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Retailer Reviews
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RetailersMail-Order FishUSFL CichlidStore.com
City, State: RIverview, FL
ZIP: 33569
Phone: (813) 842-0712
Web site: Click here
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rollercoastr08 has used this retailer 1 time. June 27, 2013
Overall Rating: 
"Poor customer service"
Ordered my fish and paid for it a week ago, still processing online. Should not take a week to get a fish out, I could go to Malawi in a weeks time and get my own fish and have them in my tank by now. In all seriousness, when people order fish they want it now, not waiting with an empty tank. On top of that called and emailed multiple times and left messages with not replies just to get an updated on the processing time..no answers and no replies. Finally, opened a dispute to get my money back and cancel the order. Heard good things about their fish and the easy only shopping seamed great, but what a dissapoinment.
tanderson has used this retailer 1 time. August 20, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Met in person"
I was impressed with his knowledge. He was very fair and had a great selection. I stocked most of my tank in one visit. Ed seems like a super nice guy.
bryan3353 has used this retailer 1 time. July 12, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"$10 handling fee ??????????????"
i understand they offer free shipping but dont offer free shipping and then place a ridiculous fee of 10 dollars for handling. makes no sense. i order everything online and NEVER had a $10 handling fee. imagine a pet store charging me $10 to take a fish out a tank pack it up and giving it to me???? i would understand they ship it but i didnt realize that extra step cost them so $10 of work. Come on thats insane
Chiplite has used this retailer 2-3 times. July 8, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"A Great Visit"
Ed- It was a truly great experience meeting you. You are my new partner for any new aquisi8tions. Your expertise was a learning experience for me.
jldean23 has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 22, 2012
Overall Rating: 
I have never had this good of a experience with a fish store online before i had a very specific order even contacted a friend to get species i wanted the species i got was all mbuma (jalo reef)(kingsezi)(demonsi)
(elongatus yellow tail) one of the kingsezi died but will replace with no problem guy has a busy schedule but still finds the time to help and go out of his way to make you happy stock is beautiful good strains of fish the demonsi is out of this world and the jalo is beautiful his shipping is free and he is not like the other retailers on here he doesnt charge $20-40 per fish just because they are sexed he doesnt charge 40 bucks just because they are 3in take any fish he has from any retailer in this reviews section compare prices just cause they are sexed or sized find a fish he has compare too other retailers and it will be cheaper better stock than other retailers and the (FREE SHIP) cant forget that if you want pics of stock actual pics send me a email on here i will show you if you buy from cichlidstore.com you will get want you want at a good price as for me there is no other store on the net.
Ruizdesignyyz has used this retailer 1 time. June 20, 2012
Overall Rating: 
I ordered 5 neolamprologus brichardi and two albino eureka peacocks in the Spring of 2012. An albino came DOA the other albino did not look too great. I received credit for the DOA, the other died mysteriously the next day. When I wanted to order the next batch, I was being charged $10.00 for shipping. Not that it's too much for shipping but the credit I received for the DOA is being taken away by shipping charges. I thought these guys had free shipping? I suppose they don't want to loose their credits and instead charge shipping when you receive any credit. Not a nice way to conduct business if you want your customers to come back. I'll think about it many times before I ever decide to order again, If I ever do.
Following up on my review: The president of The Cichlid Store, Mr. Edwin Colon e-mailed a response to me in regards to this review. The man had shipping materials costs involved and that's the reason I am being charged $10.00. I'm not implying that it's an exhuberant amount in contrast with other shipping costs but now that he's made clear the reason for the charge I'm confident that I'm doing business witht the right people.
Thank you Cichlid Store!
Kigoma has used this retailer 3-10 times. March 20, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Looking for African Cichlids? This is the place!!!!!"
redshoulderguy has used this retailer 10 or more times. March 18, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Great website!"
This site is the best place I have found for freshwater stock. Always friendly and never had a bad fish from it. The customer service is outstanding. Great place to shop, 10 out of 10!
zeus108 has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 16, 2012
Overall Rating: 
Ordered over 20 cichlids when they were on sale. When I got them they were a little smaller than an inch when they were suppose to be at least an inch to a inch and a half. Well after having them for a few months I noticed they were not what I ordered. I contacted the store and just like the other complaints they took a very long time to reply. They asked for pictures sent them pictures and they said they could not tell from the pictures. So I turned around and asked 3 other breeders if they could id the pictures of the cichlids. Well guess what they all did and told me what they were and they were exactly what I new they were the wrong cichlids they sent me not what I ordered. I got a sorry and that just made me more angry. I went back and forth with them for about 2 weeks and nothing was done. I will tell you when they first came out and opened it was ran by one person and it was a simple customer friendly biusness. Since then they have partnered up with someone and have gone down hill. Quality, size, getting what you ordered and customer service very poor. It is like they just dont care like someone else said take your money and run. But lets also be reminded as the saying goes "you get what you pay for". So cheaper is not always better.
khillen has used this retailer 1 time. February 4, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"Very good quality & prices!"
I recently ordered 3 EBJD cichlids from the cichlid store. I was hesitant to order fish online, but I am very pleased with my purchase. The cichlids look great, arrived healthy, and they adjusted to their new home quickly. They are very energetic and you can tell they have been well taken care of. The price was excellent. I bought three for less than the price of one at my LFS (shipping not included). They were well packaged and came with a heating pack to keep the water temp stable. The only negative things I can say is that the package was just left on my porch, which may have been the fault of FedEx. The refund policy of the website clearly states that if the package is damaged the carrier needs to note is at the time of delivery. If my package were to be damaged, (which it was NOT) I would not have had any proof because my signature was not required at the time of delivery. Luckily, that was not the case and my package was in good shape. Also no acclimation instructions were in the package (website stated they would be included). Overall, I had a positive experience and would order fish from the cichlid store again.
OG Raskal has used this retailer 1 time. January 6, 2012
Overall Rating: 
"These guys are Proffesional!"
I highly recommend these guys! Fish are healthy and beautiful!. Overnite delivery. Professional packaging..Excellent communication. Sent me a tracking number and called me before and after the fish arrived to make sure i was taken care of! Will definately buy from again! Thanks!....~Mike
navyscuba has used this retailer 1 time. December 2, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Not doing any more business with him."
Black Friday sale. I ordered 33 fish. Took priority shipping because I'm in state. Shipping was $47.60 I said that is average for the amount of fish. that's Ok Order placed on Friday. So I emailed and called several times with no response until Monday with a tracking number that never worked. Got the fish and first I noticed the box is small for the amount of fish. Ok. I opened and found all fish bagged individually in bags the size of pool table balls with the exception of 2 bags normal ones. The fish are bleeding all over the fins, one is laying on it's side and none are labeled. At 1" peacocks, haps females all looked almost alike. Strike 1. Then fish started dying on me within an hour I lost 3 fish. Contacted the guy and helps a bit with the sorting and tells me to check my water. Oh I got more fish using the same water and they are in breeding mode so is not that. I took reading and mine are great the bag water is like 3 to 4ppm ammonia and no nitrates.Strike 2. The wake up and checked the fish and I lost 10 overnight. Then i checked the box and the label from the post office says $15.45 shipping cost. WHAT? Oh yes charged 3 times the cost. I messaged him and tells me that he don't live in the Post off. and his time is valuable. That he will give me a credit if I pay shipping,sick fish and overcharge for S/H NO WAY Strike 3. Then turns into being an total prick about the situation. Totally disappointed with this buy and not recommending it to nob
prov356 has used this retailer 1 time. June 23, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Happy with the transaction"
I ordered some 'ngara' acei and Edwin sent a nice mix of healthy fish. I was very satisfied overall with the transaction. Just be aware that the $20 air cargo fee that you see when checking out online is basically a box and handling fee only. You'll still have to pay when the freight comes in COD. I think that should be made more clear during checkout. Edwin was nice enough to suggest changing my order to Fedex overnight. Packed well, all arrived fine, individually bagged.
Chef Ken has used this retailer 3-10 times. December 2, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Peacocks, Comps, Calvus and Fronts"
Edwin is great and the service is excellent and fish are excellent. I ordered 10 male peacocks and 10 comps and calvus and 5 mpwinde fronts. they all came in great and justed did another order today for 10 Zaire moba fronts. coming today. edwin is a great guy to work with and will try to find what ever you are looking for.
I will be ordering more in the future soon.
Mando has used this retailer 1 time. June 20, 2011
Overall Rating: 
I was very pleased with ordering from the Cichlid Store. My fish arrived exactly on time. I was very impressed with how they were individually bagged. This showed the care and concern for living creatures that you really want from a vendor. The way they were bagged lowered the stress level on the fish and so they arrived alive and healthy. And they came all the way from Florida to California. They were shipped FedEx overnight--I hadn't used FedEx before and I was very pleased with them, as well. This was my first time shopping from the Cichild Store and I'm planning to be a repeat customer.
Flippercon has used this retailer 1 time. May 24, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Tanganyika cichlids"
Order 7 multies for overnight delivery and received everything as ordered. Very well packed. I did have a problem with the tracking number ,but after calling they cleared everything up. The price for the fish was way better then I could find in my area and shipping cost was decent. All in all I would order again. Thanks cichlid store.
brokenwing has used this retailer 1 time. March 7, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Mixed fellings"
The cichlid store had a sale for 1 dollar per fish. Received them, and 2 were dead, the rest were hanging on. There so small less then a inch. I noticed one today has a bad right eye. I guess it was so cheap, i should of expected this, but all the reviews were positive. I called him, and emailed him, and finally got a response. He is refunding me for the fish, so i will order from him again.
chrisb01 has used this retailer 3-10 times. February 24, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Great in every sense of the word!!!"
The purpose of this review is to formally and publicly commend and recommend Cichlidstore.com. I have never before written a letter like this on an entirely unsolicited basis. However, in this case I have been so impressed by the support and service provided by Cichlidstore.com. I felt compelled to go on record with my praise. These people truly deserve it. In an era where exceptional one-to-one customer service excellence has virtually disappeared from our hobby, the work that Cichlidstore.com does should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate.

I have bought fish from Cichlidstore.com a few times now.

Plecos: Yellow King Tiger L-333, Zebra Striped L-199, Blue Eyed Red Fin L-137.

I have also bought some Rams.

I never had any luck with Rams until I bought mine from Cichlidstore.com. Their Rams are very colorful and vibrant.

They have very healthy and prime quality fish. They are very attentive and very professional. They are very friendly and very respectful. They have an extraordinary commitment to excellence in customer service and support that motivates them to always go the extra mile.

In closing, I believe that Cichlidstore.com truly deserves to be congratulated and rewarded for providing healthy, vibrant, quality fish, and customer service and support well beyond the expectations of any hobbyist, whether novice or experienced.

Thanks Cichlidstore.com.
biglove has used this retailer 1 time. February 17, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Unbelievable Prices and Service!"
Just purchased and received 22 Africans from Edwin at Cichlidstore.com. They arrived today in great condition.

Caught them on sale for Valentine's Day and saved an additional 25% above what was already THE lowest combined price for shipping and fish that I have found anywhere on the internet.

Edwin was prompt and courteous via email, text and phone.

If only I could convince my wife to let me buy another tank I would fully stock it from cichlidstore.com

Cannot recommend them enough!
kris6209 has used this retailer 1 time. January 4, 2011
Overall Rating: 
"Best fish and customer service!"
This is by far the best customer service ever. they're willing to answer all your questions regarding fish and shipping. I got very healthy fish and were all alive when I got them despite being delivered a little late due to the carry not paying attention that it was a priority shipping. I ordered 6 fish but I got 8 instead! I dont know if it was a mistake or they are just awesome! I would definitely buy from them again and would recommend from other people. Thank you!
rap148 has used this retailer 1 time. December 30, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"excellent fish and service"
This is my first experience with mail order fish. I first talked to Edwin over the phone about what I wanted (all malawi male peacocks and haps). He told me he would send me an assortment of each. I specified in the order what types I didn't want. Just received the order, all fish alive upon receipt, most fish already showing color, look real healthy and strong. I am very pleased with the Cichlid Store and Edwin. Great prices, large selection. Edwin called to make sure that I received my order and that everything was to my satisfaction. I definitely recommend the Cichlid Store. Will definitely buy from Edwin again. Thanks Cichlid Store.
Kerricko has used this retailer 2-3 times. October 10, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Helpful, friendly, great fish!!"
Edwin was great helping me pick out my fish and the fish were bigger than I expected. The fish were healthy and they are all doing great. Thanks Edwin. I will definatley buy from Cichlidstore again.
Angelwarrior has used this retailer 3-10 times. October 8, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great service and knowledgeable"
I'm new to Cichlid forum, great site. I have purchased from the Chichlid store several times. I'm very pleased with the quality of fish and price. I would reccommend purchasing from the cichlid store. Peacocks and lithobates are awsome.
msgg98 has used this retailer 1 time. September 28, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience! NIce fish"
Order was promptly filled and Ed was very helpful in getting what I wanted. Will definetly buy from them again!!
CEMAYHALL has used this retailer 1 time. September 27, 2010
Overall Rating: 
I recently decided to get some EBJ's from Ed! The fish were very colorful and healthy! He was also more than helpful to answer any questions I had! ! I would recommend Cichlidstore.com to anyone! Thanks again!
daninflorida has used this retailer 1 time. September 26, 2010
Overall Rating: 
I made an appointment to pick up fish from Edwin at the cichlidstore.com a few days ago. he has an amazing stock of gorgeous fish, and was very helpful in determining what species to get. he imports his breeders from Africa, and it shows in the quality of this fish. All the ones i saw were top of the line. great prices and great service, i would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone.
TeamFOS has used this retailer 1 time. September 23, 2010
Overall Rating: 
Not sure how his Peacocks and Haps are but I purchased one of his auctions back in April. I purcahsed what was suppose to be 6 Pseu. Demansoni (2males4females). All was well at first until I realized that the quality of these guys were horrible. They had Broken Bars, Connected Bars, Missing Bars. And to make things worst I didnt receive the ratio I was promised, I received 4 Males 2 Females. From this experience I would never buy from this seller again. Maybe if I was at his store and hand picked what I wanted, but never online again. I emailed him a few months later explaining the situation and my frustrations. And all I recieved was a simple one word reply, "sorry". No explanation or anything, just a sorry. Looks to me that they needed to unload this poor qaulity and handed them over to me.
Aikeedoh has used this retailer 1 time. September 23, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Happy customer"
Bought 4 peacocks from Ed. They arrived this morning. All are healthy. Will definitely come back for more.
greenmindplants has used this retailer 3-10 times. September 21, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Better specimens at far better sizes and prices."
I get consistantly better specimens from Ed than any other online retailer.By the way,he's got way more than whats on the website as far as species and sizes .
livefins has used this retailer 10 or more times. September 14, 2010
Overall Rating: 
"Great Cichlids and Plecos at Great Prices!"
I've dealt with Ed and Bob for many years and the Cichlid Store's traditions of great service, quality stock and tremendous varietty at a reasonable price continues. I received some beautiful healthy Gold Nuggets recently and thought I'd take a minute to say Thanks again for such nice fish!!! I highly recommend the Cichlid Store.
thevein has used this retailer 1 time. April 12, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome Fish, Awesome Guy"
Made an appointment to pick up O.Lithobates, upon arriving at Bobs facility, I was quickly astonished at the amazing 40,000 gallon facility, that's right (40,000), insane color and health in all of his fish, every tank had multiple fish holding. Bob took me on a tour of the place and showed me some of his prized beauties. If you order online, ask him for fish that are not listed online. He's got tons of additional species. Bob was great to deal with, my Lithobates Z rocks look incredible. Planning to go help him out at his place with water changes to learn the tricks of the trade. Repeat business for sure.
thevein has used this retailer 1 time. April 12, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome Fish, Awesome Guy"
Made an appointment to pick up O.Lithobates, upon arriving at Bobs facility, I was quickly astonished at the amazing 40,000 gallon facility, that's right (40,000), insane color and health in all of his fish, every tank had multiple fish holding. Bob took me on a tour of the place and showed me some of his prized beauties. If you order online, ask him for fish that are not listed online. He's got tons of additional species. Bob was great to deal with, my Lithobates Z rocks look incredible. Planning to go help him out at his place with water changes to learn the tricks of the trade. Repeat business for sure.
jts_aquatics has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 7, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome Show Males"
Bob Keeton of The Cichlid Store has some of the nicest male peacocks you will ever find. His pictures online do these fish no justice. Try this seller out and you will be hooked on his show quality fish. Thanks for the great fish Bob, Jason
jasonwipf has used this retailer 1 time. August 31, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Just got order this week"
Just got my mpimbwe front this week. Very nice guy, (great customer relations) fast shipping and fish was healthy on arrival. However Fish has not colored up or eaten the 3 days I've had him. Probably just shipping jitters Bob and I suspect, We'll see.
dacelo has used this retailer 1 time. August 28, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Overall Great"
Simply put... was a very good experience... I ordered 7 wc fronts. They all were healthy. Bob emailed and called me when they were on the plane to me. He called later on to see how they were. I will use his services again
mo-betta has used this retailer 1 time. August 25, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"best place to get fish!"
this was my first time buying
fish online. Bob is unbelievable
nice e-mails,kept me well informed every step of th way
i'm very happy with my fish,wich
are all doing great.Bob is the
guy i'll be buying all my cichlids from!
tracyrenae has used this retailer 1 time. August 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Good Fish, Great Service"
My order was delivered to me within a week of my purchase, which is super awesome. All the fish seem generally healthy and they started eating as soon as they were let out into the tank. Some of the fish have distressed fins, but that seems to be clearing up quite nicely.
MNcichliddude has used this retailer 1 time. July 25, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"I never make the same mistake twice"
I'm surprised to see so many postive reviews here. Maybe they were having a bad day when I ordered my fish, but I am not at all pleased with The Cichlid store.
First of all, I ordered a male Aul. sp. "Firefish", this fish looks NOTHING like the photo on the website, it is a very dull and drab looking beige colored fish, not worth the money. I also ordered a "proven" breeding group of Aul. Red shoulders. In the 4 months I owned them, not only did they not breed, the male never even colored up! At 4.5 inches, a peacock hould be fully colored, but not this guy, barely even a hint of color, worthless. I ordered 1 male Aul. Albino Baenshi, supposed to be 3 inches, it was barely 2 inches, and died a day after putting it in the tank. The last part of my order was a trio of Midnight Mloto, 1m and 2f, and they sent me the wrong fish! The females may be Midnights, cant really tell the difference between one Copadichromis female and another, but the male they sent me was Placidochromis Penochilus! Any one with knowledge about these fish should easily be able to tell the difference between any Placidochromis species and a Copadichromis. The only bright spot in all of this, is that the Penochilus that I didn't even order, is turning out to be rather nice. No way would I do business with this place again.
DKB1965 has used this retailer 1 time. July 14, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Best i have dealt with recently"
Bob is awesome. His fish are top notch. He does what he says he will do, fish are unique and I will be working with him alot, glad i found him!!I am starting colonies with his fish!!
harrveyy has used this retailer 1 time. July 5, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome Breeder!"
I just recently purchased my first order from CichlidStore.com. I drove to the facility and took a tour of the magnificent store. Cichlidstore.com offers a huge variety in fish at the best prices I have found. The fish are showing beautiful colors and are doing great in my show tank. Bob worked with me first hand and introduced me to some species I had never even seen before. The store is one of the cleanest I have been in and all the fish look perfect. I look forward to doing future business with CichlidStore.com very soon and I would recommend this breeder to anyone who has a love for Cichlids.
Reynman has used this retailer 3-10 times. July 5, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Bob at the Cichlid Store Rocks !!"
I've been buying from the CichlidStore going on 2 years now. I've never had a issue ! Product is exact, delivery is right on time, tracking details are are e-mailed the night prior or the same days of shipping and the customer service top notch. Always giving me his undevited attention when asking questions and always very willing to give information.
I recently purchased; Rostratus, Malawai Trout Oto Lithobates, Ice Berg and a breeding pair of Phenochilus Tanzania,"Star Sapphire". Come to find out, he gave me an extra Star Sapphire female at no additional chage. "I love free stuff" !!
Bob Keeton's a good and trust worthy supplier. I highly recommend calling Bob and buying from the CichlidStore. I look forward to buying more from him again, "As soon as my wife gives me the ok" Thanks Bob !
Romare has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 23, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Absolutely the best in quality, price and service – period."
We have been buying from Bob Keeton for over two years and I can safely say that the fish are of the highest quality and lowest price. For those thinking of buying cichlids from his CICHLIDSTORE.COM web site you will find that his service is excellent. If you live in the Tampa Bay area and have the opportunity to visit Bob’s enterprise in Valrico you will be impressed. Bob takes the time to explain every aspect of the breeding process and he answers your questions about the various cichlids. His knowledge and love of cichlids has turned into something more than a hobby. No matter where we live in the future we will continue our association with Bob either directly of via his internet site.
Nos has used this retailer 1 time. May 17, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Sent me wrong fishes!!"
Best prices that I can find on the net for peacocks but......
Instead of Masoni peacocks, he sent me Chitande Mozambique. He sent me OB peacocks instead of german reds. Becareful when ordering with this guy because you might end up with fishes you didn't order. Not worth buying from again.
fishmandan has used this retailer 3-10 times. May 14, 2007
Overall Rating: 
This is the 4 or 5 time I have purchased from Bob. Always friendly, he takes the time to talk to you. His Africans are are beautiful and value priced.

Last visit he event ook the time to explain things to my young son!

Highly recommended!
jiff67 has used this retailer 1 time. May 14, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Not what I ordered"
I ordered fry from this place 7 months ago and now that they are grown and colored up, I can tell they are not what I ordered. The fry were supposed to be C. midnight mloto but are actually ivoryheads or trewevasae. Either they subbed without telling me or they don't know what they are doing. Also, one of the fry had a deformed face. I guess they don't check the quality of the fish they send out. I raised these fry only to be disappointed. Will never buy from again and would advise others to stay away.
bluize411 has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 2, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"this guy is the man"
I live about 120 miles from his store so I prefer to pick up the fish and he had no problem with that as long as I call ahead and setup a day. He also goes out of his way to make sure you get exactly what you want, if he doesn't have it he will let you know instead of just sending somthing else like some other places do. His quality is extremely excellent and you couldn't ask for more beautiful fish. Every fish I have bought (12 total so far) are all of show quality and I would not buy from any other merchant. On top of all the good things I've already said, I can also add that I have never received any fish with even the slightest hint of Ich or anyother problem again unlike other merchants. His selection has everything I've ever wanted to find with the exception of one fish which I have recommended to him since there is only one merchant I know that sells them (pink veil tail oscar)and they are rarely availble. He's provided me with such excellant service and quality fish that I won't even consider buying from any other merchant.
averyh has used this retailer 1 time. April 13, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Fish Bob"
Recently my family was on vacation I looked for Cichlid stores in the area. Found the cichlid store emailed Mr. Keeton before we left Atlanta to see if we could stop by. When I got there I could not believe my eyes more fish than I could dream of. I was only glad my check book was at home. There were so many great fish to choose from I could not decide. I plan to buy many more fish from the Cichlid Store. Looking forward to the store opening near Tampa. Once it opens I will again be headed south to Tampa. Great selection, that farm is like a school field trip incredible.
Eric_S has used this retailer 1 time. March 15, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Top notch service."
I went with Bob for my first online fish purchase. I looked into several establishments but I got the best impression from him. I was very happy with my decision. He was very quick with his email responses and was extremely accommodating to me. I had my worries about having fish shipped from FL to NJ but they arrived with no losses. Thanks again Bob! Looking forward to making my next purchase from you.
msomerss has used this retailer 1 time. March 14, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Bob will take care of you"
Bob Keeton delivered some of the best customer service I have had from any retailer. He returned emails within hours, phone calls were answered or promptly returned. When my order arrived it exceeded my expectations. My order wasn't very large but he treated me like I was his most important client.

The fish were vibrant and colorful. I am planning a remodel of our house including a large built in aquarium. I will trust Bob's advice and quality fish to fully stock it in the future. Bob will take care of you!
jpcichlids has used this retailer 1 time. March 11, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"couldn't be better "
It was a real pleasure dealing with Bob. Tanks were clean fish were healthy ,and I left with more than I could have hoped for. If you are in the area Please check out the cichlid store you won't find any better.
cwb has used this retailer 1 time. March 11, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"WOW !!! Best I've Seen"
I recently had the unfortunate experience of going out of town and leaving my fish to be fed by a friend. He thought he would go out of his way and not only feed the fish, but also wipe down the exterior of the tank....using windex!!!!!! So needless to say, I came back and all of the fish were dead. I was very sad to discover fish that I have had for 6-7 years had died, but the silver lining in this catastrophe came in the form of Bob Keaton and the Cichlid Store. I had several rare cichlids that I knew I would not find in the local fish store. Bob not only had many of the fish I was looking for, he had a wealth of knowledge he was willig to share regarding the fishes' temperments, compatibility, and tendencies. The fish were in amazing shape. Their energy levels were high and they each took quickly to their new home. Thanks Bob for the wonderful fish. I will definately be by again soon to pick out some more family members.
Luvthekeys has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 11, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Owner and Guy!!!"
Once again I drove the 65 miles up I-75 to visit Bob Keeton of the Cichlidstore.com. I had emailed Bob asking his assistance in finding me a decent sized Male Venutus in color. Bob did his best but his fish traps failed to do their job in time for my trip. However I was also in the market for a Male Albino Taiwan Reef fish and a Synodontis Polli. Bob did not fail me and he helped me select two great specimens. Now the bug hit me and I asked Bob to suggest two more Haps to go in my 125 gal mostly Hap tank. He suggested a Copadichromis borleyi (Kadango) and a Taeniolethrinops praeorbitalis both were fine suggestions. Not only did he help me select my fish he also took me to his future store site. It is going to be fantastic. Bob is very patient and is always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy his customer. I can assure you I will again drive up I-75 to visit Bob and his first class operation. Hopefully Bob will be able to capture that Male Venutus for me. Hint! Hint!
ifix46s has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 27, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Thanks Bob!"
Bob took care of me again. The fish that he sent were even better looking then I imagined! He is always quick to answer emails and always returns phone calls. I plan on meeting Bob in person and shaking his hand and telling him thank you in person!
damiantaylor has used this retailer 1 time. March 3, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Finally a man who know's what he's doing!"
I don't normally enter into writing about my experiences but felt I needed to share with everybody what a truely wonderful experience the Cichlid Store is. Bob is a true proffesional; he not only provides you with a friendly enviroment and a wealth of knowledge, but also some of the finest looking fish I have ever seen. If that's not enough, his prices will blow you away, so much so that I easily purchased 16 fish today. I will definately be back. Thanks Bob!
Mcfly has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 27, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Bob is the Best!!!"
A few weeks ago I was able to bring my wife over to see the first class operation at The Cichlid Store and to select a few show quality fish for my 180. I consider myself lucky to be able to drive over and hand-pick my fish with Bob’s assistance. He has a great set-up and understanding of these beautiful fish. My 180 is stocked almost exclusively with fish I have purchased from The Cichlid Store. I am looking forward to another trip to see Bob and get a few more fish in the near future and would highly recommend this outfit to anyone looking for quality fish and honest advice backed by years of experience.
doebunny has used this retailer 1 time. February 24, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience! Will buy from again~"
Not only does Bob have wonderful fish, he is the guy who picks up the phone when you call. I bought a range of fish from adult to juvenile and all of them arrived wonderfully packaged, healthy & labeled, which was great for the juveniles with very little color. The peacocks I received are in full color with no ragged edges. I will definitely be purchasing more fish from Bob!
chente has used this retailer 1 time. February 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great service, great prices, great fish. "

By far the best experience I’ve ever had buying from the internet. Bob has a very personal approach to his business which is hard to come by now days. He is very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to give advice. He has a large variety of very high quality fish to choose from. His fish come in a variety of sizes sure to fit any aquarium setup and budget. I was also very impressed with his packaging job and shipping charges. They were very professional and he took the time to find the fastest and most economical shipping method for my area. I am very pleased with the experience and looking forward to doing business again in the near future.

Thanks Bob
jschulst1 has used this retailer 1 time. February 6, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Top notch breeding facilty!"
With 40,000 gallon of fish, and a system that drips fresh water contantly thru all his tanks, Bob never have to change water for every tanks he has. Constant fresh water really helps fish stay healthy and grow fast. After one visit, I'm pretty much sold to his quality fish he has and will be getting more from him again. Worth the visit!
cjpejot has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 19, 2006
Overall Rating: 
""Out of Africa!""
We only wish that we had found Bob sooner! Not only is he extremely knowledgable and professional, his stock is second to none. Each time we visit, we have the privilege of hand-selecting invaluable treasures! Bob has brought Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika to Florida with his wide variety of healthy, colorful fish! Even when he's bagging our order, we can tell he truly appreciates the unique qualities of each specimen. We highly recommend the CichlidStore to everyone looking for reasonably priced, excellent quality cichlids. We can't imagine anyone, local or out of state, being disappointed with a purchase from the CichlidStore. Thanks Bob!!

MiamiErick has used this retailer 1 time. November 15, 2006
Overall Rating: 
Sand Man has used this retailer 1 time. October 30, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"First time won't be the last time"
So on Sunday I got to visit one of my local Importer Breeder in the Tampa area. His name is Bob Keeton and he owns The Cichlid Store, http://www.cichlidstore.com. He gave me and my friends a tour of his facility. A one word adjective….Awesome!

He carries a small variety of tangs (Tropheus, Frontosas and Comps) However his focus is breeding Malawi Hap Peacocks. Lastly he has some of the most beautiful Angels I have ever seen.

The entire experience was enjoyable, and I plan on doing business with Bob again in the future.
enorris has used this retailer 1 time. October 1, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"excellent fish!!!!"
I purchased 5 fish from Bob in August.The fish are the healthiest and most colorful I seen.I have purchased fish from other breeders and pet stores in the past,but never again.Bob was nice enough to show me and my son around to see all the fish he had.Wow!!Bob has a customer for life.
ljohnson22 has used this retailer 1 time. September 29, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Bob, You Da Man!!"
I ordered nineteen cichlids and the very next day Bob replied to my order. He confrimed my order and shipped it out air mail the same day. I recieved my order that night in California. Talk about service. That's not all. The fish were in excellent condition and were beautiful specimens. Like I said before, Bob, you da man!!!

You can't go wrong with the Cichlid store.
yvonne58 has used this retailer 2-3 times. September 21, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Amazing fish, amazing service!!!!!"
I can't say enough about the positive experience I had while purchasing my fish from Bob. I called Bob one Thursday evening and asked him if I could come down to see the fish on Saturday. He was so nice, and poite and invited me to come down and he would show me around. I was very impressed with his facility. It was spotlessly clean and very apparant that he takes extremely good care of his fish. On that trip I purchased 5 catfish to cycle my 55 gallon tank. He and his staff took the time to help me figure out the best way to set up and cycle my tank. Bob even gave me some "gunk" to help speed the cycle up. (worked like a charm, it cycled in less than two weeks.) After letting my tank settle into its cycle, I visited Bob a second time to purchase my peacocks. He had already made recommendations to me and I completely trusted his judgement. He hand picked each fish, bagged them seperately and made extra sure they would do well in transport, even though the trip was only 2 hours. He was so patient and kind with my many newbie questions! My husband who came along for the ride, thouroughly enjoyed the experience as well, and he is not a fish person! Our new fish have been in their tank almost a week now and they are super healthy and breathtakingly beautiful!!! I could not be happier with my new fish and with Bob and his service. I won't buy fish from anyone else now that I've been to the best. Thanks again Bob!!!
jwestlock has used this retailer 1 time. September 1, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Very nice fish ,I will be back"
I just ordered 90 fish from Bob.I dont know many other places that could fill the order I placed, which included 11 different species.Shipping went smooth, I could not be happier .
meredith333 has used this retailer 1 time. August 28, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great first-time buying experience!!!"
I had a great experience buying from Bob. He had exactly the fish that I wanted and they arrived in excellent condition. I am considering another purchase from him soon!
rotti4 has used this retailer 2-3 times. August 15, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Outstanding fish and service as well"
Bob thanks for the beautiful as well as very healthy fish.I will highly recommend anyone who is interested in purchasing good quality African Cichlids!!!!!!!!!!!
ccurrent has used this retailer 1 time. June 22, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Bob The Fish Man"
Wish you could all see these fish! Have had them in the tank for a couple of months, and they have thrived. Red empress, peacock, and two synodontis multi's. Fantastic additions to the school, I recommend Bob to anyone who wants skill, knowledge, and honesty!
jdywntr has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 10, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great cichlids & prices! Great service!"
I just placed my second order with Bob and should be picking it up sometime next week or the week after. I live about 1 1/2 hours away from The Cichlid Store and the first time I ordered I even offered to go there to pick up my fish but Bob met me halfway instead. This was just over a month ago and all of my fish(11) are doing great. With my most recent order I realized I had forgotten to order a particular species (about 2 hours afterwards). I emailed Bob and asked if it could be added and he said no problem. Bob has MUCH better stock than I am able to find locally and for me its great because I don't have to pay shipping!
Cichlid22 has used this retailer 1 time. May 30, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Best african cichlids ever!!!"
Bob was very nice offering advice and help to me on how to stock my tank. Not only did he offer all his fish at very good prices but these fish look absolutely magnificent. The peacocks are the most colorful I have ever seen and the other fish are just as nice. If you are looking for african cichlids, look no further. Cichlidstore.com is the way to go. I can't say enough about how nice the fish are and the same goes for Bob.
sachena has used this retailer 1 time. May 15, 2006
Overall Rating: 
Thank you Bob for your nice looking fishes and Great Service!!!!!
Aul Mbenji, Aul Usisya, Turquoise, Tiger, Lethrinops
Mloto Likoma are extremly nice!!!!
I will buy more fishes from Bob and also I refer your store to my friends.

Very pleasure to do the business with BOB!!!!!
Crystal_Lewis has used this retailer 1 time. May 15, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Bob Ships To Canada!!!"
Bob at CichlidStore.Com is a very nice, trustworthy, and more than fair individual.
Communication and service was was great, both via email and phone.
Bob shipped some gorgeous, healthy, super quality fish to me in Canada for the first time. A learning experience for the both of us.
Fellow Canadians are now in luck for some great, hard to find fish from a top notch breeder/retailer.
Everything went silky smooth with my order, and fish arrived fine and well.
Don't be hessitant to order from Bob, nothing but good things to say about him.
This is my first time dealing with Bob, and definately not the last.

Tankster has used this retailer 1 time. May 13, 2006
Overall Rating: 
I was impressed with Bob's website, but when I drove out to take a look I was blown away! Bob's facilities are truly amazing, and it's obvious he's gone to great trouble to be sure his breeding stock is the best available - both in quality and variety.

I was preparing to stock a new 135 gal show tank, and Bob recommended that I do a fishless cycle and add all my fish together. I don't think I could have done this anywhere else and gotten all the species that I wanted, and such wonderful specimens of each! And at such good prices! (Do your homework if you choose to do fishless cycle. Found pure ammonium chloride powder on ebay - could not find pure ammonia in stores.)

When my tank was fully cycled, I went back to Bob's, and he and his partner, Charles (also a world-class african cichlid expert) hand-picked a full complement of beautiful fish for my tank. I left with 27 show-quality fish (mostly haps and peacocks), including a few that I hadn't really thought about that Bob recommended.

I'm sure many would argue, but I think I've got the best-looking african tank east of the mississipi! I've been staring at my fish for almost a week now, and am very pleased - each fish is as interesting and colorful as the next.

Working with the Cichlid Store was a very gratifying experience - many thanks to Bob and Charles for the personal service and advice, and for running a truly outstanding operation!

I really don'
Basssa has used this retailer 1 time. May 13, 2006
Overall Rating: 
Bob was a terrfic professional to deal with via BOTH phone and Email. He was extremly responsive, the 18 fish I received all arrived in beautiful shape in full color and prime samples of their genre.

I whole-heartedly recommend Bob and the CichlidStore!
Tulio has used this retailer 3-10 times. April 30, 2006
Overall Rating: 
""GREAT FISH, AT CichlidStore" "Excellent Service!!!!""
I just pick up my fourth order that included Rhamphochromis macrophthalmus and Lethrinops sp. "Mbasi Creek" superb fish!! These have been a great fish buying experience. Bob was very patient with me and my indecision. It was hard to pick out what I wanted, as there were so many show quality fish. This is a magnificent fish distributor to work with. All fish are double bagged. NO leaks. All fish are healthy, and looking great! If your looking for outstanding Malawi cichlids, CichlidStore is where you want to buy them. Thanks Bob and Chuck, see you soon. Tulio, Tampa, FL
NickWoolard has used this retailer 3-10 times. June 1, 2006
Overall Rating: 
I would recommend buying fish from Bob anyday to anyone. I drove to Bobs cichlid farm, not knowing what to expect and had one of the greatest fish buying experiences i have ever had. Beautiful colors, great sizes and wonderfully priced. Bobs fish farm was in great condition and takes great care of his fish. I left there with 8 peacocks with a variety of color. Bob is a great guy and knows what he is talking about when it comes to cichlids. We will be back the 2nd week in May to pick up more fish. So if you are interested in getting great quality of fish i would definatly buy from Bob. Thanks Bob for a great experience see you soon.
has used this retailer 1 time. April 23, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great place to buy fish!"
This was my first experience buying fish over the internet and it turned out beautifully. What was even better was the fact that I was able to drive to Bob's farm and pick up my fish. I purchased 10 P. Demasoni and they are very nice. Bob hand-picked 10 individuals and even bagged them separately for me. It took him awhile to get them bagged, but I commend his willingness to do so. He is a great guy and loves to talk about cichlids. He gave me a tour of his farm and was eager to explain his operation. I'm sure this can be frustrating to explain such details to a "newbie," but he handled it like a champ!

I would not hesitate to recommend Bob to anyone. Do not think twice about ordering from him, #%$&, don't even think once! Just do it and you will be elated.
ray hansen has used this retailer 1 time. April 5, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"awesome healthy fish"
bob made a stock list for my 150 gal male peacock and hap tank. after a mixup with the carrier i got them home at 3 am, and they were so full of vigor a couple jumped clear out of my 5 gal bucket. healthiest and best shape fish i've ever recieved mail order. 33 fish cost me a pretty penny, but i feel it was well spent and i'm very happy.
tanapseudes has used this retailer 1 time. March 14, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish at great prices!"
Bob just sent me 7 male fish for my 75 gallon tank including a Mloto Likoma, Red Empress, Taiwan Tanzania Reef, Tiger, Electric Blue Ahli and the Aulonacaras German red and Ngara Flametail. Before ordering, I called Bob and he explained how to order and receive the fish. I live in a small city, Mobile Alabama and he arranged shipment through our only major airline. No hassles with ordering on his website, shipping and the fish all arrived healthy, sexed and much larger than expected. Bob uses lots of water to transport these large fish and my order was 18 lbs. The Red Empress is now the most colorful fish in my tank even showing up the phenochilus. The other fish were colored up nicely also. Wish I had another tank to start on for other cichlids. I will order from Bob again instead of taking chances with juvies from Ebay or local stores that don't know much about African cichlids. Give Bob a call; you won't be sorry!
dshort has used this retailer 1 time. March 3, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome tropheus!"
This was my third time ordering fish over the internet and my third different supplier. My experience with Bob was the best of the three. Bob spent over 45 minutes on the phone with me giving advice and talking about different issues and fishkeeping in general. He kept me well informed about the shipping and when the fish would arrive. I had the fish in my possession only hours after he dropped them at the airport and his packaging was excellant. My best suprise was when I opned the box though. The fish were much bigger than I was expecting. All my new tropheus are now happily in their new home and they look great! Thanks Bob!
aguaman has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 26, 2008
Overall Rating: 
"My second order was even more spectacular than the first!"
I just ordered again from Bob and each peacock and Hap I received was show quality. Outstanding fins and colors. Outstanding service. Bob was out of some fish I had expressed an intrest in, and to make it up to me he sold me a trio of German reds with an absolutely spectacular male. I will order all my peacocks and haps from Cichlidstore in the future! Thanks Bob!
(See below for my first review)

I am thrilled with the fish and service I received from Bob Keeton! I can't say enough about the fish! I ordered 24 peacocks and haps, and received beautiful males ranging from
3-7 inches in size, with the average size being about 4-4.5 inches. It would be
very difficult if not impossible to find this many quality fish at my local pet
stores, so Bob has been essential in helping me set up my dream tank!!!!! Not
only that, but Bob threw in free fish, including three beautiful FO Synodontis. Bob's service was awesome. The
fish were double-bagged with no leaks, and the bags were tied in a way that
allowed easy unpacking. Bob gave excellent and detailed instructions about
acclimating the fish. When he found out I had used feeder goldfish to cycle my
tank (a bad recommendation by my LFS), he was concerned about bacteria possibly
introduced by the goldfish. He therefore gave me a free large bag of flake food
medicated with metronidazole and oxytetracycline, to help protect my fish from
infection. The fish arrived in excellent condition, and all but one ate the
Frank99 has used this retailer 1 time. February 18, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Bob is the man!"
Bob was nice enough to show my daughter and I around his place. He explained his set up and was great at answering questions. He has the best selection I've seen and excellent website to boot.
If your into cichlids the cichlidstore.com is the place to go. Thanks again Bob for sharing your time and experience.
tru has used this retailer 1 time. February 13, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Jaw-Dropping Cichlids!!"
-And even better customer service! That is how I would describe my experience with the Cichlid Store. I read a lot of reviews before settling on the cichlidstore.com, and my expectations were very high.

First the quality of the fish were out right gorgeous and screaming with color. Wow! With freshwater fish color like this, who needs all the saltwater hassle! What else can I say. WAY exceeded my expectations.

Next the customer service was outstanding. Bob and his team are very knowledgable not to mention just down to earth good people! Not only did he take time to carefully package and label all the fish, he also took the time to answer all my questions and my wifes too. Again, WAY exceeded my expectations.

If you are looking for healthy, Jaw-dropping Cichlids, the Cichlid store is the right place. I will never go any where else and neither should you!
Thanks Bob !!!
wildcat_001_2k has used this retailer 1 time. January 25, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Superior customer service"
I bought a trio of large yellow Labs and several Tropheous from Bob. I am very satisfied with the quality of fish that I received. The male Lab is almost a show specimen, and was showing good color the very first day. The Tropheous were also very nice. Bob kept in touch with me for several weeks until he was able to obtain the fish I wanted. The fish were sent to San Juan, Puerto Rico, while other dealers would not even consider shipping outside the continental United States. I will definitely recommend CichlidStore.com to anyone interested in obtaining quality African cichlids. I will definitely do business with Bob in the near future.
Laknarf has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 18, 2006
Overall Rating: 
I met and visited Bob for the first time this weekend He took the time to answer my questions and give advise. I look forward to the pleasure of buying more from him. He is a real gentleman to deal with.
About 10 days ago I went back to visit Bob to buy some fish. I explained to him that I wanted smaller, lesser aggressive peacocks & haps. Bob took the time to select fish that met my needs, never complaining(at least to me) when I asked him newbie questions about the fish or any other things. Well, it's almost 2 weeks later and I have 12 beautiful young peacocks/haps/ and a calvus. They are doing great. Yes, I will DEFINITELY BE VISITING BOB AGAIN. If anybody asked where I got my fish, I would be proud and happy to tell them at The Cichlid Store. Thanks Bob
middlfam has used this retailer 1 time. January 11, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"great experience"
I will use Bob again. I have already shared his name with local cichlid folks here in the Phoenix area.
TilapiaDoug has used this retailer 1 time. January 10, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent service and quality of the fish were superb"
The Cichlidstore kept me informed as the shipment and any problems except. I did order some fish which I thought I was going to recieve
but no reason as to why.
This is minor. I think the company is an excellent source for your cichlids needs
Flipper01 has used this retailer 1 time. January 5, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Can't Buy from a better place!"
Bob Keeton is a top notch retailer. Helped me select the compatible specimens for my tank, and delivered on time as promised. The fish were exactly as advertised, and in fact were a little larger than I expected (not a bad thing in this case). I will absolutely trust Bob again, and would certainly recommend him to anybody in the hobby.
loose_change_1999 has used this retailer 1 time. December 31, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"awesome online fish store"
I had never ordered fish off the internet before so I was a little skeptical at first. I had alot of questions, Bob answered all of them and made me feel comfortable with ordering fish over the phone. He told me what he had that looked good and recommended a few fish that he thought would look good in my tank. After I picked up the fish I was amazed how nice they were. They were awesome fish for a great price. I had asked for F1 and he sent me all F1 except two of them were wild caught. I am definately going to order from him again.
hrl1124 has used this retailer 2-3 times. December 18, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Show quality fish and great customer service"
Bob has a large selection of show quality fish and is also a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended.
northeastcichlids has used this retailer 1 time. December 15, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Guy, Great Fish"
Aside from selling great fish, Bob takes the time to talk with you. I bought fish from Bob over the summer and was thrilled with what I received. Top quality product and top notch guy. I am currently placing my second order with
him. There is no reason to go elsewhere.

Rob P.
dragonslayers has used this retailer 1 time. November 1, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish"

The fish traveled to connecticut in only 17 hours, and the heat packs were still warm.
Since I ordered all small size fish, I was pleasently surprized the fish were all much larger than I expected . The tropheus was huge! That 1 fish alone , locally would have cost 1/2 as much as I paid for all 16 cichlids. Good job...
mark from CT
miamifish has used this retailer 1 time. October 19, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Made me smile"
This guy has great fish.After exausting all local resources and being skeptical of buying online, Bob eased those fears.His customer service is second to none. And the fish ,I was grining from ear to ear when those fish went into my tanks.You cannot go wrong here.
velezj has used this retailer 1 time. October 1, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"The best experience of my life!!!!"
Today I visited the Cichlid Store and this was the best purchasing experience I ever had. Bob is extremely knowledgeable and courteous. He explained every detailed of a successful cichlid tank. He was very honest and professional. Since I am a novice cichlids enthusiast he could have taken advantage of my inexperience and sold me any fish that I wanted but he chose to sell me least expensive fish to cycle my tank. He is the kind of individual that is more concerned about building a long lasting relationship with his customer than making a quick buck. His selection is incredible and his facilities are top class; He really cares about his fish and the individuals he comes across with. He made my fish buying experience extremely positive; I will definitively be back as soon as my tank is ready for new fish. Thanks Bob and keep up the good work.
bossdog004 has used this retailer 2-3 times. September 26, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Service"
I have been collecting cichlids for many years. Most of them being from the LFS at extremely high prices and not a lot of selection. Once I joined this forum I realized that the Cichlid Store not only had what I was looking for, but was also very close to me.
I had been looking for some Frontosa to fill my new 135 gallon tank. I couldn't find any at all. I called Bob and he was even out. He spent the time to track down some frontosa for me and even got the correct variant that I was searching for. He was extremly polite and very informative, answering all my questions. All the fronts were all healthy and are thriving in their new home.
I have even been back to get other fish from him. I now drive right buy my LFS on the way to Bob's. I'd rather drive the 45 min to his place than go to the LFS that is right down the road. His quality and selection are second to none. Even if he doesn't have it in stock, Bob will find it.
I highly recommend The Cichlid Store and plan to be a satisfied customer for a LONG time.
Keep up the great work , Bob!!!
toogood4you2win has used this retailer 2-3 times. August 17, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Show-quality Peacocks & Haps...customer for life!"
I've been doing salt-water fish as long as I can remember and always wanted to try African Cichlids. Still wanted to have a striking show tank so I didn't want a bunch of drab cichlids. So, I converted my 135 gallon to fresh water then I began my search by visiting 7 local fish stores, but, I was very disappointed. So, I started researching the web and found Bob Keeton from the CichlidStore that seemed to have everything I wanted. Bob even helped me with the tank decor by recommending a vendor to purchase Texas holey rock. Bob suggested a tank with show-quality peacocks and haps and asked me to trust him in the selection. He chose 18 full-size peacocks and haps with every color in the rainbow. I was very concerned with the shipping as I'd never purchase mail-order before. They arrived Delta-Dash right to my airport the same day that he packed them. Every male was individually packed in it's own bag and I didn't lose one. In fact, I was going to wait 24 hours before feeding them, but, they starting eating within hours of introducing them to their new home. Thanks again Bob and you know I'll be back soon.
Rob&Reb has used this retailer 1 time. August 17, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent One Stop Shop! "
We had heard about this website from a friend and at first we were apprehensive about it but we soon learned that Bob at www.cichildstore.com was very friendly, he had an ample quantity to choose from, and was very easy in dealing. Fish are absolutely beautiful and all came alive, Considering the fish were in Florida earlier on the morning we received them and then came to us in California in perfect condition. Shipping via Southwest Cargo, that was also easy to deal with. The fish are show quality, and they get along with other fish. We had a lot of questions since we had never done this before and he was extremely helpful. We will never need to go shopping for fish anywhere else, he has such a large choice to choose from. Thank you so much Bob- You're the best!!!!!!!
wangsolo has used this retailer 1 time. August 17, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Awesome Rare Find"
I recently was in the hunt for Aulonocara sp. "Chitande Type North". I've looked everywhere and called everyone that might have them in stock. Apparentely, these fish are very rare according to my research. I e-mailed Bob and got a quick response from him but did not realize at first the he had them because they were labeled as wild Chitende "Yellow Heads". Later, he verified that they were from Nkhata Bay which is the ones I was looking for. I usually buy from local breeders for fish that is hard to find at pet shops. So I was concerned buying them from out of state. After completing the order and picking them up at the airport, the group of fish were in excellent condition. Bob made sure that everything went well throughout the whole transaction. This is my first and definitely not my last time buying fish from Bob. He knows how to grow his business with excellent customer service. I highly recommend the CichlidStore.com. Good luck anywhere else!
Al Backer has used this retailer 3-10 times. February 13, 2006
Overall Rating: 
EXCELLENT FISH, EXCELLENT PRICES, EXCELLENT SERVICE. BOB is the absolute best dealer I have ever dealt with period.I have now bought from Bob several times and I have one thing to add IF YOU BUY FROM ANY ONE ELSE YOU ARE CRAZY.
eddie52 has used this retailer 1 time. July 31, 2005
Overall Rating: 
Bob Keeton was very helpful in finding the fish I desired, with all available info regarding these fish ( tropheus Nkonde, and tropheus Kazumba). shipped from Fla to Las Vegas, the packaging was perfect, the fish were top notch. It was a pleasure doing business with him. I will do business with him in the near future. Thanks Bob, for a job well done.
princer7 has used this retailer 1 time. July 21, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Person, Great Fish Too!"
I cannot say enough great things about Bob Keeton and his wife. They were very helpful, friendly and truely enjoy the fish. I ordered some Tropheus Chilanga and they arrived in perfect health via Southwest Airlines. Bob even followed up to make sure that everything was going well after they arrived and were settled in. He is prompt at answering any questions that came up. I would definitely get more fish from the Cichlid Store.
cichlidfort has used this retailer 1 time. July 9, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great guy that knows what he's doing with lots of interesting cichlids"
My Aunt, little cousin and I went over to Bob's place to check it out. To our suprise, he was out in his garauge. We talked to him a little bit and after telling him a little bit about himself, he offered to show us his cichlid paradise. It was awsome. He had so many different types of cichlids (mainly peacocks) to select from. He had all types of wild caughts and all types of F1s. He let us tour around his place and was happy to do it. Definately will I come back there and actually purchase some cichlids.
mycross3 has used this retailer 3-10 times. May 31, 2006
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent service !!! Awesome !!!!!! (Add On)"
I told Bob that I wanted to stock my 125g w/ haps and peacocks w/ extreme color. I personnaly went to his fish farm and hand picked out 15 fish. 1 word awesome looking fish. I'll be back in a few weeks to get some more. Bob was awesome fish were awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Cichlid Store to anyone. A+++++++++++
This is my edit
Bob is awesome I just picked up some Haps and Peacocks about 40 fish all beautiful. I'm lucky enough to live in driving distance to Bob. I hand picked all of my fish. If you ever get a chance to swing by Bob's store you will be amazed 40 or so 300g vats plus 40 or 60 tanks to chose from. Bob has a well of knowlege I diffently recommend him.
jfe001 has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 16, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent, quality fish, reasonable price"
Fish arrived in good condition,actively eating within the first day. Although some delay on the delivery end, very happy with the end result.
davill has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 4, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"The best service and nicest fish around!"
Bob is a real pleasure to do business with.He really cares about his fish and goes out of his way to answer any questions you might have.All of the fish that I have purchased from Bob have been of high quality the wild peacocks i just recieved were stunning. I highly recomend that you don't purchase fish from any where else besides the CICHLIDSTORE, I know I wont!!
cambridgecichlid has used this retailer 1 time. May 17, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"The search is over"
I've been thinning out my discus collection and replacing them with african cichlids. Looked at aquabid, online retailers and finally found bob at cichlidstore.com. I asked him to help me stock a 135G showtank with peacocks and haps with a few conditions: all fully colored males, must be show quality and must be delivered before my party coming on saturday so I can show it off. He put together a package for me and as we spoke he noticed that I needed more yellow in the tank so he pulled one from his breeding group of Aulonocara Mbamba. You have to see this fish, it is truly awesome looking and so were the rest of course. bob was great at following up and last we spoke I asked him to find me some F0 breeding group of peacocks. I'm not really into breeding but just marvel at the site of these awesome fish in their full breeding dress. All my requirements filled within 2 days. Thanks a lot bob ... now i need to free up some more tanks.
cambridgecichlid has used this retailer 1 time. May 17, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"The search is over"
I've been thinning out my discus collection and replacing them with african cichlids. Looked at aquabid, online retailers and finally found bob at cichlidstore.com. I asked him to help me stock a 135G showtank with peacocks and haps with a few conditions: all fully colored males, must be show quality and must be delivered before my party coming on saturday so I can show it off. He put together a package for me and as we spoke he noticed that I needed more yellow in the tank so he pulled one from his breeding group of Aulonocara Mbamba. You have to see this fish, it is truly awesome looking and so were the rest of course. bob was great at following up and last we spoke I asked him to find me some F0 breeding group of peacocks. I'm not really into breeding but just marvel at the site of these awesome fish in their full breeding dress. All my requirements filled within 2 days. Thanks a lot bob ... now i need to free up some more tanks.
Tim Stramaglia has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 16, 2005
Overall Rating: 
Excellent quality, service and
prices. Bob is a pleasure to work with and is always prompt in returing E-mail
danthefishman has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 15, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Good deal, great service!"
3rd time back to Bob. Prompt service, answered all emails fast. Ordered 10 Cyprichromis Jumbo Mbita Grandiosus and when I finally got them, boy were they were huge! Settled in nicely and the males are coloring nicely! 10 maleri were as advertised and settled in nicely. Friendly service and great fish.
I'll use him for a 4th time soon!
Natester8 has used this retailer 1 time. May 6, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Think again"
I ordered my first shipment through Bob, I talked to Patty first and was sold by her execelent customer service. Then Bob took care of the fish. I ordered 15 F1 mpimbwe frontosa and specifically asked for solid dark stripes and absolutly not what I received. Bob threw an extra fish in to make it 16 it had a bad lip.
What am I going to do with it?
I called Bob and let him know that I was unhappy. I told him I didnt want to give a negative review. until Then he wanted me to pay for shipping again? He also mis-sexed my Eremotus and gave me 2 male and 1 female, promised me a wholesale sheet that I never recieved. I am really overall upset that he thinks I am that easy. I ended up selling the fronts for less than I bought them in at and had to compromise my self as a win in that. Mailordering from Bob made me think hard if I am ever going to do this again.- Its not going to be through the Cichlid store.
malawi-fan has used this retailer 1 time. May 4, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"never again"
Sent wrong fish sexes after he promised to send what i asked for. Different sizes other than discussed. Poor packing, blamed it on carrier. Air out of bags. A million excuses why the poor service and customer service. He gets your money and runs with it, doesnt care about repeat sales. Would refund if i payed shipping back and then he would ship more fish and id double pay shipping. Not worth it.
Ruddman has used this retailer 1 time. April 17, 2005
Overall Rating: 
I called Bob yesterday to see if we could come over to check out his stock, he was kind enough to invite us over. Bob spent two hours with me and my wife showing us his operation, his fish, and sharing his love and knowledge of all kinds of cichlids. This guy treats his stock like favored children. I could not believe the quality of the breeding groups of peacocks we saw, the colors were exceptional. I ended up getting a group of wild caught N. Helianthus that positively glowed, gorgeous fish.
I wouldn't hesitate, in fact as soon as my next (bigger) tank is ready to stock, I'll be visiting Bob again. I highly reccomend him.
Fishfantatic has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 14, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Outrageous Peacocks!"
I normally don't give reviews but I am so thrilled with the outrageous Peacock quality and exceptional service that I have received from Bob at the Cichlid Store that I just had to write and rave! I was new to Peacocks but Bob was very patient. He was right there when I had another "dumb" question and his knowlege of ALL Africans just overwhelms me! He advised me on how to set-up my Peacock tanks, checked with me to ensure that my tanks were cycling properly... the whole nine yards. Then it was time to get my fish. Bob made recommendations based on my experience (or lack of) and shipped the fish to me Fed-x which was perfect! Bob, the Maleri Sunshines could not be more beautiful and the Eureka Reds are the absolute envy of all of my friends! (Speaking of friends, I know that my friend Jennifer Kelly has been bugging you to sell her that breeding group you showed us when we were at your place!) Bob raises his own fish and I can't wait until the new babies are born so that I can buy some and watch them grow!! I want to tell everyone out there that if you want great looking, healthy fish at an incredible price, all backed by the absolute best customer service before and certainly after the sale, there's only one guy to contact and that is Bob Keeton at the Cichlid Store! Thanks again Bob, I'm a lifetime customer!!!
alabamaman has used this retailer 1 time. April 12, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"awful retailer"
I purchased $500 dollars worth of fish from bob.I drove
500 miles from alabama to florida to pickup fish he did not have even have half of the fish i ordered did not tell me until i got there has not credited my creditcard back yet. package all my fish
himself when i got back to al.
the pair of daffodils was .D.O.A. I called him& emailed him he called me 1week
later said no garrantee on fish no refund the air came out of bag he packaged.if you
think of buying fish from bob
dont unless you want to waste
your money.he will not answer
emails or call you back after
a sell patty was super nice said she could not refund my
money only bob could i would
buy fish from patty but not if
with the cichlidstore i will never trade or give the cichlidstore any bussiness and
this was my 1st buy on the internet and last with bob.
until i got there
LukeG has used this retailer 1 time. April 9, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great fish and awesome customer service!"
Don't believe otherwise, this was one great transaction. Bob was very knowledgable and has some great looking fish. I'm 110% satisfied with my purchase, you will be too.
texascichlid1 has used this retailer 1 time. April 8, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"very disapointed and mad"
I ordered through them a while back. I placed 2 orders and requested to Bob to have them shipped in seperate bags and boxes as 1 order was going to my buddys house. Bob was slow at answering emails and phone calls. He completely ignored my request for shipping in 2 boxes although i paid for 2 boxes. All the fish were mixed together in one bag and bigger ones ate the litlle ones on the way.He said this is why there were missing fish. They were un organized on stock and i had to change my order 3 times before shipping because they had things on their web site they couldnt get a hold of. All fish shipped in one box and i requested they be shipped in another name as i couldnt get to the airport and this request was ignored as well. My buddy had problems picking them up at the airport. Bag was low on air, water leaking. Sloppy packing. Fish mixed up and when i called Bob to ask what fish were what he had no idea, told me to look at each fish and look at pictures here on the forum to identify what fish were my Buddys.He was very short with me on the phone and acted like he was put out by me questions on the sloppy packing and requests for fish sent seperatly. Customer service was great before the sale but after you pay...beware of the product and customer service after, you will be ignored and given excuses for why things werent done right. Never will I order from them again. Also there were deformed fish which i never received a refund from. We to this day have never been able to
Norm66 has used this retailer 1 time. April 5, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience, Recommended."
One of the few online stores that had the exact species I wanted. They patiently answered all my questions via both e-mail and phone. Mostly, my fish arrived alive and perfectly healthy.
north has used this retailer 1 time. March 22, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Very Helpful"
My first mail order purchase of fish was from here and I am very satisfied. I ordered 20 juvenile tropheus Ikolas and Patty was able to mix them from 3 different breeding groups. All fish arrived alive and healthy and are doing well. I will purchase from them again.
addictedtofish has used this retailer 1 time. March 18, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great customer service"
It went smooth all the way. Good communication, really nice healthy fish. Bob and Patty are the best. Will buy from again.
peacock4me has used this retailer 1 time. March 15, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"cool fish, great prices"
Every thing about these people is great, from customer service to fish selection to shipping. They go out of thier way to answer any question.All i can say is GREAT. Will order from them again. Thanks Bob and Patty
tanganyikannut has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 15, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"unbelievable quality and customer service!"
The fish arrived healthy and in beautiful condition. Bob is the man as far as shipping goes. Patty's customer service is great. Always there to answer any questions and give great advice. I give them an A++++. Will definantly use them again for my tropheus tank.
fishinlady has used this retailer 1 time. March 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"try them, you will like them"
Patty was very helpful as well as Bob. They tried hard to fill my requests. Lots of sound advice.It was my first time ordering fish online and Patty walked me through it and made it a pleasent transaction. Ikola tropheus were outstanding as well as the calvus and haps. Cant beat them for quality healthy fish and customer service. Will order my next Tropheus from them for sure. Thanks for all the great healthy fish.
ndole_9 has used this retailer 1 time. March 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"outstanding service"
Customer service was very good, friendly, knowlegdeable. Very fast on answering email questions before ordering.Good selection and fish arrived in perfect health,would order from again.
fishfreedom has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"very good"
Customer service is fantastic, fish are healthy and good colors,very prompt on answering questions.By far the best retailer out there.
hapguy has used this retailer 1 time. March 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Tropheus"
Customer service is great, Patty answered all emails and phone calls very promptley. Tropheus quality was exceptional. Great advice given, these people really know thier fish. Cant wait until my next order.
malawijoe has used this retailer 1 time. March 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
Patty was great, took up time and answered all my questions. Was available when i needed her and was great about following up after the order was shipped. Will use again.
greenmonkey51 has used this retailer 1 time. March 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"To many screw ups"
They are alright but my experience was bad. First they didn't have any red fin boreylis and they didn't tell me till it was shipped. Then they didn't ship a 22$ catfish and a VC-10. Two blue doplphins died already and all the fish had ich. There great for customer service but when it came to sending and receiving the fish it all went to #%$&. I did get refunds for the fish not shipping.
teejay has used this retailer 1 time. March 7, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"absolutely wonderful"
patty and bob were a pleasure to deal with and have answered every one of my questions . the fish are perfect. will use them when I stock my next tank. customer for life.
tropheusmaximus has used this retailer 1 time. March 4, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Positive is an understatement/excellent!!!"
WOW, it was an excellent
decision I made to go with
patty and bob, I just bought
13 T.Moorii Mpulungu pineapple
spot tropheus, Patty was great help, answered my questions and let me know exactly what to expect, when the order was placed then Bob
told me exactly what to do and
since they were able to ship to a local airport(thank god it wasn't LAX) ...I might not
have bought them if I had to
fight traffic and go all the way to LAX, ..overall an excellent buying experience
especially since not too many
places have the sunpsots,
all I can say is thank you very much both Patty and Bob
you 2 run a top quality business, your hardwork is very much appreciated, thanks.
Leckster has used this retailer 1 time. February 21, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Forget the rest, Deal with the Best"
I was thouroughly impressed with my experience with Bob. Great fish, truly great prices, and a great person to deal with. I took a trip over to Tampa to pick up my fish and to check out Bob's place, and let me tell you the quality of his stock is second to none. This is where you want your future aquarium inhabitants to have grown up. Bob truly cares about his fish. Order from the Cichlid Store with confidence. You won't be disappointed.
scuba_steve has used this retailer 1 time. January 13, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"110% Satisfied"
Thank you Bob and Patty. I could not have expected anything more than what i recieved. I would have paid as much just for the 12 f1 yellow labs as i paid for my whole 64 fish order, and i probally would have if i went anywhere local. All the fish are beautiful and active. You have the best service, the best prices, and the best fish that anyone could find, trust me, i looked everywhere. I would have no hesitation to buy from you again.
Scuba Steve
pg60 has used this retailer 2-3 times. January 2, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish, Great Guy"
I have bought pond-raised Mbuna & tank-raised Tangs from Bob. About 30 fish total. All of these fish are thriving and have great color.

I am fortunate to live near Bob and it is obvious that he takes pride in the quality of this stock when he shows you around.

He has given me a lot of good advice and has been very patient with me.

Highly recommended!
FNJ2C has used this retailer 1 time. January 1, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"I would use him again GREAT PLACE"
I went to his fish farm met with him and patty had a great time looking at all of the fish. good stock they are frindly it was a pleasure doing bussiness with them. I would highly recommend them FNJ2C CLIFF
TheFoaiFanatic has used this retailer 1 time. December 7, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"The best fish!"
I am so happy with the fish and service I got from bob at the cichldstore. I ordered 2 wild trophues groups and 2 groups of cyps. All the fish came in great and couldn't have been better stock. Fish were spawning within 72hours. I can't wait for my next order! Best online fish store I have ever used!
scubaguy0177 has used this retailer 1 time. November 7, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Incredible Retailer and Breeder"
Luckily, I live in the Tampa Bay area, and Bob was nice enough to allow me the oppurtunity to go over and see his fish room and stock. He was incredibly helpful and knowledgable, and his stock is absolutely amazing. I purchased some F1 P. elongatus from him that are incredible. I will not hesitate to purchase fish again, and would be more than happy to recommend him to other cichlid hobbyists.
fishrick has used this retailer 1 time. October 31, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Excellent Quality-Service"
Bob is Great. The Syno. Multipunctatus Cats are in Excellent Health, the Lamprologus calliurus are Beautiful. Bob stayed in touch during the whole process Thanks Bob. I will order from The Cichlid Store Again. RICK
adguy has used this retailer 1 time. October 12, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"tremendous set-up/selection"
Let me tell you Bob was awesome!!! i got 2 calvis from him on sunday at his house & he was very honest & workked with my budget.. extremely fair priced & answered all 500 questions i had. all his tanks had superb living conditions for his livestock & each fish seemed to have a smile!!! i will definately use him again when i'm in tampa!!! this man/breeder/importer is the real mccoy :)
daniel4832 has used this retailer 1 time. October 1, 2004
Overall Rating: 
I bought 9 Tanzanite Fronts 6 Inkfin Calvus and 16 Paracyps, while my friends received a breeding group of Tropheus and a pair of Gobys.
Four boxes of incredible fish from an incredible person. Not only kept in touch by e-mail and phone all during the transaction but has checked a week later to see how everything is. This is a great person to get fish from, and I will again.
htwooh has used this retailer 2-3 times. September 11, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"By far the absolute best retailer out there!"
Wonderful fish at a great price.Bob is the most proffesonal retailer out there. The communacation is beyond great.Finally someone who cares about something besides getting your money,like the fish! And is shows. Bob is the standard in witch all retailers should go by.Look no farther if your want the best fish at the best price.
Thanks again Bob
wishbone has used this retailer 1 time. September 9, 2004
Overall Rating: 
Bob is a very nice guy. The fish (Frontosa Tanzanite) was nice, ALIVE, and healthy. Good price and excellent service.
Bob is/was helpful, friendly and well....(gotcha!)...schooled in Africans.

Thanks bro!

Greg Friedman has used this retailer 1 time. August 20, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"much better than positive! GREAT"
Simply put...great fish,great service,great price,great advice, great job Bob. My first order with Bob but certainly not my last. I'm already looking forward to my next order. Thanks Greg
discuslover has used this retailer 1 time. August 9, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"excellent service"
Mr. Keeton is very friendly throughout the purchase. He called to make sure the fish arrived OK. I am very satisfy with quality of the TROPHEUS. This is the first time I use him, but it won't be the last. For other fish lovers out there, if you haven't bought from Bob before you have no idea what you are missing out on.

Thanks Bob.

Joel Mulder has used this retailer 1 time. July 12, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Very pleased with quality of both fish and service"
Bob Keeton is very friendly and provided me with great service. He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied and even made a personal phone call to make sure I was. This was the first time I used him, but it won't be the last. Thanks Bob.
shadsfan1 has used this retailer 2-3 times. June 27, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Several Notches Above OUTSTANDING PLUS"
What can I say except how FANTASTIC the variety and quality of the TROPHEUS are. I now have a more QUALITY TROPHEUS than I had ever hoped for. Service is excellant or better. HIGHEST DEALER RECOMMENDATION I can give... Will do buisness with Bob ahead of anyone else. THANKS, Bob...
Front_Fan has used this retailer 1 time. May 15, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"It's a shame the highest review is merely "positive""
There really should be a category like "ECSTATIC", "DELIRIOUS", or at the least "FANTASTIC" so I could properly review my recent transaction with Bob at CichlidStore.com. I just received my wild caught colony of Moba Fronts from Bob today and they are .... beyond description! Bob was very helpful during the purchase, communication was great, answered all of my stupid questions, even changed shipping at the last minute because due to a prior obligation I wasn't able to make it down to pick them up as I had originally intended. I had shopped for a Moba colony for 3 months and I have to say, Bob's price was lower than low, I feel like I imported them from the Lake myself. If this was a group of F1 Leleupi I was buying the only thing I could say that would've made the transaction better would be a freebie or two, but these are the Cream of the Crop and can't expect a freebie with these guys right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Yeah right! All I can say is Bob, YOU ARE DA MAN! If you haven't bought from Bob before you have no idea what you are missing out on. Thanks for everything again, Bob.
Territorial has used this retailer 1 time. May 13, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Not what I have expected"
I bought some cichlids from this site and I was not please by them. I was told that the fish had great coloration except one. For the price I paid I was expecting show males or at least large males. When I receive my order I notice that the fish were still juveniles. None of them had any coloration. One of them even came with a torn dorsal fin. I paid $42.00 for a milomo which was about 3". I thought I was going to receive a show male, which is what I was looking for, for that price. Unfortunately, I lost the fish. I decided to buy one for $12.00 at my LFS which is 2". The service was great but the quality and price for the cichlids was poor.
litllespot has used this retailer 1 time. May 5, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Great guy, friendly,pleasure to do business with."
We went to his house early sunday AM. He was great. Bent over backwards to please. Clean facility, healthy fish,great selection and awesome prices. Cant ask for more. Will order from him again. Thanks Bob, it was a real pleasure.
fshfrk has used this retailer 1 time. December 14, 2005
Overall Rating: 
"Great Fish, Great Guy"
I was extremely pleased with the way things occured with my order. The owner is a top notch guy and a pleasure to deal with. The quality of the fish was also fantastic. High marks across the board.
ApexPredator has used this retailer 1 time. April 3, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Absolutely Superb!!!"
I just recieved my Tropheus "Golden Kazumbas" from The Cichlid Store.com and they are fantastic! I cannot speak highly enough of Bob and his operation. The customer service was top notch and he was in constant communication before, during, and after the purchase. I recommend that anyone seeking quality fish at a respectable price give Bob a call. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for everything Bob, especially the discount and the freebie!
Srpera has used this retailer 1 time. March 28, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Customer Friendly"
Prompt emails, quality fish, and professional packing. I placed an order for Tropheus and they arrived in excellent shape. Bob was very helpful before and after the sale. If he has the fish you are looking for, then don't hesitate to order from CichlidStore.com
cmo has used this retailer 1 time. March 26, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"nice fish"
i happen to live in the same area as bob,and found him here at this website,i bought alarge group of tropheus,group of feather fins and a comp,great fish and good prices very nice man and will do business with him in the future.
ace777 has used this retailer 1 time. March 10, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Bob is Super!"
A short while back I bought a trio of LARGE Zaire Blues from Bob. He was a joy to work with and sent me such prime stock. Exactly 8 days after the fish arrived I have a holding female! WOW! THe large male is absolutely show quality. I'm so impressed. THANKS to BOB...I'll deal with him again!
frybaby has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 6, 2004
Overall Rating: 
""Most awesome fish I've ever seen""
Bob is an incredibly helpful and friendly man. He took time with me to make important decisions and still is available to me anytime I have a question or need advice. I bought a wild breeding colony of tropheus sp. bemba blacks and they're just the most awesome fish I've ever seen, let alone owned! Of all the tanks we have, theirs is the one that draws the most interest and highest compliments from visitors. This is not a colony that I would even think about getting rid of--they starting spawning the night we picked them up at the airport! We now have several adorable little black fry swimming around in and out of the texas holey rock, which was also his knowledgeable and appreciated suggestion. Bob was up in the wee hours the morning the day they were shipped to personally make sure he packed them well and they had a safe journey until they got to Atlanta where Delta let them sit an extra 4 hours longer than they were expected too. They arrived safely and in great health strictly because of his wisdom and care in packing and shipping them. After I had ordered the tropheus, I called Bob about getting a wild blue zaire female which he had in stock. She's 6-7 ins. and his price was excellent. I will definitely be getting more to join her in the future. She's absolutely beautiful and just screaming with color, as promised. I highly recommend Bob and his tremendous collection/selection of fish. I will definitely be ordering more from him in the future. Thank
grayfox has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 6, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Bag Buddy Bob is a pleasure to deal with",Bob knows fronts"s"
I took a chance and drove 250 miles to Tampa and purchased four 6 inch + blue Zaires from Bob,I was so happy with my purchase, I called to get four more...Bob drove half way to meet me...Bob has renewed my faith in ordering on line...THANK'S BOB
Rainbow Cichlids has used this retailer 2-3 times. January 25, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Freindly service, Large inventory and A+ quality fish"
I bought 17 very beautiful wild Tropheus Red Rainbow Kasanga's from Bob and within 2 hrs of putting them in my tank they were already spawning (horny suckers). Bob called me 1st thing in the morning checking on the safe arrival of the fish. I then bought 12 Wild Ikola Frontosa 2M-10F very nice, very beautiful colors and a trio of Black Congo A.Calvus
and wow a very large nice Male with 2 gorgeous females. Bob has a great selection of F0 and F1 fish and is very knowledgeable in all Species. Gives great tips and answers all your questions and never rushes you on the phone. I wanted some more wild species of Tropheus and some wild P.Demasoni that he didn’t have, and what do ya know he said he would order them for me. Now that’s service and I will definitely buy from again. SERVICE A+ QUALTITY A+ PRICE A+
JBG has used this retailer 1 time. January 25, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"I know where I am going for hard to find fish!"
This was my first experience with ordering fish online. Bob surpassed all my expectations. An incredible person to deal with, and makes you feel like you are a friend not a customer. Best of all the fish were exactly as he described...absolutely beautiful!
papa has used this retailer 1 time. January 13, 2004
Overall Rating: 
my first time dealing with bob was excellent. one of the nicest person i have dealt with online.makes you feel like he has been a long time friend.i bought a colony of f-1 samazi fronts which are great.plus i ended up with 2 wild caught ikola females[very nice] and a wild caught male samazi front.when i buy any more cichlids bob will always be my first choice. i would highly recommend for anyone to buy from the cichlid store.thanks bob for the excellent fronts larry
mulva has used this retailer 3-10 times. January 11, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Great quality of fish, Great owner"
I met Bob about 4 months ago, when I bought a few wild calvus and comps. The fish I got were simply amazing quality. Since that first purchase I have also receieved a colony of 11 wild black calvus, which are AMAZING quality. His tropheus stock and breeding colonys are the nicest looking fish I have ever seen.
Howie Tracy has used this retailer 1 time. January 7, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"Friendly,prompt service, great quality fish"
I had been looking for a year for 2 Wild Samazi female fronts to go with my trio. When I found Bob, he found my fish within 1 hour, and shipped them to me here in Texas as promised. The fish are beautiful and the exact size I asked for. I now have a nice colony of 5...Thanks Bob! I'll be back!
steve1rob2 has used this retailer 1 time. January 3, 2004
Overall Rating: 
"High quality stock, professional business, courteous owner, highly recommend!"
Quality stock of blue variant frontosas and tropheus species. Purchased Samazi Frontosa colony and several Tropheus. All fish alive and well. Facility is very clean and well maintained. Owner, Bob, is very courteous, professional and very knowledgeable on Africans. Prices very reasonable and are a bargain for the quality of fish. Highly recommend to all!
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