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Postby Kilpo » Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:42 pm

How the #%$& am I denying you enjoyment in this hobby, if you want to by WC, then buy WC. If you can't afford WC that is your problem...get a better job! Or in your case maybe finish school. Why do you think WC are available?

"don't want to squirm at having to deal with killing baby fish", where did this come from...your reaching now.

"Why is a dumper's want more important than mine?", because it is THEIR FISH, not yours!

You can post and do whatever you want to do with your fish, I could give a rats ass. Maybe you should stop trying to tell others what they need to do with hybrids!
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Postby Joea » Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:41 pm

This thread has degraded to utter nonsense and is now closed.

I'll conclude with this; at no time did I say the OP HAD to euthinize his fish, it was my suggestion. No one here is "trying to tell others what they need to do with hybrids", we were providing an answer to a question.

What should I do with my hybrids?

We took the time to express our opinion as to what alternative we feel is best, without any 'holier than thou' attitude. Along with the suggestion, facts have been thoughtfully provided to substantiate why this option exists, yet these are only met with hostility and insults, coupled with speculation and anecdotal claims.

If you have valid points to make when debating an issue, fine. When you don't, and all you have left is to resort to name calling or other forms of vilification, then please don't respond.
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