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Too many babies

Postby ironspider » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:33 am

My 55g has been going great for a year and a half, filtration is great, water quality has been good. So much so that they won't stop breeding.

My Rusties were the first to have one that made it through fry. Otherwise they were all eaten and things were kept in check. Not anymore. I have 5 fry that have made it to (what my gf calls) the toddler stage. This is half inch but big enough to not be eaten. Beyond that, there are two cobalt fry, and maybe an acei. But wait there's more, One of the yellow labs is holding again, she never had survivors before. AND!!! the first Rusty to make it out alive, about 7 months old, is now holding.

My stocking now includes:
2 yellow tail
3 Rusties
4 Cobalt blue
3 yellow lab
2 demasoni
1 venustus
1 bristlenose pleco

5 Rusty " toddlers"
2 Cobalt fry
1 acei fry possibly

I have a 4ft 55g with two Cascade 1000 canisters.

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Re: Too many babies

Postby Kipnlilo » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:23 pm

I would say you were stocked before the fry, not counting the Venustus. It is definitely going to need a bigger tank as it can reach 10”.
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