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Discussion regarding only Lake Malawi species.
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4x1x1.5 stocking options.

Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:31 pm

I'm looking at setting up my tank in the new few weeks once i move house.

The tank i currently have is a 4ft/1ft/1.5ft.

I will be looking at doing some dwarf species but i'm just wondering what you advise?

Re: 4x1x1.5 stocking options.

Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:52 pm

Think in terms of three species with 1m:4f of each. Yellow labs are always a good beginner fish. Don't forget to allow six weeks for your tank to cycle before you buy fish.

What species made you decide on Lake Malawi? Maybe we can stock around those if they can work in 48x12.
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