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Hongi and Demasoni question

Postby Chrislisk » Sat Jun 05, 2021 1:04 pm

Hi all.

I have two breeding tanks. Pseudotropheus Demasoni and labidochromis Hongi Swedens. I have maybe 4 males in the Hongi tank and my main alpha male clearly had a fight and came off worse. He has lost part of his top lip and u can see some of his teeth, he is still eating and swimming around but........he has lost all his colours and a new tank boss has coloured up and taken over. My Demasoni breeding tank only has one male demo and a harem of 5 females that he has got down from about 14. Can I add my single male Hongi to my Demasoni tank? I know I would be mixing but my priority is my Sweden breeding tank and happy to mix them if it’s possible. My worry is will my Sweden male be killed off by the Demasoni? Would u just leave him where he is?
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Re: Hongi and Demasoni question

Postby DJRansome » Sat Jun 05, 2021 2:20 pm

If you put the hongi in the demasoni tank, do not save fry from this tank. I would not add a single extra could try adding 3 male hongi if you don't want to save demasoni fry.

I would not leave 4 males in the hongi don't want the same thing to happen again.

The need to rehome is always likely when raising mbuna.
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Re: Hongi and Demasoni question

Postby iman7045 » Sun Jun 06, 2021 2:10 pm

I honestly recommend having a spare 10 gallon or so in case of when things go south
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