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P. Williamsi Makonde "Blue Lips" Growth Rate

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 2:12 pm
by GarPac19
CF Community...

Here's my personal observation regarding rate of growth of Five (5) 1 inch P. Williamsi Makonde species...

following are parameters:

48" tank (90g)
Temp: 75F
PH 8.0
Feed: Northfin Veggie and Cobalt Color Flakes
Water change: 30% weekly
Neighbors: 9 Lab Red Top Hongis / 1 Yellow Lab
Aggression: Minimal

All fish are active and prospering nicely. However, i sense the Williamsi are slow to growth compared to ie Hongis. I do not believe i am seeing 1/2 " growth on my Williamsi's since I've had them, 5 weeks. Is this normal for the species? Any suggestions?

Much appreciated!