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Retailer Reviews
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RetailersMail-Order FishUSFL CichlidStore.com
City, State: RIverview, FL
ZIP: 33569
Phone: (813) 842-0712
Web site: Click here
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bluize411 has used this retailer 2-3 times. May 2, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"this guy is the man"
I live about 120 miles from his store so I prefer to pick up the fish and he had no problem with that as long as I call ahead and setup a day. He also goes out of his way to make sure you get exactly what you want, if he doesn't have it he will let you know instead of just sending somthing else like some other places do. His quality is extremely excellent and you couldn't ask for more beautiful fish. Every fish I have bought (12 total so far) are all of show quality and I would not buy from any other merchant. On top of all the good things I've already said, I can also add that I have never received any fish with even the slightest hint of Ich or anyother problem again unlike other merchants. His selection has everything I've ever wanted to find with the exception of one fish which I have recommended to him since there is only one merchant I know that sells them (pink veil tail oscar)and they are rarely availble. He's provided me with such excellant service and quality fish that I won't even consider buying from any other merchant.
averyh has used this retailer 1 time. April 13, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Fish Bob"
Recently my family was on vacation I looked for Cichlid stores in the area. Found the cichlid store emailed Mr. Keeton before we left Atlanta to see if we could stop by. When I got there I could not believe my eyes more fish than I could dream of. I was only glad my check book was at home. There were so many great fish to choose from I could not decide. I plan to buy many more fish from the Cichlid Store. Looking forward to the store opening near Tampa. Once it opens I will again be headed south to Tampa. Great selection, that farm is like a school field trip incredible.
Eric_S has used this retailer 1 time. March 15, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Top notch service."
I went with Bob for my first online fish purchase. I looked into several establishments but I got the best impression from him. I was very happy with my decision. He was very quick with his email responses and was extremely accommodating to me. I had my worries about having fish shipped from FL to NJ but they arrived with no losses. Thanks again Bob! Looking forward to making my next purchase from you.
msomerss has used this retailer 1 time. March 14, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Bob will take care of you"
Bob Keeton delivered some of the best customer service I have had from any retailer. He returned emails within hours, phone calls were answered or promptly returned. When my order arrived it exceeded my expectations. My order wasn't very large but he treated me like I was his most important client.

The fish were vibrant and colorful. I am planning a remodel of our house including a large built in aquarium. I will trust Bob's advice and quality fish to fully stock it in the future. Bob will take care of you!
jpcichlids has used this retailer 1 time. March 11, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"couldn't be better "
It was a real pleasure dealing with Bob. Tanks were clean fish were healthy ,and I left with more than I could have hoped for. If you are in the area Please check out the cichlid store you won't find any better.
cwb has used this retailer 1 time. March 11, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"WOW !!! Best I've Seen"
I recently had the unfortunate experience of going out of town and leaving my fish to be fed by a friend. He thought he would go out of his way and not only feed the fish, but also wipe down the exterior of the tank....using windex!!!!!! So needless to say, I came back and all of the fish were dead. I was very sad to discover fish that I have had for 6-7 years had died, but the silver lining in this catastrophe came in the form of Bob Keaton and the Cichlid Store. I had several rare cichlids that I knew I would not find in the local fish store. Bob not only had many of the fish I was looking for, he had a wealth of knowledge he was willig to share regarding the fishes' temperments, compatibility, and tendencies. The fish were in amazing shape. Their energy levels were high and they each took quickly to their new home. Thanks Bob for the wonderful fish. I will definately be by again soon to pick out some more family members.
Luvthekeys has used this retailer 2-3 times. March 11, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great Owner and Guy!!!"
Once again I drove the 65 miles up I-75 to visit Bob Keeton of the Cichlidstore.com. I had emailed Bob asking his assistance in finding me a decent sized Male Venutus in color. Bob did his best but his fish traps failed to do their job in time for my trip. However I was also in the market for a Male Albino Taiwan Reef fish and a Synodontis Polli. Bob did not fail me and he helped me select two great specimens. Now the bug hit me and I asked Bob to suggest two more Haps to go in my 125 gal mostly Hap tank. He suggested a Copadichromis borleyi (Kadango) and a Taeniolethrinops praeorbitalis both were fine suggestions. Not only did he help me select my fish he also took me to his future store site. It is going to be fantastic. Bob is very patient and is always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy his customer. I can assure you I will again drive up I-75 to visit Bob and his first class operation. Hopefully Bob will be able to capture that Male Venutus for me. Hint! Hint!
ifix46s has used this retailer 2-3 times. April 27, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Thanks Bob!"
Bob took care of me again. The fish that he sent were even better looking then I imagined! He is always quick to answer emails and always returns phone calls. I plan on meeting Bob in person and shaking his hand and telling him thank you in person!
damiantaylor has used this retailer 1 time. March 3, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Finally a man who know's what he's doing!"
I don't normally enter into writing about my experiences but felt I needed to share with everybody what a truely wonderful experience the Cichlid Store is. Bob is a true proffesional; he not only provides you with a friendly enviroment and a wealth of knowledge, but also some of the finest looking fish I have ever seen. If that's not enough, his prices will blow you away, so much so that I easily purchased 16 fish today. I will definately be back. Thanks Bob!
Mcfly has used this retailer 2-3 times. February 27, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Bob is the Best!!!"
A few weeks ago I was able to bring my wife over to see the first class operation at The Cichlid Store and to select a few show quality fish for my 180. I consider myself lucky to be able to drive over and hand-pick my fish with Bob’s assistance. He has a great set-up and understanding of these beautiful fish. My 180 is stocked almost exclusively with fish I have purchased from The Cichlid Store. I am looking forward to another trip to see Bob and get a few more fish in the near future and would highly recommend this outfit to anyone looking for quality fish and honest advice backed by years of experience.
doebunny has used this retailer 1 time. February 24, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great experience! Will buy from again~"
Not only does Bob have wonderful fish, he is the guy who picks up the phone when you call. I bought a range of fish from adult to juvenile and all of them arrived wonderfully packaged, healthy & labeled, which was great for the juveniles with very little color. The peacocks I received are in full color with no ragged edges. I will definitely be purchasing more fish from Bob!
chente has used this retailer 1 time. February 21, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Great service, great prices, great fish. "

By far the best experience I’ve ever had buying from the internet. Bob has a very personal approach to his business which is hard to come by now days. He is very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to give advice. He has a large variety of very high quality fish to choose from. His fish come in a variety of sizes sure to fit any aquarium setup and budget. I was also very impressed with his packaging job and shipping charges. They were very professional and he took the time to find the fastest and most economical shipping method for my area. I am very pleased with the experience and looking forward to doing business again in the near future.

Thanks Bob
jschulst1 has used this retailer 1 time. February 6, 2007
Overall Rating: 
"Top notch breeding facilty!"
With 40,000 gallon of fish, and a system that drips fresh water contantly thru all his tanks, Bob never have to change water for every tanks he has. Constant fresh water really helps fish stay healthy and grow fast. After one visit, I'm pretty much sold to his quality fish he has and will be getting more from him again. Worth the visit!
cjpejot has used this retailer 2-3 times. November 19, 2006
Overall Rating: 
""Out of Africa!""
We only wish that we had found Bob sooner! Not only is he extremely knowledgable and professional, his stock is second to none. Each time we visit, we have the privilege of hand-selecting invaluable treasures! Bob has brought Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika to Florida with his wide variety of healthy, colorful fish! Even when he's bagging our order, we can tell he truly appreciates the unique qualities of each specimen. We highly recommend the CichlidStore to everyone looking for reasonably priced, excellent quality cichlids. We can't imagine anyone, local or out of state, being disappointed with a purchase from the CichlidStore. Thanks Bob!!

MiamiErick has used this retailer 1 time. November 15, 2006
Overall Rating: 
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