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tangs w/ malawis in 155

Postby fishoverlivingspace » Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:26 pm

Just wondering if anyone thinks its a good idea to mix paracyps or cyps with asst. protomelas(7) and aulonocara(12). Also, there would be a frontosa(kavala, 7"and growing...), and possibly a group of julidichromis regani(9-15) in a 155-bowfront. The tank can be aquascaped in any way as long as there remains some open swimming space for the peacocks(and hopefully the paracyps :wink: ). If anyone thinks this is a bad idea, i'd appreciate some alternative suggestions! :)

Also, it'd be pretty cool to get some daffodils or Alto. compressiceps or calvus.
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Postby Jake at River City » Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:05 am

I wouldn't keep the Cyps or Paracyps with that mix. I've never tried it so I don't know for sure, but the Cyps such seems too delicate for big Malawi haps and peacocks. I've kept Julies and calvus with a similiar mix, they would do fine. Although I have kept jumbo Cyps with frontosas, but I wouldn't recommend it. I never had an issue with them together, but I think it was due to the fact that the frontosas were still small (around 3" range).
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Postby fishoverlivingspace » Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:44 pm

Thanks for the advice... any alternative suggestions?
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