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Retailer Reviews
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RetailersMail-Order FishUSKY Bluegrass Aquatics
Bluegrass Aquatics
City, State: Louisville, KY
ZIP: 40299
Web site: Click here
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ahwku08 has used this retailer 1 time. November 27, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Glad I made the drive"
I drove from Bowling Green, Ky a few month's ago to Eddie's house to pick up a few fish from him. Overall I was extremely, satisfied and also impressed with his stock. He is extremely knowledgeable about South and Central American cichlids. All of my fish are doing great and haven't had any problem with them. I look forward to making yet another trip definitely after his next trip come May. He works out of his home, and was very nice and appreciative considering 2 college students invaded his basement later in the day. Thank you to him for the amazing service and everyone should definitely look into visiting him some time.

-Adam Heugel
boykin has used this retailer 1 time. November 26, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"very satisfied"
i was very satisfied with the selection. Eddie was very knowledgeable and he was able to get exactly what i wanted,although; i didn't know the exact scientific names. thanks and so far all fish are happy and health after the 5hr drive will def shop again prob wont drive though.... awesome strongly recommend
AfriCarman has used this retailer 1 time. November 26, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"It made me want another tank."
With the large selection he had in stock it made me want another 125 gallon tank. A freind and I drove 3 hours from Nashville, TN to check out the set up. It was well worth the drive, but next time I will probably get him to ship them due to gas.
goose8651 has used this retailer 1 time. December 12, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Go with Daves Rare Fish NOT BLUEGRASS!"
Update: I wrote this review a couple weeks ago regarding poor service with getting in contact with him. He was very offended that I posted this review, but it was the truth. he NEVER got in contact with me by phone and was hard by email.
I just bought some fish at Dave's Rare fish. By far the best person I have delt with. He answers his phone, answers his emails, and he tells you the truth. He also has hard to find fish at excellent prices.
I will always do business with Dave from now on, NEVER FROM BLUEGRASS. Save the time and purchase fish from someone who will treat you right.
bassman57 has used this retailer 1 time. November 20, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish"
I spoke to Eddie on the phone about ordering fish, and he allowed me to go to his fish farm in FL to pick up my fish instead of having them shipped. Very friendly and he really values the customer.

I ordered some Rusties and some yellow labs. They are stunning. I will definatley do business with him again if I need to.
coolkal has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 16, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Healthy, colorful fish and lots of variety"
Visited Eddie for the second time and got lots of new fish. He has many varieties of Cichlids and the prices are cheap considering the color and healthiness of the fish he has available. The fish I got the first time are thriving and have bred several times and the babies are doing fine too. Thats why I returned to Eddie to get some more fish.

He has several varieties of Frentosas as well. I would recommend Blue Grass Cichlids who want healthy fish for a very reasonable price and friendly service too.

Oh, you should try the fish food too. My fish go crazy when i feed Eddie's fish food and the colors have improved significantly too.

Try this store, you wont be disappointed!
cylindricsman has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 6, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Feeders Supply Dixie hwy louisville Ky"
I am amazed by how fast everything is coloring up i have had no loss of fish and has a good selection i will be back time and time again
smsaks2000 has used this retailer 2-3 times. October 30, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Just plain excellent!!!"
I called Eddie for some fish today and happened to catch him while he was at work. He drove home during his lunch so I could pick the fish I wanted. Awesome service. I have bought from Eddie before and have always gotten beautiful fish. I will buy from him again and have always recommended him to others looking for Africans.
ki6dy has used this retailer 1 time. October 27, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"100% Guarantee Honored"
I decided to try BlueGrass after getting frustrated with the price and availibilty of Frontosas locally. I ordered 7 Burundi from Eddie, scheduled for overnight Fedex delivery. I received my fish the next day at approximately 1:45 PM. Much to my dismay none of them survived, they where packaged in indvidual bags but it appears they died due to excessive heat from the heat pack. Called Eddie, told him what had happened. He said that he had debated using the heatpack and that was the most likely cause of death.

Here's the great part, no problem, another shipment was on the way.

Eddie suggested that for the next shipment I pick up at the local Fedex office as the trip on a unheated/non-air conditioned truck is often the worst part of the trip for the fish. I did this.

For this shipment the fish were a bit larger and all packaged in one bag without a heat pack. Floated them for about 25 minutes, put them in the tank, turned off the lights and went back to work.

Came home to find 8 fish (he gave me an extra one) in good shape.

Moral of the story; mistakes can happen, but if your willing to pay for overnight shipment, you receive, if needed, an assurance that you will get what you ordered alive. Eddie honors his word and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

Be smart and ship overnight.
dmun has used this retailer 1 time. October 26, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Please consider this alternative to stores"
Eddie you're the best! I write this as a Philadelphia African cichlid hobbyist who has always dealt with area stores for livestock and I can now confidently say that there is no comparison. Eddie at Bluegrass would be anyone's greatest advocate with regard to assistance, knowledge and product. My order included an assortment that I asked Eddie to assemble and he gave me a tankful of splendid peacocks, haps and catfish that no area store could match. I've had prior purchases in excess of $100 worth of fish from local stores that did not live through the night in my environmentally sound set ups. Eddie countered my suggestion of overnight delivery assuring me that 2 day would be fine (an effort to save me excessive cost). I received the package of 23 specimens (exceeding my original order) and as I write this, each and every beautiful creature peers over my shoulder in the tank behind me, as hardy as anyone could ever imagine. His expert packaging and care to the contents' well-being was obvious as I opened the package, admittedly scared to death. Finally, for a guy that receives endless emails and voicemail messages, his availability, interest and concern displayed during my phone conversations tells me that this is a guy that's all about his clientele. And I'm not a retailer or someone spending a grand on an order. One last note, Eddie; my wife is very impressed. And believe me, that's not easy to do.
GoofBoy has used this retailer 1 time. March 20, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Questionable option to the crappy stores in Phoenix"
I was pleased with the service and Eddie sending more fish than ordered, everything arrived in great condition, BUT - a big BUT - the yellow Labs he sent were (after a time) very much hybrids and the Afra Cobues were not all Cobues maybe it was a a male Jalo or such that was included and definitely looked and ended up very different and dominant.

The service was great - the quality of the fish - not so much.
bovsbaitboxes has used this retailer 1 time. October 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"thanks for the help"
helped me out alot met my friend that was on vacation and lost. good guy great fish thanks again for the help John
Paul_DLS has used this retailer 1 time. October 19, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Not Impressed"
Ordered 15 fish and had them shipped via Fed-Ex 2nd day. The 3 cats arrived fine, the 12 Mbuna (Rusty & Acei) were bagged together and arrived in very poor shape with 3 DoA and a lot of fin damage to many of the rest. Water temp on arrival was 70 and no heat packs were included. Email to Eddie has gone unanswered.
aquaduke has used this retailer 1 time. October 16, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great quality stock and best prices "
I was very impressed with the quality and size of the fish that I ordered. After doing considerable research, I also learned that they had the price prices and lowest shipping costs.
Bill Paul has used this retailer 1 time. October 14, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"I love my new tank!"
I live just across the bridge from Eddie in Indiana and was fortunate to be able to pick up my fish in person. He's got a first class operation going on, VERY impressive. This is my first Cichid tank and Eddie was extremely helpful.I told him what I wanted and let him do the picking and choosing (although I had my wife and daughter with me and they did have a few request) I ended up with a awesome mix of Mbuna's, two Gold nugget Plecos and a trio of Petricola cats. I also ended up with a beautiful tank. Incredible selection, great service and more knowledge than you would ever be able to squeeze out of the head of the kid at your local pet shop. When I look at the tank I'm almost hypnotized, Thanks Eddie!
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