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Postby Aquaplenish » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:45 am

We at Aquaplenish are delighted with the comments from the Central Florida Aquarium Society about our aquarium Water Changer.

We are extra excited to attend Global Pet Expo this year, not only to bring you details on the latest new pet products coming to market, but at least one new product in particular. CFLAS is proud to have been a part of the process to help bring the Aquaplenish Water Changer to the US market.
In addition to allowing new aquarium water to be 100% pre-treated and providing a power boost to your siphon gravel vacuum, we've used it to:
- mix salt overnight using the built-in recirculation mode, then pumping it seamlessly up to the tank
- acclimation of livestock directly in the bucket when paired with a heater of choice, allowing you to net the livestock out for placement in your aquarium, avoiding unnecessary contamination from waste and byproducts in transport bags
- treat live plants to get rid of any pests -- recirculation mode means decreased contact time as the potassium permanganate is evenly mixed and distributed
- cleaning filters with temperature-controlled tank water to mitigate bacteria colony loss
- completely drain tanks in record time vs gravity-fed hoses
- perform water changes on multiple tanks using reservoirs like clay litter buckets, standard 5-gallon buckets, small 2-gallon trash cans, and a 55 gallon drum
There's still a lot of untapped potential with the device. Our initial review is here, with more to come:…/aquaplenish-aquarium-water-changer-a-ga…
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