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Kordon AmQuel
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Product Description:
Kordon AmQuelAmQuel quickly and effectively removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines (three of the most toxic chemicals commonly found in aquatic systems) from freshwater and seawater. AmQuel is the only true one-step liquid ammonia and chloramine remover that is simple to use. AmQuel is completely unlike declorinators which claim to ''remove'' chloramines. These products only break the chlorine-ammonia bond of chloramines by simple dechlorination, leaving the ammonia in the water. The resulting ammonia must be removed by adsorption on granular or powdered zeolites (clinoptilolites). In addition, AmQuel functions as well in salt water as it does in fresh water; whereas zeolites do not remove ammonia in salt water.
Product Specifications:
Available in 16 oz., 1 gallon, and 5 gallons.
User Ratings: (21 reviews)
Overall: 8.76
Value/Cost: 8.14
Effectiveness: 9.10
Quality: 8.76
Ease of use: 9.05
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galen has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 10/10 February 20, 2008
"Easy and effective"
i switched to this after using api stress coat for years. i am very happy with the results. it silences any spikes of ammonia, nitrite or nitrate. the smell is almostnegligible if you shake it before use; it dissipates quickly though in any room after use. water is always stable and clear. to me, it is on par with stress coat and prime, if not better.
dlee9707 has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 8/10 November 12, 2006
"Works quick"
After recently setting up a new tank using water from another and used filter media, i still had an ammonia spike. Kordon AmQuel brought it down and saved my fish easily in under 12 hours.
sik has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 9.25/10 September 23, 2006
"gets the job done"
i've used AmQuel for 10 years +. a local LFS recommended this product. yeah, i admit the new formula does "stink" but hey it works. besides, the smell goes away anyway, and my fish don't seem to be bothered but it. so give it a try - it gets the job done.
tuccis8 has used this product for 1-3 Months.
Overall Rating: 4/10 August 13, 2006
Stress Coat works just as well. Smells horrible.
discuslover1991 has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 9/10 July 18, 2006
"never had a better conditioner"
disolves faster thatn Aquasafe and easier to find than bio-coat.
tehfishguy has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 9/10 April 12, 2006
"Not Fooled"
Sounds like someone is upset that they got one-upped and an improvement was made to Amquel. Before I used this product I was skeptical, I had used Amquel for years, so I called Kordon and asked to speak to the president of the company. Try that at Hikari Sales. I spoke with him directly and was assured that the product works as stated. I trust Kordon's products and from the looks here so do other reviewers. Amquel Plus works. I no longer worry about nitrates/nitrites harming my fish just like I never worried about ammonia when I used Amquel. Be sure you have adaquate aeration when using this product, it is very powerful and will use some oxygen. The odor referred to in wagtail's review is from the sulfur compound used in the product. I was informed by Kordon's president that it is totally harmless and that added steps in production have been implemented to decrease this odor. The new bottle I recently purchased was nearly odor free. Also, I was informed that if I was not happy with the odor Kordon would be happy to replace it with newer product. As always, the folks at Kordon stand behind their product.
wagtail has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 3/10 October 15, 2005
"DON'T BE FOOLED: This is not the Amquel You Think it is."
Amquel + is the brand name owned by Kordon, but the inventor with the patents (Aquascience/John F. Kuns) no longer makes it for Kordon. This new product stinks to high heaven and I there have been complaints about its claims.

The real AMquel is now marketed by Hikari. Here is the text from the Hikari wensite:

"Cloram-X® is the Hikari Sales USA product which replaces the original version of Amquel®. It does not bind ammonia into a non-toxic form for removal by the filtration system. It actually removes the ammonia! Again there is some confusion in the marketplace regarding this product. Aquascience Research Group is the laboratory that holds the patent on the Cloram-X® molecule which was originally brought to market in a product called Amquel®. Kordon® marketed Amquel® and owns the trademark rights to that name. Within the last year or so Kordon® went to another lab and created a new product called Amquel® Plus using a completely new formulation. Actually, Cloram-X® is an improvement on the formula as it does not have a detrimental effect on dissolved oxygen and has a better buffering agent so as not to impact pH."

Merle Haggard has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 9.75/10 August 12, 2005
"the best"
does what it says.good stuff
Sakhile has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 10/10 July 14, 2005
"saved my fish..."
my tank rose to toxic levels...I put the dosage for day 1, day 2 then day 3 I double dosed it...within 3-4 days toxcicity gone!!!
I probably could have speed it up if I would have just started with a bigger dosage..I was a little confued on how much I could use though...i think it said dosage every 24 hours...but it didnt specify how much...if I remember correctly...it romves a certan amount per amount..so measure accordingly...
has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 10/10 December 4, 2004
"Great For Chloramine"
I just recently switched over from Seachem Prime, and the results with Amquel are impressive. For the best bang for your buck get the "dry powder" form of Amquel, which is sold under the name ClorAm-X. If you're concerned about heavy metals, then simply add NovAqua for complete protection during water changes.
amcdonal86 has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10 August 3, 2004
"Not the best"
I wish the cap sizes on the bottles could be used to measure Amquel.
straitjacketstar has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 10/10 March 16, 2004
"Best Conditioner"
You can't ask for more, it does what it says.
vocal has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 10/10 February 23, 2004
"Does what it says"
Amquel removes chlorine AND chloramines without adding a bunch of other unnecessary chemicals. A number of other water conditioners add non-essential chemicals that irritates fishes to "promote" slime production. Why add more chemicals than neccesary into the tank?
cloudwalker has used this product for 1-3 Months.
Overall Rating: 10/10 January 21, 2004
"AmQuel +"
AmQuel+ is now out here in the UK. I had a bad nitrite spike that needed remedying rapidly..This did the trick.30ml added to 150litres crushed all nitrites, all ammonia and all nitrates.
I now use it with every water change to get rid of local tap impurities.
If you have a chemistry problem, this will sort it out...fast..but be warned..it only deals with the symptoms..at least it gives you chance to find the cause and deal with it with it hopefully without livestock loss.
shaggyd714 has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 10/10 November 17, 2003
"Great - and lasts for a long time"
Excellent - never have to worry about ammonia.

Lasts a long time - I use it along with NovAqua. I bought a gallon of each. After 10 months, I'm getting ready to buy another gallon of NovAqua. The AmQuel still has about 2/3 of the bottle remaining because you don't use as much.

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