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Hagen Fluval Peat Granular
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Product Description:
Hagen Fluval Peat GranularFluval Peat Granular offers a highly effective, natural method to soften water and achieve proper pH values for many tropical fish. Use to control, manipulate and satisfy the breeding requirements of many softer water, lower pH loving, ornamental tropical fish and is known to promote luxurious live plant growth.
Product Specifications:
500 g
User Ratings: (3 reviews)
Overall: 6.58
Value/Cost: 5.00
Effectiveness: 6.33
Quality: 7.33
Ease of use: 7.67
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echoofformless has used this product for 3 Years or More.
Overall Rating: 9/10 January 22, 2008
"I think people have the wrong idea."
Reading the other reviews on here, I have to say one thing right off the bat: if you are doing a blackwater tank, you don't want crystal clear water! Part of the reason why you would use peat filtration is to get the more natural and authentic look. The amber tint enhances the colors of the fish and plants.

Next, don't expect peat filtration to change your parameters all that much. While you might think this is the most important and maybe even the only reason to do peat filtration, it is simply not the case. Truthfully the most important thing about peat filtration is the addition of tannic and humic asides to the water. These serve as powerful tonics to enhance your black water fish's health and vitality. Plus the antibacterial, antifungal effects of the acids will not only stave off infections in your fauna, it will also discourage algae growth while providing plants with nutrients.

I have used Hagen's Fluval peat as well as Sera's Super Peat. Both are great products even if they are a but overpriced. If you're thinking of going blackwater, you can't go wrong with this stuff.
Tom Voss has used this product for 1-3 Months.
Overall Rating: 5.75/10 November 20, 2004
"Black water color, not much ph drop ."
I have the same thing with my hard water. The pH dropped about 0.7 and thats about it. The water is a nice black water color.
Agent Smith has used this product for 3-12 Months.
Overall Rating: 5/10 August 29, 2003
"great for black water effect but nothing else"
peat is used by people to "natrualy" soften water. although peat will soften water, it only works in 2 circumstances
1. as in nature: vast peat bogs, hundereds of years old, w/ slow flow rates
2. in aquariums: used in huge amounts (several lbs at once) for long periods of time or in moderatly hard water.
in extreamly hard water (like mine), the peat isnt strong enough to softn water to any great deal. all it does is darken the water, some times greatly. this means you have to have exalent chemical filtration to keep the water clear.
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