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Discussion regarding only Lake Malawi species.
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125 gallon stocking

Fri Aug 21, 2020 1:05 pm

125 gallons

Gonna do a mbuna tank, how does this sound?

3m 6 f msobo
3m 6 f zebra gold kawanga
3 m 6 f afra hara

I heard kawanga and msobo may hybridize, but the males and females look nothing like each other and msobos apparentely don't hybridize with zebra metriclima.

Re: 125 gallon stocking

Fri Aug 21, 2020 3:00 pm

I would not do 3 males of any of those...MAYBE the hara. They are not afra by the way. I would expect the hara not to color to their best in a tank with Metriaclima.

I would not do multiple Metriaclima...they are aggressive and even if they don't crossbreed they are likely to fight.

I would do more mbuna total in a 125G. Depending on the species, think in terms of 1m:5f each of 5 species.

What if you do 1m:7f of each and swap out the msobo for Maingano for males and females with the brilliant blue color?

Re: 125 gallon stocking

Thu Dec 24, 2020 2:04 am

Sounds good!
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