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Hagen Fluval E Series Heaters
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Product Description:
Hagen Fluval E Series HeatersFluval E Series heaters employ an advanced digital microprocessor to continuously monitor and display aquarium water temperature. Internal thermal sensor continuously samples aquarium water temperature for greater accuracy and reliability. Innovative color-coded temperature alert feature changes LCD screen color if aquarium water temperature varies from the pre-set temperature (Green = Safe Zone, Red = High Temperature Alert, Blue = Low Temperature Alert). Easy-to-use adjustment lever allows precision temperature settings in 0.5° increments and integrated heater guard offers advanced protection for fish and invertebrates. For fresh and saltwater aquariums.
Product Specifications:
50W - up to 15 gallons
100W - up to 30 gallons
200W - up to 65 gallons
300W - up to 100 gallons
User Ratings: (7 reviews)
Overall: 6.64
Value/Cost: 6.14
Effectiveness: 6.14
Quality: 6.71
Ease of use: 7.57
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bradlgt21 has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 6.75/10 September 26, 2014
"Great features but underpowered"
If you don't mind spending a lot of money for a lot of features then this heater is really cool. Turns blue when the tank is to cold and red when it is to hot green means it is right where you set it at. The problem I had is they are way overrated for heating. You have to double the rated wattage you should need in order for it to keep up. So just keep that in mind when you look at the huge price tag.
vann59 has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 3/10 January 4, 2013
"Doesn't perform as it should"
I have gotten three of these because the manufacturer was good enough to replace them when they did not work. But still I found that the 300 W model wasn't powerful enough to heat a 55 G tank in Florida, in an air conditioned home, or on a Florida room. No special conditions that made the tank hard to heat, it just would never bring it up to temperature, especially to treat ich, but even keeping it at 77 or 78 F was difficult. My t5 lighting heated my tank far better than the heater. I did find the heaters worked ok in a 10 G tank and a 20 g tank, but for a 300 W heater, it was disappointing.
Bachachi has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 9.75/10 March 19, 2011
After my previous heater went haywire I purchased the Fluval E300. It is a little bit pricey but its extra features make it well worth the additional cost. The LCD temperature control displays actual water temperature and is adjustable in 0.5* steps. It will also alert you by changing color if the temperature fluctuates +or- 2*F or 1*C which is easily monitored when viewing your tank.
There is also a low flow indicator which will flash when water circulation around the heater is not adequate. Even though the heater will still work, the heating in you tank will be uneven due to inadequate circulation. Another advantage of the low flow indicator is that when water circulation is uneven your filtration is not going to perform optimally either due to dead spots in your tank where waste will accumulate. This is just the reason why I added a power head to my tank! And everything is working great now. I Would definitely recommend this heater.
BryanR73 has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 6/10 December 29, 2009
"Overpriced and unreliable"
I had purchased one of these 300 watt heaters to replace a stealth due to the temperature display and improved technology. It has been an annoyance ever since. Unless you have an output from a filter blowing right on it the low flow reading flashes constantly. Also it could not maintain the temp on a 90 gallon tank by itself. I had to reinstall my old stealth along with this to keep the temp at 80 degrees. Do not waste your money, just go with a properly sized stealth.
dmiller328 has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 10/10 February 10, 2010
"Digital Temp is Sweet"
I bought two e heaters off of ebay for a steal over 6 months ago and I have had no problems with them at all.They give me peace of mind knowing they are working and the temp is right just by seeing the green display.I highly recommend these heaters.
Update 2/10/10 I now have 5 eheaters that I bought from ebay for less than $30 each and I have no problems with any of them.I have one 300 watt in a 200 gal acrylic tank and it maintains the set temp of 77 deg and the room temp is 68-70 deg.I place all of my eheaters next to the Intake for proper circulation of the heated water.If they blink low flow then I know my filter needs to be cleaned.My recommendation is at least 300 gal/hr flow for the 300 watt.I hope this helps people that have them or anyone who is looking to buy these great heaters.
niccomau has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 1/10 August 25, 2009
"I was amazed...at first"
This heater is good in theory and for a few months, then it goes straight to #%$&. I bought the heater rated for 60 gals and it could barely keep the temp up in the colder weather days. It really worked beautifully for the first two months. They I did a water change (like usual) and the thermostat became off by about 4 degrees. I'd restart it and it would be fine for a hour and go right back to being wrong. The low flow monitor is a PITA...it was fine for the longest time. Then no matter where I moved it, it would always diplay low flow - even when the spray bar was right on it!! Don't waste your money for a clunky over large heater, that comes is a gray that could blend in no background in the known universe. I switched back to my good ol' Visitherm Stealth and back to being happy.
RLF has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 10/10 August 29, 2009
"Best heater I have ever purchased."
Update 8/29/09 - All tree heaters working great. Note: I unplug my heaters when doing a water change.

The temperature is right on with the digital display. I purchased two 300 watt heaters for my 125 gal tank and a 100 watt heater for my 29 gal hex tank. In my 125 gal tank I have a digital thermometer and the temperature reading between the two heaters and the thermometer were within a half of a degree. The temperature is easily set and this set point is remembered if there is a loss of power. I also like the feature that the heater tells you if the heat is being carried away from the heater quick enough. I had to reposition my circulation to increase flow around the heaters. In the past replacing a heater with a dial adjustment the temperature always needed to be tweaked. With these heaters there was no tweaking required. Also the temperature adjusts in .5 degree increments, really nice. I have had aquariums for 35 years and this is the heater I always wanted. The only thing I would add is an LED to tell you when the heater is heating. My guess is that the engineers thought if the temperature is right why worry about it. For me it would be a safety issue if the temperature was above the set point and the heater was on, than I would know the heater was malfunctioning. I gave the heaters a 10 for quality because I have had no issues in the short time I have owned them.
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