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Re: 65 Gallon Options

Postby Drew31 » Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:31 pm

ironspider wrote:You really shouldn't have to even vacuum the sand. I never touch the substrate in my tank. The fish are always digging so the waste gets thrown around and eventually sucked up in the filters.

Good point. When I had the sand previously it was just a community tank so nothing was really digging to stir it up. I'm leaning sand, though still undecided on type/brand,etc. The pool filter sand previously I wasn't overly in love with the color. Filter arrives early next week so if I can decide on substrate I can get the cycle rollling. Probably going to pull out some media from my other tanks to try to speed things along.

DJRansome wrote:That is 5X GPH. A change to 8X will make a big difference in the filters sweeping your poop away.

5x with just the 1 filter @ 350, right? When I add the second I'll be at ~10. Making sure I'm calculating this right.... I'm going to put the 2nd one on there, just trying to space out the expenses here at start up.
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