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Another Holding Question

Postby Eelpout » Sun Apr 20, 2008 10:35 pm

Hi Everyone. I know that there are a bunch of threads on this already, and did search through them within the forum, but was hoping to obtain a little more advice on my current situation.

In the tank currently I have a P. Acei, and a P. Demasoni that are holding.

It is a 46 gallon bowfront that is 36 inches long. AC70, XP3 for filtration, 20 pieces of slate, 2 Java Fern, 2 Round Leaf Anubis, and 5 Large Onion Plants. Water quality excellent. Temp 78.

There are 20 fish in there - yellow labs, demasoni, p. acei, 1m 2f p.nyererei - mankobe, and a pleco. All are 1.5 - 2.75 inches.

1 Acei has been holding about 2 weeks.
1 Demasoni has been holding less than a week.

I'm ok with letting the Acei release fry into the tank, but I'd like to maximize the Demasoni fry if possible.

Should I buy a 10 gallon and wait another couple weeks to net the Demasoni? Or should I just let her realease in the tank as well, and hope for the best. I'd rather have some than run the risk of her stomaching all the fry while netting.

I have a lot of cover in the tank, and can add about 10 more fake plants in the corners that I have laying around, in hopes of providing more cover.

Any suggestions and feedback is appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
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Postby QHgal » Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:24 am

If you want to grow out the fry, then yes on the 10 gal.

It would really depend on how she's doing in the main tank. Is she hiding a lot, being picked on, looking ragged? If so I would put her in the 10 gal tank now. If she looks fine, then I would wait a week and remove her - do it before she gets to 18 days holding.

When you set up the 10 gal be sure to use filter media and rocks from your main tank. Just using water won't cycle the tank. The bacteria grows on the surface of things in the tank, rocks, filters, gravel, plants, sand, etc.

For filtration on the 10 gal, if you can pick up a sponge filter that would be best. Also need a heater. :)
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Postby lovemycichlids805 » Wed Apr 23, 2008 12:32 am

Don't worry too much about moving her to another tank with netting her. She will be fine, promise! Unless you squish her, otherwise she probably wont swallow (or eat) her fry. Good luck! I have 16 yellow lab fry growing out in a 10 gallon right now. It's so much fun!
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