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RetailersMail-Order FishUSKY Bluegrass Aquatics
Bluegrass Aquatics
City, State: Louisville, KY
ZIP: 40299
Web site: Click here
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seanblack has used this retailer 1 time. September 18, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent source"
I drove 6 hours round trip to purchase Cichilds from Eddie. It was well worth it. I am new to Cichlids and Eddie was very helpful in stocking my 135 tank. I purchased 54 fish and all are still alive. I will definitely be back. The selection was excellent and price was very fair. I could not be happier.
willyt has used this retailer 1 time. August 24, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"More appropriately, "Done Right Cichlids""
Eddy returned all e-mails and phone calls. I can't remember a smoother transaction, even with the anxiety of ordering fish over the internet and FedX delivery. I ordered the Prestige Mix and the Hap/ Peacock mix, 30 fish total. Next day at 1:13 Fedx rolled up and I was smiling in anticipation. No casualties. I wasn't planning on feeding them that day but they were so active and obviously looking for food, I gave in to their wigglin' glances thru the glass. None were hiding and mbuna's color was excellant. I would't hesitate to recommend to a friend. I recieved 30+ (paid for 30)healthy fish without casualties, enough said. Thanks, Eddie. It was a pleasure. God Blessed Blue Grass Cichlids.
maunger has used this retailer 1 time. August 2, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great Experience buying from bluegrass"
We are managing a 125 gal cichlid aquarium for our elementary school - we've had good luck buying from our local retailer but decided this summer we wanted to add a bunch of fish - i'd emailed Eddie a couple of times last year and went to his site the other day when we were thinking about what to do. We decided that even with the shipping costs, we could easily get 20-25 fish to add and still save money.

Eddie was extremely helpful both in email and on the phone! Our fish arrived quickly without a single loss. We were pleasantly surprised to find a few more in the box as well!

The children will be very excited to see all the new colors and types of fish running around the aquarium when they come back to school.

Would definately use bluegrasscichlids.com again!
lord_zodiac has used this retailer 2-3 times. July 19, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"stick with eddie !"
if you have concerns about buying online I don't blame you. but eddie made it a breeze.
I had other contacts that seemed too busy to wanna deal with a guy that only wanted to buy a few fish.
well.....i ended up buying 18, and my son will be buying from him and my friends will prob do so as well.
ATTN:you want great service
and a fair price on quality fish.
stick with bluegrass cichlids
stick with eddie.
Jhenyre has used this retailer 1 time. July 16, 2006
Overall Rating: 
I just ordered 10 small moba frontosa from him. Very helpful and prompt. Fast shipping and the fish look great. Will definately order from him again.
Nankumar Samaroo has used this retailer 1 time. July 15, 2006
Overall Rating: 
I am a biggner of the CICHLID HOBBY. I have pick out about 40 cichlids for my 90 gal tank. I have fax over my list to Eddie and he was kind enough to look over my list and picked ouy at 25 fishes that will be suitable for my tank.Eddie always answered or returned his phone calls whenever you called him for questions or inquires about his products. His prices is great and his service is excellent. I will always do my shopping from Eddie at Bluegrass Cichlid.Thank you for your service and friendliness.
eyeguy05 has used this retailer 1 time. July 13, 2006
Overall Rating: 
thanks so much great looking fish and awesome prices.look foward to doing business with again in the future...
gresham68 has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 29, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"great stock and customer service"
Eddie gives great advice and solid customer service. The fish were healthy for the most part and looked very good. The prices and the variety of inventory are hands-down the best around.
Awugod has used this retailer 1 time. June 25, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"One stop shop for cichlids - Great Service"
I recently ordered 20 mbuna from Eddie and due to the high cost of overnight delivery I opted for FedEx 2nd day. Eddie called to verify my order and talk a little about the shipping. I had put in the comments on my order that I would rather pick up the fish at my local FedEx rather than have them sit in a hot delivery truck all day until they got to me. Eddie said that this is actually the best way to do 2nd day delivery. I ordered the fish late Monday night, and actually thought it would be best to wait until the next Monday to ship, but Eddie said if he ships 2nd day it usually gets there by Thursday, Friday at the latest. I told him that I was really in no rush, and that if he could fit my order in to the rest that he had to ship that day, then that would be great, if not I was willing to wait until Monday.

Eddie shipped them that Tuesday night and I went to pick them up at 10:00 AM Thursday morning. When I got the home I anxiuosly unpacked them and began to float them in my tank to equalize temp. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the fish made it okay despite the almost 48 hours in transit. Eddie also added 4 or 5 extra to my order for free. Almost 4 days later and all fish are doing great and starting to show some good color after getting settled in. The next time I need to buy some more cichlids or anyone is looking to buy cichlids, I am going to Bluegrass Cichlids. This was the best online fish transaction I have ever experienced.
koilover has used this retailer 1 time. June 23, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Service Above and Beyond Despite FedEx FUBAR"
Eddie rocks! (FedEx...not so much)

I chose Bluegrass for my first purchase of mbunas based on the reviews from this forum, as well as his breadth of available species and excellent prices. Most importantly, however, I chose Bluegrass because of the pre-sales customer service I received from Eddie.

I talked to several online dealers, and received very acceptable service, but Eddie went far beyond them all with the extra time he spent on the phone.

I ordered overnight delivery, but FedEx had a plane break down. I don't blame FedEx for their breakdown ("stuff happens"), but their customer service was horrible. I don't expect them to reroute planes for my little shipment of fish, but I do expect them to at least be honest about the bad news, "The best we can do is get it to you in another day," instead of repeated overpromising and (literally) not deliverying on their promises.

Through it all, Eddie more than rose to the occassion with moral support, advice on extra care for the fish once they arrived, frequent calls to FedEx, and compensation for my losses and the shipping costs (he gave me a choice of reimbursement on this order or discounts on my next order, and I was so pleased by his support that I'll use the discount for my next order with him).

P.S. I finally got my fish two days later with only minimal losses (HATS OFF to Eddie's preparation and packing practices!).
ophelia has used this retailer 1 time. June 14, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Could not ask for more!"
I am new to the cichlid hobby. So, you can imagine how concerned I was with 'ordering' fish online! No need to worry when Eddie, at Bluegrass Cichlids, is watching out for you. Being the newbie I am, I must have called him a dozen times with a million questions. He not only answered all my questions, but very promptly returned EVERY PHONE CALL! That is unheard of these days. Have you tried to call your 'bank' lately? LOL Seriously, I got beautiful fish at an unbelievable price. And you can tell he takes his time with packing your little fishies. Mine were shipped FedEx ground and Eddie made sure that they were kept cool and had plenty of room to move around. They were, ALL 17, in excellent condition. Eddie also carries a wide selection of cichlids. There is no 'guessing' what you got? Great pricing, quality and availability; super friendly service and expert shipping...what else could you ask for? I will be doing all my shopping from Eddie, at Bluegrass Cichlids! Thanks so much!
crazyforfish has used this retailer 1 time. June 9, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Top Quality service from Bluegrass Cichlids!"
I have never bought fish online before and researched the different sites and found Bluegrass cichlids to have the most variety and best prices on the internet. I could buy cichlids cheaper from any pet store and that included the shipping! Eddie even threw in extra fish. I will definitely purchase again from Bluegrass cichlids! Very prompt and courteous service. All fish arrived safely with the exception of one. I would have liked to see them in sparate bags of maybe 2 or 3 fish per bag instead of all 15 in one big bag but overall it was a great experience. I only had one casualty out of 15!
mitch91175 has used this retailer 1 time. May 17, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Cannot go wrong using Bluegrass Cichlids!!!!"
This was my first time dealing with Bluegrass Cichlids, and let me tell you this will not be the last. Eddie was dead on with his referral to getting his standard and prestige packages of Cichlids. The color of the CIchlids is simply amazing. My girlfriend was trying to choose her favorite, but she changed her mind like 37 times (the number of fish I purchased). THe CIchlids arrived on time and 100% alive.

I would highly recommend if you are purchasing Cichlids to consider Blue Grass Cichlids. My LFS's stock did not even come close to the variety I got from Blue Grass Cichlids.

When first querying about what would be best for a beginner, Eddie was prompt in his responses both before and after the purchase. CUstomer service like this will always win, hands down.
AgentEagle has used this retailer 3-10 times. April 23, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"The Best Prices and Selection"
I live close to Eddie and get to pick up my fish and food. Eddie has the cleanest tanks and healthest fish I seen. He has the largest selection in North America. Why don't you buy fish at walmart? cheap price but not healthy fish. Just look at their tanks! Eddie have the cleanest tanks I seen. All his fish are healthy. If he doen't have a healthy fish it beomes a feeder for one of his super large fish. It's not shipped to you. He could charge alot more for his cichlids but the are great prices. Eddie even goes collecting and has several F1 cichlids. Try out his food as they bring out the colors well on all my malawi mbuna's. Just look at his selection and he even has ones not listed on the website so if your looking for somthing else ask him if he has it or can get it. I will not go anywhere else.
jwilliams76 has used this retailer 2-3 times. September 6, 2006
Overall Rating: 
Eddie, was very helpful with me. He explained exactly what I needed. Responded very promptly to messages. I got the fish the next morning. The prices are better than anywhere you would ever find. I WILL PURCHASE ALL OF MY AQUATIC NEEDS FROM BLUEGRASS CICHLIDS...
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