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Festivum temperament

Postby douge_locke » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:52 pm

In an earlier post it was established that a pair of Flag Cichlid would do well with a trio of Bolivian rams. My question/what I forgot to consider is how they'll do with other fish in the community tank. Many sites describe flag cichlids as peaceful, are they peaceful "for a cichlid" or actually peaceful? Other top level swim myers will be a Leopard Bush Gourami (ctenopoma) and a trio of more peaceful gourami (pearl, honey, or thick lipped). Is this combo safe or will the Festivums be likely to torment the bashful gourami? (or vice versa should i wind up with a 4"+ male pearl gourami?

(tank is a homemade 47g.. 36" x 18. 5" x 18.5" taller the a 40Breeder,shorter than a 50,same 36" x 18" footprint of both)
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