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Dainichi XL Pro
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Product Description:
Dainichi XL ProXL PRO combines a highly nutritious mixture of premium grade marine proteins and all-natural color enhancers design to promote the highest degree of growth and color in robust fush such as frontosas, Haplochromines and Central American cichlids. To ensure vibrant and clean colors - especially blue, this formula depends strictly upon the powerful and reliable effects of Antarctic krill and a potent blend of two types of spirulina algae. Additionally, to promote efficient digestion, XL PRO also contains calcium montmorillonite clay.
Product Specifications:
8.8 oz., 1.1 lb., 5.5 lb.
User Ratings: (3 reviews)
Overall: 10.00
Value/Cost: 10.00
Effectiveness: 10.00
Quality: 10.00
Ease of use: 10.00
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Kcirred has used this product for 1-3 Years.
Overall Rating: 10/10 January 31, 2011
"My Fish love this food!"
frontosa1000 has used this product for .
Overall Rating: 10/10 June 2, 2009
"XL Great!"
I use this food a year and the truth that my fish
reproduce faster than ever, what is a food
better used in more than 10 years with the fish. Lo
I really. All Dainichi foods are
100% good. Recommended
has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 10/10 July 21, 2008
"Great for Malawi Haplochromines"
When I was restocking my Malawi Hap food supply with Dainichi foods I was told by Dainichi sales that it (XL Pro) was a new formula specifically designed for large cichlids such as Malawi haplochomines, Frontosa/Gibberosa, and New World Cichlids I decided to try it. Upon receiving it in the mail and taking a sniff (Dainichi food seems to have a strong smell that isn't exactly appetizing to us humans but does have a decent smell for a pelleted fish food...ie I can smell the ingredients) I decided to feed it to the fish to see how they liked it. They voraciously attacked the pellets splashing water into puddles on my wood floor trying to get the food.

Here's the results. While I do feed frozen krill/mysis shrimp usually once every other week or so, XL Pro was the staple food the past few months. XL Pro has a high krill content too, so I can't say all the results were just because I fed frozen food. My what-was-5.5" Exochochromis anagenys male is now 7-8", developed a fully pointed anal fin and clearly has blue on the face, gill plates and upper body half with more on the way. 2 of my juvenile A. stuartgranti Maulana & Ungi peacocks grew 2" and are fully colored.

I've had nothing but good results with XL Pro.. It's also quite cheap compared to their other formulas.

I highly recommend this food to people keeping Malawi Haplochromines...
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