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SolarMax HE2 Dual T5
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Product Description:
SolarMax HE2 Dual T5Elegant & Sleek: Crafted from pure aluminum for thermal conductivity. The SolarMaxHO. light system makes a bold statement with its sleek & compact design. Finished with an easy to clean matte black protective coating.

Power & Freedom: Incorporates state of the art electronic ballast technology to run cooler & last longer. Independently controlled lamp channels is supplied clean stable power for optimal performance. Controls easily accessible on back of unit. Multi-Moonlight LEDs are preprogrammed to an "always-on" state.

Amplify & Focus: Strategically positioned moonlight LEDs are specially tuned & integrated directly into the reflector simulating natural night illumination for a full day/night cycle. The main reflector adopts a light amplifying parabolic design polished to a mirror like finish. As a result, lumen output is magnified exponentially increasing both light penetration & coverage.

Plug & Play: Ready to use out of the box. Includes acrylic lens cover for moisture and debris protection. Extendable mounting legs also included.

Safe & Secure: Compression-fit, water resistant lamp sockets safely lock lamp pins & electrical connections away from moisture maintaining safe, reliable, high performing operation.
Product Specifications:

24" - 14 watt X 2
(1) Actinic -or- (1) 6700K
(1) 10000k
(4) Blue LED

30" - 14 watt X 2
(1) Actinic -or- (1) 6700K
(1) 10000k
(4) Blue LED

36" - 21 watt X 2
(1) Actinic -or- (1) 6700K
(1) 10000k
(6) Blue LED

48" Double T5 - 28 watt X 2
(1) Actinic -or- (1) 6700K
(1) 10000k
(8) Blue LED
User Ratings: (5 reviews)
Overall: 4.10
Value/Cost: 3.20
Effectiveness: 4.20
Quality: 3.40
Ease of use: 5.60
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jdthomas2789 has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 5.5/10 January 13, 2014
"Would not buy this light again"
Support is the worse I have ever ran into. You are very very limited to what bulbs you can use and it barely lights my 55. Odyssea is a much better choice for low budget.
rodtrich has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 7.75/10 February 17, 2013
"Works fine,looks good,reasonable price. What more can I say."
jeffs99dime has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 1/10 November 24, 2012
"Piece of #%$&!"
Had the 30" version on my 20gallon long. The HE stands for high efficiency. It's the same as any other standard flourescent fixture. I had it for an couple of days and the daylight tube stopped working. The blue leds don't turn off. The legs on the fixture suck and are not adjusted easily. Don't buy this absolute garbage!
DrgRcr has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 3.5/10 April 28, 2012
At first use, this light seems like a quality item with a decent price. The one original complaint I had was that you could turn off the individual bulbs, but not the LED night lights. It seemed to work well and put off night light. But within a few months, I had to replace one of the bulbs. The plastic "protective" cover was so warped, I literally had to break it to get it out of the fixture. Then another bulb shortly after, and another once more. Another seemed to burn out recently, and when trying to replace it, nothing. The only thing that works now is the LED's. I would definately not recommend buying this fixture.
Baggly has used this product for 0-1 Month.
Overall Rating: 2.75/10 April 14, 2012
Don't buy this fixture. If you do, at least buy it from a place you can return it when it quits working.
After eight hours of use, six of the eight LEDs quick working. Most LEDs are rated somewhere between 20 and 50 thousand hours. These made it eight lol. After two days the actinic bulb only comes on after whacking the top of the fixture.
I took it apart to tried and fix it (electronics tech) after I found out I had to pay the return shipping. It utilizes the cheapest of cheap components. It is constructed in a way that makes it impossible to repair without destroying the the item.
Don't buy it.
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