are still alive and looking very good. I would tell everyone to shop from Bluegrass Cichlids, it is run in a professional and friendly manner. I would buy from BC again, no questions asked!!!!
jpancake has used this retailer 1 time. May 4, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Very Satisfied Customer"
This was my first experience w/ purchasing fish 'on-line' and I was really pleased with Bluegrass Cichlids. Had the fish I wanted at very fair prices. Fish arrived in fine condition. Everything was good.
snikki has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 2, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome experience!"
Eddie Martin of Bluegrass Cichlids has more than lived up to his reputation! He spoke with me at length over the phone, answering numerous questions and assuring me that I would be pleased with my first purchase of African Cichlids. The following day, I received all of the fish we had discussed. Each and every fish arrived healty and was amazingly colorful. Since their arrival, the fish have adapted marvelously to their new surroundings and all have voracious appetites. I was so pleased with my purchase, that I contacted Eddie after receiving the shipment and sent him photos of my tank! I wanted him to see what a beautiful addition they are to my home. I highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids (and Eddie Martin personally) to assist you with your next purchase of Cichlids and food supplies. I have had an AWESOME experience and will continue to do business with Eddie and Bluegrass Cichlids in the future.
PaulSculley has used this retailer 1 time. April 29, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great person and great fish."
The fish after two days in transit arrived in perfect condition. A very positive experience and a great person to deal with. Will definitely buy from again.
Thanks Eddie.
TheLaw has used this retailer 1 time. April 24, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"what a great person to deal with."
I bought a mix of peacock cichlids. And wow they are great. I will do business with this guy everytime..
jtroxel has used this retailer 1 time. April 23, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish at a great price"
The fish arrived on time and in good condition. The prices are great and quality fabulous. I will definitely order from Eddie again.
Fishmama has used this retailer 1 time. April 18, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Customer's number one in their book!"
I ordered a peacock mix from Eddie and love every one of them! Fish arrived quick and were in great shape. Growing fast and blossoming more everyday. Customer service? WOW! Eddie gives you all the time you need! THAT'S the way to go! Plan on another order coming in soon!
sirfugu has used this retailer 1 time. April 2, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Fast Service + Great Price = Happy hobbyist"
Eddie was very quick to respond to my request and the next morning I had a nice pair of fish swimming in my tank. Great prices at half the price of fish stores. Thanks Eddie
NYcichlids75 has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 26, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Bluegrass Eddie Is All About Quality & Service"
I had never purchased fish on-line before I met Bluegrass Eddie. I was just looking around on line for information on different kinds of fish I could put in a new 75 gallon tank I was setting up and bumped into cichlid-Forum. After reading a bunch of feedback I decided to give Eddie a call and we all know what happens after you speak to Eddie....You Buy Some Cichlids. I was just as skeptical as most first timers but after you speak with Eddie, you quickly realize how knowledgeable he is about cichlids. So after a few emails I purchased my first batch of fish which came exactly as you would hope. All the fish were alive and even had great color to them. So with that said I have just received my third order in the past two months each batch seems to get better and better. I would recommend Bluegrass Cichlids to everyone. Eddie is truly passionate about this hobby and because of him I am now addicted to cichlids.
cichlid_ has used this retailer 1 time. March 23, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great service fast shipping A+"
Orderd fish from Eddie off of aquabid. Very fast responces to emails and good service.
Egroe123456 has used this retailer 1 time. March 21, 2005
Overall Rating: 
Eddie was great. The prices were fantastic and his selection pretty good as well. Overall, I have to say the quality of his fish was the best I have ever seen. I would highly recommend these guys.

Buy some of his homemade food. It smells nasty but the fish love it.
AL Bundy has used this retailer 1 time. March 19, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great "
Eddie is a great guy. and has some really good looking fish. i could have looked at his fish room all day.went in with a list of what i wanted and found fish for less than half the price of LFS.it`s great to have someone here in town that knows what he`s doing.i`ll use Eddie for all my fish.once again great job!

Bruce Brady has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 2, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Couldn't Ask For More"
Eddie is very prompt with his email replies. I always have lots of questions. He is informative and very patient!I get all the information I need. He has provided me with a wonderful selection of healthy cichlids that I am really enjoying. I would highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids to anyone. A great guy who provides a great service.
Abraxos has used this retailer 1 time. March 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great turn around time and delivery"
This was my first time ordering fish online. I read good reviews but was worried anyway. The idea of fish being shipped in a box seemed foreign to me after knowing how delicate they are normally. The fish I ordered however came in great condition and looked far more colorful and healthy than those in the local fish stores.
I also made a mistake and let paypal figure my shipping for me by accident and immediately wrote to the owner to let him know I had underpaid shipping for overnight and he was quite prompt in responding. I paid a bit more by time overnight shipping was added then the local fish store however for the quality and selection it was well worth it. With bulk buying I imagine it would actually come out cheaper. I Highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids and will buy from him again if I ever set up another Cichlid tank.
chris-n-missey has used this retailer 1 time. March 11, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Best of the Best *******"
They just don't get any better that this. Eddie is a super nice guy. Really knows what he is doing. His fish are awesome top quality and prices are great too.
FrankM has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 9, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great guy/experience"
Had the pleasure of working near Louisville and stopping by to meet Eddie and see his operation. Great guy, very knowlegable, and first class operation and stock. My peacocks were aggressively eating 15 minutes after placing them in their tanks. Definitely will be looking to Bluegrass for my future cichlid purchases.
uksnatch has used this retailer 3-10 times. March 9, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Could not ask for more...."
I have purchased a host of items including cichlid salt, food, lace rock, substrate and fish. The quality of everything is worth twice his prices. In addition, he is extremely helpful and willing to satisfy any needs that come along. When it comes to cichlids, I will only buy from Eddie.
steve007 has used this retailer 3-10 times. March 8, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie Knows His Fish!!!"
Dealing with Eddie at Bluegrass Cichlids was a wonderful experience. He truly understands the fish and can tell you more than you ever thought possible about them. His fish are some of the healthiest I have ever seen and I have been a hobbiest for 40+ years. If you want good fish then call Eddie at Blue Grass Cichlids.
redbarron57 has used this retailer 1 time. March 5, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"the verry best selection in town."
I am a local here in the louisville area and have been looking for a good place to purchase fish well thanks to this forum and the reveiws here I found bluegrass cichlids. and BGC is by far the best in my local area. very, very, very good.
fishkeeper118 has used this retailer 1 time. March 4, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish Buying Experience"
I am only 18 years old and still in high school. I got tired of buying fish from places like Petsmart and Petco so I decided to try and purchase some mail order fish. This was my first experience with buying over the internet and I am very pleased. I bought 12 mbuna and all arrived in great condition. I even received to extra fish that must have been stow aways :) Anyway the prices are great and the shipping process was nice and prompt, I am extremely satisfied.
PatrickB has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 1, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie was great in person "
Great guy to work with very friendly, helpful, and most important honest about what he is selling. Thanks EDDIE!
BeefMan has used this retailer 1 time. March 1, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great guy and great fish!"
Extremely knowledgable and patient. Looking forward to doing business again in the near future.
flydude has used this retailer 1 time. February 25, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"NIce to do Business with !!"
I met Eddie at the OCA convention last fall in Strongsville,Ohio.

He sold me very healthy fry at a great price ! It's almost March and they are all doing fine.

I would do business again !
gunville has used this retailer 1 time. February 16, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Quality Fish, with Quality Service"
This was the best fish buying experiance ever. I am so pleased with the fish and service, that I am pratically tongue tied. The fish were healthy and simply top quality which I know I will enjoy for a long long time. I'm going to tell my friends about them, that's for sure. Everyone should not fear buying their fish here.
anthonys51 has used this retailer 1 time. February 15, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"beautiful fish for very cheap price"
I purchased 35 hap/peacock mix. very nice fish, all arived ok.
CLAYTONJP has used this retailer 10 or more times. February 5, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great guy - great service!!!!!!"
I have bought countless fish from Eddie over several years. The latest were a group of Mpimbwe frontosa that are absolutley beautiful and getting along great. Eddie has even called a few times to check on the fish and to tell me of some new arrivals that he knew I would be excited about. Great overall experience. Would gladly recommend him to a beginner or experienced aquarist. If you get a chance to stop in and see his fish room I'd recommend it.
mofast has used this retailer 1 time. February 10, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience "
I live near Lexington and was able to visit Eddie and buy from him at home. He was very friendly and helpful both on the phone and in person. He had a great selection and the price was also very reasonable. I highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids. Dealing with Eddie and buying from him was a great experience.
kickngas has used this retailer 1 time. February 3, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great buying experience"
I have recently gotten back into the hobby and found Eddie by accident....what a nice mistake! I ordered 20 of his Prestige and 15 of his Standard mix. They arrived less than 24 hours later in perfect shape. I have had several phone conversations with him and he is always friendly, knowledgable and eager to help. No question is too elementary for him to answer...Thanks to Eddie, and I will do business with him again
tracer200 has used this retailer 1 time. January 30, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Retailer!"
I recently purchased 16 Peacock Cichlids from Eddie and they are very healthy and very Beautiful. The prices are very good and he has a huge selection of many types of cichlids. Eddie is very courteous, and is also very knowledgeable about cichlids. Better selection than any pet store in lexington, ky.
ObsessedWithFish has used this retailer 1 time. January 25, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great place for fish."
Bought 66 various peacocks and haps with some mbuna. Delivered over night with no casualties. Also noticed about seven extra fish thrown in too. When I setup another tank Eddie is who I will call first. Great stuff.
smstrick20 has used this retailer 1 time. December 31, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"great, great, great"
Site was very nice, and Eddie was very prompt and helpful with the order. Fish are great and will hopefully be placing another order soon.
BillAtIowaCichlids has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 24, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Unbelieveable Price & Quality!"
Thank you SO much Eddie for all the fish and your prompt service! I am thrilled with EVERYTHING I received. (absolutely no D.O.A.'s and the weather was -4 outside!) The quality of fish are unsurpassed and the prices are VERY reasonable. I'm looking forward to my next order! Thanks again Eddie! Bill
mylonkom has used this retailer 1 time. December 20, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"The Book On Customer Service!"
Eddie must have wrote the book on customer service. I drive a truck out of Indianapolis and go through Louisville 2 to 4 times a week, and my boss told me about Bluegrasscichlids. I found it on the web and gave Eddie a call. I told him I am alway going through Louisville, and he suggested I stop by. I arranged to meet him on my next run. I got back to Louisville early and was prepaired to wait, but when I called him at the designated time and toled him I was in town allready he said that was no problem. He said he would be able to leav work early and he would meet me about a mile from his house. He told me a place I could park my truck, he then picked me up and took me to his house. He made me feel like it was no big deal, and I was a customer that had been buying from him for years and puchased thousands of dollars in fish from him. I was only buying a few fish to restock my tank and had a good idea of what I wanted. When I introduced my new fish to my tank I had a sudden oxygen loss in the tank. I called Eddie and he told me what could be going on and remedys for each possiable senario. I got everything fixed and the German red's were collering in less than 48 hours.In the day of the big chains it's nice toknow there are still mom and pop operations that still operate on the principles of the customer comes first no matter what what the price of the service. I plan to set up 4 more in the next year, and all the fish will come from Blugrass cichlids.
d2 has used this retailer 1 time. December 13, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Great Experience w/ Bluegrass"
I live 10 minutes from Eddie and made an appointment to go by and look. I had an excellent time there and Eddie is first rate and loves to share his knowledge and listens to what you have and what will work for an existing tank. I also bought some food, awsome pricing on both fish and food. will definately be a repeat customer.
skinner766 has used this retailer 1 time. December 12, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish!"
I bought 12 afra cobue from Eddie at the OCA Exstravaganza in Strongsville and he gave me a very good deal I got them before the auction at about 9:30am and didn't get them home untill 2:30 pm and didn't lose a one Thanks agin!
skinner766 has used this retailer 1 time. December 12, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish!"
I bought 12 afra cobue from Eddie at the OCA Exstravaganza in Strongsville and he gave me a very good deal I got them before the auction at about 9:30am and didn't get them home untill 2:30 pm and didn't lose aone Thanks agin!
9000rpm has used this retailer 1 time. November 28, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Reasonable cost, Very knowledgable, friendly"
I live about two hours away from Louisville and made an appointment to visit and purchase 75 african cichlids from Bluegrass Cichlids. It was very much worth the drive. Eddie put together a "package" of fish for me that has kept me glued to my tank.He described each fish that he picked out for me. His fish make pet store fish in my area look sick in comparison. My wife was with me when we purchased the fish and she was very much impressed with his stock. I informed Eddied that I was concerned with compatability and he told me what would work and what would not regarding fish selection. I am new to Africans, and my trust in Eddie has paid off greatly. His food is also very reasonably priced. I WILL buy fish again from Bluegrass Cichlids. Thanks Eddie!
FISHBREEDER has used this retailer 1 time. November 21, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Bluegrass Cichlids- Simply The Best Choice"
I'm a breeder of African Cichlids and always searching the web for the best deals and best breeding stock. I found them both at Bluegrass Cichlids.Eddie gave me the service that I was looking for and answered all of my questions with experience that comes with years of handling and raising African Cichlids.He treated me like more than a first time buyer from his website,He treated me like a friend.After placing my order I waited for my fish thinking that this was too good to be true.My fish arrived on time and were professionally packed. The fish were better than I had dreamed and I can't ever remember that happening before. I can't wait to make another order with Bluegrass cichlids.I would highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids and Eddie....Thanks.
OwFish has used this retailer 1 time. November 19, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Couldn't be happier!"
Eddie was great thoughout the whole process. He confirmed my selection for stocking my 55g and made some recommendations for better compatibility in my mostly mbuna tank. His prices are great and I was able to get just what I wanted from the selection of species available. The fish were shipped well, packaged well, and traveled well. I couldn't believe the quality of fish I received. They're all beautiful and healthy. I would definitely recommend BlueGrassCichlids for your next purchase. I will use them again.
doug.brock has used this retailer 1 time. November 18, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"the only place to buy cichlids"
I am new to cichlids. I called Eddie and he talked to me for as long as I wanted to talk. He educated me and guided me through the selection process. I ended up getting a mix of 25 ciclids for my 55 gallon tank. I received the fish over night in a nicely packaged box and only lost one fish. Eddie even through in a couple of extra fish for me at no cost. I will never buy another cichlid from anyone but Bluegrass Cichlids.

Give Eddie a call. You will not regret it!

Thanks Eddie!
billy_kim has used this retailer 1 time. November 17, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"great experience"
I love that I have found a breeder so close to home...fish arrived colorful and active...will definately use eddie again...
racerl1 has used this retailer 1 time. November 10, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"A great source of peacocks and haps!"
This was my first experience buying fish over the internet, and I am completely satisfied. Before I purchased, I had many questions. Although I knew a little about what I wanted, I needed a lot of help in making sure I got the right combination of fish. Eddie gave me a lot of information and advice. He listened to what I was interested in, and he put together a great package of fish for me. Eddie is very helpful and friendly. Everyone arrived alive, and the fish were all very active and happy in less than one hour. There seemed to be no “adjustment” time needed. I am really happy that I found Bluegrass Cichlids. The prices can’t be beat, and Eddie has a very extensive selection of peacocks and haps. If I had gone with another company, I would not have been able to afford an aquarium full of the fish I really wanted. When the time comes to restock my aquarium, I will definitely contact Bluegrass Cichlids again.
yoshukai cichlids has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 7, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Honest and polite ."
I've bought cyps. , multi's, and tiger botia's from Eddie . All a+ . Plus since its about a 45 min. drive I drove up and bugged him for about 2 hrs. Super nice guy !!!
Melinda Nolan has used this retailer 1 time. November 2, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Everything else great, but arrived with Ich"
Everything was a good experience in dealing with Eddie at Bluegrass except I did receive fish with Ich. Being new to the hobby, I don't have a QT so I added the new fish to my existing tank before I new that they had Ich. This endangered my existing fish. I realize that it is possible that the ich was not in its visible form in the suppliers tanks, so I contacted Eddie to let him know about it. He suggested treating with heat and salt to rid the tank of Ich. He also said, "I will not deny that ick isn’t a possibility in my fish room, but if there are any deaths due to this I will, as I always do, refund or credit fish." So, you can feel safe, that if you do have any problems with ich, Eddie will take care of you. The service, speed of shipping and general helpfulness was all very good. After treating with salt and heat, my fish all seem to be healthy and happy.
cichlidsrock has used this retailer 1 time. October 6, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"The "service" in customer service!"
I'd never bought fish online before, but I will again and they'll come from Bluegrass Cichlids. Eddie has a fantastic selection of beautiful, healthy fish, he knows his stuff and really makes you feel like your patronage is important. Responses are prompt and explanations are complete. I'd expected my fish to arrive a little stressed from the shipping process and maybe take a while to settle in, but they were so well-packed that I'm not sure they knew they'd gone anywhere. I put them in and they immediately swam off to inspect the tank for food just like healthy cichlids should. The spirulina flake cost less than one quarter the amount my fish store charges. An all-round positive experience; I have absolutely nothing negative to say except that I spent two hours watching them when I was supposed to be working because I just couldn't get over how great they looked!
awilson4596 has used this retailer 1 time. August 12, 2004
Overall Rating: 
""Bluegrass is a dream come true""
I found in 10minutes, what I've been looking for years in my local fish stores and trade shows. Eddie was very patient, and answered in detail ever question and concern i had. After i placed my order, my fish where on my doorstep withing a day, healthier then any fish I've bought elsewhere. I wont buy fish from anyone other then Eddie again. Thanks Bluegrass for a wonderful experiance.
llamarottweiler has used this retailer 1 time. July 30, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent Service, Excellent Fish"
This was my first time using Bluegrass Cichlids and I found it to be a great experience. Eddie was very helpful and knowledgeable. Furthermore, he delivered quickly and the stock was excellent. I have spent hundreds of dollars already and will continue to do so. Thanks Bluegrass Cichlids!
DavidsFish has used this retailer 1 time. July 29, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"I am lucky to have discovered Bluegrass!!!!"
Great value, wonderful service and professional help..... hard to beat. Eddie is the definition of a true profesional. If all who dealt online could met his standard ordering online would be a great deal easier. There is no question, if I need fish, food, or help, I will be back to Bluegrass.

Thanks Eddie you have been a blessing!!!!
Tuckernotis has used this retailer 1 time. June 8, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Flake, pellet food and buffer"
I found Bluegrass on Ebay too. I was a newbie, still am I guess, and Eddie was very patient and informative. He made up some buffer for me based on my tap parameters and even sent some pellet and flake food. The fishes love the food and their colors have improved greatly. I need more now and that reminded me to share my experience.
rfreddy321 has used this retailer 1 time. June 1, 2004
Overall Rating: 
I had seen the site on Ebay and Aquabid. I was looking for a specific variety of cichlids. Bluegrass worked with me over a couple of weeks to get the particular fish from his stock that he had. The 50+ fish arrived with only one that later died. The owner worked with me and answered all of my questions. He is very friendly and easy to work with. WHAT A GREAT COMPANY!!!. Thanks again Eddie.
cooper92 has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 3, 2007
Overall Rating: 
I am still smiling just looking at the last order of fish eddie sent me.The quality, size and prices are unmatched, not to mention the awesome customer service.I promise when you buy from bluegrass cichlids you will be a lifelong customer.
jeffrey_shaw has used this retailer 3-10 times. April 16, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Eddie treats customers the way every business should."
What a great experience!!! During my 27 years in Law Enforcement, I have had the opportunity to meet and deal with many people. On rare occasions do you ever experience the joy and trust as you do with Eddie. Not only was he pleasant but went out of his way to assist a newcomer to the Cichlid hobby. I look forward to not only to doing business with Eddie, but meeting him someday. I can sum up my wonderful experience with three words, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty.
Berson2003 has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 12, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Great Service"
Bluegrass Cichlids has great cichlids at unbeatable prices.
JDCICH has used this retailer 1 time. March 31, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Good prices and service."
Set up a new 75G tank starting from scratch. Purchased all the fish from Eddie at Bluegrass at the same time. Fish arrived in good shape in less the 24 hrs. Eddie called that day to see if shipment went through ok. Thats good customer service. Also good prices, nice fish and Eddie is nice guy to business with.
Would definitely recommend.
swampgas has used this retailer 10 or more times. March 27, 2004
Overall Rating: 
I am an avid cichlid fan, and regularly shop the internet for fish, and I've located a cichlid candy store HERE! Not only is the owner extremely honest, patient, and genuinely concerned about getting fish to you alive, his prices are LOW!! I've ordered from all the big name dealers, but why pay TWICE as much when you can order from EDDIE!! The quality of the fish he handles is unbelievable. Don't be scared of a $500 order tomorrow!!!
brandelk has used this retailer 3-10 times. March 25, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Fantastic and unique fish. Pleasure to deal with!"
I have bought wild and tank raised. The fish I have recieved have been healthy and impressive. Little to no loses. A wonderful package of "bread and butter cichlids" for wholesalers. I have ordered many times and will order many more. If your a cichlidhead Eddie is your man!
carlos_pi has used this retailer 1 time. March 7, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"A+ service and livestock"
Eddie is A+. Bought yellow calvus, congo black calvus, and a golden nugget pleco. Friendly and fast service, A+ quality cichlids...highly recommended.
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