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New tank....ideas

Postby Chrislisk » Thu Jan 28, 2021 6:35 pm

Hi everyone. I’ve got a nee tank to get started with. It’s 240 litres which is around 64 gallons in us...4ft long. I currently have a species only Mbuna tank with about 14/15 Demasoni which has been set up for about a year successfully. Want to try something a little bigger possibly even Haplochromis the colours. Anyway would love some ideas. Thanks
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Re: New tank....ideas

Postby Fogelhund » Thu Jan 28, 2021 6:44 pm

The major problem with demasoni, is when they become stressed, they tend to bloat, and you start to lose fish. That you've got a great situation, and the fish are doing well, is something that you don't really want to upset too much. I believe that many P. nyererei would be too aggressive for the demasoni. Some many generations from wild, domestic lines, are much less aggressive though. The most popular mix, is Yellow Labs, which is a great contrast, and usually works pretty well. One male, three females.
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