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I have a problem

Postby JimSparks » Mon Apr 26, 2021 10:26 pm

Hello all

I added my mainganos to my 75 gallon mbuna tank. The fish are all doing fabulous. You could say they are getting along swimmingly. I realize this tank is a little overstocked. My intent was to get the mainganos and rehome some of the other 2 species. The synos are going to go to a new home as well.

My problem is I don't want to get rid of any of the fish now. I would rather get a 125-gallon tank to put them in. DIY background. Custom stand. I'm talking borderline dream tank here. I would go bigger (I really want a 6' x 2' footprint) but this is in my 2nd floor office and I don't want to push it too far.

Thoughts on stock for this tank?? Add more of the same? Add a 4th species? Leave it alone and just let them enjoy the extra space. I'm open to suggestions.

Current stock list is:
8 mainganos
7 yellow labs + 1 surviving baby about an inch long
9 rusties
1 albino bushynos
6 synos

Current filtration is :
1 FX4
2 SunSun 303 or 304. Don't remember exactly. I have another FX4 sitting next to me ready to replace the SunSuns when I get time.

Could possibly add an FX6 to the mix as well. So 3 FX filters total. I would run one with a big spray bar and the other two with the usual outputs.

Thank you
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Re: I have a problem

Postby Haplochromine guy » Mon May 03, 2021 4:28 pm

Mainganos and Rusties don't do that well with each other. I like to overstock my tanks, so I think you're doing just fine here provided you have at least 120 gph of filtration, which would be my personal preference. I would add another species... probably Red Zebra but I think it's good. Bigger tank is always better unless you don't have enough room. Mainganos though just tend to be brutal provided they're not settled in so do not add more of the same. Let's see... some more peaceful fish would include the following, and these are what I would throw in there myself:

Acei, Red Zebra, Labidochromis, other less aggressive Zebra Cichlids (Red Top mostly is my favorite), And perhaps Labeotropheus trewavasae or Labeotropheus fuelleborni. Most of these species should be generally peaceful.

You could just leave the Mainganos in there and say you added the most aggressive fish in last, or you could add some of the above species or try anything you like provided those fish don't have an aggressive reputation. I wouldn't get more than two species of Red Top, but I just gave you some species list as suggestions. I go by the rule that if it works, it works and the personalities of each fish = a happy tank but just remove anybody who gets too aggressive. If this combo works for you, then go ahead and leave all those fish in there!
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Re: I have a problem

Postby noki » Mon May 03, 2021 10:09 pm

With the extra space of a 125, I would find those 3 species kind of boring. You can add larger fish, such as a barred Mbuna (Elongatus, Zebra, Cynotilapia), a Zebra type (Red Top Greshakei or BB, Cobalt Zebra), and there are many cool Labeotropheus to choose from. You could pick a species that has natural OB's. Rusties just seem like filler to me in a large tank, unless you got some really nice ones.
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Re: I have a problem

Postby Haplochromine guy » Thu May 06, 2021 12:32 pm

Be careful with the large Mbuna on terms of aggression.
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Re: I have a problem

Postby JimSparks » Thu May 06, 2021 5:00 pm

125 is home. Sorted the filtration out in my head. 1 FX6 and 1 FX4. May build a spray bar. Not sure yet. Started on the stand. When the heck did 2x4s become $10 a piece. Ugh.

Once that is finished it will be on to a DIY background to hide my heaters and filter stuffs. This is getting fun now.
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