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Marineland Emperor Power Filters
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Product Description:
Marineland Emperor Power FiltersFlow and filtration efficiencies unmatched by other filters in their class. As much as twice the filter cartridge capacity, additional chemical filtration capability, and an extra effective spray bar, driven by BIO-Wheel wet/dry biological filtration...The Emperor filtration systems truly are the future of advanced aquarium technology.The Emperors feature not only one pump (as ordinary power filters do), but have two separate water pumps. The Flow Pump directs water through the entire multi-stage filtration system. The BIO-Pump pressurizes and sends streams of prefiltered, oxygen-rich water through the adjustable spray bars to power each BIO-Wheel. And...the unique, patent pending Emperor design allows the BIO-Pump to continue powering the BIO-Wheels even when Flow Pump output is reduced by the convenient One-Touch Flow Control.
Product Specifications:
Emperor 400 for aquariums up to 80 gallons. Flow is 400 GPH.
Emperor 280 for aquariums up to 50 gallons. Flow is 280 GPH.
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User Ratings: (157 reviews)
Overall: 8.31
Value/Cost: 7.79
Effectiveness: 8.61
Quality: 8.32
Ease of use: 8.52
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tonybwill has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 9.75/10 January 20, 2019
I concur. Gr8 filter! Gr8 price!
Toms45hd has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 9.25/10 December 29, 2018
"Very good hob filter, bio wheels were great"
Easy to set up great on my smaller tanks.
Ronzo has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 8.5/10 December 4, 2018
"Great HOB filter! "
High marks from the standpoint of effectiveness (mechanical plus bio, with two additional optional filter cartridge slots), ease of service/cleaning, quietness (contrary to other reports).
Noisiness only occurs after startup and while syphon is establishing...after that, it is all but dead quiet. I have never experienced continuous noisiness some complain about...I have no waterfall noise, as I keep water level above filter out-chutes, and impeller or cavitation noise could possibly be explained by incorrectly positioned impeller, or intake too low in tank allowing gravel particles to be ingested.
I have an E400 in service on a 55G 24/7/365 3+ years without issue one! I have added (and highly recommend!) the Mc Reynolds modification published under Library/Acquarium Setup/Power Filter "Tricks" on Cichlid Forum site (consisting of additional cartridges set up with aerated Sea-Chem de-nitrate rocks).
Very good experience with this product...good price/performance factor too!
Bill8706 has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 May 17, 2015
"Best HOB filter"
gordons38 has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 5.25/10 October 22, 2014
"These filters are not worth the money"
These filters are probably the worst ones I have ever owned. I am afraid to clean them because they will never work quiet again. The plastic that it is made from feels flimsy and cheap. The replacement cartridges do not hold enough carbon and forget the low storage capacity of the media baskets. I had to break off all of the dividers on the inside just to fit in some bags of media (Chemi Pure and Purigen). When you install the cartridges and baskets all the material falls to the bottom and the water just blows through unfiltered.
The filters run terribly loud most of the time and at one point I had to unplug and take them apart to quiet them down several times.
Marineland has come up with a new impeller design which they sent me one and it improved the sound level.
Overall I am pretty unhappy with the way this filter operates and I think the bio wheel is just a gimmick. Too get anything that is manufactured solid in todays day in age is impossible to begin with. I had an Aquaclear on a smaller tank and the motor broke on this filter also.
Ndambros has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 9/10 December 29, 2011
"Best Power Filter In This Price Range"
I have 14 Tanks and all of the larger ones use Marineland Emperor 400 or Penguin 350 models. Some have been running for more than 4 years - 24/7. I've only replace 2 impellers so far. Any noise produced by these filters is from a poorly seated impeller or insufficient maintenance. Every so often, the intake assembly must be removed, cleaned and put back correctly!

As for Marineland Heaters, they went from best to worst! I've replaced all of them with Hagen/Jaegers and am quite impressed.
Malawi6 has used this product for 1-3 Months.
Overall Rating: 3/10 December 13, 2011
I've had the worst luck with these pumps. I find them very cheaply made, the filter cartridges are flimsy and even with scheduled cleaning the props would seize and shut down. Aquaclear has been great for me, for hang on filters.
Leopardshark has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 10/10 November 14, 2011
"More then enough"
I have 6 tanks running at this time, and have tried all types of filter options. Marineland filters are easy to use and very effective. I hang mine on the side of the tank so I get a nice flo across the top of the tank, and clean up is easy 10min filter cleaning.
SeahorseDeb has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 8.75/10 November 2, 2011
"Very efficient, bit noisy"
Unclescanner has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 10/10 October 15, 2011
"Biological/Chemical Powerhouse"
I like these filters for the simple fact that they perform and perform well. As far as noise goes, my experience has been that some are noisey others are not. Check for bad impellar if it's Whhhhrrrr, whhhhrrrr I am a must for quiet filters and I have 2 400's on a 75 gallon in my home theatre room. I find the ambient noise in addition to the TV drowns the noise. The Bio-Wheels...? Love em. Been using this since 1999
Mikecacho has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 August 25, 2011
"Powerful and percise"
I have been a huge fan of the Marineland powerfilters for years, they provide the best cleaning for its type and purpose.

The 400 really picks up a hefty amount of waste that i have not seen in the AC series (which i use as well)
The only down fall to the Marineland line is the expensive media, and loud noise.
quicky2g has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 7.25/10 March 11, 2011
"Good But Not Aquaclear"
They have great flow but it has one major design flaw...once the vertical media gets clogged up, water starts going around and over it...Aquaclear's do not have that problem and have a much superior design. The media customization options are not as good as the Aquaclear's either because of the design. I would choose an Aquaclear in any tank over the Emperor power filters. Even the minimum wage teenage dummies at PetCo and Petsmart recommend Aquaclear's over these since the price difference is so minimal for a huge filtration difference.
Ensorcelled has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 8/10 March 1, 2011
"Fantastic Filtration"
I've had 2 Emperor 400's now for well over 3 years and they have never failed me yet. Clears up a dirty tank incredibly fast and leaves it sparkling! Only noisy if you don't remember to seat the impeller correctly or the intake tube. Overall highly recommended to anyone.
metlbrain has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10 September 13, 2010
"disregard all negative reviews"
misuse of aquarium filters is very common among hobbiest. Any negative reviews of these flters in my opinion is most likely due to lack of knowledge on how to use them.
cjacob316 has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 9/10 February 4, 2010
I have a 280 on a 29 gallon tank

i like the filter, good solid workhorse, but it doesn't really suck up solids as well as i would like, water flows really well through it, but when debris flows by it just doesn't get sucked in like I would like

warning, it starts very loud and then quiets down after a while, be prepared for noise out of the box, but now it's perfectly silent
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