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 Profiles Miscellaneous African Cichlids Pelvicachromis pulcher
Pelvicachromis pulcher
Scientific Name: Pelvicachromis pulcher
Pronunciation: pl-v-k-kr-ms
Common Name(s): Krib
Geo. Origin: Coastal regions in Nigeria and west-central Cameroon
Habitat: Forested waterways
Diet: Omnivore
Gender Differences: Dimorphic
Breeding: Cave Spawner
Temperament: Mildly Aggressive
Conspecific Temperament: Mildly Aggressive
Maximum Size: 3-3.5"
Temperature: 75-78°F
pH: 6.0-8.0
Water Hardness: Soft
Photo Credit: Nelson Oliveira
With all due respect to the original writer of this species profile, some revisions are in order. Pelvicachromis spp. are pair-bonding cave spawners that are closely associated with aquatic vegetation. An aquarium should be decorated accordingly, should one wish to breed this species. Males and females are easily distinguished by their respective color patterns and body shape, but when in doubt, look at the pelvic fins. With male P. pulcher, the first pelvic fin ray is the longest, giving the fin a pointed appearance; with females, however, the second or third pelvic fin ray is the longest, giving the fin a rounded appearance. This character is a sure-fire method to distinguish males from females in all Pelvicachromis species. There are several different collection points for this species, all of which are found in the Niger delta in Nigeria and from the Ndonga region in west-central Cameroon, each with a different color form. Interestingly, in the popular aquarium literature, P. pulcher is also putatively found in eastern Benin, but no recent reports from the field can confirm this! It is not known with absolute certainty if the three known color-morphs (green, red, and yellow, corresponding to the coloration exibited on the ventral parts of the head and throat) occur sympatrically or symtopically. –Randall Kohn
 Profiles Miscellaneous African Cichlids Pelvicachromis pulcher
 Key To Species Profile Terms
 Pronunciation: Refer to our Pronunciation Key for an explanation of the phonetic symbols.
 Habitat: This is the primary location where the cichlid is found and is a generalization. This does not
  mean a fish cannot be found in other habitats.
 Diet: Many cichlids specialize in eating one type of food; notwithstanding, some of these specialized
  feeders are flexible and can be opportunistic feeders.
 Temperament: This describes the overall demeanor of a cichlid toward other tankmates that
  are of a different species. Consider that there is variability in temperament due to various factors,
  including aquarium size, tankmates of similar appearance, stocking levels, and order of introduction.
  There may even be some variability among individual specimens.
 Conspecific Temperament: This describes the overall demeanor of a cichlid toward other tank-
  mates of the same species. Consider that there is variability in temperament due to such factors as
  aquarium size, stocking levels and order of introduction. There may even be some variability among
  individual specimens.
 Maximum Size: This is in regards to total length (including the tail) of typical aquarium specimens.
  Wild specimens may not attain this size, or may in fact grow larger than aquarium raised individuals
  due to various factors. Also consider that this is the typical maximum size and there are exceptional
  individuals that will exceed it.
 Difficulty: This measure is a relative value, comparing a single species against all other cichlids.
  This only accounts for maintanence in the aquarium and not breeding considerations.
  1 = easy and forgiving, 5 = extremely challenging.
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