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Jebao RW-8 too strong for 36g bowfront?

Postby booth2010 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 7:29 pm

I just set up a 36 bow-front tank as a grow-out tank for juvenile African Cichlids. I have a Fluval AquaClear 50 HOB filter which is 200gph. The substrate is sand with Manzanita driftwood and Seiryu stone. Right now there are 3 fish under 1.5" but plan to have around 10 at a time in this tank. I have a Jebao RW-8 laying around. The box says 700-8000 L/H so roughly 200-2100gph. Do yall think adding this on the pulse setting for lowest speed would add too much flow for the babies? Main goal for it is to stir up the detritus off the sandbed so that hopefully the filter will suck it up. Thanks yall.
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Re: Jebao RW-8 too strong for 36g bowfront?

Postby SoccerMbunaAndShak » Wed Sep 23, 2020 7:38 pm

I think you should be fine as long as you provide a decent amount of cover from the current. When doing a water change, focus on those cover spots as they will be hotspots for detritus.
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