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48" LED light

Postby MbunasandMapleleafs » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:49 am

I have a national geographic 48" LED light for my 90g. The white lights are working fine, but just tonight I noticed the blue lights not on.
Upon inspection, only a single blue led is working on each of the 3 rows. I've tried disconnecting everything but the rest of the blues wont come on. Are they finished ?
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Re: 48" LED light

Postby Ronzo » Sun Oct 06, 2019 7:33 am


Remote troubleshooting of electronics is always tough, and fixtures like this are considered to be throw-away products not intended to be repaired...but the typical failure modes of LED fixtures is either an LED itself failed (although they are solid state and do last a long time, they are not "forever") OR if you're lucky, an interconnection failure of a string (they are often in series or some sort of series/parallel connection to divide the voltage among the string). If you are electronically qualified, and know what you're looking at, have a DVM and a solder station, you could open up the assembly (that might be tricky itself!) and look and probe around...hint: failed LEDs typically get darker when they burn out, and if you find a single one open which is keeping a series string from working (that sounds like what I'm hearing from your description), you can try replacing it (again, you must be qualified to know with what and how...)...if you are not electronically qualified, there's not much to be done outside possibly a warantee replacement from the seller if its still in the warantee period...if not, sell it as non-working or for parts only and maybe recover a few bucks from it toward a new one...

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