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Python Products Python
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Product Description:
Python Products PythonUsed to clean and fill your tank by attaching to an existing water faucet.
Product Specifications:
These siphons can be purchased with different lengths in both the siphon tube and in the hose. Siphon tubes come in sizes ranging from 20 inches to 72 inches. Hoses come in sizes from 25 feet to 100 feet.
User Ratings: (84 reviews)
Overall: 8.62
Value/Cost: 8.14
Effectiveness: 9.11
Quality: 8.20
Ease of use: 9.01
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billibudusa has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 10/10 April 3, 2005
"Never go without one of these!!"
Every aquarium owner should have this tool. A must have for every fish room. Water changes are critical to keeping and/or breeding healthy cichlids.
Limvostov has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 9.25/10 March 31, 2005
"Great siphon... a must have tool"
I love this thing... it keeps my floor from getting wet and it does a great job for filling and draining the tank. With a large tank it takes a lot of the burden out of water changes and gravel vaccuming. I only wish all the parts were a little more sturdy... if they had used brass for all of the hardware that would have been nice.
sneakysnook has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 10/10 March 7, 2005
"It really does work!!!"
Just got mine about 2weeks ago and I just love it. Got it from Big Al's and it was only $28 with shipping. I will never get rid of mine, just love it. Who ever buys one will love it too.
randomthought7 has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 9/10 February 18, 2005
"It Works"
This product really gets rid of using buckets. It’s a great product and worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone!
mmoore0803 has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 January 5, 2005
"Great Product-easy to use!!!!"
Just bought my Python for my 75g...best thing ever for water changes. The suction is usuable though not great (due to where my sink is in regards to the tank). I used the PetsMart pricematch and bought it for $25 (their in store price was $40...online $25) Just had to remove the aerator from my kitchen faucet (one of the extendable arm faucets...pulls out from the sink) and hook up the Python. Mine also came with the upgraded Brass fitting. Now water changes are easy once the kids go to sleep...an incredible product
richh has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 December 2, 2004
"This is the greatest invention!!!!!"
NO MORE DUMPING BUCKETS!!!!! I wish I bought this a long time ago!!! If you're dumping buckets, do yourself a favor and go buy this! Cuts the time in half. Very easy to use.
EdgarFanCLS has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 9.75/10 December 1, 2004
"Couldn't imagine a water change on my 75 without it!"
My python purchase was one of the best investments I have made. Doing water changes is as easy as turning on the faucet, and sitting on the couch, while your tank drains and refills. I couldn't imagine lugging huge buckets of water back and forth between my 75G and the sink, not to mention the water I'd probably spill on the floor int he process.
If you've got a larger tank, then get yourself a python. Trust me it'll save you a lot of time and effort doing water changes!
ObsessedWithFish has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 9.75/10 October 27, 2004
"Good stuff."
I bought my python brand new for $21.99 and it came with the brass fitting. Great product and even better since I paid so little! Water changes will never be the same.
wpd801 has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 9.75/10 August 19, 2004
"Why didn't I think of that!!!"
This is the best investment I have purchased for my hobby. My wife loves it too, because there is no more water on the floor or buckets laying around. Yes, the cost can be high but that is due to the dealers. Go straight to the sorce and save cash.
ThePeters has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 9/10 July 19, 2004
We just got our Python in the mail today and tried it out. It works like a charm. It's easy and fun (weird but true)!!! It was the best $30 I ever spent. A LOT better than a bucket and a million trips back and forth. Try it ... you won't be disappointed!
110mixed has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 9.25/10 July 6, 2004
it does every thing it says saves me alot of trouble i actually do water changes when i need to now havent had any problems with the hardware
Destinmatt has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 8/10 June 26, 2004
"Great with attachments."
If you get the attachments for it there's no competition.
kstrong has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 10/10 June 24, 2004
"Easy way to clean your tank!"
I got a great deal for a 50 footer off of Petsolutions and this thing has saved me so much time, and aches in the back from tugging the bucket back and forth.
madkat has used this product for 1-3 Months.
Overall Rating: 8.5/10 June 16, 2004
"saved my back.... no more aches..."
i purchased mine from petsmart. I got the 25' python for 25 bucks. all you have to do is go petsmart.com and get the online price and go to petsmart and they will most likely match the price. i get mose of my stuff this way. It's like have a 30-40% sale all the time. great invention that saved my back! highly recommended!
skiploder has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 7/10 March 13, 2004
"Great Idea - So-So Execution"
Definately speeds up water changes and makes the whole process easier, but..........

Using a brass sink fitting to a plastic coupler = stripped threads. Lee's makes a plastic replacement that will far outlast the OEM fitting.

It's also much cheaper to build your own.
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