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 Profiles Melanochromis
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Scientific Names: Common Names:
Melanochromis auratus  
Melanochromis baliodigma   Melanochromis "Blotch"
Melanochromis chipokae   Malawi Pike Cichlid
Melanochromis dialeptos  
Melanochromis kaskazini   Formerly Northern Blue
Melanochromis lepidiadaptes  
Melanochromis melanopterus  
Melanochromis mossambiquensis   Formerly Auratus Elongate
Melanochromis mpoto  
Melanochromis parallelus   "Black and White Auratus"
Melanochromis simulans  
Melanochromis vermivorus   Purple Mbuna
Melanochromis wochepa  
 Profiles Melanochromis
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