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Tetra EasyBalance PLUS
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Product Description:
Tetra EasyBalance PLUSEasyBalance® provides an invaluable safety net for the time challenged hobbyist. Nitraban™ adds further stability to aquariums by helping natural bacteria complete the nitrogen cycle. These white, biodegradable granules settle into the gravel where they nourish beneficial de-nitrification bacteria that convert nitrate to harmless nitrogen gas. When used on a weekly basis, EasyBalance® will help keep your fish healthy while making your job easier. The water is kept biologically healthy for up to 6 months, extending time between water changes. It’s a comprehensive benefits package for both you and your fish alike.
•Carbonate Hardness Additive– The appropriate amount of carbonate hardness is added to the aquarium water compensating for KH losses, which occur as a result of nitrification.
•pH Stabilization– Stabilizes the pH value on a sufficiently high level, preventing a drop to biologically harmful levels (pH crash) and produces a certain amount of CO2 preventing excessive pH values.
•Phosphate Removing Effect– In a standard aquarium (30gal) the phosphate concentration is reduced to zero during most of the 6-month period.
•New Feature: Nitrate Reduction with Nitraban™– Serves as a nutrient for denitrifying bacteria that consume the oxygen releasing nitrogen from the aquarium. On average the nitrate concentration will drop below 40mg/l.
•Other Features Include– Production of Carbon Dioxide, the addition of trace elements and a replenishment of vitamin B.
Product Specifications:
Available in 3.38 oz, 8.45 oz, and 16.9 oz bottles.
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User Ratings: (6 reviews)
Overall: 4.63
Value/Cost: 5.00
Effectiveness: 4.00
Quality: 4.83
Ease of use: 4.67
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pooch has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 1.75/10 October 30, 2008
"don't use it unless you are fully aware of all the possible outcomes"
we tried it to lessen water changes and all the work. we were unaware that all the levels of the chemical balances in the tank had to be completely 100% balanced prior to putting it in the tank. So it froze all the impurities in the water at that level and after aprox,2 weeks it killed all of our 16 cichlids.(not cheap). we started to see the water cloud then fish slowing down in activity, then not eating , then grasping for air, loosing colour, going nutty. and as fast as we spoted these changes and responded to the problem did a overhall of the water the fish were dying one by one, very scary and sad. contacted experts and they said fish are dependant on people for fresh water and that no chemical can replace that. so beware. we will never use it again . the directions on the product are not evidently extremely clear unless you are a pro
billd75 has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 3/10 May 17, 2007
"It's junk."
There is no substitute for regular water changes and proper tank maintenance. This stuff claims to change all that and the claims are all they are. Empty claims! This stuff is garbage.
ROBYK has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 August 5, 2005
I feel some people are either using this product wrongly or have badly setup aquariums, because I used it for 12 months and my tank looked great but when I stoped using it for a few months my tank looked terrible and the plants died. I have started to use it again and the aquarium has never looked better.
amcdonal86 has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 1/10 August 3, 2004
"It is a bad product"
It tricks people into thinking that aquarium maintenence is unnecessary. This is incorrect, and EasyBalance doesn't help one bit.
Cychlid has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 8.75/10 December 17, 2003
"Good, effective, reliable product"
I used it for almost 3 years (before I moved and left my tank behind) on a planted 10gal populated with 2 kuhlies, 4 tiger barbs, 1 monodactyl. UGF with powerhead and an Aquaclear Mini.
When I started using it my tank was over 1Yr old. My experience is that this product DOES Work. Do read instructions thoroughly! minimum requirements:
- Well oxygenated water.
- Fully stable tank.
- Good filtration setup.
has used this product for 1-3 Months.
Overall Rating: 3.75/10
"dosn't work. period"
tetra emensly disapointed me with this "wonder chemical". untill this time, i had trusted there products as being well reserched and effective. i bought a bottle to see if it would make my life easier but after 3 weeks of using it(and not doing water changes), I found my fish had lost color, appitite and life. 6 weeks after I started, my fish where gasping at the surface. upon testing, i found NH3 very, as well as NO2, and pH. a preformened a masive water change and put the bottle in my trash. however, i have no started doing weekly water changes and my fish have never looked better. just do the water changes it's: it's so much better for your fish
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