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New to this forum

Postby kara2442 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:40 am

Hey everyone. I am a newbie to this forum, but have been lurking the past couple of weeks just reading and researching.
I just got a 40g tank from a friend, and have about 7 peacocks in there (they are small still). Long story short, one of my sunshine peacocks that I thought was a male, was a female and was holding. As soon as I realized, I separated her in a breeder net and she ended up spitting them out. I had them for about almost 2 weeks, and was getting super excited to see them grow - but this morning I found another fish in the net and realized she ate all 9 babies. I am still heartbroken!! I guess my question is, how long do they normally go through cycles of breeding? I was in the process of setting up a nursery tank, but didn’t get it done in time obviously. And what do I need to watch for in the culprit that ate them? Will she die from eating all of them?
Sorry to rant... just need some advice and comfort. My husband isn’t as fond of my hobby as I am. Lol
Thank you!!
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Re: New to this forum

Postby DJRansome » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:27 am

Welcome to Cichlid-forum!!

What are the dimensions of your 40G? 36" long?

This is too small for peacocks, consider buying a 48" long tank and using the 40G for the nursery tank.

The fish will not die from eating the babies...this is natural. Also to be expected when a breeder net is in the main tank.

Are all the peacocks in the tank the same species? Peacocks can spit 60 babies and it is not a good idea to sell or give away hybrids. Most of us do not have tank space to devote to 60 hybrids for their 8 year life span.

If you want to raise peacock babies, consider one species of peacock/tank.
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Re: New to this forum

Postby kara2442 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:56 am

It is the 36” long. I am in the process of buying a bigger tank. Like I said they are still very small right now - maybe a little over 1.5”
I have 4 blue peacocks, 2 OB, 2 sunshine and 2 sulfur heads. (Still not 100% familiar with the real names, I’m learning that too). I wasn’t planning on selling or giving away any of them to anyone. I wanted to eventually get a really large tank and have a big family. But maybe it was better this way, so I can do it the right way. I would love to breed the sulfur head, those have become my favorite.
And like I said, I am in the process of getting a bigger tank very soon. I know this one is too small for them.
Thank you for any and all advice. Please don’t bash me for my being somewhat naive in this! I’m still learning!
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