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Female Saulosi

Postby Markmac » Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:11 pm

I have 6 Saulosi that are about 6 months old. I’m trying to figure out if I have any females at all. Of the 6, two are clearly males coloring up, one more than the other. He’s starting to show blue and the other losing yellow and more clear. They are clearly the two largest after 6 months.

Three others are now as large, but they all have barring to some degree. One has very faint barring, but still visible.

The last is a runt and looks like it’s barley grown in 6 months. It also has barring

Do females have any barring? Or should they be just yellow? As mentioned, there is one that is loser to solid yellow but there are still faint bars.
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Re: Female Saulosi

Postby noki » Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:33 pm

Really can't tell much from the pics, except those seem like nice Saulosi. Females, like all female Mbuna except OB/ O, can show faint male characteristics. If you have two males, the young females shouldn't show much in the way of dominance barring, but they are not solid like a Red Zebra. Guess just wait and see. I think people grab the most likely females earlier, so sometimes you end up with mostly males.

I think it is normal to have an No. 1 alpha male, and a No. 2 beta male who is ready to lead if he gets the chance. Maybe a 3rd male can show a little color. The lower males will look mostly like females until sexually mature. Same as the vast majority of Malawi cichlids.
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