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I have my 1st female holding!

Postby Bernese » Fri Aug 26, 2016 8:55 pm

My question is how long do they hold the eggs before hatching? Then how long do they carry & allow them to run back to their mouth before leaving them on their on? Thirdly what will they be if he bred to a OB Zebra? I thought the OB was a male, Oops!
I had One baby turn up almost 2 yrs ago in a mixed Mbuna Tank where nothing was the same species, I thought? It was all by itself & it was about 1/3 inch. I just happen to see it dart out & back in real quick! So I started to search for anymore & apparently they had all gotten eaten up except for this 1 which was big enough that the mother wasn't interested anymore bc we could never figure out who it belong to? Like I said they were all different & it just so happened that this one female who was real big & even looked old & she actually died not long after but she was a very pale cream color almost to the point where you could almost see thru part of her back half of her body? I really didn't care for her at all but it was kind of a pkg deal/take all thing. I did have a Red Zebra but he was fairly young & I didn't even know he was a male, never saw any kind of courting etc?
Well we called this baby fish Radar bc he was so smart to have survived being eaten & when anything got remotely close he would dart into this tiny hole he had found. Lol! As he grew he resembled that mother fish but had a little more creamy color to him. He grew up to be a very pretty male but I had figured his daddy was this Ice Blue Zebra with the Orange Top & Tail Fin bc he had taken on just a hint of a orange in his Tail Fin?
Well I was looking at some photos the other day & I saw where it looked just like him & it said Metriaclima estherae (O), Red Zebra Cichlid. What does that mean? It is definately him, so that means that older female that he looked like was that type too & that the young Red Zebra was his father? I have posted his pic.


This is the female holding, couldn't get a good pic!

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Re: I have my 1st female holding!

Postby DJRansome » Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:53 pm

Average holding is 28 days. Mine never really do the in-out of mouth thing...the babies want out and won't go back. The mom tries for a day or so and then you remove her so she does not actually eat them.

Hybrid perhaps?
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