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Retailer Reviews
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RetailersMail-Order FishUSKY Bluegrass Aquatics
Bluegrass Aquatics
City, State: Louisville, KY
ZIP: 40299
Web site: Click here
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jalopeno has used this retailer 1 time. May 25, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"as easy as sunday morning"
this was my first time selecting and purchasing fish online and it was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.

OK, purchasing fish online? This was my virgin deal. So browsing around at all the different suppliers, my main questions were, "does this vendor really have all these fish in stock...are they gonna be miniscule...am i gonna get inferior quality since i can't be there to pick 'em out?"

Then you look at all the reviews on here. "Hmmm...This guy has great reviews, but not the fish I'm looking for". Or "That guys seems just OK but has everything I want, well, at least according to their website." Or "This supplier looks great but wants to put a lien on your home in order to buy a tadpole."

Ok, maybe that's a little overboard. But at some point I found Bluegrass Cichlids and they had a load of fish species at reasonable prices and got them to my door safely.

To show that I am being totally honest here, I did have one DOA - out of 30+ fish! That went 1000+ miles overnight. The remainder of the fish were absolutely incredible. no small fries. Most, if not all, at least two inches long. And while all were in spectacular health, the venustus i received were so striking, it was as if my aquarium became a 'box-o-Malawi' right in my own living room.

Want a place that's responsive from start to finish, has great quality and variety of fish, and at good prices? That's Blu
mtfish has used this retailer 1 time. May 19, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Would buy Again and Again"
Being my first online fish buying experience I looked into lots of place. Bluegrass Cichlids (BC)was the only store that had all the fish I wanted and even answered some questions about species while I was shopping.
After I placed my order at about 3:30pm I went home from work and there was a message from Eddie about a fish I ordered, He didn't have the number in stock that I wanted so he suggested two other species or a refund on the fish he didn't have. I let him sub the fish and was very pleased with his suggestion!
The price was actually cheaper (with shipping included) than if I would have bought the fish locally.
The fish arrived and all were alive, but I lost two shortly after adding them to the tank. All the fish were very active right away, and looked healty. Eddie included some extra fish incase of any fish loss so even with the deaths I still got the amount of fish I paid for.

All the fish are still alive and looking very good. I would tell everyone to shop from Bluegrass Cichlids, it is run in a professional and friendly manner. I would buy from BC again, no questions asked!!!!
jpancake has used this retailer 1 time. May 4, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Very Satisfied Customer"
This was my first experience w/ purchasing fish 'on-line' and I was really pleased with Bluegrass Cichlids. Had the fish I wanted at very fair prices. Fish arrived in fine condition. Everything was good.
snikki has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 2, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome experience!"
Eddie Martin of Bluegrass Cichlids has more than lived up to his reputation! He spoke with me at length over the phone, answering numerous questions and assuring me that I would be pleased with my first purchase of African Cichlids. The following day, I received all of the fish we had discussed. Each and every fish arrived healty and was amazingly colorful. Since their arrival, the fish have adapted marvelously to their new surroundings and all have voracious appetites. I was so pleased with my purchase, that I contacted Eddie after receiving the shipment and sent him photos of my tank! I wanted him to see what a beautiful addition they are to my home. I highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids (and Eddie Martin personally) to assist you with your next purchase of Cichlids and food supplies. I have had an AWESOME experience and will continue to do business with Eddie and Bluegrass Cichlids in the future.
PaulSculley has used this retailer 1 time. April 29, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great person and great fish."
The fish after two days in transit arrived in perfect condition. A very positive experience and a great person to deal with. Will definitely buy from again.
Thanks Eddie.
TheLaw has used this retailer 1 time. April 24, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"what a great person to deal with."
I bought a mix of peacock cichlids. And wow they are great. I will do business with this guy everytime..
jtroxel has used this retailer 1 time. April 23, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish at a great price"
The fish arrived on time and in good condition. The prices are great and quality fabulous. I will definitely order from Eddie again.
Fishmama has used this retailer 1 time. April 18, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Customer's number one in their book!"
I ordered a peacock mix from Eddie and love every one of them! Fish arrived quick and were in great shape. Growing fast and blossoming more everyday. Customer service? WOW! Eddie gives you all the time you need! THAT'S the way to go! Plan on another order coming in soon!
sirfugu has used this retailer 1 time. April 2, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Fast Service + Great Price = Happy hobbyist"
Eddie was very quick to respond to my request and the next morning I had a nice pair of fish swimming in my tank. Great prices at half the price of fish stores. Thanks Eddie
NYcichlids75 has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 26, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Bluegrass Eddie Is All About Quality & Service"
I had never purchased fish on-line before I met Bluegrass Eddie. I was just looking around on line for information on different kinds of fish I could put in a new 75 gallon tank I was setting up and bumped into cichlid-Forum. After reading a bunch of feedback I decided to give Eddie a call and we all know what happens after you speak to Eddie....You Buy Some Cichlids. I was just as skeptical as most first timers but after you speak with Eddie, you quickly realize how knowledgeable he is about cichlids. So after a few emails I purchased my first batch of fish which came exactly as you would hope. All the fish were alive and even had great color to them. So with that said I have just received my third order in the past two months each batch seems to get better and better. I would recommend Bluegrass Cichlids to everyone. Eddie is truly passionate about this hobby and because of him I am now addicted to cichlids.
cichlid_ has used this retailer 1 time. March 23, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great service fast shipping A+"
Orderd fish from Eddie off of aquabid. Very fast responces to emails and good service.
Egroe123456 has used this retailer 1 time. March 21, 2005
Overall Rating: 
Eddie was great. The prices were fantastic and his selection pretty good as well. Overall, I have to say the quality of his fish was the best I have ever seen. I would highly recommend these guys.

Buy some of his homemade food. It smells nasty but the fish love it.
AL Bundy has used this retailer 1 time. March 19, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great "
Eddie is a great guy. and has some really good looking fish. i could have looked at his fish room all day.went in with a list of what i wanted and found fish for less than half the price of LFS.it`s great to have someone here in town that knows what he`s doing.i`ll use Eddie for all my fish.once again great job!

Bruce Brady has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 2, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Couldn't Ask For More"
Eddie is very prompt with his email replies. I always have lots of questions. He is informative and very patient!I get all the information I need. He has provided me with a wonderful selection of healthy cichlids that I am really enjoying. I would highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids to anyone. A great guy who provides a great service.
Abraxos has used this retailer 1 time. March 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great turn around time and delivery"
This was my first time ordering fish online. I read good reviews but was worried anyway. The idea of fish being shipped in a box seemed foreign to me after knowing how delicate they are normally. The fish I ordered however came in great condition and looked far more colorful and healthy than those in the local fish stores.
I also made a mistake and let paypal figure my shipping for me by accident and immediately wrote to the owner to let him know I had underpaid shipping for overnight and he was quite prompt in responding. I paid a bit more by time overnight shipping was added then the local fish store however for the quality and selection it was well worth it. With bulk buying I imagine it would actually come out cheaper. I Highly recommend Bluegrass Cichlids and will buy from him again if I ever set up another Cichlid tank.
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