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Rare New Species of Leporinus Compatibility?

Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:27 pm

At my local fish store, they have a new fish in their tanks for sale called the Rio Xingu Leporinus. It was a species discovered 7-9 years ago and I am planning to add it to my tank but I heard the Leporinus needs softer water parameters Of 6.5-7.0. My 180 gallon mixed Cichlid tank has a pH of 8 but I heard successful stories of people keeping them in these types of waters. I also have two tinfoil barbs and three clown loaches that I know need 6.5-7.0 pH but they are linking happily and healthily in my tank for months now. My question is that the Rio Xingu Leporinus is fairly pricey but I really want it but I don’t want it to die. Will it be ok in my Cichlid tank with a pH of 8?

Re: Rare New Species of Leporinus Compatibility?

Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:46 am

If you want wisdom, you probably shouldn't add depending on what actual cichlids you have but as long as the water is clean it would probably be okay as long as the pH is not extreme. If you have a crowded tank with large fish, you would need weekly good water changes.

In South America, Rio Xingu is a very clear water isolated river, which is why the fish are so cool, I doubt the water is much acidic.

Found a couple nice pics here, thou I don't know enough spanish to read it
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