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Danner Supreme Mag Drive Pumps
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Product Description:
Danner Supreme Mag Drive PumpsEnergy efficient - pays for itself in savings. Safe for fresh, saltwater or pond use. Uses half the power of conventional pumps. Only one moving part means there aren't any seals to wear out. Models 1 and 1.5 are fully submersible, but are not designed for in line use. Models 2, 3, 5, 7 and 12 are fully submersible and do have in line capability. Approved for indoor or outdoor use.
Product Specifications:
Supreme Mag Drive Pump Model 1 - 80 gph
Supreme Mag Drive Pump Model 1.5 - 140 gph
Supreme Mag Drive Pump Model 2 - 250 gph
Supreme Mag Drive Pump Model 3 - 350 gph
Supreme Mag Drive Pump Model 5 - 500 gph
Supreme Mag Drive Pump Model 7 - 700 gph
Supreme Mag Drive Pump Model 12 - 1200 gph
User Ratings: (20 reviews)
Overall: 8.65
Value/Cost: 8.15
Effectiveness: 8.80
Quality: 8.80
Ease of use: 8.85
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mhertzfeld has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 9/10 August 7, 2013
"Great Pump!"
Great pump for a sump.

I have 2x 9.5s in the sump for my 150g tank and they work great.

Only reason I give them a 9 is because they don't include an adapter for a 3/4" line. I didn't expect it in the box but to make it a full blown 10 they would have included one or two adapters and I wouldn't have had to make a trip to the hardware store.
wild wally one has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 8.75/10 September 28, 2010
"The Little Pump That Can"
This pump really pushes the water from my sump into the tank. My fish loves to swim in and out of the current.My tropheus play all the time and working up an appetite. I've had this pump for 6 years now and had no problems with it. I like to add that it is very soft to the ears with hardly any motor noise. Glad I choose this pump!!!!!
jamesN has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 May 14, 2010
"mag 12 feels really solid with no problems"
i have a 180g RR tank and chose the mag 12 over the mag 18 b/c of its energy efficiency. at 4' head height the mag12 and mag18 do 1130gph & 1375gph respectively. only problem is most aquariums with dual overflows max out at 1200gph. now at 5' head height they do 1120gph & 1200gph respectively. mag 12=110watts, mag 18=145watts. Easy choice really.
thevein has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 September 19, 2009
"Awesome pumps; they get the job done."
I've used the mag 7 and 9.5 for about 4 years and I love these pumps. The mag 7 is part of my sump set up for my 90gal show tank and you couldn't hear it if you stood right in front of the tank. My 9.5 is used for water changes and even with 15ft of tubing going to the second floor of my house, it powers through and gets the job done. Will definetly buy a mag 12 in the near future.
lilredwuck has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 4.75/10 August 14, 2009
OMG I won't go into detail on this. If you need to call danner manufacturing and get christe at "customer Service" you'll have fun. I couldn't get them to figure out what pump I had. "If there is no sticker on the back, then I can't help you. If you call instead of email, you get the same person as well. Weeee, oh and she won't let you talk to someone competent either. How can you not know your own products. Wouldn't even let me ship it to them so they could figure what parts it needed and send it back. I am currently trying to get a hold of someone else at danner, but have been unable to
Cich of it all has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 10/10 January 12, 2009
"Mag 1800 is a beast!"
I love my 1800. It is very strong and seems extremely well built. It is a bit loud, but I have it in my 125 gallon sump which is in my back storage room, so I don;t hear it when I am out by the tanks. I have even run it dry numerous times while doing water changes (one time for 20 minutes!), with no adverse effects.
will74 has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 10/10 April 27, 2008
"amazing pump, great service"
Great pump! Very strong and durable, had one run for approximately 2 weeks with broken impeller shaft. Called Danner Mfg and had a brand new impeller within a week without ever filling out a warranty card or anything. I have run these pumps inline and submerged and they are extremely quiet. Don't know why others have complained about noise unless they didn't properly or routinely clean or they have it plumbed wrong. It has to be plumbed with mostly flexible tubing attached to the pvc, or you can use barbed fittings to screw directly into the pump itself. I own 3 of these pumps, a 7,9.5,and an 18 and all work wonderfully I also have 2 eheim hobby pumps and I would strongly advise the mag over the eheim based on service, other than that the eheim might be just a little more energy efficient but other than that they are basically the same pump. both run for years and after some time the eheim becomes just as noisy as the danner, but that is virtually silent. with the ceiling fan on you can't even hear it. I would recommend buying this filter, maybe a little pricey but you end up getting way more than you pay for in the long run. Just remember to routinely clean it, especially the impeller walls and never run without a prefilter, I cover my prefilter sponge with media bags to keep out small particles of sand and such, and also clean hoses at least every six months.
OmegaXX has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 4.75/10 April 8, 2007
"This thing is LOUD"
I had one of these hooked up to my UGJs and it was so loud, I couldn't believe it.

I replaced it with an Eheim and I can't even hear it.
Toby_H has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 8.75/10 March 2, 2007
"Strong Pump worth paying for"
I have had Mag 7, 9.5, 12 & 18 pumps and when they are properly maintained and used they can work effectively with minimal power loss over a fair amount of time. When submerged they are essentially silent and a mere hum when not submerged (comparable to a computer fan). I happily recommend them and will buy another if needed.
fmueller has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 10/10 February 26, 2007
"Excellent value for money - very quiet"
I had been using 2 MagDrive 9.5 for about a year when I upgraded to MagDrive 18s to get a little more flow about a year ago. These pumps are built like tanks and virtually maintenance free. I am also a huge fan of Eheim classis series canister filters, and these pumps use the same magnetic drive technology as the pumps in the Eheim filters. The only removable part is the impeller, and that is easy to clean and easily replaced, if that should ever become necessary. The pumps are also very reliable, and start up invariably without a hitch. Last but not least, the Danner MagDrive pumps are super quiet - at least in the way I have them installed (submerged). Obviously they will be more quiet this way, because the surrounding water will dampen the noise. In addition, my sumps are enclosed in the cabinet of my stand, and when sitting in front of the tank the pump noise is barely perceptible. When sitting in the living room at night when everything is quiet in the house, my brand new, very quiet fridge in the kitchen, when cooling, will simply drone out all noises from the tank, including the small part of the noise created by the pumps. The only explanation I have for people that find them loud is that they might be using them in-line in a setup where pump vibrations are transmitted through the plumbing. You need to have a piece of flexible hose (not all sturdy pipe) in your system to prevent that from happening.
NiteJammin has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 9.25/10 July 3, 2004
"my mag drive pump"
I have had my mag drive since 1999, it is a 12 running on my 75 gal reef tank. IT has been the best return pump for my sump since i bought it. It is alittle loud but i have never had any big troubles with it. The worst thing i have had happen is one time i did not clean it for about 8 months and power went out, it had alittle trouble starting up again but once i cleaned it out and kept it that way it has not had a problem sense. I dont have the prefilter on it or anything but it is the best pump i could buy.
Rainbowman has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 9.75/10 April 20, 2004
"A terrific pump"
I have a mag drive 3,5 and 12 and all are dependable and when used submersed are very quiet. I have also used Rios and Iwakis and they are much, much nosier. I highly recommend these for sump pump use.
wetworx101 has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10 December 5, 2003
"#%$&, #%$&, #%$&...complete #%$&!!!"
I have had Supreme made pumps for many years now, and one thing seems to never change, the 6month sound barrier. I have the 700, the 1200, and the 1800. All run fine at first, but eventually end up sounding like a lawnmower. The 1200 was the first one I bought for the pond. It is on it's third impeller (yes, I use a prefilter!) and even under 3 feet of water I can still hear it. The 1800 and 700 get used in the basement and are the loudest thing down there...even over the furnace. I remember the Supreme Ovation Internal Filters...I should have learned after them. Pay the price upfront and get the eheim, I ended up paying for it anyways in replacement parts...not to mention hassle.
FeatherfinFan has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 9.25/10 August 3, 2003
"Couldn't be happier!"
Great pumps, w/ absolutely NO problems of failing to re-start after a power oputtage, unlike some other pumps on the market. Doesn't come w/ a lot of atttachments such as suction cups and flow controls, but has an efffective prefilter and provides good flow at rather high head pressures. Worth every penny in my book!
Fshkpr1 has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 8.5/10
"Depandable, relatively quite."
I have had no problems with the 1200 for almost 3 years. Since I use it in the sump that only receives filtered water, I have never needed to disassemble the unit to clean. I only clean the provided pre-filter twice a year.
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