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Seachem Ammonia Alert
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Product Description:
Seachem Ammonia AlertAmmonia Alert is an innovative color device for continuously detecting and monitoring toxic free ammonia. A sensor changes reversibly from yellow to green to blue, relative to the ammonia concentration. No test kits, chemicals, or procedures are needed. The device detects less than 0.05 mg/L (ppm) free ammonia and alerts you to the #1 killer before any sign of stress. It lasts over a year. Marine or freshwater use.
Product Specifications:
Single sensor
Sponsor's Website:
User Ratings: (23 reviews)
Overall: 6.59
Value/Cost: 6.09
Effectiveness: 6.00
Quality: 5.87
Ease of use: 8.39
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myswtsins has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 3.25/10 October 4, 2008
"Another let down"
I am cycling (fishless) a tank for Mbunas and wanted something to let me know when the ammonia levels were getting low so I could add more ammonia so I bought this.

My ammonia has been up to 6ppm (API liquid test kit) and NOTHING registers. When I hold it over an pure ammonia bottle it turns a very slight tint of blue and that's it.

It has been in the tank for over 2 weeks with no results. I may contact Seachem and see if they want to send another one out for a second try.
hollyfish2000 has used this product for 1-3 Months.
Overall Rating: 4.5/10 June 17, 2008
"Does not work"
I used this when intially cycling a tank. It NEVER registered ammonia, even as I was getting up to .5 ppm on the API tests. I did test the thing over some window cleaner and it responded immediately, but not to anything in the tank. I threw it away.
OmegaXX has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 9/10 April 10, 2007
"Not as bad as people say it is"
I've owned two of these things and they're extremely sensitive to ammonia.

While cycling I believe these things are an asset.

Every time I add more ammonia to a cycling tank it immediately turns blue.

It takes longer to turn yellow again after it's put in fresh water, but not days. Try 20 minutes at the most to change back to yellow.
nukeonekitty has used this product for .
Overall Rating: 5.75/10 November 30, 2006
"Not sure if it works all the way"
I would not put the life of my fish in the hands of this device, but it is a nice security while cycling to make sure you maybe catch a spike before your fish die. Mine did change color to like blue for a week while I was fish less cycling.
iansmith has used this product for 1-3 Months.
Overall Rating: 7.75/10 March 9, 2006
"Works great BUT a few cavets"
There are a few reasons every review is love it or hate it.

It does take from several days to a week to start working.

The biggest catch is that it works badly if your pH is under 7, and under 6.5 it does not seem to work at all.

If you have a pH over 7, this is a great product and can save your tank. It was a big help with cycling my tank, and lets you know the moment ammonia starts to rise.

But don't throw away your test kits.
Seajays has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 3/10 August 31, 2005
"Doesn't work"
In tank 8 days while cycling,ammonia level 8.0 and still yellow. What a waste of money.
fishgeekva1 has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 2/10 May 7, 2005
"Does not work"
I put one of these in our goldfish tank where the ammonia was off the charts and it didn't change once!
SnappingTurtle has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 February 19, 2005
"Give it a chance"
Most aquarists are too impatient to wait for this little device to adjust to their tank. Mine was a grey color for about a week and then all of the sudden the colors emerged quite visibly. Since then, the ALERT has warned me of two seperate Ammonia spikes in smaller community tanks where fish had died in hard to see places. You couldn't ask for more ease of use. Now I hope they come out with a NITRITE ALERT!
Limvostov has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 8.5/10 December 3, 2004
"Works well ... saved my fish a couple of times"
This sensor works very well... had it in my tank for over 3 months and for the past month it has read SAFE so I hope it is still working. All of my fish are doing well and I even have had two batches of fry since I installed it so it must be working. Good product
jojojo has used this product for 1-3 Months.
Overall Rating: 8.25/10 July 16, 2004
I cyceled two different tanks 55 & 10 it showed what was goin on, checked results with other tests. Negative sometimes coloer is kind of hard to tell. But if its yellow you are ok if any other color check water. helps but does not replace other tests.
xxxsclxxx has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 10/10 June 2, 2004
"Works perfect"
I dont use this during cycling but I use it on an established tank. It works.
Bevo5 has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 3.25/10 May 16, 2004
"Complete waste of $5..DO NOT BUY."
This is the worst product I have bought in a long long time. I should've spent this $5 on buying a bridge from a bum on the street..becasue that would've been a better use.

Stuck this thing in the tank...didn't change color one time!! And then I test the water and my ammonia is showing .5! Luckily I checked with a different kit.or else everything would've died sooner or later.

KENT needs to rethink this POS.
05dr has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 9/10 January 2, 2004
"Nothing but good experiences"
my brother and i have been using these guys for over a year and have always found them to be dead on, even when we added some new fish and the old test bottles weren't registering anything. we now have them on most of our tanks. for now i am a believer.
rollo has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 1/10 November 21, 2003
"Disaster Waiting To Happen!"
I put this piece of garbage in my new cycling tank. Never changed at all. Ammonia spiked to above 6. It reads SAFE. Thank God I did a back up test that caught it. Please DO NOT Buy this thing.
shaggyd714 has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 6/10 November 17, 2003
"Little disappointed in the quality"
The paint or ink on the plastic which displays the colors you match up to the dot to check ammonia comes off after awhile when it's in your tank.

This concerns me because it's going into my aquarium water.

The dot sensor is extremely hard to replace due to the fact that you can't touch it with your hands, and you have to get the backing off, and put it on the unit all with a pair of tweaswers.

It's not really that necesasary. I would rather just test my ammonia once every couple of weeks.
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