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Retailer Reviews
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RetailersMail-Order FishUSKY Bluegrass Aquatics
Bluegrass Aquatics
City, State: Louisville, KY
ZIP: 40299
Web site: Click here
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ObsessedWithFish has used this retailer 1 time. January 25, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great place for fish."
Bought 66 various peacocks and haps with some mbuna. Delivered over night with no casualties. Also noticed about seven extra fish thrown in too. When I setup another tank Eddie is who I will call first. Great stuff.
smstrick20 has used this retailer 1 time. December 31, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"great, great, great"
Site was very nice, and Eddie was very prompt and helpful with the order. Fish are great and will hopefully be placing another order soon.
BillAtIowaCichlids has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 24, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Unbelieveable Price & Quality!"
Thank you SO much Eddie for all the fish and your prompt service! I am thrilled with EVERYTHING I received. (absolutely no D.O.A.'s and the weather was -4 outside!) The quality of fish are unsurpassed and the prices are VERY reasonable. I'm looking forward to my next order! Thanks again Eddie! Bill
mylonkom has used this retailer 1 time. December 20, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"The Book On Customer Service!"
Eddie must have wrote the book on customer service. I drive a truck out of Indianapolis and go through Louisville 2 to 4 times a week, and my boss told me about Bluegrasscichlids. I found it on the web and gave Eddie a call. I told him I am alway going through Louisville, and he suggested I stop by. I arranged to meet him on my next run. I got back to Louisville early and was prepaired to wait, but when I called him at the designated time and toled him I was in town allready he said that was no problem. He said he would be able to leav work early and he would meet me about a mile from his house. He told me a place I could park my truck, he then picked me up and took me to his house. He made me feel like it was no big deal, and I was a customer that had been buying from him for years and puchased thousands of dollars in fish from him. I was only buying a few fish to restock my tank and had a good idea of what I wanted. When I introduced my new fish to my tank I had a sudden oxygen loss in the tank. I called Eddie and he told me what could be going on and remedys for each possiable senario. I got everything fixed and the German red's were collering in less than 48 hours.In the day of the big chains it's nice toknow there are still mom and pop operations that still operate on the principles of the customer comes first no matter what what the price of the service. I plan to set up 4 more in the next year, and all the fish will come from Blugrass cichlids.
d2 has used this retailer 1 time. December 13, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Great Experience w/ Bluegrass"
I live 10 minutes from Eddie and made an appointment to go by and look. I had an excellent time there and Eddie is first rate and loves to share his knowledge and listens to what you have and what will work for an existing tank. I also bought some food, awsome pricing on both fish and food. will definately be a repeat customer.
skinner766 has used this retailer 1 time. December 12, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish!"
I bought 12 afra cobue from Eddie at the OCA Exstravaganza in Strongsville and he gave me a very good deal I got them before the auction at about 9:30am and didn't get them home untill 2:30 pm and didn't lose a one Thanks agin!
skinner766 has used this retailer 1 time. December 12, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish!"
I bought 12 afra cobue from Eddie at the OCA Exstravaganza in Strongsville and he gave me a very good deal I got them before the auction at about 9:30am and didn't get them home untill 2:30 pm and didn't lose aone Thanks agin!
9000rpm has used this retailer 1 time. November 28, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Reasonable cost, Very knowledgable, friendly"
I live about two hours away from Louisville and made an appointment to visit and purchase 75 african cichlids from Bluegrass Cichlids. It was very much worth the drive. Eddie put together a "package" of fish for me that has kept me glued to my tank.He described each fish that he picked out for me. His fish make pet store fish in my area look sick in comparison. My wife was with me when we purchased the fish and she was very much impressed with his stock. I informed Eddied that I was concerned with compatability and he told me what would work and what would not regarding fish selection. I am new to Africans, and my trust in Eddie has paid off greatly. His food is also very reasonably priced. I WILL buy fish again from Bluegrass Cichlids. Thanks Eddie!
FISHBREEDER has used this retailer 1 time. November 21, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Bluegrass Cichlids- Simply The Best Choice"
I'm a breeder of African Cichlids and always searching the web for the best deals and best breeding stock. I found them both at Bluegrass Cichlids.Eddie gave me the service that I was looking for and answered all of my questions with experience that comes with years of handling and raising African Cichlids.He treated me like more than a first time buyer from his website,He treated me like a friend.After placing my order I waited for my fish thinking that this was too good to be true.My fish arrived on time and were professionally packed. The fish were better than I had dreamed and I can't ever remember that happening before. I can't wait to make another order with Bluegrass cichlids.I would highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids and Eddie....Thanks.
OwFish has used this retailer 1 time. November 19, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Couldn't be happier!"
Eddie was great thoughout the whole process. He confirmed my selection for stocking my 55g and made some recommendations for better compatibility in my mostly mbuna tank. His prices are great and I was able to get just what I wanted from the selection of species available. The fish were shipped well, packaged well, and traveled well. I couldn't believe the quality of fish I received. They're all beautiful and healthy. I would definitely recommend BlueGrassCichlids for your next purchase. I will use them again.
doug.brock has used this retailer 1 time. November 18, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"the only place to buy cichlids"
I am new to cichlids. I called Eddie and he talked to me for as long as I wanted to talk. He educated me and guided me through the selection process. I ended up getting a mix of 25 ciclids for my 55 gallon tank. I received the fish over night in a nicely packaged box and only lost one fish. Eddie even through in a couple of extra fish for me at no cost. I will never buy another cichlid from anyone but Bluegrass Cichlids.

Give Eddie a call. You will not regret it!

Thanks Eddie!
billy_kim has used this retailer 1 time. November 17, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"great experience"
I love that I have found a breeder so close to home...fish arrived colorful and active...will definately use eddie again...
racerl1 has used this retailer 1 time. November 10, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"A great source of peacocks and haps!"
This was my first experience buying fish over the internet, and I am completely satisfied. Before I purchased, I had many questions. Although I knew a little about what I wanted, I needed a lot of help in making sure I got the right combination of fish. Eddie gave me a lot of information and advice. He listened to what I was interested in, and he put together a great package of fish for me. Eddie is very helpful and friendly. Everyone arrived alive, and the fish were all very active and happy in less than one hour. There seemed to be no “adjustment” time needed. I am really happy that I found Bluegrass Cichlids. The prices can’t be beat, and Eddie has a very extensive selection of peacocks and haps. If I had gone with another company, I would not have been able to afford an aquarium full of the fish I really wanted. When the time comes to restock my aquarium, I will definitely contact Bluegrass Cichlids again.
yoshukai cichlids has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 7, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Honest and polite ."
I've bought cyps. , multi's, and tiger botia's from Eddie . All a+ . Plus since its about a 45 min. drive I drove up and bugged him for about 2 hrs. Super nice guy !!!
Melinda Nolan has used this retailer 1 time. November 2, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Everything else great, but arrived with Ich"
Everything was a good experience in dealing with Eddie at Bluegrass except I did receive fish with Ich. Being new to the hobby, I don't have a QT so I added the new fish to my existing tank before I new that they had Ich. This endangered my existing fish. I realize that it is possible that the ich was not in its visible form in the suppliers tanks, so I contacted Eddie to let him know about it. He suggested treating with heat and salt to rid the tank of Ich. He also said, "I will not deny that ick isn’t a possibility in my fish room, but if there are any deaths due to this I will, as I always do, refund or credit fish." So, you can feel safe, that if you do have any problems with ich, Eddie will take care of you. The service, speed of shipping and general helpfulness was all very good. After treating with salt and heat, my fish all seem to be healthy and happy.
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